Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 25

Samantha climbed two stairs at a time as she reached Eric’s room.

Knocking on her brother’s room door once, she entered the room to see Amelia sitting on the couch watching TV, Eric nowhere in the vicinity.

“Hey Ami, where’s Eric?”

“In the gym,” Amelia replied with a mouthful of Choco chips.

“You know, your butt is going to get as huge as mine if you keep munching on that,” Samantha teased.

Amelia snorted as she scooped another hand full of Choco chips. “I wish I had at least half of what you have. Nothing works for me though.”

It was true. No matter how much she ate, Amelia still looked like a runway model with a petite figure. “And, here I wish I had a body like yours,” Samantha quipped.

Amelia waved her off with another snort. “Your body is fine and I’m sure Axel would appreciate the generous assets.”

Samantha’s cheeks heated up at her comment, Axel and her hot make-out session in Spain flashed in her memory.

Amelia wiggled her eyebrows. “Is there anything you are not telling me?”

“No,” Samantha deadpanned.

“Then it’s definitely a yes. What did I miss?”

“Ah... Nothing. I-I am gonna see Eric now,” Samantha tried to leave.

“Not so soon, Sammy. Did he get to the second base?” Amelia guessed, she was already on her feet stalking her.

“Ah... um...” Samantha gasped, feeling like a fish out of water and the natural blush that stained her cheeks hurt.

“Tell me everything,” Amelia squealed and bounced on the couch before pulling Samantha with her.

“Um... It was just a make-out session,” Samantha admitted.

“Oh my God! Tell me more.” Amelia chirped excitedly.

Samantha blushed furiously as she recalled everything happened in Spain, leaving out the details of Axel’s anxiety attack.

“That was awesome. I didn’t know you had a mean bone in your body,” Amelia laughed.

“What? Are you joking? Show me a single bone in her body which is not mean,” Eric commented as he entered the room.

“Eric! Were you eavesdropping our conversation?” Amelia scowled.

“Ah... No. Just heard the last part. What were you talking anyway?” Eric asked curiously.

“Nothing, Samantha here kissed Axel just to stake a claim in front of a girl who was trying to dig her claws into him,” Amelia explained.


“What?! You kissed him again?”

Samantha and Eric exclaimed at the same moment.

“It’s just a kiss, Eric,” Samantha rolled her eyes.

“Shut it, Eric. Don’t you dare pull the brother card on her now? It wasn’t like we weren’t fooling around before our wedding. We kept our relationship a secret for two years.” Amelia crossed her arms and tapped her feet as she stood before Eric.

“Do you really have to say this in front of her?” Eric groaned.

“Exactly, you knew her secret so it’s only fair she held something against you if you decided to behave like a good son to your mom,” Amelia deadpanned.

“I won’t tell her, okay,” Eric threw his hands up in surrender. “Anyway, don’t let him kiss you again.”

“I don’t think poor Axel has a say in it,” Amelia chuckled and Samantha blushed beet red.

“Ami, honey. It’s really hard as a brother to listen to all this. Sammy, can you please keep all the PDA stuff away from our eyes or knowledge,” Eric pleaded.

Samantha admired the fluffy rug underneath her feet as she bit her lip to stop the laughter that bubbled in her throat.

“So, you were looking for Eric earlier. What is it?” Amelia started.

“Oh, um... yeah. Eric, I need the contact number for the private investigation firm that you are in touch with,” Samantha asked.

Eric and Amelia shared a look which said they expected this sooner.

“Um... sure. Why do you need it anyway?” Eric asked with a neutral emotion.

“Just to take care of something on my own,” Samantha gave him a lopsided grin.

Eric once again looked at Amelia, who shrugged with a knowing smile. No one messed with a Sinclair. He gave her the contact number asking nothing further and Amelia whistled lowly once Samantha exited their room and was out of earshot.

“I bet it’s for that bitch, Alicia,” Amelia announced.

“You sure?”

“One hundred percent.”

“Does she know everything?” Eric asked.

