Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 22

Samantha searched for her phone realized she left it in Andrea’s room yesterday while they were getting ready.

“Crap! I need to get my phone,” Samantha dashed out of the room as if her butt was on fire. Her instincts said something happened at work and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on her phone.

She knocked on Andrea’s door furiously. When the door opened, revealing a semi-naked Andrea, she hurried inside. “Sorry!” Samantha yelled over her shoulder as she brushed past the brunette who sent a murderous glare at her for waking her up so early.

Sebastián pulled the sheets up to his chin and blinked his sleepy eyes not understanding why his fiancée’s best friend rummaged through their room. She looked like a bat out of hell with her disheveled hair, a dress that looked more like a maternity wear and fluffy flip-flops.

Samantha ignored the discarded clothes and other things that scattered around the room. The couple was busy last night and she had to get out the room before she saw something else.

“What are you looking for?” Andrea yawned as she came to stand beside Samantha as she went through the drawers of her dressing table.

“My mobile–I left it in your room last night,” Samantha mumbled as she chewed her lips in concentration.

“Can’t this wait until we wake up properly,” Andrea scratched her head.

“No. Something is up and Axel is upset. I need my phone to–” she was cut off by her phone ringing somewhere behind the dresser.

Andrea shrugged apologetically and Samantha rolled her eyes finally locating her phone.

“Hello,” she breathed into the phone anticipating the news that set off Axel.

“Samantha! Thank God. I was trying to reach you for the past two hours. That European company bailed out. They terminated the contract, citing some bullshit and Axel is furious.” Their logistics department head, Hans informed.


“We were ready to send it out when we received the email. When I couldn’t get hold of you, I called Axel.”

“Okay, Hans. Let me handle this. Wait for my call,” Samantha said through her gritted teeth. She had to speak to Axel.

“Dani?” Andrea called cautiously.

“Later, Andy. I need to get to Axel first,” she said as she sprinted out of the room.

Axel’s room was still locked and Samantha knocked.

“Axel! It’s me open the door,” she called and waited.

“Axel, open this damn door now!” Samantha’s voice boomed when he didn’t open after waiting for one minute.

Unwanted thoughts crept into her mind as she wondered what was taking him so long to open the door. Sara and the women were down the stairs. They were anxiously looking at each other and then at Samantha.

Samantha was about to knock the door again when it opened with a soft click.

“What’s going on, Axel? Why would you lock me out like that?” She asked when his face came into view.

He didn’t reply and just turned on his heel to walk into the room. She followed after him taking in the destroyed room. The once tidy room was now scattered with glass and other things.

Samantha grimaced when she noticed his bloodied knuckles and matching prints on the walls. “Axel, I am talking to you. It’s not fair that you lock me out like this. What happened?”

“That’s none of your business,” he yelled, pulling his hands away from her. His cold demeanor was once again back and he behaved like the old Axel, she met a year ago.

If she didn’t know him better she would feel offended by his outburst. Now, it just pissed her off and she wanted to slap sense into his frozen brain.

“Well, it became my business the moment you overstepped the boundaries,” she stated, emphasizing each word and when he whipped around she narrowed her eyes challenging him to say otherwise.

Axel opened and closed his mouth as several emotions crossed his face.

“Now, stop gaping like a fish and tell me what this is all about. I know the information about the shipment alone didn’t send you into frenzy. Wanna tell me the real reason behind your destructive behavior?” She asked again pointing the damage he had done and he sighed in defeat.

“The European company was never supposed to buy our products in the first place. It was all planned,” he spoke softly.

“I figured as much and I know your beloved grandfather is behind this drama. What next?” She asked.

“He spoke to me right after I received the call. He wants me to dump you and marry Vannina. If I didn’t abide by his wish, he would destroy my company.”

“That rat!” Samantha gritted her teeth as anger washed over her. “What did you say to him?” She asked suddenly curious to know his response.

Axel let out a sigh and met her eyes. “I told him to fuck off,” he muttered.

His response was what she expected, yet it stunned her as a warm feeling spread inside her.

“The bankers will take my home and everything I have, but I still have my parents. We were not rich before and they will understand,” he continued.

