Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 36

Alicia paced the floor of her bedroom, her mind raged like those angry ocean waves.

Her mom could have picked someone else for her little games. Alana wasn’t decent, but always kept her activities under the wraps. What if Seemus divorce her mom? What will happen to her? If that happened, he will disown her. Considering that she was not his and seeming never adopted her, she wouldn’t be able to inherit anything.

“Fuck!” She hissed and threw a bottle of perfume which hit the bedroom wall, splashing its contents on the wall and the floor.

Her anger didn’t diminish. It only increased as she thought about Samantha’s warning. What the fuck did she get herself into?

She needed to have a backup plan before the Sinclair heiress did something irreparable. Besides that, she must find something that she could use against Axel and Samantha. How did Samantha know about her fake engagement?

Then, she remembered something Mrs. Norman said, her father was in jail. What did he do now? She knew that he gambled off late, a result of her mom’s actions. Alana never respected him or treated him like a husband.

Her mother only managed the company assets because Seemus let her do it. None of the contracts or checks was valid without his signature. At this moment, she could only hope that her mom was clever enough to have savings for herself over the years.

She could do nothing to stop the media from publishing the events. She was sure Samantha had her hands behind the scheme.

What will Alexander do when he learns about her mom’s actions? Xander didn’t know about Alicia’s real father. Hell, even Alana didn’t know her father.

Her birth resulted from several one night stands. Not that she cared.

Alicia discarded the dress she wore and walked to the mini bar in the living room and poured a generous amount of raw whiskey. This night would be the best if it was not for her mother. She regretted even inviting her mother for the occasion.

She should’ve known well about her mother dearest than anyone else. Alicia downed the whiskey in one gulp, enjoying the burn it brought with. She hated being unprepared and waiting for the unknown to occur. What if Xander asked her to leave the mansion?

In her life, she had control over everything she did. She decided whom to date and when to break up. She held the mantle with the relationships she was in. No one had a say in what she did.

She must be the first one to strike not Samantha and definitely not Axel.

She remembered one of the men she was in a relationship with. Francis Kaufman, he was cleverer and somehow found about her cheating shortly after their engagement.

It was not her mistake she cheated. He had the smallest dick she had ever seen and could never satisfy in the bed.

When she told this to his face, he not only threatened to kick her out of his mansion, but also warned that he would expose her to the world.

She was quick to retaliate. She conveniently framed him for having drugs and not only ruined his reputation, but also his business empire. Kaufman holdings were no more than a memory. The company’s assets were liquidated and she had his own employees turn their back on him.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, Francis Kaufman killed himself, choosing an easy way out. His parent’s whereabouts are unknown and she gave no flying shit about the old goats.

A sly smirk found its way to Alicia’s face as an idea formulated in her brain. If she brought Kaufman Holdings, who was the third competitor to Sinclair International to its knees, then she could do it again.

Alicia picked up the phone and dialed the familiar number, smiling when an all too familiar sound came online.

“Hello Valtini, when can we meet?” Her seductive voice purred as the male chuckled on the other end.


Axel was the first to wake up in the morning. He squinted his eyes as the bright rays of sun assaulted his vision.

Samantha was still asleep in his arms and he noticed that someone had covered them with a blanket during the night. He took his time admiring her beauty as she continued to sleep.

His fingers traced the thick lashes that rested against her chubby cheeks, her skin smooth like butter. Her disheveled hair cascaded around her face and fanned across the pillow like a veil. Her body felt warm and flush against his, her hands holding his torso in a tight embrace.

Axel felt well rested and rejuvenated in the morning. He placed a small kiss on her slightly parted lips, waking her up. He liked waking up beside her and grinned when she mumbled a good morning, her voice hoarse yet musical to his love-struck ears.

“Morning, beautiful.” He smiled, placing another kiss on her lips, making her giggle.

“Gosh, did we fall asleep here?”

“You did and I followed,” he answered.

“Who brought the blanket?” She asked and he shrugged, helping her to untangle their intertwined legs.

“It was there when I woke up.”

“Good Morning, lovebirds. Someone had a sleepover last night. I see,” Andrea’s cheerful voice brought a grin to their faces.

“Good Morning, Andy. Did you bring the blanket last night?” Samantha asked.

“No. Your mom did. I was drunk last night and Seb had to carry me to our room,” Andrea replied, placing the tray she was carrying on the table.

“Mom?” Samantha frowned. “How come you are up this early?”

“Fortunately, I drank only the wine. And, it’s not early. It’s eleven a.m. Dani,” Andrea deadpanned, making Samantha’s eyes go wide.

“Oh, my! The news?”

“Here,” Andrea smirked pushing the paper towards her.

Samantha opened the paper, browsing through it for the one news that marked her bonus victory against the devil. She stopped when she spotted it. There it was on the first page of the business section.

The news of their engagement last night and Alana’s infidelity occupied the page, both news were given equal importance.

“This news is going viral in the social media. Xander has switched off his phone as per your advice. Alicia never left the mansion. The media are everywhere and if that’s not enough, the news channels are playing the footage repeatedly,” Andrea stated.

Samantha nodded and she looked at Axel, with a pleased expression. “This is dirty. I swear, I would’ve never thought something like this,” he admitted.

“It’s just started,” Samantha mused.

