Trapping Quincy

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Chapter 24 - A Girl-devil From Hell

Quincy’s POV

The sun is shining in through the blinds when I open my eyes. My hand stretches out in search of something. I can’t figure out what it is yet but my hand keeps searching. Nothing. The emptiness hits my heart before my brain catches on. It hits me hard and my eyelids fly open. Caspian.

He’s gone. I look at the empty space next to me and touch the pillow where his head rested on last night. The spot is already cold. I roll over and bury my nose in it. His scent lingers. There’s a hint of his expensive cologne but the rest is his own unique scent. Nothing and no one smells quite like him.

I want to immerse myself in his scent. I want to lie here until he gets back. If I keep my eyes close like this, I can pretend that he’s still here. I lie there for some time. Eventually, and reluctantly, I roll back to lie on my back. There are two wet spots on the pillow.

Oh, I'm such a silly girl. A week ago I wanted nothing to do with his kind and his world. Now, I’m crying over him when he’s barely been gone for a few hours. I’m officially a nutcase.

I remember the look in his green eyes when he showed up at my door last night. There were so much intensity and longing. My heart ached. I took him back to my room and we both lay down next to each other on my tiny bed, watching each other in silence, willing the time to stand still. His fingers were touching my skin and my hair. I had felt safe. So very safe like I knew he wouldn’t let anything harm me. The sense of security lulled me to sleep even though I fought hard to stay awake, knowing that we only had so little time together.

I stare at the ceiling, sniffling and wiping a few stray tears off my face. How could I feel this way for a man I barely know? My heart feels differently, though. Sometimes I feel like I know him more than most and he understands me more than anyone else in my life, except for my Nana, of course.

I wonder if he’s in the air right now. What is he doing? Is he thinking about me?

The shower doesn’t make me feel any better. The empty house doesn’t help the empty feeling that I have inside. Jonah’s been gone for almost a week now. Layla, Isaac, and Lana are from the same pack and the three of them have gone back for an inauguration of their new Alpha.

I have a couple of classes and a group meeting today and I force myself to concentrate on them instead of a certain sexy lycan prince. I even spend time at the library, finding materials that are not available on the internet for my group project.

Layla, Isaac, and Lana come home later in the evening. Having Layla and Isaac around is nice but it doesn’t ease the ache and the emptiness in my heart.

The days seem to pass slowly. I attend all my classes as usual. I go to group meetings. I go to work. I have a few customers and classmates hit on me and ask me out. All normal human men. They’ve been doing that since I got rid of the hobo hoodie, actually.

So, why didn’t I say yes to any of them? That’s just what I wanted, wasn’t it? Instead, I treat the unwarranted attention like a headache...almost like I treated Caspian at the beginning, except that I was wildly attracted to him right from the start and he got under my skin like no one else. Again, I can’t stop thinking about him.

Anyway, my latest headache is Travis. He asked me out today.

“Why don’t you just go out with him?” asks Layla when I told her about it.

“Are you nuts?” I gape at her. “He’s my friend and I don’t feel that way about him...and don't forget, we work together.” I knew that he’s interested in me but I was hoping that he’d get over it. I don’t want to destroy our friendship or hurt him. Besides, I think Evelyn would chop my head off if I mess with her BFF.

“Then go out with Wyatt or what’s his know, the one who doesn’t know when to quit?” Wyatt is in my study group and he’s quite persistent.

“You know Caspian is a lycan, right? Do you want an innocent human to die?” I’ve been using that as an excuse not to go out with any of them. If I’m being truthful, the idea of going out with any other men doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. Even considering it for a second feels wrong.

“Are you sure that’s the only reason why you’ve been rejecting men left and right? I mean, he’s not here to know about it or to kill anybody,” she says with a mischievous grin. “I think you should just go out with one of those “normal human men” just once...or twice. You know, just to get it out of your system.” She makes an air quote with her fingers over the word “normal human man.

“It seems to me like you’re hung up on this thing about being with “normal human man”.” Again with the air quote. “That’s why you refused to let that gorgeous lycan god mark you, right? Maybe after you go out with a couple of them, you’ll see how exciting it is and decide once and for all that you’d really rather date a human and let that sexy lycan that I can go after him myself.” She sighs dreamily.

Oh, hell no. Just the thought of him being with someone else makes me want to rip everything around me apart. Layla gives me a sly smirk when she sees my frown. “Hey, I’m just might help you make up your mind. That’s all.”