Samantha opened and closed her mouth with no words forming.

“I would be a fool to give you up, over this. I can always earn money. I literally had nothing when I started ten years back. It might take some time before I can give you a decent life, but I’ll never let you go.”

She stood silently as she let his words sink in. With each word he spoke, he came closer to her heart.

“I will only ask for some time to find a job or to sort this out if you’ll still have me,” he whispered with a hopeful look on his face that melted her heart.

She didn’t know how to respond and all these new emotions were turning her into a jelly. The look on his face had her move and she did the only thing that came into her mind.

She kissed him.

Axel was devastated when he found about the betrayal and he broke anything he could find in his room. He didn’t feel the pain as his knuckles connected with the wall. He was lost until he heard the knock and Samantha’s shout.

He was angry at first and wanted to be left alone. Then, she came in and when he looked into her eyes, everything changed.

Suddenly, he realized what he had. The one thing his grandfather wanted him to give up. He finally had a woman, whom he trusted, liked and hopefully get married to. The one woman who got past his defenses.

He would be a fool to give up someone like her. He would happily do any odd job than being married to Vannina. He wondered if Samantha would still have him when she learned that he was no longer a millionaire.

Now that she was kissing him feverishly and he could feel the tears streaming down her cheeks. A single action spoke a thousand words and he embraced her as he relished the kiss filled with love and passion.

He still fought with his past demons and he won’t be able to give her a wealthy life. However, he will try his level best to find a way out. He could speak to his bankers and try to find new dealers interested to buy the products.

It would take time, but he felt confident. Jenson would have an idea. Jenson’s experience and knowledge surpassed Axel in certain areas.

She broke the kiss and he grinned at her, his insides feeling light as a feather.

“Book our return tickets before the bankers find out that I goofed up. We have ninety days’ time to pay them and I’ll talk to Jenson and see if we can find some new dealers in the meantime,” he spoke softly as her grin widened.

“Not needed. I suspected as much and already made a backup plan,” she declared.

“Backup plan?!” He asked as surprise coated his features.

“Yes, but first I need to clean that,” she said, pointing his knuckles and led him to the bathroom.

“When you told me about Vannina and your grandfather, I did some research and found his tie with this particular European company. I read through the contract and contacted my dad’s lawyer. No offense, Jerry is a good guy, but my dad’s lawyer is good at finding the loopholes,” she paused to wipe the now clean wounds dry.

“There is a clause which allows the company to end the contract, but also another clause which allows us to sue the first party for damages incurred by their actions.” She gave him a mischievous grin as she wrapped the white gauze in his hands. “It was something we added towards the end, according to Jerry’s advice and they didn’t seem to notice that little point.”

“So you are saying that we can get our money back?”

“Mhmm... According to the contract if they terminated the contract one week prior to the shipment they didn’t have to pay anything. However, they will have to pay us for the loss they caused us by canceling the contract at the very last moment.” She smiled.

“Wow, I didn’t think of that.” He chuckled as they went back to the room.

“As usual,” she teased.

“Now what?”

“Well, now is the interesting part. Your grandfather is trying to sign a deal with Sinclair International. He almost finalized the terms and conditions and they will be signing the papers anytime this week.”

The excitement in her voice had him move to the edge of the bed.


“You will be signing it instead of him,” she smirked while he stared at her with wide eyes.

“You-you didn’t have to do that,” he stuttered. Getting a deal with Sinclair International wasn’t a small thing.

“I didn’t do anything. Just told him that a gentleman called his daughter a tramp and he already knew that Finlayson Corp was capable to cater their company’s requirements, so he proposed a deal and I agreed,” she shrugged nonchalantly and Axel grinned widely.

“I am not sure how I should respond to this,” Axel said running a hand through his hair. “Thank you, Sam.”

Samantha waved him off. “I protect what’s mine that is all.”

Her words warmed his heart as he pulled her closer and kissed the crown of her head. They stayed like that for a few minutes until she pushed him slightly. “We need to go downstairs, else you will miss all the fun parts,” she said wiggling her eyebrows.

“Fun?” Axel gave her a puzzled look.

“See for yourself,” she pulled him and he followed her downstairs.

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