“What do you want to do next?” Andrea asked, intrigued by her friend’s thoughtful look.

“We shouldn’t let this rest. Alicia is more cunning and evil than anyone could think. Kaufman did that mistake and it cost him, his life and everything else.”

“Then, we attack first. What do you have next?” Andrea perked up.

“You’ll see,” Samantha smirked. “First, let’s get some food. Then we meet Santiago to plan our next step. We need to use this chance to clear Xander’s name. Get Naina on the line.”

“You have something in your mind, don’t you?” Axel asked knowingly.

“I do and I just need to figure out in which order I need to execute this plan. Meanwhile, I have men stationed at her mansion and Santiago has made the required arrangements to tap her outgoing calls,” Samantha informed.

“Come on, the coffee can wait,” Samantha urged Andrea and Axel, who followed her down.


“What is the meaning of this, Alicia?” Xander’s voice boomed across the entire mansion and Alicia gasped on hearing the hatred in his voice.

What did she do now?

“What did I do?” She asked, trying to act innocent.

“What did you do? You are asking me what you did!” He emphasized each word and a vein ticked in his jaw.

“Xander, I really don’t understand what this is all about. If you are asking about my mom’s incident, I really don’t have anything to do with it,” she defended herself.

“Oh, really? Then, when were you going to tell me that Seemus isn’t really your father? You had me believe that he was sick and made me pose as your fiancée and now this,” he switched on the TV, which replayed the events of last night.

Alexander had never left New York. He stayed at his parent’s home for the past couple of weeks and when Axel contacted Naina with their new idea to relieve him from the scandal Alicia might create, he quickly obeyed.

We cannot forget what conspired a day before with Alicia’s mother Alana McKenna. The infamous businesswoman and the heiress of McKenna Enterprises, most commonly called a cougar in the business world was caught in action.

Alana’s attempts to seduce Mr. Norman went futile when he pushed her off him and called her, a W-H-O-R-E. If not enough, Mrs. Norman stepped into action and verbally assaulted the promiscuous McKenna heiress. Later, she was escorted out of the ball with a warning.

The video in the background changed, showing Alana being dragged out of the ball by the securities. And then, Alicia exited the party in a revealing outfit as she tried to hide her face from the reporters.

Xander turned to see her with a disgusted look on his face.

“You have five minutes to pack your things and get out of this place,” Xander hissed.

“Xander, I–“

“Shut up! I didn’t ask you to move in, but I let you say when you threw a sick father card in my face. Thank God, I didn’t go any further with you.”

Alicia shut up and scrambled back unable to withstand his fury.

Alexander felt relieved as their charade ended sooner than he thought.

“Wait, don’t go in. You disgust me,” Xander hissed before going into her room. He pulled out a suitcase and filled it up with her stuff.

He rolled his eyes when he noticed her lacy lingerie. She had so many things and he must call a mover to pack all her things. Xander dropped her clothes and went to her cosmetics. He glanced around once, making sure she didn’t follow him.

A wicked smirk raised the corner of his lips and he went into her bathroom. He pulled out the small container from his pocket. Locking the door, he mixed the contents of the container to her leave-in hair mask.

Axel had told him that the smell of the hair mask would mask the smell of the hair remover. He mixed it well and set it as if it was never touched.

She won’t find until it’s too late, Xander’s smirk widened.

He continued to pull another bottle which had a white transparent liquid. It was a chemical, specially purchased from a local vendor. It would create rashes and blemishes on the user’s skin.

Xander wanted to laugh like the villain in the movies. He injected the contents into her body lotion, facial cream, and cologne.

When he helped, he only wanted to repay his debt. Later on, when he saw Alicia for what she was, his determination increased. He never felt the guilt once as this would be a huge help to all the male population out there.

He admired Samantha’s brilliant ideas. Axel’s plan backfired when Alicia forced him to pose as her fiancée before her father and leaked the news to the press. When Axel informed Xander about his conversation with Samantha, he cursed internally and palmed his face, wanting to hit his head somewhere for being careless.

Samantha’s new plan was better than the plan they had and it would also clear Xander’s name when he married Naina.

He also didn’t feel bad because the effects these products will have on Alicia was only temporary. Her hair will grow back and the blemishes will stop when she stopped using the products. It will teach her that beauty was not everything.

“You’ve ruined so many lives, Alicia. You deserve this,” he whispered as he finished his work.

Xander carefully packed her toiletries and placed it inside the suitcase before going out. Alicia was still on the spot he left her. Her eyes glued to the television as the news channel kept replaying the videos.

“Here, you may leave now. I will have one of the movers to pack the rest of your things and have it send to you,” he said, not meeting her gaze.

Alicia got up and mutely took the suitcase from him.

“Wait for a second!” Xander stopped her as he remembered something.

“Take a taxi to wherever you go and message me the address so that I can deliver your things. You are not allowed in any of my properties.” His voice sounded calmer, but she could feel the underlying disgust and anger in his tone.

Alicia fumed internally, but kept a straight face as she exited his mansion. Two cops were at the door and her insides screamed in terror. What is going on? Reporters flooded the gates and cameras clicked as soon as she appeared in the doorway.

She gingerly got in the taxi, the cops arranged for her and fumed as the driver drove away. She would never forget this humiliation and she vowed to get even with Alexander for kicking her out.

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