Trapping Quincy

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Chapter 35 - An Angry Prince

We get off the plane to a balmy Californian weather. Much warmer than the freezing one we left behind even though it’s already after 11 pm here.

There are limos already waiting for us just outside when we walk out of the airport lounge. I watch as the last of our bag is being stowed away in the trunk before the driver opens the door for us. In the lounge, we had people who literally bowed to us and jumped to do our bidding.

“Is this how they usually travel?” whispers Jorden in my ear as we watch Gideon Archer and Helen whatsit walk to one of the cars that will be taking them to their hotel. Gideon gives me a quick glance before he ducks his head down to get into the car.

I only have time to shrug my shoulders and about to lift my hand up to wave to Gideon before Caspian shoves me ahead of him to get into our car. One look at his tight, cold expression and I let myself being ushered in without a word.

Just like that. Just one look from Gideon and suddenly the dark ominous angry energy that had somewhat eased up when we exit the plane is now back. It’s simmering just underneath that sophisticated veneer. It makes him seem dangerous, wild, and ruthless. It reminds me once again of what he is.

So far he hasn’t let me out of his sight or his reach. He’s constantly touching me or holding me close. My body is like a live wire from his touch. The air between us crackles with the current.

“You’ve earned yourself a few spankings for what you said and did back at the hotel and just now, Princess,” he murmurs in my ear once we’re seated in the limo.

“What?” I try to crawl over him to get out but his long, strong fingers curl into my hips and pull me back down. “But...but...I didn’t do...”

Jorden climbs in the car right at that moment, preventing me from saying anything or trying to escape. He is followed by Jonah.

I so did not deserve a spanking! Or several spankings.

The way he’s looking at me is making my stomach doing some serious somersault and my heart galloping in my chest. Something wicked, bitter, and cruel flash in his green eyes as he casually wraps an arm around my shoulders and places a possessive hand on my knee. When he turns to face my cousins, his smile is open and friendly.

Jorden and Jonah are sitting on the seat facing us. My 5′8" frame suddenly feels very tiny being surrounded by three big, tall men in the confinement of a car.

“So, you are going to drop us off at Jonah’s first, right?” I ask him hopefully as the car pulls away from the airport.

“No,” he answers firmly. “You are staying with me from now on.”

“What?” No no no...this is not good.

“Guess what, Q? I’ll be staying with you too,” says Jorden cheerfully, oblivious to my anxiety and Caspian’s dark mood. “At least for now.”

“Yes, and Jonah is welcomed to stay too if he wants,” Caspian adds with a guileless and charming looking smile.

My mind is reeling right now. When has this been decided?

“Thank you for your offer but I have a home to go back to,” says Jonah. “But I do agree that Jorden should stay with you. At least until I figure out our living arrangement, otherwise, he’s going to have to sleep on the sofa.”

“I think I’d better go home too,” I quickly chime in. My voice sounds more like a squeak.

Three pairs of eyes are suddenly trained on me.

“Sweetheart, your home is where I am,” Caspian says sweetly. His hand on my shoulder tightens in warning.

“He’s right, Q. you’re his mate. You should’ve moved in with him the moment you knew that. I thought Nana taught you all these things,” says Jorden.

Nana was always telling me things but I never paid much attention when it’s about mates. There are archaic rules concerning mates that would make every feminist in the human world go berserk. Since I’m a human, the most normal there is, these rules don’t apply to me, do they?

Caspian turns his body to face me so that both my cousins can’t see his expression. His smile is wicked and dangerous, and far from innocent. Ok, so those feminists don’t have to deal with a possessive lycan prince.

“Did you hear that, sweetheart? You should have moved in with me a while ago.” His green eyes glitter dangerously underneath his eyelids. He’s looking at me like a predator eyeing its prey he has cornered into a trap. “I’ve been much too generous and accommodating with you, sweetheart. I let you run free around other men when you should be with me. Only with me.” His voice sounds playful and teasing but I can only hear the warning.

“We also think that it’s much safer for you to be with Prince Caspian,” adds Jonah.

Right now I don’t feel safe. I feel like an endangered species. “But I...”

“We don’t know how far the news that the prince has found his future queen has spread,” agrees Jorden. “There are people who are looking for you now, Q. They might even be more dangerous than Loup Noir Pack.” Are they even more dangerous than an angry prince? “Besides, we’d sleep much better if we know that you’re safe.”

“Oh, she’ll be very safe with me,” assures Caspian. His thumb is drawing circles on my shoulder. My heart is stuttering in my chest.

