Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 31

“So, what’s going on in that head of yours?” Narmadha plopped beside her elder daughter, who was staring at the ceiling, lost in her thoughts, not even realizing that she had entered the room.

“Huh! Oh, hey mom...” Samantha gave her a small smile.

“So, what were you thinking?” Narmadha asked again.

Samantha sighed as she pushed the file she was reading to her mother. Narmadha wordlessly took the file from her and went through the contents. Samantha watched as her mother’s demeanor changed from calm to that of fury.

“Axel told me that Alicia was pregnant when they broke up. She aborted the baby so she could be with her next boyfriend,” Samantha explained.

“That wretched woman played with the lives of a lot of men,” Narmadha gritted her teeth as she finished reading.

“I need to stop her mom. Axel’s revenge plan will backfire if I don’t do something now.”

Narmadha looked at her with a knowing smile. “So, tell me, my dear daughter, what do you want from your mother?”

“Ideas. I want to destroy her world, her beauty, and everything. Well, at least on a temporary basis. Show her how the world will treat her when she has nothing.”

“Hmm... That’s easy,” Narmadha grinned. “Come on, get up. We have a party to plan.”

Samantha grinned as she got up and followed her mother. She couldn’t wait for the ball. They had so many things to do in such a short span of time.


Time seemed to fly and soon it was the day of the Sinclair annual charity ball. Samantha relaxed as Sasha massaged her scalp with hot oil. They were in the inbuilt spa for women inside their grand mansion. The specially hired staff buzzed around as the women chatted away like there was no tomorrow.

Andrea and the girls arrived a week ago and Axel had given Samantha sometime away from work so she could spend quality time with the girls. Not that she wanted a time away, he insisted that she take it as she has worked nonstop for over a year.

Now, Samantha felt glad she took the offer. She was more relaxed than ever. Her body and mind buzzed with renewed energy.

Axel visited her every day and sometimes joined them for dinner. He was working overtime in the office without Samantha. Andrea and the girls were staying with her, much to the dismay of Sara. Not that she minded, Axel would drop his parents at Samantha’s before going to work and would pick them later in the evening.

Samantha let out a chuckle when Amelia and Gracie moaned like they were seeing heaven. The staff was now giving them a foot massage. Girls and their addiction to a foot massage.

It was good, better than anything else. However, she must take back her words that it was much better than an orgasm. Axel had proved her wrong four days back when he had visited her.

That day he had said he needed to speak to her alone. “Some things in the office needed her attention,” he had claimed to show her a bunch of files.

She had taken him to her room as the others continued with their dinner.

“You look so beautiful today,” he whispered as they entered her room.

“You’re telling me that you got me all alone just to tell me that I look beautiful.” She quirked her eyebrows with a teasing grin.

“That’s not all. You looked delectable in that dress and I realized that I didn’t get to admire you as much as I would like to,” Axel commented as his hooded eyes drank in her beauty with a new hunger.

Amelia had forced her into a plum red dress with a plunging neckline, which showed a generous amount of cleavage and the hem of the dress ended up just a few inches below her bum. Her mom didn’t chastise her when she got a look at her dress like she expected her to. Instead, she just glared.

Axel dropped the files on the nearby table and loosened the knot of his tie. A shiver ran through her body under his heated gaze. It was the same look he had before he took her over the edge in her office.

“Axel... We are in my home.”


“My family is downstairs,” she said, backing up, trying to put distance between them.

“Having dinner with my parents, I know,” replied Axel.

“Axel, if they ever found out what you’re up to, they will get us married tomorrow itself.” Only her lips were speaking in denial while her body said otherwise. There was no mistaking the moisture, which pooled at the apex of her thighs and her core tingled in anticipation.

“Really? All the more reason to do what I want to do for a long time now.” He was just a breath away from her, his hands around her waist limiting her movements.

“Axel -”

His lips silenced her as they gently claimed hers. Her denial seemed to flee out of the window as his tongue massaged her lower lip, seeking entry.A moan left her throat when he squeezed her ass, kneading them as he pressed his arousal on her front. Samantha gasped softly, only for him to deepen the kiss, claiming her mouth.

His hands were under her dress cupping her ass. The lacy underwear she wore did very less to hide her asset from his hungry hands.Axel’s lips left her mouth only to place open kisses along her jaw and neckline. His hands gently ran along her smooth thighs in a circular motion, going from her butt to her inner thighs in a sensual motion which set her body on fire.

Samantha was panting hard in anticipation when he pushed her on the mattress. Her back sunk into the soft material with a bounce. His eyes locked with hers as he took her leg, removing the heels, replacing it with his lips.

She gasped as he gently rubbed her feet, peppering kisses on her leg. He did the same for her other feet.

