Trapping Quincy

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Chapter 17 - Rule Number 2.5

“Hello, Malyshka,” says a very deep masculine voice beside me. Penny’s face lights up instantly. It’s amazing how her whole body seems to buzz with excitement.

Looking at the man standing in front of us, I can see why. Tall and muscular with fair blond hair, and a face like an Adonis. Even when I have Caspian on my brain, my eyebrows almost reach my hairline when my eyes land on him. Not that he’s better looking than Caspian or anything but he’s magnificent to look at.

Caspian is gorgeous in a classical sense with a strong aristocratic, angular face. Regal, elegant, and polished yet playful and charming. This man has a beautiful yet strong, severe, and unreadable face. He is warrior-like. Quiet, controlled, and intimidating.

He looks dangerous. There’s no hiding it. You don’t want him as your enemy.

As soon as that thought crosses my mind, I almost roll my eyes. Of course, he’s dangerous. They are all dangerous. They’re lycans! I feel like smacking my forehead. My brain is truly fried. I blame Caspian. His kisses from last night rendered my brain useless.

His glacier blue eyes are only for Penny. They softened only for her. These two clearly belong together. The look of total devotion and love when they look at each other is clear. They must be mates.

“This is Darius,” Penny says, finally able to take her eyes off her man. “Darius, this is Quincy.”

They exchange a look before Darius gives me a polite nod. There’s something in the way they look at me that makes me pause for a bit. Then Penny orders their food and drinks.

“I’ll be right back with your order,” I tell them.

The cafe is really short-staffed today. I slide the order to Travis across the counter. He looks up and smiles at me before he snatches the paper. Travis is nice and I know that he likes me. Why can’t I feel for a normal human like Travis the way I feel for Caspian? Caspian’s a lycan. A lycan! Of all creatures in the world.

“Your friend?” asks Travis and I glance back at Penny and Darius. They’re such a stunning couple and they look very good together. Penny’s dark sultry look is a wonderful contrast to Darius’s pale Nordic appearance.

I shrug my shoulders as I pour some steamed milk into a metal pitcher for the cappuccino. I don’t know how to answer that. I just met them but I somehow feel like I’m bonded to them in some ways. It’s a weird feeling. There’s also that strange, almost possessive look in the way that they looked at me.

“Good looking people. Probably models or actors like a lot of people here,” Travis adds conversationally as he spreads the lettuce on the bread. Somehow I doubt that but I don’t say anything. “Do you model?”

I laugh at the question. “Nope. This is my career right here,” I tell him, pointing at the cafe logo on my apron.

“Okay.” He chuckles. “It’s not too busy this morning but it gets crazy during lunch hour,” he informs me. “Oh, uh...I think it just gets busier.” He’s looking over my shoulder behind me.

I follow his gaze and see that Penny and Darius have company at their table. Four other students and they are all humans. One of the girls has taken a chair and is sitting too close to Darius. She’s sliding a flirtatious look at him and Penny doesn’t look too happy. Oh, boy...I smell trouble.

These humans have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. As a human, I have five rules regarding non-humans. Rule number 1, stay away from these creatures. Rule number 2, never pissed off any of these creatures. Rule number 2.5, never get in between them and their mates, especially the one as dangerous as a lycan. Rule number 3, 4, and 5: try to remember and follow rule number 1, 2, and 2.5.

It’s never good to piss off a lycan and these humans have no clue. I should send them a copy of my rules.

What happens when you’re their mate then? I have no clue. I will have to come up with a new set of rules soon.

“Well, it’s my table. I’d better go get their order,” I tell Travis cheerfully. Yikes! I am so not looking forward to this. Even Travis is watching them warily. On an instinct, I grab a glass and fill it with tap water and walk briskly over.

I glimpse a flash of Penny’s eyes turning molten black before Darius wraps his arms around her waist. Things are getting ugly. Without thinking, I splash the water all over the other girl.

Everybody goes silent. “Oooppsss...sorry. My bad,” I tell them, trying my hardest to look like I was sorry. I have my eyes wide and eyebrows up...innocent look down pat. Usually, it works.

This is so much like when Nana caught me with my hand in the cookie jar. When I said I was sorry, it wasn’t a total lie; but I wasn’t sorry that I did it, I was just sorry I got caught. Those cookies were freaking yummy!

Right now, I’m not at all sorry I threw the water all over the other girl. I happen to like Penny and it’s actually very satisfying. I wish I could pretend it wasn’t me, but I’m holding an empty glass. Besides, I have too many witnesses...can’t get rid of them all.