Actually, I’ve made up my mind. His absence convinces me that there really is no choice. I know what my heart, my body, and my soul want. I knew it before but I was too stubborn to admit it.

Layla sighs. “Seriously Quincy, I’m worried about you. You hardly eat anything and barely sleeping since he left.”

“I’m fine.” No, I’m not but I’m not going to admit it to anybody. I miss him so much. I’m counting the days till he gets back.

He’s supposed to be back by Thursday but Thursday comes and goes and I still haven’t heard from him.

All day Monday I keep expecting to feel that warmth of his eyes on me and that crackling of energy in the air when he’s near. I keep looking around for his tall figure and golden hair.

By Wednesday, I start to have doubts that he’s ever coming back. What if he realized that he doesn’t want me after all? What if one of the beautiful lycan princesses captures his attention and he’s with her now?

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay by yourself, Quincy?” asks Layla for the hundredth time. She’s been fussing over me lately. It’s Thursday afternoon and she’s going back to visit her family and her pack today.

“I’m fine, Layla. You go home and have fun with your family. Stop worrying about me.”

“You know you’re welcome to my family home. My mom would love to fatten you up,” she says...also for the hundredth time.

“Nope, you go.” I shove her towards the door. “I appreciate that you’re concerned about me and I love you for that.” I give her a big hug. “But I really am fine. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I really am blessed to have Layla as a friend. Not many people ever worried about me before. I don’t want to intrude and be a burden to her family. I know her father would have to ask permission from their Alpha to have an outsider like me spending the night at their pack’s territory.

I wave Layla goodbye until her ride disappears from view. Then I stare into space wondering if he's ever coming back. Ugghhh...I can't be this pathetic!

It's only three in the afternoon. I should go and hang out with some friends or something. That could stop me from thinking about Caspian, at least for a little while. It sucks that most people I know hang out with Travis too. It's not his fault but I don't want to see him so soon after an awkward way I turned him down this morning. What? I know I should've handled it better but he caught me by surprise.

I pick up my bag, open the front door and jump back in fright. A tall figure is looming on the front step.

“Quincy St. Martin?”

His face looks familiar but I can’t place him.

“Who wants to know?” I ask him suspiciously while trying to push the door close.

Instead of answering me, another guy steps in, pushing the door to open wider and forces me to take a step back. This guy is younger and even bigger with a scowl on his face. Now I remember where I’d seen them.

Time to run! I swivel around, ready to bolt but a big hand grabs the collar of my shirt and roughly pulls me back.

“Your mother and your uncle, Beta St. Martin sent for you. You’re coming home with us. I give you ten minutes to pack your bag,” the first guy says, confirming my suspicion.

“No! This is my home. I’m not going back to Loup Noir Pack!”

“You are coming with us!” growls the younger guy, shaking me with his hand that's now curled around my neck.

The other guy places a hand on his wrist, and he slowly unwraps his hand and lets me go.

“Listen, we’ve been looking for you for weeks now. Either you come with us peacefully or I’ll let Enzo here deal with you and believe me, you don’t want that. Either way, you’re coming with us.”

Oh god! I feel sick. This is my nightmare coming true. I never want to set foot in Loup Noir Pack territory again! Ever!

I look around the room. I'm standing right in the middle of the two of them.

The guy, Enzo makes a move to grab me again and I lift my hands up. “Okay, okay...I’m just going to, uh...go pack,” I tell them quickly. My phone is in my bag. How do I get to my phone without them seeing it?

“Don’t try anything funny,” warns Enzo.

“Give me your phone,” says the other guy.

“I don’t have a phone,” I quickly tell him.

“Marc, the bitch is lying,” says Enzo, holding out my phone that he somehow fished out from my bag. Ughh!!! There goes plan A.

A second later, Enzo crushes it between his fingers while giving me a snarl to show that he’d rather be doing that to my head instead of my phone. I gulp loudly. Poor thing! I’m going to have to mourn the death of my dear innocent phone some other time. Right now I have to think of the way to escape.

Well...on to plan B. Maybe I can try the back door...or the window.

“Enzo, get her to pack quickly. Make sure she doesn’t try to escape through the back door or the window,” says Marc.

Oh, give me a break! Seriously? Could this Marc guy read my mind or something? I have no plan C.

I pack haphazardly, hardly knowing what I’m stuffing into my duffel bag while Enzo follows me closely. Too closely. He snarls a few times when I almost trip over him. I manage to stuff my bear, Oliver into the bag before he grips my upper arm and roughly drags me out of the room. He’s so strong and violent, I feel like a ragdoll. I know there will be bruises on my arm and probably around my neck too.

