Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 24

It was around nine p.m. when Samantha boarded her father’s private jet with Axel and his family. Andrea and the girls gave them a teary goodbye with promises to meet each other soon.

Vannina showed up once in their place, but kept her claws to herself when she noticed Samantha glued to Axel, giving her a stink eye. Rodrígez didn’t meet her gaze and when they left, he was sulking in the background unable to bring himself to bid them goodbye.

Sara bid goodbye and hugged her father before leaving while Samantha just gave him a curt nod.

“Oh dear, I never thought I would travel in such a luxury,” Henry commented excitedly as he stretched his legs. “These cushions are soft like a rabbit’s fur,” he stated enjoying the feel of the comfy couch under his palm.

His actions reminded Samantha of an excited child opening his Christmas present. Sara chuckled, but didn’t look fazed like Henry.

“When had you ever owned a rabbit, darling?” Sara teased.

“Oh, I had them when I was a kid. My grandfather presented them to me.”

“And, you starved them to death,” Sara snickered. “Thank you for the ride, Samantha. It is comfortable indeed,” Sara grinned. “You know, I never saw that kind of expression on my dad’s face before. You nailed it.”

Samantha just grinned as she sat on the couch opposite to them. Axel watched his father with amusement. The interior of the Jet looked like the VIP suite of a luxurious five-star hotel. There were two bedrooms inside the Jet. Samantha shared the room with Sara while Axel and his father took the other one.

Samantha had texted her dad briefly about her departure, either Eric or her dad would be receiving them at the airport and she couldn’t wait to see them. Though it was only two days, she missed them.

Two hours later...

They were well rested when their flight landed in the New York airport the next day morning.

Samantha stretched lazily and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Axel and Henry went to collect their luggage as Sara and Samantha proceeded towards the exit.

Samantha scanned the crowd and to her surprise, both her dad and Eric were there to receive them.



She ran towards them at a full sprint when their eyes met hers. A look of relief and happiness spread across Gregory’s round face as he confirmed she returned in one piece. He caught her in a bear hug, squeezing her to the bones.

“Samantha! Thank God, you are okay,” Gregory breathed in relief.

“Dad, stop exaggerating. She is fine,” Eric snorted beside him as their father released his sister from his hug.

“Yeah, dad. I am good, see.” Samantha twirled once, showing him she was fine.

“Yeah, she is fine. It’s that Rodrígez, I am worried about,” Eric quipped with a fake concern and Samantha laughed out loud.

“That’s my girl,” Gregory stated proudly.

“Dad, this is Sara,” Samantha introduced Axel’s mother silently watching their communication.

“Hello, call me Gregory. My daughter talks a lot about you.”

Sara was not expecting the famous Sinclair to be so polite. It explained Samantha’s down to earth behavior.

“Good things, I presume. Nice to meet you too, Gregory.”

“Hi, I’m Eric the Great.”

Samantha chuckled at her brother’s introduction. “Yes, the big B,” she agreed.

Before Sara could respond they were distracted by Samantha yelling Axel’s name as she gestured him to come over.

“Dad, this is Henry and Axel.”

Gregory didn’t miss the way Samantha clutched Axel’s arm and held it in a protective grip as she introduced them. Axel seemed to lean towards her, his hands–encasing her waist as he extended his free hand towards Gregory.

“Pleasure meeting you, sir.”

“It’s nice to meet you finally, Axel.”

“Hi, I’m Eric. Can I have a word with you, Axel?” He asked, narrowing his eyes and Samantha gave him a stink eye.

“Sure,” Axel grinned, knowing well about Eric’s intention. “I’ll be back now,” he gave a reassuring nod to Samantha before going with Eric.

“If looks could kill I’d be dead now,” Eric chuckled as they neared a coffee vending machine.

Axel nodded in understanding, but said nothing.

“I’m happy for you both and I could say that my sister is quite taken with you,” he stated. “However, that’s not the reason I called you alone. I have information you may be interested in. Here, this is my card. Let’s meet in my office and talk over a coffee,” Eric said, giving his card to Axel.

Axel took the card before securing it in his pocket.

“Oh, and if you haven’t already, better tell Samantha before she finds out on her own,” Eric warned. “Samantha’s bites are worse than that of Mr. Whiskers. Trust me, I know.”

Axel once again nodded mutely. What’s with everyone knowing his plan? He thought his plan was brilliant.

“Let’s say your plan had a few flaws and we are protective of Samantha. We also happen to have some useful connections,” Eric responded as if he was reading his thoughts.

“How much does she know?” Axel asked after thinking over for a moment.

“She knows an overall story about your past, excluding the revenge plan,” Eric answered truthfully. “Knowing about Samantha, she would find out sooner and it’s better if you come out clean before she finds the truth.”

Axel let out a defeated sigh. Samantha knew about Alicia. He didn’t know what to make out. There he thought his past was a secret to the world and yet, here it was out in the open.

“It’s not safe for us to talk here. Meet me in my office, sometime later today.” Eric said, with a pat on his shoulders.

Soon, they returned to where Samantha was standing with everyone and Axel nodded that he was okay when she cast a concerned look at him.


A few hours later...

Axel sat in Eric’s office on the fourteenth floor of the Sinclair International building. His office was simple yet elegant. Axel admired the spacious interiors as he waited for Eric to finish his call.

“Kenley was snooping around. She started digging into your past to find something that she could use against you and Samantha,” Eric began as soon as he disconnected the call, his fingers drumming on the rich mahogany desk.

“She posted this and dad took it down within minutes of it going online,” he said pushing the gossip magazine copy towards Axel.

“We were able to stop the issue before it’s too late. However, a few had already bought the papers and are aware of your relationship with Samantha,” Eric continued.

