Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 30

The Monday morning was rather busy when compared to their normal Mondays.

“Ms. Kenley Brynn is here to see you,” Denzel, Axel’s secretary announced.

Axel looked up at her from the file he was working on with a displeasing look crossing his expression. “What does she want?”

“I’m not sure, sir. She marched up to the table and insisted that it was utmost important that she speak to you right now.”

“Sent her in and ask Samantha to join me,” Axel ordered.

“Sure, Mr. Finlayson.”

Axel switched on the camera inside his office as he leaned back in his chair. He called Samantha on her mobile and opened the voice recorder so he could record the conversation. It was something he learned from Samantha.

“Hello Axel, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Kenley smiled showing her clean teeth.

“It’s Mr. Finlayson to you and what brings you here?” Axel didn’t bother with the formalities as he glared at her.

“Hmm... Where are your manners, Mr. Finlayson? You didn’t even greet me or asked me to sit,” Kenley pouted. There was no hurt in her eyes just a wicked glint that alarmed him. Her makeup masked her emotions well.

“I am not interested in seeing you, Ms. Brynn. You can leave if there’s nothing important to discuss,” Axel said, narrowing his eyes.

“Oh, it is important all right. Maybe you want to take a look at this small file before you kick me out,” Kenley said pushing a file towards Axel.

“What is this?” Axel asked and picked up the file. His heart stopped for a moment as Eric’s warning rang out loud in his head. His fingers gripped the folder tightly and tried to compose himself. It was hard not to lash out.

The smirk on Kenley’s face only widened and instead of answering, she leaned back in her seat and crossed her legs, displaying her long slender legs.

“I asked you a question,” Axel hissed.

“I told you already. This is important to you,” Kenley grinned wickedly.

Axel looked back at the old photos staring back at him. Photos of him and Xander together. The one which had him worried was the photo of Xander with Naina during one of their hospital appointments. Both looked happy and so much in love.

Axel cursed internally as he looked up at Kenley once again. “What do you want?”

“Now, that Mr. Finlayson, is what I wanted to hear,” Kenley smiled.

“I want what every other girl wants. Money... lots of it,” Kenley grinned.

“And, how much that would be?” Axel asked and leaned back in his chair. His posture relaxed at the sight of Samantha who stood silently behind Kenley.

“Hmm... Let me think. How about a two million dollars?” She offered.

“That’s a bit too much for you, don’t you think?” Axel asked with a sly grin.

“Oh, come on, Axel. You just signed a contract with the freaking Sinclairs. You’re going to be a billionaire in a matter of months and your market is already skyrocketing. Two million to you is nothing, considering the amount you’re going to earn,” Kenley stated with a smug grin.

“Do you know how many zeroes are there in a billion, Kenley?”

Kenley jumped up from her seat with a startled look to see Samantha standing behind her, hands crossed across her chest, eyes narrowed.

“What are you doing here? I wanted to speak to Axel in private,” Kenley hissed.

“Hmm... Exactly what do you want to talk to my fiancée in private, Kenley? I’ll be honest and say, I don’t appreciate the woman is trying to seek out my fiancée in private,” Samantha said with a cluck of her tongue and went to sit on Axel’s lap, who embraced her with a smile and kissed her neck.


“Any problem with that, Kenley?”

Kenley breathed harder, but kept her mouth shut for a moment. “Axel, what do you say about my offer?” She asked in a voice laced with anger.

“We won’t pay you a dime,” Samantha replied as Axel fiddled with her hair.

“I asked him,” Kenley shouted.

“And, I replied on his behalf,” Samantha shrugged.

“How dare you? You’re a-”

“I won’t finish the sentence if I were you, Kenley,” Samantha warned. “You may walk out and publish all that you want, but I suggest that you hear me out before you leave.”

“No! You hear me out, bitch.” Kenley bellowed. “When I publish this, the public is going to go crazy with all these new developments. They will know the real face of the great Alexander McGregor,” Kenley said with a wicked grin. “Ooh... That will be such a great thing to watch.”

Samantha squeezed Axel’s hand gently and patted twice when he tried to retort.

“Leave, Kenley. I am sure your mom would be proud of you when she finds out about your little adventures,” Samantha said and leaned back further into Axel’s chest.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Kenley hissed, clearly not understanding what she meant.

