Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 3

Axel seemed withdrawn to himself for the next few days and Samantha let him be.

She’d worked on the reports he’d asked her to look into and she’d discovered that the head of their Human Resource department, Grace took her work privileges for granted. Grace has taken time away from work, getting her work done by her assistant, who signed in for those days on behalf of Grace, which was unethical and unprofessional.

If there was something she hated with a passion, it was the misuse of the employer’s trust. Axel always paid his staff well. The benefits provided by Finlayson Corp were much better than compared to the leading companies in the market and she couldn’t believe people could be this deceiving.

When she tried to talk to Axel that morning, he’d told her to meet him for lunch so they could discuss in details.

“I am famished. We should have some real food. What do you say?”

Samantha jumped up from her seat, startled by the unexpected intrusion of her boss, who acted like it was a formal occasion. He was leaning casually over her desk, wearing a blue formal shirt that complimented his eyes. The top two buttons of his shirt were undone teasing her with the view of his smooth skin underneath.

“Um… Sure?”

Her answer sounded more like a question to herself. She was confused with how he behaved around her for the past couple of weeks, especially today. He was never the person of sweet words or endearments. He called her Sam, said thank you and has been polite.

“All right then, just get your mobile and notepad. We will walk to the nice restaurant five blocks down the street,” he said in a casual tone making her eyes widen once again in surprise.


Samantha watched as Axel walked back to his office.

She worked for him for the past one year and never once he took her for lunch outside. He had taken her to the meetings he went for the past couple of months saying she needed to learn everything about the business so she can attend the future meetings on his behalf.

She knew he was training her and he planned to give her more responsibilities. He’d told her last month when he was in a good mood. If anything she looked forward to that day. It also felt like he might have warmed up to her.

Her mobile rang and her lips broke into a huge grin on seeing the caller’s name.


“Don’t call me dad, young woman!”

Ah... Oh... She was in trouble.

“You missed the family dinner last week. No calls, no visits. I was thinking of sending a search party after this call.”

Samantha laughed out loud at her father’s rant. Her father could be terrifying for the others, but to them, he was just a huge teddy bear and loved to cuddle with his kids.

“Dad, we talked two days before. And, I had work last week,” she said in between her giggles.

“That was two days ago, and you missed your mom’s birthday!”

“Mom’s birthday isn’t until the next month and will you stop exaggerating?”

“I was testing you. All right, I miss you already Sam. How is this old man supposed to live if his daughter ignored him forever?”

“I will come home this weekend. Happy?”

“I thought you would come today.”

“If you are so adamant then why don’t you pick me up from the office this evening?”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, I get off at five.”

“All right then, I will send Tony to pick you up.”

“It doesn’t work that way dad. I am not getting in the car if you are not inside.”

“I have a meeting at four-thirty, baby girl.”

“Well, then I want you to be in the car, papa bear.” She said, disconnecting the call, and she did not miss her father’s groan on the other end. Turning around, she came face to face with a smiling Axel who held an amused expression. He wore his blazer again much to her dismay, she thought he looked better without it.

“Daddy’s little girl, I see.”

“You could say that.” She nodded with a fond smile.

Axel couldn’t help but stare at her when he stepped out of his office. She was talking over the phone animatedly and the happiness on her face was not something he had often seen.

She wore a pair of slacks with a loose-fitting green half-sleeved chiffon top which cinched under her breasts and flared around her waist, completing her outfit with a matching pair of green shoes with four-inch heels.

“You should smile more often,” he said, making her eyes widen for a moment. “Come, let’s get going.” Axel was quick to mask his emotions, all the while scolding himself for talking to her like that.

Their walk to the restaurant was silent, both not saying a word. The summer air was warm against their skin, giving a pleasant feeling. Different aromas of food engulfed them the moment they stepped into the homey restaurant which only increased their hunger.

Considering it was a weekday, the restaurant was full. Occupying one of the free tables by the window, Axel browsed through the menu. “Place this order for me. I will be right back,” he said, pointing an item on the menu before heading to the men’s toilet. Samantha nodded once, and she continued to browse the menu.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t for our sweet Samantha.”

Samantha stiffened at the sound of the devil. Taking a deep breath, she turned to face the one and only Dylan Kendricks.

Gosh, how much she hated that smirk.

“What is it, Dylan?” She hissed, not wanting to gain attention.

“Why are you avoiding me?” He asked and behaved as if he had known her for years.

“Me? Why would I want to speak to you?” Samantha questioned. “I have told you several times to leave me alone, Dylan. Why don’t you get it? If a girl doesn’t like you back, you gotta leave her alone,” Samantha hissed in a low whisper.

She was getting pissed off with his cocky attitude. Dylan might be a handsome man, but he was a branded jerk. No offense. It was a mistake she went out with him once. The blind dinner date ended terribly with either of them having nothing in common.