There is another man waiting for us outside and I learn that his name is Don.

Don drives the old white Toyota Corolla that we’re traveling in. Marc is riding shotgun while the short-fused Enzo sits in the back with me. Oh, joy! Yay!

The car sucks.

No, I’m not being a snob because I’m used to Caspian’s fancy car or anything. I’m just stating a fact. The car really sucks. Let me explain a few things that lead me to come to that conclusion:

First of all, the AC doesn’t work but they refused to open the window because they don’t want me to shout for help or try to jump out of the moving car. I’m suffocating in here.

The second reason: The car stinks. It smells like cigarette and puke and lying at out feet are empty McDonald’s boxes, dirty wrappers, cans, cigarette butts and stuff. So, double suffocate.

Third: The seat is kinda sticky. I don’t even want to think what’s on it. Oh, gag!

Fourth: The radio doesn’t work...and I’m getting bored. So, what a girl to do? Yeah, a girl talks. Only Enzo has a stick up his *ss so big and so far up that he roars for me to shut up every few minutes. It’s a day and a half in the car and he’s tearing his hair out. Literally. He’s going to go bald by the time we reach the pack’s territory if he’s not careful. Oh, I mentioned that to him too. The way he roared? God, that man needs to find a positive outlet to his aggression or find inner peace. Do Yoga or something. Namaste.

Fifth: I’m handcuffed to the car. Well...that’s kinda a long story but let’s just say that somebody got stuck while trying to escape through a tiny window of a washroom at a gas station. How was I to know that the window was going to be that tiny? Or has my *ss grown big? Huh. Oh, well... Besides, I was getting desperate. So yeah, that sucks. Big time.

Did I tell you the car sucks? Well, the car sucks and I told them so. “You are all pigs.” That’s my closing statement.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut the fvck up!” Enzo roars. He raises his hand up again to strike me but stops when Marc gives him a warning look as usual. He lowers his hand and drags it through his dark hair again. I know Enzo is dying to kill me.

I have to confess, I kicked the car window the first day to break it. Newsflash: The tempered glass doesn’t break easily.

I’ve considered asking for help from neighboring cars but I know better. No humans are a match to these werewolves. They wouldn’t hesitate to kill to get what they want and to protect their secrets and privacy.

I wish Caspian was here. I miss him. I miss him so much, my heart aches. I bet he could kill these bastards with no trouble at all.

I whine in my most annoying voice about needing to go pee the rest of the way. This time I mean it but none of them will listen.

Stupid werewolves! They won’t stop to let me pee even after I promise not to run. Not even after I threaten to pee right there in the damn car. Not that I won’t try to escape if I had the chance.

My head hurts. Where am I? I open my eyes to an unfamiliar room. The smell is kinda familiar though I can’t put a finger to it.

The room is spacious and the bed that I’m lying on now is huge with a mostly ivory and red colored quilt cover. The walls are eggshell cream with a few artworks on display. The heavy velvet window covering is of red and gold. Fleur de lis etchings along the crown molding look familiar.

Loup Noir Pack house! They have fleur de lis engraved everywhere in the house. Now I remember. What a nightmare. I never wanted to be here again but yet here I am.

Whose bedroom is this?

They must have drugged me or something in the car because I can’t remember much beyond Enzo yelling at me and me whining about wanting to pee.

I remember hearing Enzo calling me “the worst assignment ever” and “a little girl-devil from hell”. I wanted to protest and tell him that I take offense to that statement. I am not a little girl. But my eyelids were too heavy and my tongue seemed to stick to the roof of my mouth. I think that I manage to slur something back before I passed out but I’m not too sure.

I think they finally had enough of me. I guess I should be thankful that they didn’t poison me. Now I have to figure out how to get out of here.

I try to get up but my head feels like it’s been stuffed with cotton and my limbs were sandbags.

I might have dozed off again in the middle of plotting the way to escape. I’m jolted awake by the sound of the doorknob being turned.

The door opens and the person I never wanted to see again is walking in with a big sly smile on his face.

“Hello, my sleeping beauty. Welcome home,” he says. “You’ve been away far too long, my dear girl.”

A shudder of disgust runs through me. Old Mr. Maddox.

*I sorta re-did my last chapter and separate it into two. This chapter needs a lot of editing still. My head is still not on right. Ever feel like you need a vacation AFTER a vacation? Yeah, well, I feel like I can sleep till next week.

My next update is next Wednesday. Have a wonderful week, my dearies!

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