Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 2

Axel felt more relaxed and well rested the next morning than he’d been the night before. Visiting the spa had been a great idea, and he felt rejuvenated.

He grabbed a piece of toast and then jumped into his car driving to the office. His fingers drummed to the rhythm of some song he didn’t recognize played on the radio. He contemplated his father’s words about finding love. The recent talk with his father made him think.

He wasn’t just looking for the woman at the right place. In fact, he wasn’t looking at all. Still, there was a small part of him which wished he had the same thing as his parents.

Axel shook his head to clear his head when he reached his destination. He owned the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth floors of the WESCO International building with his office being on the sixteenth floor. There was an added bounce to his step as he walked to the elevator and got inside.

Axel’s eyes searched for Samantha the moment the elevator doors opened. It had become a habit he looked forward to seeing her contagious smile the moment he stepped out into the foyer. His awakening smile fell away when he couldn’t find Samantha at her seat. He’d already started towards his office when her cheerful voice greeted him.

“Good morning, Mr. Finlayson. I went to get your coffee.”

Axel turned to face her and the usual smile she had on her lips, seemed to lift his spirits. “Morning, Sam. And, thanks for the coffee.” He moved past her table, walking towards his office.


The nickname took her by surprise. She blinked twice trying to figure out what just got into her boss. “You’re welcome,” she whispered to the air before returning to the standard cubicle she’d occupied for the past one year.

Axel bit the insides of his cheek scolding himself, what was he thinking? What would Samantha think about him? He was nothing but professional to her in the past year. That must be because he was feeling great all this morning.

Shrugging the thoughts off, he powered up his laptop getting into work. The knock on the door pulled him out of the file to see Samantha poking her head in.

“I’ve contacted our logistics team,” she informed.


“The project is progressing as per our plan.”

“That’s great. Is there anything that requires my attention?”

“No, you have no meetings scheduled for today.”

“Ah... Samantha, I am planning to visit my grandfather in Spain. I want you to clear my schedules and make the arrangements for my family. Let’s meet for lunch and discuss the required arrangements that had to be done before I leave.”

“Sure. Have you decided the date yet?”

“No. I want to make sure this deal goes with no hustle before this trip.”


Axel got back to work wondering if he can push the trip to an earlier date.

The lunchtime came sooner and Samantha knocked at his door again at one p.m. “Should I order you something or you want sandwiches like yesterday?”

“Order something. We have a lot to discuss,” he replied as he typed away on his keyboard.

The next few hours flew in a blur as they ate and discussed his schedule and the other things that needed his attention. Samantha jotted down the tasks in her little hand note as he spoke.

“So there is no way you can free my schedule for the next two weeks?” Axel asked in a tired voice as he looked at his calendar, absent-mindedly chewing his lower lip, his blue eyes narrowed at the computer screen.

Samantha had to avert her gaze from the sight that distracted her. She saw him in a different light for the past few months and her logical brain screamed red alert as she did everything to not look back again. His blue eyes always seemed to speak volumes and there wasn’t a single time he ever tried to make an inappropriate comment that seemed to lure her like a moth to the flame.

“Yes. The next two meetings I’ve fixed are crucial for our business,” Samantha replied. She could do the meetings on his behalf, but that wouldn’t look good considering she was only his secretary.

“All right, I’ve forwarded a few reports I received from the marketing and human resources. I want you to go through it. Also, go down to the human resource department and check if Grace had come to the office,” he ordered. “According to her social media, she checked into Mohonk Mountain House.”

Samantha nodded and got up from her seat. She almost grinned to herself when she exited the room without looking back.

Axel kept staring at her retreating form, admiring her curves that often seemed to distract him these days. There was something wrong with him. He shouldn’t be ogling at his female staff this way. He didn’t remember a time in the past ten years, he’d watched any other women like the way he watched her.

Samantha wasn’t like the women, who tried to gain his attention. Yet he didn’t understand why his eyes stalked her every move. It wasn’t until Jenson told him a few weeks ago that he realized that he watched her.

Axel, however, couldn’t seem to control his reaction when she was around. The need to see the little twinkle in her eyes every time she got excited about something, the small twitch of her lips when she wanted to bring up something, the way her entire face lit up when she smiled only seemed to increase. With a heavy sigh, he pushed aside the thoughts of Samantha that seemed to captivate him and continued to work. He can’t fall for a woman again and he definitely shouldn’t be stalking his secretary.

Alicia hurled the newspaper that questioned her relation with Xander into the wall. It said she was just another fling for the Hollywood heartthrob and there was nothing serious between the couple.

How would there be?