Samantha shrugged. “You know, I was wondering how she would feel when I show these to your beloved mother.”

Kenley was quicker to collect the envelope Samantha threw at her feet. Her entire being froze as she noted the contents that slid out of the beige colored cover.

With shaking hands, she took the photos, which displayed her images while being engaged in the most daring acts. “What? How? This is- this is fake,” she whispered in a shaky voice, which was barely a whisper.

“That’s not the only proof I have, Ms. Brynn. I do happen to have the video footage of the same act. My men happened to see the footage and they claim that it was pretty intense, so I didn’t risk it. Seeing the photos was enough to hurt my poor Virgin eyes,” Samantha chuckled and Axel snickered behind her.

“Wh-what do you want?” Kenley asked with the little dignity left.

“It is not what I want, it is what you want Kenley. Do you think that we still owe you?” Axel asked in a mocking voice.

Kenley clenched her jaws. “This is not over,” she hissed.

“You’re just a wounded animal with a wounded ego, Kenley. I would suggest that you use your brain, and not thinking about something else,” Samantha retorted. “You became a member of that sex club to lure rich men into your trap.”

Samantha stopped her with a wave of her hand and walked towards her. “Stop ruining everything with that mouth of yours. Your mom’s hospital bill and your sibling’s education are taken care of. I will help you with a decent job if you want to change the way of your life, but as I warned earlier, I am way out of your league, Kenley.”

“You are not my enemy, not yet. But, if you do this, you’ll be one and I swear I’ll ruin not only you, but your family as well,” Samantha warned. “Axel, call Denzel. Ask him to bring him the package from my table.”

“You know, you don’t have to do this, sweetheart,” Axel tried to convince while Kenley stood dumbfounded, unable to comprehend what just happened.

Did she tell her bills are taken care of? Kenley wondered.

“All right, I’ll do it.” Axel gave in when Samantha glared at him.

Kenley stood unmoving in her spot when Denzel came in handing another small package to her.

“Open it,” Samantha said in a gentle voice, which surprised Kenley.

A sob left her throat as she verified the contents of the small folder. The original documents of her family home, her mother’s hospital bills and a few documents which said that her siblings now could have the scholarship program provided by the Sinclairs International.

Kenley couldn’t believe her eyes. Her hands shook with the onslaught of emotions and her knees gave out as she sobbed, this time with happiness. “Th-thank you,” she wheezed.

“I, maybe a bitch according to you, Kenley,” Samantha began in a soft voice. “But, I am not heartless. I was angry at you first. Then, when I learned about your family, I felt bad for you. The way you live now, I don’t think your mom would appreciate that. If you wish to change your ways, give me a call in two days’ time.”

“Now, you may leave. I have other important things that require my attention,” Samantha dismissed Kenley without a second look and exited the room with a curt nod towards Axel.

“What are you waiting for? She was way too kind to you. Leave, before I change my mind,” Axel grumbled, not at all pleased with Samantha’s actions.

Kenley nodded mutely. “S-sorry,” she stuttered as she turned and exited his office.



Axel was at her office door with a grim look.

“What?” She mused.

“I thought you were gonna teach her a lesson. Why would you do something like this?”

Samantha chuckled. “I am not a bad person, Axel. An effective revenge is to do something good to the person who wishes you worse and make them feel ashamed of their actions.”

“Don’t tell me that you’re gonna do the same thing with Alicia,” Axel deadpanned.

“Oh, no, not at all. Alicia is a special exception who deserves a pinch of her own medicine.”

“And, you haven’t said how you are going to do it,” Axel accused.

“What’s the fun if I tell you everything? But, I can tell you this much, Andrea and the girls are coming here this week. And, get ready to meet your nemesis in the annual Sinclair charity ball.”

“What? That’s ridiculous. Sam, you can’t do this,” Axel exclaimed.

“Chill, sweetheart. You have me now. Do you still harbor any feelings for her?”

“Definitely not. I-I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“I think it’s the best idea, ever. I want to see her face when my dad announces our engagement,” Samantha smiled.

Axel let out a defeated sigh. “It’s going to be hard.” He felt so powerless against this woman. A little pout and a smile were enough to shut him up. He would swear anywhere that he was never like this, not before he met her.

“It will be. But, you’ll survive. Now, go and get ready for the meeting. Mr. Johnson will be here any minute now,” she said, pecking his lips.

