Trapping Quincy

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Chapter 11 - Her Stubborness

Caspian’s POV

The air crackles with electricity between us. The pull is intense. I fight for control but now, my vision is tinged red. My animal side is taking over. The thought of her with some other guy, even just for a simple lunch drives me crazy. Her hiding my mark on her, even a temporary one, just snaps off my control and my lycan takes over.

I inhale her incredible, magical scent deeply to calm the beast in me. “Tell me you’re not seeing anybody. Tell me there’s no other man.” She’s mine.

I can hear the thunderous drum of her heartbeat, the heated blood that rushes through her body, the ragged breathing that matches my own but she remains silent. It doesn’t matter. She belongs to me. If there’s another man staking a claim on her, I will crush him. I will destroy anything that comes between me and her.

The graceful curve of her neck looks so tempting as I run my nose close to it and breathe in her scent deeply one more time. Her scent manages to calm me and excite me at the same time. The red in my vision clears up. I have my lycan under control now but I crave the taste of her again. I want so badly to touch her and run my lips on the soft, smooth skin. I want to lick her and saturate my tongue with the taste of her. I want to sink my teeth into her soft, supple flesh to mark and chain her to me forever.

I ball my fists tighter and pull back a little before I give in to temptation.

The long, thick sweep of her dark eyelashes flutter against the top of her pink delicate cheeks as she opens her eyes to gaze back at me. I’m struck again by her brilliant green eyes.

“Your eyes, they’re back to normal,” she breathes in wonder. She’s staring up at me in awe like I’m the most amazing thing she’d ever laid her eyes on. Like she wants me. “What are you?”

That’s a question I’m not willing to answer yet. She’s a human and that makes our situation...delicate.

“Let me touch you. Tell me it’s okay for me to touch you now,” I say instead. I want to touch her more than I want anything else right now.

“No...,” she manages to say breathlessly. I sense her excitement and I can smell her arousal. Her eyes are begging me to take her, yet her sassy mouth is telling me to stay away. She’s killing me.

“You’re scaring me,” she says but her eyes are burning with passion and defiance. Such a contradiction.

“No, you want me,” I groan. I want her so badly. Why won’t she tell me she wants me too? “Now tell me you want me.”

She’s warring with herself and I’m going to make sure that I win. She’s mine the moment she was born. No one else is going to have her. Every delectable, beautiful inch of her is mine but I want her to come to me willingly. I will have her come to me more than willingly. I want her to crave me the way I crave her. Desperately.

She remains quiet so I tell her, “I know you want me, Princess. Do you know how I know?”

She gives a small shake of her head. No. The expression on her beautiful face is half dread and half curiosity.

I’m telling her anyway. “Because I want you too. I want to worship your body. I want to taste you. I want my mouth and my hands on every part and every inch of your body.”

A strangled whimper slips out from her parted lips and I bite down on my bottom lip to hide my smile. Oh, she wants me. Bad.

“So why don’t you just let me, Princess? Just let me do what I want with you. I promise that you’re going to love it.” I can imagine all the things I can do to her already. “We both know you’re going to give in sooner or later. We both know it’s going to happen. It’s inevitable.”

She must have seen my smug smile and my words somehow piss her off for she tips her chin up in determination and her eyes gleam with stubbornness.

“Do you say things like that to all the girls? Does it work all the time?” she asks. “You’re a manwhore. I don’t do manwhores.”

“Ouch! Stab me, why don’t you?” I say, clutching my chest.

“If you think you can have me like all those skanks you surround yourself with, think again.” She slides a brief look at the girls who flocked around me a while ago. They’re still standing there as if they’re waiting for me. Some of them are glancing over, shooting my girl a dirty look. Girls these days are more overtly aggressive in getting what they want. “Don’t hold your breath, though,” she continues. “Hell would freeze over before I let you lay a finger on me.” With that, she ducks underneath my arm, flips her hair, and walks off.

Fiesty. I like.

I glance over my shoulder to watch her stomp away like a queen-child. She is fuming. Her hips sway as she walks away. It’s not done intentionally or in an exaggerated way like some girls do either. That’s just the way she walks and it’s as sexy as fvck and I can’t take my eyes off of her, damn it!

I can’t help the grin from forming on my face. I never had to work to get a girl before. This would be interesting. I live for challenges but I’ll be damned if I have to wait for years, like the way Constantine waited for Genesis before I claim my erasthai. I watch her disappear from view before I push myself off the wall to stalk back to where I left my bag. I weave through girls standing in front of my bag and books.

“Caspian, we can continue with our project in my room, if you want. We won’t get interrupted there,” says my project partner, Sienna.

“No, I have a class in ten minutes,” I tell her as I sling my backpack over my shoulder.

“What about later? I’m free the whole day.”