“Do you still think that a foot massage is better than an orgasm?” His voice a few octaves lower, a husky purr which caressed her insides and her belly quivered.

She felt tongue-tied as her brown eyes locked with his blue ones, which was now filled with lust. Samantha let out a whimper and clutched the sheets as he kissed the inside of her knees.

Her nipples tightened and became more sensitive as he continued his slow torture on her body, his hands gently massaging and feeling her soft, flawless skin, his lips following his hands, kissing and nibbling.

She almost cried out in frustration when he paid no attention to her now throbbing core. When he reached her pelvic region, he just skipped her moistened part and went to kiss her belly.

“Patience, my love,” he chuckled softly as his hands reached behind her to unzip her dress.

“So beautiful,” he whispered against her skin as he slid the material down, just enough to expose her lacy bra, which hid nothing from his view. In a swift moment, he removed it, making her bare for his eyes.

She moaned out loud when his hot mouth latched around her pink nipple, sucking harder. His other hand kneaded her other breast and rolled her nipple between his fingers. Her back arched towards him and she clutched his head, bringing it closer.

Every flick of his tongue sent a jolt of awareness down her spine, leaving her with a very aching bundle of nerves, her hips moved on its own in need of friction. She sighed in content when her front met his hard bulge, she was lost as she ground against him.

Axel groaned as he pinned her down with his hips, limiting her movements. “Not like that, Sam. You don’t want me to cum in my pants now, do you?” He teased.

His hand reached between them, sliding inside her panties and one finger entered her in a fluid motion. The firm, yet not enough to break her barrier.

“Oww!” Her hips bucked under his hand and he sucked her nipple feverishly.

“Ax-Axel... p-please...”

“What do you want, my love?” His voice hoarse with need.

“I-I... Ah...”

Her eyes rolled back in her head as he added another finger, pumping in and out at a faster yet gentle pace. His breath became ragged matching hers as her moans increased.

Suddenly, his fingers left her core and he shrugged off his coat. She blinked her eyes open when he made her sit at the edge of her bed before kneeling down before her.

“Keep your eyes open,” he ordered. Axel slid her panties aside, revealing her moist heat.

Wet and dripping...

His eyes left her face for a moment to admire her glistening heat before his blue orbs locked with hers again. Not a second later, his lips covered her bundle of nerves, his tongue flicking her aching bud as he cupped her ass to bring her closer.

Samantha’s body jerked violently as a pleasure she never felt before started pulsing through her body. Her body shivered unable to keep her thighs open. Her legs wrapped around his shoulder, squeezing him slightly.

Her eyes almost closed when she felt him squeeze her ass, making her open her eyes again.He applied more pressure to her core and a few more flicks of his tongue had her cry out in pleasure.

Axel continued his assault as she exploded against his tantalizing mouth. It was only when she tried to push him he released her. Samantha plopped on her bed exhausted just from an orgasm, several times intense than her first one in the office.

She watched as he unzipped his pants in a hurry, cupping his length fısting it. She didn’t know how to pleasure a man, she’d only heard her friends mentioning about it. At the moment, she just watched wide-eyed as his breath quickened, his eyes closing for a moment before splashing her thighs with his cum.

Axel grinned at her in satisfaction and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Stay!” He commanded before walking into her bathroom. He brought a wet cloth and cleaned her, sporting a goofy smirk as if he was pleased with himself.

“That was wonderful,” he whispered as he helped her up. Her legs still felt like a jelly and she held onto him for support.

“I love you, Samantha. Not seeing you in the office every day made me realize just how much I miss you and I miss you so much that I wanted to leave work and come running to you,” he said, cupping her cheek as he looked down at her with so much love that she felt overwhelming.

She could only kiss him in reply as the words seemed to fail her at the moment.

“I suggest you rest for the night,” Axel winked before leaving the room with the files.

Amelia sneaked into her room later that night, asking for the details and didn’t leave until she blushed beet red, telling her what she wanted to hear.

“Sammy!” Amelia’s loudest shriek and a slap on her thighs had Samantha jolt up from her chair and sit straight.

She blushed a few shades darker when Amelia gave her a knowing smirk. After that night, they didn’t get to meet alone and Amelia had planned something for the ball. Samantha hadn’t seen the dress yet, they wouldn’t show it to her. Amelia had teased her to expect multiple orgasms for the night. She could only bite her tongue and keep quiet with her mom and Sasha around.

This night was also very important considering that she will be meeting her Fiancée’s ex. She already had everything she needed for the plan. Seemus agreed to their plan after a lot of convincing, the man still believed that he owed Alana’s father and they had to remind him that Mr. McKenna was dead.

“Ready to meet the bitch,” Andrea smirked.

“More than ever,” Samantha grinned.

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