“No. Though she didn’t tell me everything she learned about Axel, I can tell that he has conveyed something about his past. Samantha won’t be going into protective mode if he didn’t open up,” Amelia concluded.

“Alicia is in for a rude awakening if Samantha is involved. What Axel has planned, will only ruin her financially. If Samantha is going to get involved like I believe, then she is good as dead,” Eric mused.

“Oh, I am so looking forward to that. That bitch deserves what’s coming in her way,” Amelia smirked and Eric couldn’t agree more.


Once inside the room, Samantha quickly dialed the number she got from her brother.

“Hello Mr. Santiago, this is Samantha.”

“Ms. Sinclair?”


“Eric just called and informed that you would be contacting me. What do you need?”

“I’m sure you were the one did a background check on Axel Finlayson,” she stated.

“That’s right.”

“Great. Can you meet me tomorrow?” Samantha couldn’t contain her excitement and moreover the curiosity.

“That’d be a pleasure, Ms. Sinclair. I’m free in the morning.”

“Oh, call me Samantha, please. You can meet me in my office around ten a.m. tomorrow if that’s not a trouble.”

“Not at all. I will see you there. Anything else you need?”

“Not at the moment. We’ll talk later,” Samantha said and disconnected the call with a determined look.

There is no running now, bitch.


The next morning, Daniel Santiago arrived sharply at ten a.m. to meet Samantha.

“Hello Mr. Santiago, it’s a pleasure meeting you,” she greeted with a professional grin.

“Call me Daniel please. And, it’s my pleasure,” he said with a curt nod.

Daniel was a man in his early forties and his well-built physique said he was an ex-marine.

“Ex-marine?” Samantha asked out loud.

“That I am,” Daniel grinned. “Here is the file you requested.”

“Thank you,” Samantha didn’t waste time as she took the file from him, browsing through the contents, flipping through the pages until she found Alicia’s profile.

Her eyes lingered on her profile for more than a minute when Daniel broke the silence. “My presence here is not only concerned with this file, I suppose.”

Samantha smiled. “You’re right.”

“What do you want us to do with the lady?”

Samantha appreciated the sharp mind of Daniel. “Follow her every move. I need photos and possibly anything you can get.”

“That can be arranged. Anything else?” He asked.

“A detailed report on Kenley Brynn.”

“Kenley Brynn, huh? Wonder what she did to bring Sinclair’s wrath upon her.” Daniel’s eyes twinkled with amusement.

“Oh, nothing much. Just poking her nose in unwanted business. Someone has to teach her a lesson,” Samantha winked. She already liked this man. Thinking he was one step ahead of her.

“All right then. You’ll have the details soon,” he shook her hands and left.

Not a second later, Axel entered her office. “Who’s that man, Samantha?”

“Oh, that’s Daniel Santiago.”


“He is my dad’s private investigator. I asked him for a small favor and asked him to find something about Kenley Brynn,” she stated.

“Oh,” Axel’s expression fell slightly thinking what if she had found about his plan.

“What brings you here?” She mused.

“I was wondering if we could have lunch together and afterward join me for the meeting with Jenson.” He asked.

“Lunch sounds good,” she beamed. “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to join you for the meeting though. I’ve scheduled interviews for the two vacant posts.”

“Then lunch it is,” he smiled.

Axel couldn’t help but look at her as she sat there before him. She wore a sleeveless black dress with a high neckline that came up to her knees and a contrasting gold belt. He wondered how he missed noticing her beauty before.

“You’re staring,” she stated with a smirk.

“No. I am admiring what is mine,” he corrected as he got up and walked towards her.

Samantha casually slid the file with a few other files into her drawer and closed it as he approached her.

“This is the office you know,” she teased with a grin.

“Oh, I’m very well aware of that fact. I’m also aware that there are only two of us on this floor,” he stated as he pulled her up. “Denzel’s gone for lunch and won’t be back for another half an hour.”


“Mhmm...” He ran his nose along her jawline, inhaling the mild scent of her floral perfume. “You smell so good.”


“You talk too much.” With that, he covered her lips with his.