Axel’s jaw clenched as he read the article which portrayed Samantha as a social climber. Fucking retards.

“Whatever you do, you have to do it faster. If Kenley found the connection between you and Alexander, then you can figure out the rest,” Eric mused as he toyed with the crystal paperweight on his table.

“Kenley won’t find a thing,” Axel growled.

“Let’s hope so. Anyway, that’s not the only reason I called you here. This particular news will be definitely interesting to you,” Eric said, pushing another file towards him.

Axel’s eyes widened and a bright smile found its way to his lips as he read through the contents.

“Thank you. Thanks a lot. You just found the missing piece I needed to complete my plan,” Axel grinned.

“You’re going to be a family if everything goes well,” Eric smiled warmly. “Now, that’s done, let’s discuss some business, shall we?”

Eric turned to business mode and three hours later, Axel exited the building with a billion dollar worth business contract in his hands.

Axel looked at the contract he just signed for a hundredth time. He still couldn’t believe that he got it. Eric had all the Finlayson’s finance reports at his fingertips. Axel was impressed with the way Eric worked and he now understood why the Sinclairs always topped the charts.

When he showed the contract to Samantha, she rejoiced and congratulated him with a hug. Jenson was over the moon and stars when he got the information about the deal.

Axel didn’t know if Jenson knew of Samantha’s social status. He didn’t tell him how he nailed the Sinclair deal either. Eric had told him that Gregory was impressed by his management skills and trusted that his company could handle this deal.

As for the budget, the Sinclairs would release the payments in three steps, starting with an advance of forty percent, so Axel didn’t have to worry about running behind the bankers either.

True to her words, Samantha found two new dealers and sold out the shipment that was meant for the European company. Their legal team filed a petition against the European company and Jerry was sure that they would win this.

Axel was more and more getting used to the idea of having a family with Samantha. His mother had given his grandmother’s ring when they reached home and both of his parents told him he had their blessings.

They firmly believed that Samantha was the right woman for him. She’d grown up with a big family and Sara had seen the way she mingled with her sister’s family. Axel pocketed the ring wondering if he was ready to take that huge step.

It all felt too soon yet a part of him didn’t want to wait.


It was already Thursday and when it was time to leave for home, Axel visited Samantha in her office. Her brows were scrunched in concentration as he approached her.

“Hey Sam, need help with anything?” He offered.

“Um... no. I’m just checking this invoice, we need to send out tomorrow,” she answered as she typed away on her computer.

“Okay. I’ll wait until you’re done,” he sighed and took a free seat at her table.

After a few minutes, his eyes were drooping with tiredness, when Samantha shook him awake slightly. Axel rubbed his eyes and smiled sleepily at her.

“Give me the keys. I’ll drive you home today,” she declared and he didn’t argue for once. The traffic in New York didn’t sound appealing for his present mood.

“So, do I have to bring anything for the barbecue?” He inquired as she started the car and switched the gear.

“Nothing. Mom got it all covered. Besides, Uncle Rick and Uncle Norman’s family are also visiting. It’s going to be a long night,” she replied without taking her eyes from the road.

“Should I be worried?”

“Maybe,” she chuckled. “How are Sara and Henry?”

“They are good. You just met them yesterday and you are going to meet them in less than half an hour,” he reminded her.

“I know.”

“She never cared you know?” Axel looked distant suddenly as he gazed at the road ahead of them.

Samantha knew this she was definitely not Sara. The one broke his heart. “Tell me about it,” she encouraged in a soft tone.

“My dad worked in the same school I went to as a Janitor. She never once acknowledged him or talked to him. When she came home, she would give disgusted looks, complaining about the dust and what not’s,” he recalled.

“She never ate or drank anything from my home. I’ve never thought about that before. When she would say no to everything I ask, I guessed she might be allergic. Because I had never seen her eating anything more than a few fruits and salads.”

Samantha chuckled at that and he joined her.

“It is now I understand that she was on a diet to keep up her figure,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“You were really naïve,” Samantha commented.

“I was,” he agreed. “Then, there was one time when my mom got really sick that I had to take a few days leave from school to take care of her. She never once called during those days or worse didn’t even ask how my mom was when I told her about her sickness the day I came to school.”

“My friends claimed that she was cheating on me with someone else outside the school. They said that they saw her making out with someone in the parking lot outside the pizzeria. I didn’t trust them. I fought with my friends that day and accused them of being jealous that I got the girl and not them. They all had a crush on her, you see.”

Samantha squeezed his hand in a comforting manner as he took a deep breath.

“More than anyone or anything, I am angry with myself for not seeing the truth. My eyes were clouded and I refused to see all the signs that were there,” he stated softly.

“Once I saw her coming out of the locker with disheveled clothes and hair. A few minutes later, one of the notorious playboys exited the same room. That was the first time I started thinking about our relationship.”

“When I confronted her about it the next day, she accused me of being paranoid. That nothing happened in the locker room, she went in search of me and thought it was me who kissed her because there were no lights on the inside. Then, when she found out that it was not me, she pushed him off her and exited the room.” He laughed dryly and took a swig from the water bottle before putting in back in its holder.

Samantha stayed silent, concentrating on the road and listening to his story.

“The funniest part of this is that I believed her every word and apologized for even doubting her a bit. She gave me a cold shoulder for a week after that and made me beg her in front of the school. Being a lovesick fool, I did that, for her.”

“I thought I was in love. I hurt her and I wanted to rectify that. I made myself a laughing stock of the school that day, yet I didn’t give a crap because I had her.”

Anger bubbled within Samantha as she heard his words. That wretched woman. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the wheel tightly, honking at the driver who fueled her rage by not letting her pass.

Axel looked distant and spoke nothing further throughout the rest of the ride. Samantha glanced at him and she knew what she had to do.

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