Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 21

Samantha felt uncomfortable hearing about his past infatuation with another girl. The expression on his face squeezed her heart uncomfortably. Again, she knew she shouldn’t be feeling this way when in the first place she asked him to talk. It was his past and she shouldn’t be bothering about it, but she did in a way.

She didn’t want him to know how bad it felt to hear it from him. What was she supposed to do? It was just a girl thing. Though she knew Alicia was no longer a part of his life, she couldn’t help the jealousy that rose within her and the animosity she felt towards the wretched woman who broke his innocent heart.

“A project brought us together. She had a soft nature and a good heart underneath a hard façade she put on. I felt like falling more for her as time went on. I was working on an assignment which was hard for her when she first told me that she liked me.”

He chuckled again. “Imagine my teenage hormones having a seizure with the amount of happiness and whatever emotion I felt. Once she left I went out and ran like a madman. I shouted her name and my undying love for her from the pier to the roaring sea under my feet.”

A small smile tugged at Samantha’s lips as she noticed the genuine smile spread across his face. Will he do the same for her? Does she make his heart flutter?

“I realize now, how foolish I was. I trusted a wrong person and behaved like a well-trained dog. I did all her chores and spoiled the bitch,” he spat, disgusted with his actions.

Samantha was startled to see the sudden change in his expression. A few moments ago, he looked calm and now he looked ready to kill.

“You know what? She told me that she had seen bigger Dicks than mine. She said that I was a sloppy kisser, but had a good tongue. She only said I love you because I gave her the best oral sex.”

He was breathing harder again and Samantha sat motionlessly, stunned by his words. Who would speak things like that?

He was clenching and unclenching his fists as he got up abruptly from the floor. She followed his suit and stared at him without uttering a word.

“I gave her pleasure because I thought I was showing her how much I loved her. She made me feel disgusted with doing something like that. I feel ugly for even touching her.”

His sound has become darker and his face was swirling with multiple emotions. She wanted to ask him if that was the reason he stopped, but Samantha held the words that desperately wanted out of her mouth.

Axel was like a wounded animal. A wounded animal usually reacted in two ways. Either they attacked anyone who tended to them out of fear or they tucked their tail and cowered in a corner. Axel fell under the former criteria. He was hurt and she didn’t want to say anything.

“That’s enough for today, Axel. Let’s not talk about it further until you’re ready,” she suggested softly.

Axel’s blue eyes stormed with different emotions as he looked down at her. He nodded after a pregnant minute.

“I’m going to prepare a nice hot bath for you and then we’re going to get ready for the party. What do you say?” Samantha smiled, changing the topic and hoped he became normal again.

“I don’t mind as long as you join me in the bath,” he teased with a small smile.

There he goes again. His reply made her blush and her private parts moistened as she recalled how close he was to her an hour ago.

"I- I’ll go now,” she stuttered and half ran towards the bathroom failing miserably in her attempt to hide her crimson cheeks from him.


They had around one hour before the party started and Samantha helped Andrea wear the designer lehenga she bought for her.

Andrea looked breathtakingly beautiful in a powder blue chiffon lehenga embellished with traditional gota patti embroidery, which was paired with white gota patti embroidered choli in net with cutout detailing at back. It also had a powder blue net dupatta with gota applique work.

“I ordered this the day Seb proposed to you. He was asking me for all the things you loved and I decided that I am getting you a special dress for your engagement party that matched your ring,” Samantha beamed.

“Thank you, Dani. I am not sure if I would have chosen something better than this. I was surprised when Seb got me this ring with blue stones. You know I hate diamonds,” Andrea grinned with happy tears brimming her eyes.

“Sam, you are going to get our engagement dresses too,” the girls said in unison, making her laugh.


“You know, I strongly believe that you and Axel came together for a reason. It’s like the fate has planned this for years,” Andrea chirped applying makeup.

“Yeah, Andy here asked Axel to be Seb’s best man and it also happens that you are her maid of honor,” Marina supplied.

“Not to mention the several times I tried to set them up on a blind date when I studied in New York. Axel always turned them down and now, he is dating the same girl,” Andrea scoffed.

The girls giggled and Samantha smiled widely.

“Oh, then she has to go and work for him, not knowing we are related,” Silvia added with a mouthful of pastry, she snuck up from the kitchen.

“I can’t believe it either. He would give me this different looks and then he was good to me all of a sudden, you know not finding a reason to bite my ass at every turn,” Samantha giggled.

“Oh, I am sure he would love to bite your ass now,” Andrea snickered earning a playful slap from Samantha.

“Stop obsessing with my ass,” Samantha growled playfully.

“Never baby,” Andrea winked.


Axel stared at Samantha with a dumbfounded expression when he saw her at the party. She wore a navy blue sweetheart sequin evening dress, giving him a teasing view of her delicious curves and assets. The crowd cheered when Andrea made her appearance. Her dress and accessories soon became the talk of the night.

Grandpa Joaquin sat on a comfortable seat overlooking the activities with a happy smile.

“Your girl looks hot, but mine looks hotter!” Sebastián said in a teasing tone beside him.

“Don’t steal my words, buddy,” Axel grinned widely without taking his eyes off her.