Unlike the first few times, this kiss was gentle yet claiming. He sucked her bottom lip and traced it with the tip of his tongue as his hands cupped her bottom pulling her flush against his hardness.

Samantha softly gasped when she felt his arousal against her hip. His tongue slowly entered her mouth, tasting and taking. She let out a throaty moan as he kneaded her ass.

He broke the kiss only to pepper, small kisses along her jaw before settling down at the crevice of her neck.



Her body was burning with want as he teased the swell of her breasts before kissing her lips again. She was lost in the feel of his lips against hers when her phone went off.

They broke apart and Axel cursed under his breath as he cast a murderous look at the phone. “Does it really have to go off now?”

Samantha chuckled. “I need to take it. It must be our new client.”

“All right, but join me for dinner tonight. I really wish to continue this,” he suggested.

“Not so fast... It requires more than a dinner to continue this, Axel.”

“I know... your mom’s rule. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t fool around. I sure can manage a few tricks,” he grinned.

Samantha swatted his hands holding her ass again. “Not happening,” she said, rolling her eyes and went to her phone which rang for the second time.

“Hello,” she replied and listened to whatever was being said on the other line when Axel once again came behind her.

Samantha bent down, grabbing a notepad from her drawer and Axel admired her shapely ass which tempted him a lot. All he could think was how it would feel to bury himself deep in her while holding that sexy butt of hers.

She swatted his arms and continued to write on her notepad, occasionally humming on the phone. Axel was not someone who would give up without trying. He smirked at the challenge before closing the distance again.

This time she gasped as he pressed his lower half against hers. The little bulge of his member was too hard to miss and if his action was not distracting enough, he bent down to kiss her neck from behind.

Samantha breathed harder in surprise and bit her cheeks, suppressing the moan. “I’ll talk to you later,” she had disconnected the call before she did something worse.

“Ax-” she turned only for him to cut her off as he captured her lips once again.

“Are you sure I can’t convince you,” he teased as his hands roamed inside her dress.


“I don’t need to go all the way to bring you over the edge, my love.” His fingers teased her inner thighs. Her heart fluttered as anticipation rose within her.

“Tell me, yes, for the dinner,” his fingers were tracing her pelvic region. His velvety voice caressed her insides in a sexy purr and all she could do was to squeeze her thighs tighter as her center tingled with need.

“No,” Samantha breathed.

“Hmm... Looks like someone needs a little convincing,” he stated and Samantha moaned when his fingers breached her soaked panties, tracing her wet folds.

Her eyes were rolling back into her head as jolts of electric pleasure shot through her body. Her toes curled and her body heated up as she bucked her hip, trying to get closer to his hand.

“You like that, don’t you?” He whispered in her ears as he kissed the small area behind her ears. His thumb massaged her bundle of nerves as she buried her face in the crook of his neck, letting out soft moans.

“I wish… I am inside you now, Samantha. You’re so beautiful and I’m glad you agreed to be mine,” he continued to whisper as she panted hard.

“Now, all I can think about is eloping with you to Vegas so that I can make you mine forever.”

“Axel... Oh God...” Samantha whimpered as the pleasure she never felt before coursed through her body.

“If there is one thing I am sure about in life, then it’s you. It may be only a few weeks that we started seeing each other, but I am already falling for you,” he confessed.

“Axel... I... I...”

Samantha tensed as the fire of desire spread through her entire body starting from her core. Her entire body tensed as she felt something building up inside her.

“Let go, Samantha. Give me the first of many to come. Come for me, my love.” He whispered again as she let out a muffled cry, coming against his hand as he held her to him.

Axel held her with a satisfaction he never felt before. His member throbbed almost painfully, but just the thought seeing her come apart in his hands was all he needed at the moment.

He knew he would have to take it slow, but the man within him wanted badly to love his woman, to give her everything he has. At that moment of her vulnerability, he saw the trust in her eyes, the love. There was nothing fake about this woman before him.

For a moment, he thought he wouldn’t be able to give her what she deserved. Yet, this changed something for him.

He could love this woman for eternity.

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