Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 26

“Dad! We need to talk.”

Henry threw a puzzled look at his son, who rushed home like a bat out of hell. Sara shrugged and mouthed ‘go.’

When he entered Axel’s room, his son was pacing the floor. His tailored blazer discarded carelessly on the floor and Axel was tugging at his necktie nervously.

Henry picked up the blazer and placed its hanger. “So, what is it you want to talk about, son?”

“Dad, I’m so confused,” Axel began.

Henry just sat on the bed and patted the empty space beside him. Axel let out a defeated sigh as he plopped down beside his father.

“Tell me about it,” Henry spoke gently.

“I-I kind of got intimate with Samantha,” Axel blurted out.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Dad, it’s- it’s just I never thought that I would be able to do it with anyone else,” he admitted.

“And, this confuses you?” Henry probed.

Axel nodded. “I’m afraid that I’m falling for her faster than I should. Today, I almost said those three words to her.”

“Hmm... tell me more.”

“Dad, I never felt this way with Alicia. I sure adored her and loved her, but with Samantha everything is different. She makes me feel things I never felt with Alicia,” he admitted.

“That’s a good thing, son.”

“I really don’t know, dad. You know, how I wanted to get even with Alicia. I’m almost close to having my revenge after all these years, but I’m afraid what Samantha will say if she comes to know about my plans.”

Henry sat quietly as he waited for his son to continue.

“I don’t want her to think that she is a part of my plan. I swear I didn’t know she is a Sinclair kid. Falling for her was unexpected, and I don’t regret it,” Axel told his father.

“What do you think, dad? What do you think I should do?” He asked, exasperated as he ran his hand through his hair.

“Samantha is not like most of the girls, Axel. You should know this and you should tell her everything before she finds out. It should come from you.”

“What if she hates me?”

“Oh, Axel. The girl can never hate you. She put up with your unbearable self for a year and now she had gotten a view of your true self, she will never leave you.”

“Are you sure?” Axel asked hopefully.

“I am. Most of the couples only see the positive things about each other when they start dating, then the fight starts when they get a glance at their negative side. In your case, all she saw was your negative side for most of the year. Yet, she stayed.”

Axel nodded. “I don’t know how I am going to tell her everything.”

“You should. There shouldn’t be any secrets between the couples, son. A hidden secret is worse than a bitter truth. Do it.”

Axel took a shuddering breath and nodded. “I will. Thanks, dad.”

“Anytime, son,” Henry smiled and patted Axel’s back before leaving the room.


Samantha paced her office pace like a caged lioness.

She read through Axel’s file once he left for the afternoon meeting. The report was very detailed and they had collected the old photos of Axel and Alicia together.

There were only a few photos, but they spoke a thousand words. The young Axel looked lost in love with happiness bubbling from within, but the bitch had a smug look on her face. Her look was similar to that of a look when you hold a trophy.

Axel was just a game to Alicia. The question was how many men were affected by Alicia before and after Axel. The report already gave her enough insight into Alicia’s life and by the time she finished reading Samantha was on fire.

Axel was too kind with the revenge he has planned. Samantha didn’t feel bad or betrayed that even after all these years Axel felt the need for revenge. She only felt it was not enough.

Once again she went to her table and flipped through the papers, stopping to look at Alicia’s photo.

“Axel is being kind, Alicia,” Samantha mused as her anger was replaced with something evil. “You shouldn’t have done what you did with Axel and you shouldn’t be cheating on your fiancée,” her silent words were venomous as her lips curled in disgust.

“By the time I am done with you, you wouldn’t know what hit you so hard. After this, you wouldn’t dare to play with a man’s life,” she whispered.

I’m coming bitch.

Samantha called her father.


“Hey, dad. When is Sinclair’s annual charity ball?”

“That’s in three weeks.”

“Can you push it in two weeks’ time? The sooner the better.”

“Whom do you want to invite?”

Samantha could imagine Gregory’s smirk. “The couple, who are gracing the news headlines today,” Samantha chuckled.

“And, have you decided what you want to do?”

“Oh, it’s just I want to meet her once, dad.”

“Only meet?”

“Maybe exchange a few words... You know the usual. Come on, dad. I’m not doing anything new.”

Gregory chuckled at the opposite end. “I doubted it would come to this. You’re bit late.”

Samantha rolled her eyes as Gregory continued to speak. “You’ll have what you need, my little girl. No one messes with family and lives without facing the consequences.”

“Love you, Dad.” Samantha grinned.

“Love you too, baby girl.”

Samantha knew why she held a very special place in her dad’s heart. She was a child who will always remind Gregory what he would’ve missed if Narmadha didn’t forgive him. There was a woman like Alicia in her dad’s life, who wanted a bite of his flesh and would do anything to get her claws on his wealth.

The only mistake her dad ever made was to hide the truth from her mother. When she learned the truth, she considered it as a betrayal. Samantha was born after her mom finally forgave her father.

