Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 34

Nothing had prepared Alicia for what she was witnessing now. She couldn’t digest that Axel has actually moved on and was now engaged to the heiress.

“That’s my girl,” Axel whispered beside her as Eric clapped on his shoulders.

Axel gave him a goofy grin and proceeded to the stairs, ignoring the fuming Alicia. His father’s words came to his mind as he ambled through the crowd. He’d told him he should move on from his past, and never let it ruin the bright future he had with Samantha. For that, he had to let go of every feeling he had for Alicia, including the need for revenge. He’d cornered Axel just before they left for the party.

Now that he looked at Samantha again, he realized what his father meant. His future, stood looking at him with a shy smile and at that moment, nothing else mattered. He didn’t think of Alicia. There was only one woman who held his attention and that woman was dressed in an elegant lehenga, standing on the stairs, waiting for him.

Axel straightened his spine and wore a proud smile as he approached his fiancée. He took her hands and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles before leading her back to the makeshift stage. Gregory embraced the couple as another round of applause erupted from the crowd.

“My future son-in-law, Axel Joaquin Finlayson, an upcoming businessman and the only great-grandson of the Joaquin Del Campo,” Gregory announced and the crowd cheered again.

The reporters, who were given a spot on the stage were going hyper with the news. Cameras flashed from everywhere capturing the moment.

Keith, who wore a smile of triumph, closed Alicia’s mouth with his forefinger. “You’re going to catch some flies if you keep it open,” he quipped in a mocking tone, earning a glare from her.

Alicia couldn’t believe what was going on. She thought Axel was the son of a school janitor. He never lived a life of luxury. But, the Sinclair introduced him as the grandson of Del Campo. That name was familiar. She’d heard Seemus speaking highly of them. If she was not mistaken the McKenna Enterprises have signed a few deals with that famous Spanish company.

What did she miss? How is Axel related to the Del Campo’s? The Del Campo’s sure had more money than Alexander.

Hell, why was she thinking all this? She dumped Axel all those years ago. Yet, why is it bothering her now?

Alicia knew well why it was bothering her. The men she discarded were broken that no one had moved on. She controlled them and it made her feel powerful. Axel not only moved on but had everything at the moment.

He dated no one after her, what changed him? Was he marrying the girl for her fortune?

Sadly, Alicia already knew the answer. The way Axel looked at the girl. There was no mistaking that looks he was casting at Samantha. He looked at her like that once. Alicia downed another flute of champagne the waiter was carrying around.

“You know him?” Keith asked and Alicia bit her tongue to stop the retort ready to burst. She wondered if Keith was interested in her or he was mocking her.

“An old acquaintance,” she said, gritting her teeth.

“Hmm... I see. From what I perceive you were not expecting this,” Keith stated and Alicia kept quiet.

She didn’t want to speak to him now. She was sure attracted to him before, but something within her said that Keith already knew, who she was.

“It’s a surprise actually,” she gave him that seductive smile again, masking her anger. “If you’ll excuse me, my leg hurts. I am going to sit somewhere,” she said in a sweet voice and left him in the crowd.

Alicia’s eyes scanned the crowd looking for her mother when she couldn’t find her, she let out a frustrated growl and plopped down on an empty table. The crowd applauded again and she rolled her eyes taking a glass of red wine, drinking a generous mouthful to settle her rattling nerves.


Next one hour passed in a blur and the auction was going on. Several guests continued to place their bid. Axel sipped the orange juice paying no attention to the crowd. He was sitting at a table for ten with Eric, Antonio, Sebastián, and Keith. The women excused themselves after half an hour into the party and haven’t returned.

“What’s taking so long?” Antonio growled in displeasure.

“I wish I knew,” Eric said, taking a sip from his flute of champagne.

“I’m bored to death,” Keith announced.

“Me too,” Sebastián mumbled.

“How long will this take?” Axel asked.

Eric looked back at the stage. “A few more things left to be auctioned. Then you know the usual thank you notes. I bet the after party will be fun.”

“It better be,” Keith grunted.

“Antonio, come on chill, buddy. You look constipated,” Eric joked only to increase Antonio’s scowl.

“At least Amelia remembers that she is pregnant and listens to you. With Gracie, I have to remind her every time that she has to be careful,” Antonio complained.

“You think Amelia listens to me. You’re greatly mistaken. She is a devil in disguise,” Eric replied.

“Oh, I went from sweetheart to devil now?”

The men whipped around to see Amelia, standing there with a hand on her hip as her feet tapped the floor impatiently.