Penny’s eyes are now back to their normal color and she’s staring at the other woman in shock just like everybody else.

“You stupid bitch!” the woman screeches at me, jumping up after she gets over her shock. You’re welcome, bitch! It’s just water! I just saved your *ss from a freaking lycan!

“Your manager will hear about this! I’m going to make sure he fires your sorry *ss!” she rants before she stomps off to find the manager. Oh well, no good deed goes unpunished and all that.

“What?” I look around to see everybody staring at me. “She just needed a cold shower,” I tell everyone. She did look very thirsty. The water’s on the house.

Twenty-five minutes of listening to Adam, the manager of the cafe, lecturing me about things you should never ever do to a customer (unless they're on fire) after I splash the water all over that bitchy woman. Three days since I last saw Jonah and still no word from him. Nine hours since Penny revealed to me that they’re lycans. An hour of productive doodling. Seven phone calls and five texts from Caspian that I far.

I’m lying on my stomach on my bed and when my phone dings again with a new text and I swipe the screen and scroll through his messages.

(Tuesday, 4:00 pm) Caspian: Hello, Princess.

(Tuesday, 4:04 pm) Caspian: I need to see you. Call me when you’re done at the cafe.

(Tuesday, 5:47 pm) Caspian: Princess, are you ignoring me? Answer the phone.

(Tuesday, 5:52 pm) Caspian: Do I need to remind you that you belong to me?

What a caveman.

(Tuesday,5:59 pm) Caspian: Answer the damn phone, princess.

(Tuesday, 6:01 pm) Caspian: Is this how it’s going to be?

The phone vibrates in my hand to show that he’s calling me again but I throw the phone on the bed beside me like it scorched my skin. My heart is thudding fast in my chest and my hands feel clammy. I wipe my hands down my sweatpants and continue doodling, mulling things over in my head.

It’s not that I don’t want to talk to him but I need some time to think things through. There are so much to take in. He's a lycan? I'm his mate? What does that mean? How's this my life?

He didn’t sound too happy in his last text. Oh, well, I’m not too happy either. There are so many things he didn’t tell me last night. My brain keeps circling to the fact that he’s a lycan and that I'm his mate, I can’t think of anything else. I’m pissed that he never mentioned what he really is last night.

Clanging and banging sounds come from the kitchen. Layla is cooking Ethiopian food or something. It smells wonderful. I offered to help earlier but she told me to stay away from the kitchen.

According to Layla, the kitchen is a hazardous place to be when I'm in it, unless when I'm busy eating.

My phone stops buzzing but another ding follows, signaling another text coming in. Even after knowing that he’s one of the most dangerous creatures on earth, my heart still pines for him. My body craves him. I roll onto my back and almost automatically my hand reaches out to pick up the phone. I swipe the screen to read the latest text.

(Tuesday, 6:02 pm) Caspian: Damn it, Quincy!

Another incoming call from him. As soon as I hit ignore, another text comes in.

(Tuesday,6:02 pm) Caspian: That’s it. I’m coming to get you.

Wait! What? I almost dropped the phone on my face.

(Tuesday, 6:03 pm) Me: No you’re not!

(Tuesday, 6:03 pm) Me: I’m not ready to see you. I need more time.

(Tuesday, 6:3 pm) Caspian: I’m done giving you time. I want to see you now.

(Tuesday, 6:04 pm) Me: Not tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow.

(Tuesday, 6:04 pm) Caspian: Too late. On my way.

Oh, my god! No, no, no...what do I do now? I’m not ready to see him.

(Tuesday, 6:04 pm) Me: Tomorrow ok?

No answer.

(Tuesday, 6:05 pm) Me: Caspian! Don’t you dare coming over.

Still no answer. Argghh!!!!

I jump out of the bed and look down at what I’m wearing. I’m in a pair of old sweatpants and a worn blue t-shirt with a hole in the shoulder. My hair is a mess. I’m a mess! I might pretend that I don’t care but I really don’t want him to see me like this.

Oh my god! Oh my god! I run around in panic before I pull a pair of ripped jeans and a newer shirt out of the dresser. After I change, I quickly brush my hair and swipe strawberry flavored lipgloss over my lips.

What am I doing? If I took off now, would he be able to find me? That’s it! I can take off before he gets here.

I pull the socks on and fish around for my missing pair of Converse from underneath my bed.

“Are you going out?” I bang my head against the side of the bed. Owww...

“Layla, you scared me!” I rub my head.

Layla is standing by the door with her hands on her hips. “I thought we’re having dinner together.”

“Uh, sorry, Layla. Something came up.” I’m now sitting on the floor, pulling my Converse on.

