Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 33

“Well, well, well... Look at you. Aren’t you, my little sunshine?”

Alicia scoffed on hearing the over the enthusiastic voice of her beloved mother Alana.

“Come on, mom. What is it?” Alicia asked as she secured fluffed her curled hair.

“Just a few million dollars’ worth mansion, a hunk, a Hollywood star if I may add, a few pieces of expensive gift and my daughter is ready to settle down. Shame on you, Alicia!” Alana exclaimed.

“Mom, you know that is not true. FYI, I bought all those expensive gifts to fool the media.”

“Then, be a dear and enlighten me, please,” Alana scowled, earning a chuckle from Alicia. “What is this all about?”

“Oh, my dear mama, do you really think that men like Xander can satisfy me? A girl got to live a bit,” Alicia snorted. “We, rule them. Not the other way around, mom,” Alicia said, adjusting the dress, just enough to cover her silver-colored pasties under her black chiffon dress with a plunging neckline, which barred most of her upper half, front, and the back.

“Well said. Now, tell me why you agreed to marry him, then,” Alana questioned.

“First of all, I am not engaged. This is all a setup.”

“I don’t get it,” Alana commented as a frown formed on her face.

“I can’t do shit with the amount I earn from that puny fifteen percent shares I hold. McKenna Enterprises have no use for me,” Alicia hissed, her face distorted momentarily with anger.

“Don’t remind me about that Alicia.”

“It is the truth. You, yourself is a good example of a charity case.”


“Truth is always bitter. Isn’t it?” Alicia smirked. “Well, unlike you, I am not a fool. Can’t you see it Mommy dearest? We are going to be rich.”

“I don’t understand,” Alana frowned.

“Hmm... Let me enlighten you then. You see, only you are bound by the stupid will made by your fucking father, not me. My fake daddy, Mr. Weston, unfortunately, happens to love me in spite of knowing that, I was not his.”

“Your point?” Alana was getting annoyed with her daughter now.

“Seems suddenly invited me to a dinner and asked me to bring my boyfriend. Considering that I didn’t have one at the moment, I convinced Alexander to pose as my boyfriend. Not only that, I also made him believe that my father is sick, so he agreed to be my fake fiancée,” Alicia explained.

“Seemus believes that my engagement with Alexander is real. He made my fake fiancée the vice chairman of the McKenna Enterprises. And, soon the company and all of Seemus’ shares will be mine.”

“That’s brilliant!”

“Now Mommy, this is when another idea popped into my mind, you see. I will seduce Alexander and make this engagement real. I will enjoy everything Xander must offer. Then, I will have a high-profile breakup and divorce before I leave him with delicious millions or billions as alimony.”

“Wow... That is a good plan. But, I don’t understand how you will get the shares from Seemus?”

“Mom, if I don’t get married on my own and continued to stray, the daddy dearest could do something like your father did to you. If I can convince him otherwise, McKenna Enterprises will all be ours in a matter of time,” Alicia explained patiently.

“Oh, my! I never thought about this.”

“I know,” Alicia smirked. “You never thought about anything. If you had, then you would’ve already seduced Seemus and got the job done.”

Alana scowled at her daughter and adjusted her dress. There was nothing she could tell her daughter for that comment because it was true.

“Now, let’s go we have a ball to attend. I heard Sinclairs have the money more than George Clooney.”

“Sinclairs? You mean the Sinclair International?” Alana asked.

“Yep... You see Xander has an invitation to attend their annual charity ball. And, since he is in Australia shooting for an upcoming movie, I am going to go and enjoy myself. I also heard that his son is a hunk.” Alicia pressed her red stained lips together and pouted, blowing a kiss to the mirror.

“Isn’t he married already?” Alana mused.

“When did that ever stopped us? Tag along and maybe you will find some rich horse for yourself,” Alicia commented and exited the room with a smirking Alana following her.


Alicia’s breath caught in her throat when her limo neared the gates of the grand mansion, which glowed with lights. It was decorated as if it was Christmas.

“Mom, this is huge!”

“It is.”

“Oh, my! Look, there are reporters!”

“It’s not easy to get an invite to a Sinclair charity ball. They invite only a selected list of guests,” Alana supplied.

Alicia quickly pulled out her compact mirror, checking her makeup and reapplied her lipstick. “Then, let’s use it.”

When the limo came to a halt, Alicia exposed her long thighs through the slit that went up to her pelvic region. If she was careless she would flash the fellow guests.

Alicia bathed in the camera flashes and beamed ear to ear as she posed on the red carpet. She felt like a star and her spirit applauded for her little performance. She was famous and tomorrow her sexy photos will grace the newspapers, she thought blissfully as she walked in.

“You did good,” Alana whispered in her ear as they walked hand in hand. Their predatory glance scanned the crowd in trying to find a suitable prey for the night.

“I know,” Alicia grinned. She was totally in the mood and can’t wait for the ball to get started.

“All right, we will split here. Perhaps, meet later,” Alana suggested and they both parted with a knowing grin.

Alicia took a flute of champagne and sipped it, her feet tapped the floor impatiently, and the soft music being played in the background all too boring. Her face lit up when her eyes landed on a group of gentlemen, who were chatting animatedly near the makeshift bar.

With a sly grin, she made her way to the bar and sat on the high bar stool with her leg on full display. She made sure not to look at the men when she ordered a martini in her seductive voice.

