Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 37

Samantha watched the TV with a bright smile. Xander had arranged a press conference and he released a detailed statement about Alicia. He’d also introduced Naina as his fiancée. The media went into frenzy after his interview and Alicia’s past only seemed to cement Alexander’s claim.

“That went better than I expected,” Axel commented with a bright grin.

“Yeah. The police escorted Alicia out of the mansion and Alexander’s statement added enough fuel to the already burning flame,” Samantha agreed. “Alicia wouldn’t be able to find a comeback soon. She’d moved back into her old apartment and Daniel’s team has already rigged it with secret cameras.”

“Isn’t this over? I mean the world now, know about Alicia and Xander is no longer a subject of scandal,” Axel asked as a deep frown marred his features.

“It is far from over, Axel. Daniel found something illegal when they analyzed her finances. She had wired money to the accounts of some Italian drug mafia and the cops are now suspecting that she had a hand in Kaufman’s case.”


“Yes. I am not sure how many skeletons they would be digging out from her closet,” Samantha murmured.

“Sam, I need to go home to change. I will see you later,” Axel announced when Sara and Henry appeared in the living hall, ready to go home after a long night.

“Sure.” Samantha jumped up to her feet and pecked his lips before walking them to their car. She watched as Axel drove off with his parents and wondered what Daniel would find about Alicia.


“You know, it’s not safe for us to meet like this,” Valtini murmured as he sipped the cocktail.

“I know, but this has to be done,” Alicia scowled as she sucked at the olives in her drink.

They were sitting in a secluded booth at one of the clubs outside the city. There were so many reporters outside her apartment and she somehow gave them a slip. She exited through the fire escape, that was concealed from the public view and she got out with no hindrance.

“So, what do you want me to do?” Valtini asked.

“The same thing we did for Francis Kaufman.”

“Are you sure?”

“I never wanted to destroy someone so bad,” Alicia confirmed.

“Then, we shall start with Axel. The Sinclair International security system is not easy to breach. Destroying Axel would bring the same result anyway,” Valtini murmured.

Alicia nodded with a victorious grin. “Axel and Alexander. I want them both to suffer.”

She touched the rim of her glass as she smiled seductively at Valtini. A small gasp left her mouth when his hand reached out, squeezing her inner thigh.

“I have a room booked for the night in a nearby hotel. What do you say?” He asked as his fingers slid inside her thong. Alicia could only moan in response as his experienced hands took her to new heights.

“Hotels are not safe. We could go back to my apartment,” she suggested.

“What about the reporters?” Valtini asked, his hands advancing to their destination.

“I know a way to get in without being noticed,” she winked.”

Valtini was insatiable in bed and she loved his dominance. If he was not the most wanted criminal, she would’ve happily settled down with him for the rest of her life. Alicia spread her legs wider, allowing him better access and whimpered when he pinched her clit.

“You like that, don’t you?” Valtini crooned.

She nodded. “Y-yes.” She protested when his fingers left her core, only for him to smirk.

“Patience, Alicia. I have so many things planned for tonight.” Her panties only soaked more at his dark promise and she stood up with her shaky legs, taking his hands as she followed him mutely.

It was purely coincidental that she met the Italian drug dealer in a pub. They spend the night together and when she saw his gun and those tattoos she knew he had a shady side.

However, she didn’t expect to have a team of cops, knocking at her hotel room door, the next morning. She helped him escape, cleaned the room, getting rid of their night’s adventures and got in the bath, plugging in her headphones, acting as if she never heard the cops kicked her door open trying to break into the room.

When the cops surrounded her, she put on the act of an innocent and told them she was drunk and woke up in the hotel room alone. She remembered nothing. The police believed her act and Valtini had been in her debt ever since that incident.

He’d arranged his men to place the drugs in Kaufman’s home and helped in several other ways. She became his guilty pleasure when he visited the United States.

Alicia vaguely remembered the short trip to her apartment and entering her room. He stripped her faster than ever, her back sunk into the hard mattress and she bit her lip to suppress the moan when he stripped, his dark tattoos coming into view.

She squeezed her thighs together when he pulled the cuffs from his suitcase. “These… I bought specially for you,” he stated as he continued to cuff her hands behind her.

Alicia’s eyes rolled back into her head in anticipation as he adjusted her on the bed, cuffing her ankles to the side of the bed as she knelt on the bed, her naked ass in the air, ready for him.

His first slap on her ass cheek had her moan louder as her heart trembled in anticipation. Ever since Valtini introduced her to this side of the sex life, she never found satisfaction in normal style.