Narmadha took her vengeance to a whole new level as she ruined the life of her husband’s old lover during those two years she put him in the dog house. After that incident, her dad never lied or hid anything from her mom. He also taught all his children the value of speaking truth at all the time. There were no secrets in the family.

Samantha smiled as she looked at her watch. She had enough time to go home and change into something more comfortable. Axel had messaged her to meet him at his home and informed her to wear something simple.

She smiled as she got up and left her office with the file secure in her laptop bag.


Axel was nervous when the clock touched seven. He paced the living room, his eyes going to the clock on the wall every few seconds.

Initially, he thought of going out for dinner. However, after thinking it through the thought it was better if they could just meet at his home and talked. He wanted no one to eavesdrop on their conversation. With Kenley, digging around it wasn’t safe.

Also, Axel didn’t know how Samantha would react when she learned about his past. He planned to tell her everything tonight. His parents had gone out for dinner and won’t be back until midnight, which gave them enough privacy.

Axel jumped when he heard the doorbell. He rushed to the door and frowned when he noticed that it was the pizza delivery. He had just placed the pizzas on the tea-table in the living room when the bell dinged again.

This time, it was Samantha. Axel paused in his tracks as his eyes hungrily feasted on her attire. She opted out to wear a pair of shorts and a loose button-down shirt. He almost laughed when he noticed her flip-flops, typical Samantha.

“I thought we could stay in and grab some pizza,” he stated as he let her in, closing the door behind them.

“Where are Sara and Henry?” She asked looking around.

“They went out for dinner. Won’t be back until midnight,” he replied.

She plopped on the floor and sat cross-legged next to the tea-table, before switching on the TV. “So, are we having a movie marathon of sorts?” She asked.

“Not really. We can have one if you want to, but I just wanted to talk.”

“Just talk?” Samantha wiggled her eyebrows making him laugh.

“Yeah, at least for the first half.” He replied as his gaze once again gave her a once over appreciatively. His body heated up just as the memory of this afternoon’s event filled his mind.

Axel shook his head to clear the distracting thoughts. He had to talk to Samantha and get everything out of his system. Rick, Eric and his dad’s words rang out loud in his mind. He just found her and couldn’t afford to lose her too. Just her presence made him happy.

“We should eat before it gets cold,” Samantha announced, bringing him out of his thoughts.

Axel nodded in acknowledgment and went to sit beside her as they grabbed a slice of pizza, talking and eating while a watching a random movie on the TV.


After an hour they sat on the rooftop of his mansion, enjoying the warmth of the night, which they will be missing soon as the winter approached. Samantha admired the Japanese style canopy and Zen-style wooden chairs, with soft suede cushions.

“I changed my plan for dinner at the last moment, so we could talk without any interruption,” Axel started.

“What do you want to talk about?” Samantha asked softly.

“Everything,” he said, giving her a tight-lipped smile.

“Okay,” Samantha nodded as she looked at him expectantly.

“I just want you to remember that this all happened in my past and you are my present and future.”

Samantha nodded mutely.

“You know that Alicia and I came together during while working on a project, so... Um...” He cleared his throat as he looked at anywhere but at her.

“She used to wear revealing clothes when we worked together in the evenings. Sometimes, she flashes and I always averted my gaze. One day, we were working and I wouldn’t look at her twice because she was showing a lot of her cleavage.”

“She asked me why I didn’t like her out of the blue, which had me wondering. She said I didn’t look her twice because I didn’t like her. She asked if she is not beautiful enough to gain my attention.”

“Me being the fool I am, I admitted that she took my breath every time I looked at her. She giggled and for the first time kissed me then and there. I couldn’t believe that she kissed me, it felt so perfect. It was as if I was dreaming.”

“Then, she kissed me again at school. When I shied away, she used to ask me if she wasn’t good enough for me and I would relent. One day we went out for a hike and camped out at night, where I lost myself to her.”

Axel paused, taking a shuddering breath, and Samantha sat like a statue. She could hear her own racing heart as sweat broke out on her forehead.

It was difficult to listen to the stories of your boyfriend’s past, especially from his own mouth. She knew that now. But, what option did she have? She already knew the story and yet it was necessary for her to know, so she could be beside him with no doubts about their future.

“We were still at school and had so many things ahead of us. So we were always careful. When a new boy joined our school, her attitude towards me started changing,” Axel continued. He wasn’t looking at her as he spoke.

“She stopped kissing me in front of the others in school. Always told me to keep up some distance. When I asked, she said that she needed to concentrate on her grades and I am a distraction. It hurt a lot, but being a good guy I listened to her and did everything she asked for. We met only once in a week, and then one day she announced that she wanted to talk to me in private.”

“We went to the pier and she announced that she was pregnant.” Axel’s voice cracked as Samantha gasped. None of the reports had this tiny detail.

No, this was not tiny. This was huge. She was pregnant. Did he have a child with her?


Suddenly, it was all too much to bear. Samantha was up on her feet for a moment as she breathed harder to control the emotions assaulting her with full force. Her body trembled slightly despite the warm air as blood rushed to her head.

“What happened?” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

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