“Is everything okay?” she asks me, looking concerned.

“Oh, yeah...everything’s great.” Yeah, great if you think running away from a lycan is great. A funny nervous laugh comes out from my mouth and I scratch my head that suddenly feels itchy. Layla keeps staring at me with narrowed eyes and I suddenly find very interesting looking dirt on my shoes. I hate lying to Layla.

“Layla?” I lift my face up. “What do you know about lycans?”

Her eyebrows come up. “Ummm...” She scratches her chin as if she’s searching for something to say. “Oooh, oohh, I got one...” she says with a bright smile as if she just solved a puzzle. “Don’t piss off a lycan.”

“Thanks, Layla.”

“You are welcome.” She looks so proud of herself. My sarcasm is an epic fail.

I know why Layla isn’t taking my question seriously. Lycans’ population is very small and they don’t really mix around with werewolves, let alone humans. Seeing a lycan is very rare. I doubt if any werewolves of my old pack have ever seen one. I know Nana never saw one her whole life.

“I’m hungry. I’ve made some vegetable stew. I cooked enough for several people. Why don’t you have some before you go out?” she asks me.

Before I could answer her, the doorbell rings. Darn it! That must be him. I should’ve known. He drives like a madman.

“No! Don’t answer that,” I tell her, jumping to my feet. Oh my god! Oh my god! What do I do? Maybe I could climb out the window.

Layla is now staring at me like I’ve lost my mind.

Now there’s knocking on the door. “Quincy, open the door,” demands a deep familiar voice from the other side of the door.

“Who is that?” Layla asks me.

“I don’t know?” I squeak. My heart is pounding fast and I’m contemplating whether to go hide behind the door of my bedroom or underneath the bed.

“Quincy, my love, I know you’re in there,” he says again.

“My love?” Layla’s eyebrows almost come up to her hairline.

This time I answer him, “Go away! I’m busy right now.” Yeah, busy figuring out where to hide or how to get out of this.

“I’m not going anywhere without you. There’s nowhere you can go or hide that I can’t find you. Now open the door, sweetheart.” His voice is beautiful and compelling. Is he using his lycan mojo on us or something?

“I’m answering the door,” says Layla as if she can’t help herself and she rushes to the door before I can stop her.

My stomach hollows out and my feet are stuck to the floor when I see him standing there.

He’s in all black which contrasts immensely with his shiny blond hair and golden tanned skin. His usually immaculate hair is now messy and stands out in several different directions. He still looks as sexy as hell...and very pissed off.

His eyes are locked on me. The hunger in his eyes is so intense. A predator eyeing its prey, yet I can’t move a muscle. Energy hums between us.

He stalks in as if he has every right to without taking his eyes off of me. Layla is just standing by the door with her mouth hanging open.

"Hey...hi," I manage to say when he's finally standing right in front of me.

He doesn't return my greeting but he grabs my face in between his hands and mutters, “Why do you have to make things so complicated between us?” Then he slams his lips against mine and steals my breath.

His lips are possessive and demanding, making my knees go weak. His teeth nip at my bottom lip before he sucks it. Then he runs his tongue along the seam and plunders inside. Just as I’m getting lost in his taste and his mouth and his scent, he pulls back. My eyelids flutter open and I let out a soft sound of protest before I can stop myself. That earns me a triumphant, smug look on his face. The devil!

“The easy way or the hard way, Moya Printsessa?”

Huh? What?

He stands there like he's waiting for me to say something...but what? My lips are still tingling from the kiss. My mind is still swimming in a beautiful cloud.

“The hard way it is," he says before he grabs my waist and hoists me over his shoulder. What the hell?

“What the hell, Caspian? Put me down!” I yell.

“Thank you for opening the door for me,” he says to Layla who is still standing frozen by the door.

“You’re welcome.” I hear Layla answers softly as if she’s in a daze. The traitor!

“Put me down! This is kidnapping!” I yell again as he walks out the door. His hand is gripping thighs very tightly. “Help! Hel--

“Owww!!!” I howl. My butt stings right as I hear a sharp slapping sound. He did not just spank me!

“That’s for ignoring me today,” he says.

“Screw you!” I try to wiggle out of his tight grip.

“Are you giving me another reason to spank you?” He stops right in front of a flashy silver Alfa Romeo. His voice is daring me to defy him. In fact, there’s a mischievous note in it that tells me he’s counting on it.

This is so wrong. It’s so wrong that he’s in control. It’s so wrong that he’s not a human. It’s so wrong that he’s enjoying this. It’s so wrong that I’m so turned on.

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