“Oh, no, no. I didn’t mean that way, Ami. You are my devil. It’s an endearment, really.” Eric looked at the guys for help, who just shrugged and continued to sip their drinks.

“Where’s Samantha?” Axel asked impatiently.

“Here,” Samantha chimed coming to stand behind him and for the second time that night he forgot to breathe.

The pale orange mermaid style gown was strapless and hugged her curves like a second skin. The gold sequins embellished in the upper half of the dress glittered under the dim light and she’d left her open just the way he liked.

“How many surprises do you have in store?” Axel asked as he pulled her towards him.

“That’s all for tonight,” Samantha chirped.

The girls occupied the seat next to their partners and Gabriela, who had no date sat next to Keith. Sasha, Silvia, and Marina were at another table with Ryan and Julius.

“It’s boring and I’m hungry,” Gracie declared after a few minutes.

“I’m hungry too,” Amelia piped in.

“Just a few more minutes and then we can move out for dinner,” Eric stated calmly.

“Did you just ask me to wait for a few more minutes?” Amelia scowled as Eric’s eyes widened like saucers. “I’m pregnant and hungry. You! You ask me to wait for my food.”

“Oh, no...” Samantha perked up beside Axel. “Ami... I think we should just head out and start with it,” Samantha offered and Eric sighed in relief.

“We can do that?” Gracie asked and Samantha almost laughed.

“Of course. It’s our party and we can do whatever we want,” Samantha chuckled.

“Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go,” Axle agreed. Eric looked back and forth between the stage and Amelia.

“We can go, I guess,” Eric replied and that was enough for the others to leave the table. Samantha quickly signaled Ryan and the others to follow and now, here they are, outside the mansion and in the garden area where the dinner was arranged.

“This all smell so delicious,” Amelia stated as she picked up a plate for herself and Gracie.

The others nodded in agreement as they picked a plate for themselves. Axel admired the garden area, which was transformed with lights and small white tables littered the lawn. A huge wooden platform was surrounded with music systems and disco lights, and they also had a bar set up on the other side, if they wished to get a drink.

Eric and Antonio pulled four square tables closer, so everyone can sit together. They just finished setting it up when the others returned with the food.

“I love the arrangements,” Axel stated as he pulled the chair for Samantha to sit.

“The Sinclair charity ball is usually boring. They normally hold an auction and then it ends with a few drinks and dinner while people talked business. This time dad went overboard with the arrangements,” Eric replied.

“Dad also didn’t want anyone to christen our home. So, he moved the party outside and even have enough security members to escort the members out of the party if they got carried away,” Ryan added.

Axel chuckled with a small nod. The day was better than he thought. He looked at Samantha and thanked his lucky stars. He had lived so long without friends and it was refreshing to talk to the guys for once.

The guys joked as the women giggled. Axel enjoyed every moment of this day. They spoke like they’ve known each other for years. Sebastián who always shied away from social gatherings was also enjoying the company of new friends.

The girls were discussing various locations for their honeymoon when the other guests arrived at the garden area.

Narmadha looked at her kids with a knowing grin as she greeted the guests and showed them to the buffet. Her eyes also didn’t miss the one woman, with her eyes on her daughter with an angry scowl.

She better be ready for what was coming her way, she smirked.


Samantha noticed Alicia not too far, glaring daggers at her. She smirked as she ran her hand over Axel’s chest and watched in satisfaction as the other woman downed her glass of whiskey.

They were chatting and Samantha was looking for a good opportunity to speak to Alicia when Silvia came running towards her with a serious look. She whispered something in Samantha’s ear, making her gasp with a hand over her chest. Samantha was definitely not expecting this.

“Girls!” Samantha motioned and Axel with the men watched in confusion as they whispered furiously as if discussing a game plan.

“What’s happening?” Keith mused.

“I wish I knew,” Axel frowned.

After a small talk, the girls moved like their asses were on fire. Samantha went to Narmadha while Gabriela went in search of Mrs. Norman. The men just shrugged, looking at each other.

“Probably they are planning a prank,” Ryan commented with a knowing grin.

Narmadha’s blood boiled with a new fury that coursed through her veins. That wretched woman, she cursed internally as she walked off to have a few words with Mrs. Norman.

“Gabriela, I will take it from here,” Narmadha said in a stern voice dismissing the young woman. “Lillian, I know you are furious. Raegan is innocent.”

“I know, Narmadha. I am going to kill that woman,” Lillian hissed.

“I have a better idea than that,” Narmadha smirked and Lillian perked up with a knowing smirk. They were close friends for years and she very well knew of what Narmadha did to the woman who intervened with her married life.

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