Trapping Quincy

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Chapter 30 - A Marking Bet

My chest is ablaze as soon as I breathe in his scent carried by the wind. It spreads through my body, making me shiver with heat and anticipation. Old Mr. Maddox is near.

Earlier on, Lord Archer requested that little children and Jorden be taken away. While Jorden wasn’t very happy about it, I’m thankful that he’s not here now. Some people chose to stay, while some others retreated back to the pack house.

When they wheel the old man into the clearing, I can barely hold myself together. This vile man killed my Nana for his nefarious agenda and sick pleasure. I lost my Nana because of him!

Scarlet red bleeds into my vision completely. Oh, he looks good in red. Better any other color. Blood red will look better on him.

His body looks frail but I know his mind is sound and alert. The look of fear enters his face as I prowl closer, running my tongue over my sharpened teeth and long canines. I vaguely hear running footsteps around me. The man who was wheeling his wheelchair is now gone too.

Thud, thud, thud... the sound of his heartbeat pounding faster in his ribcage. The closer I get to him, the louder and faster it beats.

“Hello, Old Maddox...aren’t you glad to see me?” I flash him a sweet smile. I doubt I look too sweet with my two cold black holes for eyes, sharp teeth, and protruding canines. His mouth is moving but it doesn’t matter, I can’t hear anything above the thunderous pounding of his heart.

“What did my Nana say to you before you went to crush the light out of her, Mr. Maddox?” I run my sharp nails from his temple down to his chin, splitting the skin open. Blood cascades down his skin. “Did she beg you for her life? Did she ask you to stay away from me?” He crushed my world the day he crushed her windpipe.

I press my fingers into the skin above his heart, pushing past his ribcage until they sink into his chest. This is where I hurt the heart, every day, since the day she was taken from me. His eyes bulged and his skin turns a sickening pale-bluish color. I feel rather than hear the grunting sound that he makes. I can feel him trying to phase into his wolf.

“Don’t you want me now, Mr. Maddox?”

That dark, sinister part of me is struggling to take over. The smell of his blood is intoxicating and too exciting for it to share the control with the human part of me.

“Come on, scream for me..” I sink my teeth and canines into his flesh. He doesn’t disappoint, he lets out an ear-splitting bellowing sound. I let go then. I let it take over, tearing him to pieces, reveling in his agony.

I crave more of that glorious sweet abandon but by the time I’m done with Mr. Maddox, the red haze is fading fast from my eyes. Those who remain in the area are all standing at the edge of the clearing, looking like they are ready to bolt except for the lycans. All eight of them are forming a circle around me. I don’t know if they’re guarding me or guarding everybody else from me. I’m covered in blood. It’s dripping from my chin, my fingertips, and the bottom of my dress.

The blazing fire in my chest is quickly turning into ambers and ashes. The chill is suddenly seeping into every pore of my body. All of a sudden I’m tired. So very very tired, like a balloon completely deflated. My heartbeat is slowing down and I’m falling, falling, falling...Caspian catches me before I hit the ground. He lifts me up into his arms and I let my head falls on his broad shoulder. He carries me to the car with the rest of the lycans following closely behind us like a security blanket. He sits me on his lap and wraps me up in his arms in the back seat as we’re being driven back to the hotel they’re staying in.

It’s warm in his arms. It’s safe. I close my eyes and breathe in his wonderful, familiar, masculine scent. I hear others talking quietly around me but I can’t seem to open my eyes. My head rolls to the side of his shoulder and I feel his warm hand as he cups the back of my head to press it gently back into the crook of his neck. He spreads his fingers soothingly through my hair before I feel his firm lips pressed on my forehead.

“What’s happening to her?” I hear Penny whispering, sounding concerned.

“She’s not completely mated and marked so she’s not a full lycan yet. Her body cannot handle the weight of phasing too long. It burns too much energy,” somebody answers her. Darius? Maybe...

I had the best dream, or dreams...but I can’t remember them this morning. This is the best bed. Warm and soft and hard at the same time. I burrow deeper. It smells awesome. Ummm...