“Did you like that?” His thick masculine voice purred as she slapped her again.

“Yes!” She screamed as she felt him slam into her brutally. The room was soon filled with the muffled moans and pleasure filled screams.

Unknown to them, the camera in the far corner of the room, facing their bed focused its eyes on them, recording their deed without missing a beat.


Samantha sat on the chaise sipping her drink, feeling refreshed after the much-needed bath. She enjoyed the new day, which was relatively calm.

The girls were in the pool while Narmadha, Sara, Lilian, and Harley hung out under the canopy as they chatted away about anything and everything.

“Sam, come on in!” Amelia bellowed from one side of the pool.

“Later, I don’t feel like swimming,” Samantha replied, waving her left hand at her. Her diamond ring glittered in the sunlight, making her smile.

“Come on, Dani. It’s been longtime and put that swimsuit to some good use,” Andrea winked.

“Yeah, come on the spoiled sport!” Gracie shouted.

“You can’t swim in the pool for the next few months once the winter started. So, come on now,” Gabriela piped in.

“We have temperature control,” Samantha quipped.

“Get in!” Silvia, Marina, and Sasha soon joined them, beckoning her over and Samantha gave in.

“All right, I’m coming.”

“Really Sam? There are other colors in this world too, you know?” Gracie snickered when Samantha discarded her robe, revealing her black and white striped bathing suit.

Samantha just rolled her eyes as she carefully entered the pool. There was water on the side of the pool, making the floor bit slippery.

“I know, I just happen to like this piece,” she tried to defend her choice of color.

Everyone else except her had a two-piece bikini on. Gracie and Amelia wear an identical neon blue bikini, flaunting their round belly. The rest of the girls all wore sexy pieces in different colors.

“You happen to like all the pieces in black and white,” Andrea snickered.

“Which is why we wouldn’t be taking you along for your wedding shopping? I mean you can come, but you aren’t choosing the dresses,” Amelia announced.

“That isn’t fair,” Samantha whined.

“It isn’t fair for Axel if we let you choose. The poor guy won’t get to see you in anything except black and white for the rest of his life if we allowed you to do this,” Gracie piped in.

“That’s not true. I do own several clothes which are not black and white,” Samantha defended.

“Really? Then tell me this dear sister-in-law, how many pairs of sexy lingerie you own are not black or white?” Amelia poked her chest and Samantha scowled at her.

“I have four pairs. A purple, red, pale green and -”

“A teal colored one I bought you,” Amelia cut her off. “Seriously, Sam, I am going to take over your lingerie shopping. You need more colors in your bed to keep your man on his toes every time.”

“I am going to take care of your honeymoon dresses,” Andrea declared while the other girls burst out laughing.

“You aren’t playing fair. If that’s the case, then I am gonna take over your entire wedding arrangements.” Samantha poked Andrea’s chest.

“With pleasure. At least, I know you won’t choose black or white for me. Bring it on babe.” Andrea winked.

Samantha shook her head in amusement. Several ideas forming in her head to get even with her friend.

“By the way, we are getting married a week before you. So, we can plan our honeymoon trip together,” Andrea announced.

Samantha beamed at her suggestion. “That’s a wonderful idea. But, our wedding date is not finalized yet.”

Andrea’s sheepish smile told Samantha it was already finalized. “Not again, Andy. When is the wedding exactly?”

“In three months from now. It was your mom’s idea,” Andrea threw her hands in the air in a surrendering gesture.

“We would’ve liked to join for a second honeymoon, but sadly we will be busy with our packages,” Gracie pouted and Amelia joined her as they continued to speak about their pregnancy. Their due dates were a week apart, which only increased their excitement.

“It won’t be a honeymoon if everyone went together,” Gabriela snickered as Sasha and Marina silently laughed beside her.

They had one hell of a team and the male population was all out for the day, carrying out their daily jobs. Most men went to their offices while Ryan, Julius, and Keith went to God knows where. Axel promised to come home earlier than usual. He had a meeting with a new client in the afternoon.

Samantha thought how soon they had come together. She looked at her mom and Sara sitting together. Sara mingled with the crowd faster and hung out with her mom almost all the day.

Someone splashed water on her, breaking her out of her thoughts and Samantha coughed, glaring at the culprit. “You asked for it,” she grinned maliciously as she charged for her best friend.

“Yeah, come on now, panda. Show us what you got,” Andrea shot her a grin before swimming away to the other side.

The girls’ giggles and laughter filled the rooftop soon as they continued to splash water on each other. Samantha swam underwater, flipping Sasha from the swimming float, which officially started the water war as they liked to call it.

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