The bartender swallowed as his eyes traveled down her cleavage.

In her peripheral vision, she could see the men throwing lust-filled glances at her and she grinned internally. She may be engaged to the world, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun. Some men screwed around just for the thrill, especially married men.

“What kind of man would leave a beautiful woman all alone,” a velvety voice caressed her insides and she shivered slightly in delight.

Alicia whipped around to see one of the men from the group standing behind her. Her head reeled when she met his cool gray eyes. She was not drunk enough to feel this way, but the gaze of the sexy stranger alone did things to her.

“I’m Keith by the way,” the stranger said as he occupied the stool next to her.


“McKenna. I know. Soon to be McGregor,” he replied.

Alicia grimaced at the reminder of Xander. She masked her grimace and smiled seductively at him.

“So, the famous Alexander McGregor is not here tonight,” Keith stated.

“Oh, he is shooting for his upcoming film in Australia,” Alicia replied.

No, at the moment he is with his true love, relaxing on their private beach, Keith thought as he gazed at his best friend’s nemesis with pure hatred.

“How convenient,” he commented, taking a sip of his drink and Alicia chuckled mistaking his hatred for attraction.

“Keith! Oh, here you are. Come on, it’s time.” Another sexy stranger announced and Alicia looked at him with a calculating gaze.

She needed to find the Sinclair heir, who they claimed to be the hottest hunk. She won’t get another chance like this, so she was determined to make the most out of this evening. She needed to mingle and make connections that should be the main focus she chastised herself.

She excused herself from Keith with another seductive grin and went off to mingle with the crowd, mostly men.

Half an hour later, Alicia was bored to death. Her legs ached with all the walking she did with her nude heels. The men who showed interest to her were all too old to her taste. The younger men mostly had brought a date, the women glared at her like she was pure evil, which she was.

She tried to find a table to rest for when she bumped into someone’s back. He was taller than her by several inches and even with her high heels, he made her look like a dwarf.

Alicia composed herself as the stranger turned around. Her eyes locked with a pair of familiar blues and shock coated her features. She soon masked her surprise and smirked at the sight of Axel, her little pet during her teenage years.

“Axel! What a surprise?” She drawled in a sexy voice, which usually turned him on as she put her engagement ring on display. No one except her knew that she bought it for herself from an online jewelry store.

Axel’s eyes didn’t waver as he met her gaze with pure hatred. “Can’t say the same,” he replied in a cold tone. He felt bile from the pit of his stomach upon seeing the skin she exposed.

“So, what a tramp like you is doing in a place like this?” She asked in a venomous tone which did not affect Axel.

“What a coincidence? I was wondering about the same. What is the business of a slut like you on my ball?” He retorted.

“Language, Axel. I will make you regret those words,” she hissed, her calm façade slipping away.

“I would love to see you try,” he smirked, knowing well what would fuel her anger.


“Axel! What are you doing here?”

They were momentarily distracted by Eric, who eyed them curiously. Alicia looked the new guy and took deep breaths to mask her anger. She can’t lose it with the people around and there were photographers in. She had to be very careful.

“Eric, I was looking for you too. I thought this ball is only for the chosen guests. What is she doing here?” Axel asked nonchalantly and Alicia fumed.

“Sinclairs invited me,” Alicia hissed.

“Um... Really? I think there is a mistake,” Eric played along and suppressed the grin that wanted to make its way to his lips.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Alicia pointed angrily at Eric. “I have an invite,” she hissed again showing the invite she carried in her clutch.

Eric scanned the invite with a serious look which almost made Axel boom with laughter. At first, the thought of seeing Alicia had him over the edge. He didn’t sleep at all the night before and was fidgeting while he was waiting in Gregory’s office. That was until he saw Samantha. He just knew that he would be okay. Now, he was having too much fun as they ruffled her up.

“This invite is for Alexander McGregor and who might you be?” Eric asked innocently and Axel swore that Alicia was letting out the steam through her ears.

“He is my fiancée and is now in Australia, shooting for his upcoming film,” Alicia whisper yelled, her breasts heaved. “And, who are you to ask me that?”

“Oh, I happen to be the host of this ball, Eric Sinclair,” Eric countered with a smug grin. “Alexander never told me that he proposed and I thought those were all just rumors,” he added, noticing all the blood drain from her face.

Alicia looked like a gaping monkey as she opened and closed her mouth. She quickly masked her surprise and opened her mouth to say something when Gregory’s strong, commanding voice over the mic distracted them.

Everyone around them stopped their chatter and turned towards the makeshift stage.

“My dear ladies and gentlemen, it’s a great pleasure to greet you all on this wonderful evening,” Gregory stated.

“Thank you all for joining us on this special occasion. Yes, this year’s ball is all the more special to me and my family because my lovely daughter is getting married.” Around of applause filled the hall at his announcement. The crowd cheered and a few men raised their glasses.

“Now, I would like you all to meet my beloved daughter Samantha Danica Sinclair.”

A silence fell over the crowd as the lights went off, immersing them in a pool of darkness. The stairs behind the makeshift stage lit up illuminating a woman standing there. One by one the lights turned on revealing the bride. The crowd looked mesmerized at the sight of the very blushing bride standing there with a shy smile.

Alicia’s jaw, kidneys, and probably her ovaries and Fallopian tubes too dropped on the floor as she realized it was the same girl who was with Axel in the photos published in the gossip magazine.

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