I rub my feet together then run it up and down my leg. Warm and fuzzy...hairy. Wait. Warm and hairy leg? That can’t be right.

My brain starts waking up. There’s a big, heavy, bare arm thrown over me and draped over my chest. There’s a warm hard wall of muscle on my back. My body stiffens. Oh, god! Now I remember what happened yesterday. Was it yesterday?

What happened after the car ride? I feel clean, so somebody must’ve cleaned me up. I’m also wearing, thank goodness for that.

A big muscled leg slides further between my thighs to hook around one of my legs. Warm breath fans my neck as a face burrows deeper into my hair. My own breath hitched as the arm around my stomach moves to pull me tighter into the hard body behind me. Oh, god, is that...?

Another big hand roams across my chest before it cups one of my breasts, squeezes it firmly and stays there. Whoa!

My heartbeat thunders in my chest and tingles start from everywhere he’s touching, spiraling towards the juncture between my thighs. Heat spreads from my cheeks, down my neck to...everywhere. I stare at the long, elegant but masculine fingers curled firmly around my breast in bewilderment, trying to decide what to do. Uhhh...

One of my hands is trapped under his arm so I use another one to awkwardly pry his fingers off me. Those fingers only tighten possessively around my breast. Umm..okay.

I have to get out before I do something jumping the owner of those fingers. I try to wiggle myself out.

“Will you stop moving?”

“’re awake!” I jump. Well, I would’ve jumped if not for the arms trapping and pinning me to the bed.

I squirm further until he lets go. His muscle flexes as he lifts himself up on his elbow, looking down at me with a scowl. “Of course, I’m awake. I was enjoying that,” he answers sullenly as if it’s my fault that I’m stopping all his fun time.

The top half of his body is completely bare. I forgot how magnificent his body is. How glorious those muscled pecs are and those ridges of his abs... Good lord, woman! Focus!

“You were copping a feel!” I exclaim, trying to look away.

“Yeah, so?” He’s unapologetic and totally without shame, I realize. Unbelievable! Totally outrageous! “Or maybe I was just measuring for size.”

“Measuring for size for what?” I stupidly ask him. “Wait! No, don’t answer that.” I cover his mouth with my hand when he’s about to answer with that wicked, mischievous smile spreading on his face. Maybe it’s better that I don’t know. The way his mind works...I’m not ready for the way his mind works yet this morning.

I pull my hand away from his face before he decides to lick my hand or do something stupid like that.

He grins mischievously while he flexes his fingers suggestively. Ughh..god! Why? I quickly bury my face into the pillow before he can see the silly smile I’m trying to hide or the giggle about to burst out of my mouth. He’s so ridiculous!

“Admit it. You missed me,” he says close to my ear. “Because I missed you. Like crazy.”

I turn my head to see his face hovering just inches over me. One arm is braced next to my shoulder, caging me in. He looks serious. His eyes are bottle green this morning. His golden hair shines like a halo where it is touched by the morning sun that streaks in through the gap between the curtains. It is not styled as usual but wild and falls carelessly over his forehead.

I reach up and run my fingers through the shiny locks, pushing it back from his eyebrow. His glittering eyes narrow into slits as he watches me, waiting for me to say something. “I missed you,” I tell him. “I missed you so much it hurt.”

“Moya Printsessa...” he murmurs as he grips the back of my neck. Then he swoops down to plant his lips on mine.

The moment his lips cover mine, the rest of the world becomes hazy. There’s just me and him and the points where we’re touching. He climbs on top of me and I’m engulfed in his warmth. Jolts of electricity burst where we touch. His mouth is moving against mine hungrily and demandingly, pushing my head back into the pillow. I open my mouth when his tongue pushes in between my lips, seeking entrance. His tongue explores my mouth before he slides it against mine. Our tongue tangles together. How I love the taste of him on my tongue.

I let out a soft moan when he sucks on my bottom lip. He nips it and runs his tongue over it before his mouth finds its way down my jawline. He tilts my head to the side with his fingers that are still gripping my hair at the base of my skull as his mouth travels down my neck, kissing, sucking, nibbling, licking...oh, god, his mouth is very talented. So very very talented.