“I’m busy,” I inform her as I walk away. I can’t think of any project right now when my thoughts are taken over by my sassy, beautiful, green-eyed Princess. My erasthai. Just thinking about her makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. No wonder meeting and claiming your erasthai is such a big deal. You can only claim one mate and I’m glad I never marked anybody else. I’m glad that I waited for her. It only took me a couple of centuries. Man, I’m so whipped.

She wants me and I’m going to use that to get what I want. Her. She can’t refuse me for too long, can she?

I seek her out again after my last class. The pull is too strong. I can’t help it.

I watch her march to the Club Espresso Degree Cafe from the library. A lot of men and even some women give her a second and even a third look as she walks past but she seems oblivious to the attention that she’s getting.

She talks to a girl at the counter before she disappears into the back room of the cafe. Twenty minutes later, she comes out and sits down at a table by the window. Two humans, a mocha-skinned girl with short dark hair and a pale, pimply faced boy with dark-rimmed glasses, join her with smoothies and sandwiches. The pallid skinny boy has a big crush on my erasthai and she doesn’t even know it.

I don’t like how close he is sitting to her. I curl my hands into tight fists to stop myself from storming in there and stake my claim on her.

It’s so easy for me to lose control with her. It happened twice already in one day. That first time, I almost fully marked her. Almost. It’s a good thing that I managed to pull back in time. I just marked her scent. No werewolves, humans, or any other creatures would be able to sense it, though. Only other lycans who are interested in her would be able to sense my marking. There will be a bloodbath if other lycans marked what’s mine.

“What are you?” she had asked me this morning. That’s one question I’m not willing to answer yet since she’s a human. I am a monster, that’s what I am. I would have scared her away. If she’s a werewolf, she would have known what I am the moment she saw me. It would have made things easier but I don’t want to change a thing about her. She’s perfect.

A lycan or a werewolf would have accepted the marking and the mating process as part of our lives. Humans would have a problem with it since they’re not raised with the ways of the beasts that we are. Humans would have a problem with the concept of being owned by somebody and my erasthai, being a human, might have a problem with it too. I can’t help it though. In my head and my heart, she’s mine, all mine, and in return, I’m all hers for eternity. I take care of what’s mine. I’ll do anything to make her happy. She’ll be draped in the finest silk, decked in gold, diamonds, and pearls if her heart so desire. I’ll protect her with my life.

My erasthai is a mystery, though. The first time I met her over a week ago, she ran so fast. I almost blew it by running after her. I almost changed into my lycan in a broad daylight, trying to catch her. No ordinary human can run that fast but she smells like one and I can sense no wolf in her.

I had my men track her down that very day. I was informed that she’s living with three werewolves and a human. So, she must have known of our existence.

Most humans are oblivious to our presence and it’s been that way for centuries and we want to keep it that way. I don’t know how much she knows about us, but the way she reacted after I bit her neck seems like she knows of our ways...or at least the ways of the werewolves. True, she was mad but normal human girls would have freaked out, not sought me out to yell at me.

I could ask my men to find out about her. I would have a file on her by tomorrow. However, I’d rather find out by myself...through her.

I meet her in front of the cafe once she steps outside. She narrows her eyes and gives me a haughty look but doesn’t say anything. Those beautiful sensual red lips are now partially open but otherwise completely silent....for now. From what I observe, my erasthai is not the type to stay quiet for long.

We walk to the bus stop a few blocks away in complete silence. My eyes keep straying to her and find her doing the same thing.

She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. A perfect little figure with curves all in the right places. Long shapely legs. Jet black hair, a small heart-shaped face, cushy red lips, and a big pair of eyes so green framed by thick dark eyelashes. Perfect.

I keep my cocky smile in place but I curl my hands into tight fists to stop myself from reaching out and wrap my arms around her so that we’re twined, weaved, and tangled together until there is no beginning and no end of her and me for eternity. I want to wind my fingers through her silky soft dark hair. I want to cover her lips and her body with my mouth and drown in her taste, scent, and everything that is her. I want our bond to fester deep within our souls to be the reason for our beings.

The bus arrives not long after we reached the bus stop. She must have timed it perfectly.

I watch her climb into the bus and find her seat. Our eyes meet and lock through the glass window as the bus pulls away.

I watch the bus disappear from view in frustration. Why doesn’t she admit that she wants me? She does want me, doesn't she? I mean, look at me. I’m freaking gorgeous. All other women want me. All I have to do is flash them a little smile, and they’d be a puddle at my feet. Pay them a little attention and they’d be my plaything if I so wish.

She’s my erasthai. Isn’t she supposed to want me more than any other women? I want her more than anything in my life and I know that she wants me too. I can sense it. Why is she fighting it? Why can’t she submit to the pull already? Why is she so stubborn? She’s driving me so fvcking crazy. Has anyone ever died of blue balls? Okay, so I want her more than just for her body, but still...has anyone ever died of blue balls?

*Sorry, a very rough draft. I'll go through it again soon. My next update is Wednesday. Happy long weekend (Victoria Day) to all Canadians. Have a wonderful weekend to everybody!

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