His grandfather Rodrígez left the party after half an hour, allowing them to enjoy the evening. Their garden glowed with lights and soft music played in the background. The event management company had done a great job with food and other arrangements.

When the time came for dancing, he asked, taking Samantha’s hand, kissing her knuckles as he asked her to the dance. She blushed as she whispered ‘yes’ and Axel wondered if she would say the same if he had given her a ring. He smacked his head mentally, scolding his tempting desires. If he asked her now, she would be running for the hills.

He stared into her expressive eyes as he held her close to him. Her soft body–a perfect fit against his chiseled ones, making him wonder how it would feel to have her naked beneath him. She blushed under his heated gaze. A soft gasp escaped her mouth, and her eyes widened when she felt his hard member pressing against her abdomen.

A thrill shot through her knowing she was the reason behind it and it kind of felt good. She looked around them to see what the others were doing. Everyone around them was dancing with their partners and seemed to be in their own world, too busy to notice Samantha or Axel.

The girls without any date danced together, shaking their booties and a few bachelors present, were eyeing them with interest. The girls sent them flirty smiles and did a very good job in giving them all boners.

“So, I learned that you are the daughter of Mr. Sinclair,” Axel stated wanting to diffuse the sexual tension that threatened his control.

Samantha cocked her eyebrows with a playful smirk. “Does it matter?”

“Kind of. When you invited my family for a barbecue, I didn’t think much. Now, it makes me wonder if I have to bring my bulletproof vest,” he told her with a seriousness that had her doubling up with laughter.

Axel admired the way her eyes twinkled when she laughed.

“Maybe,” she said between her giggles.

“Thought so,” he shrugged. “So, tell me about your dad and better tell me what to expect beforehand.”

“Just be honest with your opinions and you will survive my family. In fact, I wouldn’t be working for you if he hadn’t approved in first place. Your points went up on his score sheet when you hit Dylan and landed yourself in jail, not even regretting it a bit. It doubled when you kept calling me after Andrew’s incident in the office,” she stated.

“Sounds like I impressed him without even trying.” He looked pleased.

“You did and he might give you a hard time knowing that you kissed me,” she whispered.

“Technically, you kissed me first,” he accused.

“Well, he doesn’t know that,” she winked at him making him scowl playfully and she giggled in response.

“I’m famished and my mind keeps wandering to that delicious Ratatouille,” he said wiggling his eyebrows and Samantha groaned.

“My tummy would burst if I eat anymore.”

“Just a few bites won’t hurt. Come on,” he said, pulling her towards the buffet and she felt her legs moving on its own at the mention of the food.

“You know I can’t say no to food and you shouldn’t be taunting me like this,” she said rolling her eyes.

Axel chuckled. “Well, it’s one of the qualities I love about you,” he told her with a smile.

Soon the rest of the family and friends joined them at the buffet table. Samantha easily mingled with them and Axel couldn’t be happier than he already was. He sported a permanent grin, which warmed the hearts of his parents who hadn’t seen him this happy in a long time.


Samantha bunked with the girls in the guest bedroom as Sebastián stayed for the night, which he obviously did by staying with Andrea. The girls were always fun to be around and they talked dreamily about the wedding plans until one by one they fell asleep at the ungodly hours of early morning.

Samantha woke up and winced when she couldn’t move her legs. Something heavy pressed her down, making it impossible to move. Looking down for the source, she found Gabriela, using her legs as the pillow and she carefully moved her or more like wiggling her way out of the bed.

One thing she hated about traveling was the time difference. She would be in bed if she was in New York and here she was, staring at the bathroom mirror contemplating what she wanted to do first.

Unable to decide which one first she just opened the shower and stripped. Hopping into the stream of water, she sighed as the water hit her nude body, cascading around her curves blanketing her with a sense of calm. Instead of waking up she felt like the warm water was lulling her back to sleep.

When she dried her body, she realized that she left her clothes in Axel’s room and borrowed a pair of a loose-fitting casual dress from Gabriela’s closet. Unlike Andrea or the other girls, Gabriela was more on the curvy side like her and she could relate herself with Gabriela in more than one instance.

Half an hour later, she sat gingerly at the dining table, unable to keep her eyes from drooping. Sara giggled at her sight and placed a plate filled with her favorite breakfast in front of her.

“Where’s Axel?” She croaked to no one in particular.

“Hmm... No good morning or pleasantries. The first question you ask is where my nephew is?” Juana teased.

“Ah... I didn’t mean to–” Samantha blushed earning another round of giggles from the women.

“He is in his room. He didn’t come for breakfast either,” Sara informed and Samantha could read the concern in her eyes.

Axel retired to bed earlier and nothing could keep him up for the night, unlike Samantha–who had the sleep blockers with her.

“Is he okay?” She asked cautiously, her voice etched with worry as she wondered if he had another episode today.

“He looked happy when he came down for a coffee. Then he got a call and he left without eating,” Sara replied.

“We later heard a loud crash coming from his room. When Sara went to check upon him his room was locked and he wouldn’t open,” Sara’s younger sister Luciana added. She looked like a younger version of Sara except they had different colored hair.

Samantha frowned, wondering what ruined Axel’s mood.

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