His other hand is touching me everywhere. I’m so hot. I’m feverish. I grab hold of his muscled shoulder and bury my fingers in his hair at the back of his head as he keeps sucking behind my ear. I wind my legs around him, grounding the lower half of our bodies together, trying to ease the throbbing heat between my legs. He groans in pleasure. It sounds almost like he’s growling.

“Caspian,” I gasp when I feel his sharp canines digging into my shoulder.

He raises his head and I drag in a sharp breath. His eyes are glassy black. The dark veins are almost visible around his eye sockets.

When my shocked eyes meet his soulless cold ones, he jumps out of the bed. Fast. He’s so fast that I suspect if my vision was still that of a normal human, I would not even see the blurry of his movements.

Now he’s standing close to the door. His eyes are dark and watchful. “Let me mark you,” he says. His voice is unnaturally low and feral. “I want to mark you so badly.”

The look on his face seems fierce, almost primal. I look around the room, somehow feeling trapped. He’s standing next to the exit door and another door I could escape to is to the ensuite bathroom.

“Don’t run away from me,” he says. I can’t decide if it sounds like a warning or a plea.

I look back at him standing there and as fast as it came, the thought of fleeing is crushed from my mind. “I won’t run. I promise you that I won’t run from you,” I tell him.

He stands there a while longer, watching me as his eyes slowly turn back to normal. The intensity in the way he’s looking at me and the way his body is hunched tell me that he’s not totally happy about something.

He’s also only in his black boxer brief, so I force my eyes away, looking at anything but him.

Who cleaned me and dressed me up?” I ask him, trying to divert my attention to something else.

“Serena and Genesis,” he answers tersely.

I notice that we’re in a little suite. “Are we in Greenville Hotel?”

“Yes,” he says sullenly. Well, somebody’s feeling cranky.

Greenville is the best hotel in this little town but I doubt it’s up to the standard of what these royal lycans are used to. Tourists don’t exactly flock to get to this little town in the middle of nowhere.

I sit up as he pulls a chair from the study table to face the bed and sits on it. He rests his elbows on his thighs and folds his hands together. He looks close to normal but his body is still tense. There’s a stiff determine set to his jaw. “So, you don’t want me to mark you,” he says testily.

“I never said that.” Is that what irritates him?

His eyes narrow, staring at his hands. “So, you’re saying you do want me to mark you.”

I let my head falls back into the soft pillow behind me and sigh. “Why does it have to be black or white with you?”

“You mean there’s a shade of grey?” He stares at me with raised eyebrows. “That doesn’t make any sense. Either you want me to mark you or you don’t. It’s that simple.”

“Well, let me ask you this, Your Highness, if I said no, would you let me go?”

“Not a chance.” There’s that arrogant smirk on his gorgeous face. “You are mine, Quincy St. Martin.”

“Well, then,” I say, pulling the blanket up over my chest as if the discussion is over.

“I’m going to mark you soon, Quincy St. Martin. Very soon you’re going to be Quincy Romanov.”

I don’t want to admit how much I love the sound of that. He’s got a big enough ego, I don’t really want him to know how his words are sending those pesky butterflies fluttering in my stomach. As hard as I try, I can’t stop a silly grin from my face.

I think he saw that because the smirk on his face grows bigger. Cocky gorgeous idiot!

I send a pillow flying towards his head but he manages to duck out of the way, laughing. There’s a glint in his eyes that makes my heart flip in my chest and threaten to melt me into a pile of goo.

“I’m going to clean up,” I tell him, trying not to poke my tongue out at him like a five-year-old...or touch all that glorious looking, silky, golden tan skin.

“Okay. I need to talk to the guys,” he says, still grinning. “The girls brought clothes and everything else that you might need in the closet and that drawer over there.” He pulls a pair of jeans on, slips on a t-shirt, and grabs the keycard from the table. By the girls and the guys, I think he meant all the other lycans. He pauses at the door and looks back at me, looking thoughtful. A second later, he grins and pulls the door open. “I’ll be right back.” He gives me a wink, then he’s gone.