She slapped him when leaving her hand print on his cheek when he tried to kiss her forcefully that night. After that incident, he’d made it his mission to stalk her wherever she went, always sending flowers, cards, gifts which she tossed gladly into the bin.

“Oh baby, I can’t leave you like that.”

“For God’s sake leave me alone. I am getting that restraining order. I swear Dylan if you don’t back off I won’t hesitate to put you behind the bars.”

Samantha yelled not bothering to hide her displeasure. She didn’t care if others would hear them. She was angry. Dylan got under her skin no matter how hard he tried to impress her.

“You will do no such thing,” Dylan hissed as his eyes darkened. Not that he loved her–the bitch played hard to get. Most women fought to gain his attention, and yet here she was fighting him at every turn.

It was not even like she was an epitome of beauty, or had a killer body. She was what he called chubby, short with a curvy body and huge ass. She was a challenge, and he just wanted her on his bed, to prove that he can have anyone he wanted.

“We don’t get along and I hate you. You can’t force someone to like you, Dylan,” she said in a calm tone.

“Do you think I am after you because you are beautiful? I mean, look at you. You are not even attractive in the least. Who would even want to date someone like you? I am being kind enough to give you a chance.”

His face contorted in anger as he shook her by holding her shoulders and she struggled to break free of his hold.

“Well, I don’t want that chance Mr. Dick face. I would rather spend the rest of my life as a spinster rather than getting involved with you.”

“Oh, you will regret this, bitch.”

“Take your filthy hands off her!”

Axel’s bellow startled Samantha and Dylan’s hands fell off her shoulder as he turned to look at him.

“Oh, is that why you don’t like me anymore Samantha?” Dylan sneered. “Is his dick bigger than m– “

His words cut short when Axel’s strong fist connected with his jaw.

“You shouldn’t talk to her like that!” Axel continued to punch Dylan until his knuckles were bloody and stopped only when a distant voice of Samantha reached him. A few customers and the staff had finally broken them apart.

“Axel!” Samantha shook him. It was the first time Samantha addressed him using his first name, and even in the state of anger, he seemed to like the way his name rolled out her tongue. Axel breathed harder trying to control his rage.

“Why would you hit him?” She was panicking, her eyes held fear and most of all, concern. For him.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here, take my car and call a lawyer,” Axel said, handing her his car keys as he noticed a cop car pulling in front of the restaurant.

The restaurant had called the cops at some point, and he was loaded into the back of a police car with his hands cuffed leaving a baffled Samantha at the restaurant. Axel had broken Dylan’s nose, and he sported a large purple bruise on his jaw. Samantha glared at him with disgust as the medic loaded him into an ambulance before pulling her phone out and call the first number that came into her mind.


Axel paced the dusty floor of the small holding cell, waiting for his lawyer to show up. The anger simmered within in, and he did not regret his action.

When he returned from the toilet, he saw that bastard near Samantha. At first, he thought they knew each other and upon noticing her expression he understood that she didn’t like that guy.

He didn’t like him touching her and the words he spoke about her infuriated him. He agreed that he was not thinking when he hit him, but once again he regretted none, he did the right thing by defending her and he would do it again.

“Mr. Finlayson!”

Axel turned to look at the officer who addressed him.


“You are free to go.”

Axel was taken by surprise by his words and watched with confusion as his cell was unlocked. He met his lawyer, Jerry, in the office to sign the paperwork and when he stepped out of the police station, he noticed Samantha talking to someone sitting in an expensive car.

“Your secretary, Samantha has filed a complaint against Mr. Dylan Harrison. Let’s say the man in that car pulled strings. He made a few phone calls during his time here and five minutes later, I was informed that you were free of the charges,” Jerry informed him.


Axel watched as Samantha finished talking and faced him. Her tired face lit up on seeing him and she hurried towards him.

“Hey, you okay,” she asked as she gave him a once over, her smile was replaced with concern as she noted his injury. “Come, we will have to check your hands,” she said pointing his bloody knuckles.

“No, I’m fine. Who was that?”

“Oh, that was my dad. I called him when the cops took you in. I got scared.”

Her dad? Her dad owned a car worth two hundred thousand dollars!

He was distracted by his lawyer before he could ask further about her dad. Samantha had paid no attention to his refusal and instead, dragged him to a doctor. The good doctor ran a few tests and informed him he had a hairline fracture before wrapping his knuckles.

“Thank you. Jerry said your father pulled strings,” he said as Samantha drove his car.

“Oh, that’s nothing. In fact, thank you for defending me earlier,” she replied without taking her eyes from the road ahead.

“Who is he?”

Axel bit his tongue the moment the question left his mouth. However, he didn’t understand why his heartbeat picked up speed, expecting her answer. This was new to him.

Too late. Why would he even want to know about some random guy?

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