Alexander McGregor portrayed no sort of affection towards her when they were in public. It was her, who approached him at one party they both attended. It was her, who got his number and called him when he didn’t call her for a week.

She’d been attracted to the Hollywood hunk ever since she laid her eyes on him and was over the moon when he accepted to take her on dates. However, their relationship went no farther. Xander seemed to take it too slow for her liking.

If she had her way, she would have had him on the bed. Even last night, she’d worn a sexy red dress slit from mid-thigh, showcasing her long legs. She’d crossed and uncrossed her legs, giving him a glimpse of her red sexy underwear during their private dinner and he didn’t even seem fazed by her display.

Any other man in his place would drool by the end of dinner and would’ve been ready to kiss her feet just to get into her panties, not Xander.

She needed to figure out a way to make it work. Xander had a bright future in the film industry and he’d risen to fame in the short three years of him being a newbie with no industrial background. He’d earned millions for a single project and the attention she received just by being his date was addicting.

Unlike the other times, she didn’t have to do any stunt to keep the media’s attention on her. One date with Xander and the paparazzi seemed to flock around her wherever she went. There was only one woman, who understood her and the one who could help her get on with Xander.

A wicked smile spread across her lips as she dialed the number for Alana McKenna, her mother.

By the time, Samantha finished with her work it was five past thirty and she hurried to the elevator remembering she had to pick up a gift for her friend’s upcoming birthday.

There were eight elevators in their building, but this was the rush hour and all eight would be full considering that staff worked on the entire building would want to go home. She thought of taking the stairs and decided against it as she remembered the inconvenient pair of heels she wore this morning.

She noticed Axel exiting the office and walking towards her. Her body stiffened in awareness as he approached the elevator. She gave him a tight-lipped smile, which he returned with a curt nod. Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait long before the elevator finally came with only four occupants, all men.

The relief didn’t last long as more men flooded in at the next two stops. Samantha was forced to the back corner of the lift and she brought her hands to the front to protect herself being squished. This was why she’d always left the office earlier or took the steps when she worked late.

But then, someone shifted around her and her hands came into contact with a hard chest and she looked up to lock her eyes with the familiar blue ones. Her breath caught in her throat as their bodies pressed together as two more men entered.

Samantha had never been this close to Axel before and the experience was both thrilling and unnerving. She had no option but to stay put. The heat from his body seeped through her clothes, scorching her skin deliciously as her face heated.

She could feel every part of his hard muscles pressing against hers as she flattened her hands on his chest, feeling how firm yet soft he was, wondering if his skin would feel as smooth as it looked. Samantha averted her gaze as his eyes stormed with different emotions she’d never seen before.

This was uncomfortable for them yet she couldn’t help the sense of relief that flooded her mind because it was Axel and not some other men. When the elevator came to a stop on the ninth floor, one more man tried to get in much to the dismay of the others.

Another push had them glued together like two sheets of paper. Her breasts pressed flush against him and the small friction had her nipples harden against her thin shirt, embarrassing her from head to toe. Her lips parted in horror and she prayed that he didn’t notice it.

Axel clenched his jaws as he adjusted himself around Samantha so she wouldn’t feel his arousal. This was the last thing he expected to happen to him after a long day of work. He’d noticed her discomfort as the crowd pushed her back. She was trying to cross her hands so her assets wouldn’t be pressed against some men’s back.

When the elevator stopped again, he tapped the shoulder of the man pushing her and took his place. He didn’t expect the way he reacted to the simple touch. The crowd only seemed to increase with every stop and he cursed when her warm body pressed against his.

Her breasts flattened against his chest and he painfully knew of her tight tips now poking at his chest. Samantha’s face reddened like a tomato and he knew she was not comfortable.

Better him than anyone else, his subconscious chirped, making him snap.

The mild fragrance of her perfume teased his nostrils, and it took all of his strength to not close the distance between them and capture her slightly parted lips.

Both looked relieved when the elevator hit the ground floor and the crowd departed, leaving them with two other men. Axel stopped Samantha when she tried to exit. She pulled her blazer close trying to hide her aroused peaks.

“I’ll give you a ride home,” he said when she threw a puzzled look at him.

“Oh, I’m headed to the shopping mall,” she replied as the elevator doors closed again.

“No problem.”

Axel was cursing himself by the time they got in his car. He shouldn’t be doing this and he sure didn’t want to admit that he enjoyed their little moment in the elevator and a small part of him even wondered if he would get a repeat of the incident.

His mind was in turmoil throughout the drive to his home. He’d dropped Samantha at one of the bus stations at her insistence. He couldn’t afford to think this way. Deep down in his mind, he knew he didn’t want to get hurt again.

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