The man is terribly irritating and totally not a normal human and I am absolutely crazy about him.

My hand freeze in mid-air just as I’m about to open the closet. The closet door is a huge mirror and I’m staring at my own reflection...or what I think is my reflection. It looks like me but...different. I can’t really tell what is it that’s so different about myself but I know I look different.

I don’t usually spend too much time looking at my reflection in the mirror. The last time I looked in the mirror was probably the evening after they dressed me up for that awful ceremony. I don’t think I look much different then...or maybe I wasn’t really looking. Later on, that same night and yesterday at the trial, I was covered in blood and dirt.

I’m now wearing a light purple waist slip with matching boy shorts I’ve never seen before. I touch my face and my hair then I pull my upper lip up. My teeth have always been straight and white but now my canines are longer. My lips seem fuller and redder too. I smooth my hands over the front of my body before I shake my head. Nana told me that time spent admiring yourself in the mirror is time wasted. No matter which side you turn, you still look the same. Oh well, Nana used to say the craziest things and that one was actually quite profound...for Nana.

Revenge doesn’t bring my Nana back but for once, thinking about Nana doesn’t make my heart ache as much.

There are several woman’s outfits hanging next to a few men’s clothes in the closet. Very nice ones. There are a very nice pair of woman’s black leather riding boots and a pair of dark grey sneakers as well. They are all my size.

I open the drawer to find lacy underwears, several brands of luxury bath bombs, shower gels, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners, makeup, and perfumes. The drawer smells wonderful. I bet all these cost more than my monthly salary and tips at the cafe combined.

I grab some undergarments, a tube of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and make my way into the bathroom where I drop everything once I see the inside.

The bathroom is a standard hotel bathroom but there are thick luxurious towels that smell heavenly, bathrobes and slippers, combs and hair brushes, several types of loofahs and body scrubbers, a couple of toothbrushes, and several fancy looking tubes of toothpaste. Either these hotels have seriously been holding out on me or these lycans have brought the whole spa with them.

After I’m done cleaning up, I put on an oversized knit cream cashmere sweater I found in the closet. It’s so soft, light, and warm that I rub the wide turtleneck over my cheek several times. I match it with a pair of black skinny jeans, a tan leather belt, and the black leather riding boots.

Caspian is still not back in the room by the time I’m done, so I take another keycard from the table, grab a dark tan trench coat off the hanger, and head downstairs. I’m hungry.

The hotel is suspiciously deserted. I don’t see a single soul around as I follow my nose to find Genesis, Penny, and Serena in the hotel breakfast area, having breakfast. There’s no one else in the breakfast area as well.

They wave at me to join them as soon as they see me.

“You’re up!” says Genesis excitedly.

“She already had three cups,” says Penny wryly when she sees me looking at an empty coffee cup in front of Genesis.

An elderly lady appears at my elbow with a plate of scrambled eggs, waffles, fries, bacon, and sausages. Penny promptly steals a few pieces of fries and pops them into her mouth even before I pick up my fork.

“She already had a plateful of those,” deadpans Genesis.

“Good morning, Quincy. Please excuse these two," says Serena, looking amused. "Or better yet, just ignore them if you can.”

It’s kind of hard to ignore them, especially when one of them is sniffing you while you’re trying to eat. “Hey! You’re not marked yet!” says Genesis, frowning. Oh, god! What?

“See? I was right. Pay up,” says Penny.

I almost choke on my scrambled eggs. Genesis pats my back harder than necessary. “Did you two really bet on whether or not we...uh...he..umm..errr..marked me last night?” I ask them while reaching for my drink.

“Not just the two of us. Constantine and Lazarus sorta put some money on it too,” says Penny. I almost spit my orange juice all over them.

*Updating twice a week is very hard for me. I came home from a concert last night then fell asleep on the keyboard =p. Anyway, this is more of a filler chapter, but I thought some of you might miss Genesis, Penny, Serena, and the rest of the Royal Lycan Pack. I’ll still be working on this chap. since I’m still not too happy with it.

My next update is Wednesday next week. Have a wonderful day my lovelies!

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