“Yes, ma’am.” Axel did a mock salute and exited the office making Samantha giggle.

She watched him pick the file she received from Daniel two days ago. Her suspicions were right, Alicia’s mother had several affairs, before and after her marriage. Alicia was the product of her several one night stands and Alana McKenna didn’t know the father.

When Alicia’s grandfather found about her pregnancy, he forced the poor Seemus Weston, whose indebted to him, to marry his pregnant daughter. Alana never respected Seemus and after a certain time, Seemus gave up on his wife and her promiscuous ways.

The money from the McKenna family was more than enough to provide for his family. He resigned himself to his fate and pursued his career as a teacher. Alicia followed her mother’s footsteps in every aspect and never treated him as a father.

Seemus, however, had a good relationship with his father in law, who left fifty-one percent of his company shares and most of the property to Seemus after his death with a condition that Alana would receive nothing if she divorced Seemus.

The couple’s relationship was further strained when Alana blamed Seemus for everything. Seemus, who felt indebted to Mr. McKenna, held onto the marriage, though Alana had never been a wife to him.

Samantha planned to give the file to Axel after their dinner date this evening. She smiled thinking about the dinner and looked at her ring. If someone told her she would fall in love with Axel around the same time last year, she would’ve laughed in their faces. Now, here she was, engaged and in love.

“Ma’am, Mr. Johnson is here.” Denzel poked his head through the door.

“I will be there in two minutes,” she said and quickly collected the required files for the meeting. She couldn’t wait for the day to end.


Samantha laughed uncontrollably at something Axel said, making a few customers turn towards them.

They were at another Italian restaurant again in the heart of the town. Axel vouched that the food here was to die for and true to his words it was. Samantha was stuffed with food by the end of the evening. She was struggling to accommodate the dessert when Axel made fun.

Earlier Axel challenged her with the food. The reward was too attractive to let go and Samantha agreed. The winner of the challenge will have the first say in everything for the rest of the month.

Axel adjusted his pants as he took a spoonful of the delicious Tiramisu. One more bite and he would win, his tight-fitting pant was limiting his abdominal movements at this rate and he felt like he would burst.

Samantha giggled again as she gave him a victorious grin. She was secretly thankful that she changed her formal attire before coming out. She wore a dress, which flared from her midrib, so a slight adjustment let her tummy free and she could breathe, at least.

After the food, she consumed, breathing itself became a task. She had never engaged in such challenge before and she had to win. She looked at Axel struggling to consumer his next spoon.

With great difficulty, she finished her cannoli and grinned like a maniac. “I won,” she called.

Axel shook his head and put his spoon down. “I give up. Gosh, I should have challenged you at home. I swear I never lost a food challenge before,” he grumbled.

“That’s because you never competed against someone with a potential,” Samantha smirked.

Axel grinned at her retort. “I’ve never met anyone like you.”

“Now, how are we supposed to walk out of here?” Samantha’s pout had him burst into laughter. “Stop laughing. I really can’t walk with my stomach full.”

“Then, I suggest we should just relax until we can walk again.”

Samantha agreed and pulled out the file, she had in her bag. “Then, we may use that time to do something useful.”

“What’s this?” Axel asked curiously as he took the file from her.

“Something you should’ve checked long back,” Samantha replied and leaned back in her chair.

Axel browsed through the file and his brows knotted in concentration.

“Damn!” He cursed after a few minutes. “This- this is amazing. What are you planning to do?”

Samantha bobbed her head as a wicked grin spread across her lips. “I am going to ruin her inside out, Axel. We’re meeting all the men she had cheated so far. I believe they deserve a part in this.”

Axel agreed. “Do you think they will side with us?”

“Yes. She has a way with men. She gained their trust, promised a happy life, before taking everything away. She is the black widow, Axel. Not all the men, who fell into her trap are as strong as you, to keep fighting.”

“Francis Kaufman, only son and the heir of Kaufman holdings killed himself five years ago. She was engaged to him at that time,” Samantha said in a soft voice.

Axel clenched his fist as he looked at the file again.

“I’m going to destroy her beauty, Axel. When I am done with her, she will be on the streets with no beauty or money to get her the things she wanted,” Samantha grimaced.

“Let’s do it your way, then.” Axel grinned.

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