There’s something bordering on violence just underneath the pleasant smile and charming exterior. It’s feral and possessive. Am I the only one who can see it?

“I appreciate that you’re letting me stay with you, Prince Caspian,” says Jorden. It’s clear from the look in his eyes that he thinks the sun, the moon, and the stars revolve around the prince.

“Don’t mention it. We’re family now. You’re welcome to stay with us as long as you like. There are plenty of rooms,” Caspian announces. “Get ready for another round of poker with the guys, though. I think Lazarus would like to win his money back,” he adds.

“That was just a beginner’s luck,” Jorden replies.

“We’ll see how your luck will hold tonight,” Caspian tells Jorden. “The driver will take you back whenever you’re ready, no matter how late,” he informs Jonah who is probably staying for the game as well.

They continue talking as if I wasn’t there. They sound like old friends. Am I missing something here? Since when did they get so chummy? I remember just yesterday morning that Caspian and Jonah were glaring at each other like little kids fighting over an ice-cream cone. Men are so confusing.

I turn my head to look at the lights, the trees, the buildings, the cars, and the people that we passed. I’m not really listening to their conversation. I’m listening to the tell in his voice. He’s growing restless. It’s there in the possessive way his fingers are kneading my shoulder and the way he’s tapping my knee.

Once in a while, I steal a glance to find his green eyes already watching me. Lust and anger swirling in the heated stare.

There’s a small part of me that’s still scared at the thought of being in his world but the thought of not having him in my life is unbearable.

I want him. I want his passion and I want his anger. I want the silly, charming side of him and I want the cold, wild, and dangerous side of him. His fire and passion scare me and thrill me.

I’m addicted. I crave his touch and his presence even when he’s raging mad at me and I don’t know what to expect from him like the way he is right now.

The traffic isn’t bad and we reach the house in just over half an hour. The car goes through a brightly lit driveway that leads to a mansion. Everything around it: the grass, the palm trees, the hedges, and the flowers are very well tended.

I’ve seen this place briefly from the street when Caspian took me up into the woods up on that little hill not far from here a few weeks ago. Up close, it’s even more beautiful and impressive. Even Jorden and Jonah seem impressed as we stare around us after we climb out of the car. The warm glow of lights greets us through big glass windows of the three-story, white stuccoed structure. I can smell the ocean from here.

I don’t get much time to appreciate the view, though. Caspian steers me through big doors that open up to an equally impressive interior. He sweeps me through the house where I only manage to catch a quick glimpse of a huge high-ceilinged open space, a gleaming tile floor, and glittering chandeliers.

“Where are you going? Aren’t you going to join us for a game of poker?” asks Constantine from behind us. He sounds amused.

Caspian doesn’t even answer him. He just stops long enough at the bottom of a grand staircase to pick me up.

“Caspian, where are we going? Put me down.” I struggle in his arms and he puts me down when we reach the top floor. The whole floor is very quiet and is bathed in a dim light.

“Where are we going, Caspian?” I ask as I break away from his grasp when he ushers me down the hall.

“To my room,” he answers.

“No, we’re not going to your room.” I move backward quickly, trying to put some space between us.

“Fine by me,” he says with a wolfish smile, showing me his white teeth and canines.

I keep moving backward, watching him warily as he keeps advancing towards me unhurriedly.

“I want to go back downstairs,” I tell him.

“Not yet.” He pushes me back and suddenly I find myself lying on a deep white couch. He’s on top of me in a flash. His weight is pinning me down into the soft cushions.

I gulp nervously. My heart is galloping in my chest.

“ Quincy,” he murmurs as he runs a finger down my cheek. “I’m furious with you yet I crave you. I crave you to the point of obsession. What have you done to me, Quincy St Martin?” he growls before he buries his face into the curve of my neck. His whole body is covering mine, charging every neurons and nerve endings in my body with electricity.

I grab a handful of his silky hair and pull. He lifts his head up a fraction and I gasp at the wild and hungry look on his expression. His eyes are dark and his canines are long and gleaming in the glow of the dim light.

His fingers grip the nape of my neck. “What does love mean to you, my love? Does it mean the same to you as it means to me?”


“If only you feel half the feeling I have for you, you wouldn’t want those other men. I would have been enough for you.”

“Caspian, listen...”

“ love, I think I know what I have to do,” he says, bringing his warm lips down to my neck again while his hand is holding my head still.

He rains hungry, wet open mouth kisses down my neck that send shivers down my spine. That actually feels so good. So very good. I close my eyes and a loud moaning sound coming out of my mouth. He nibbles and sucks at the skin of my shoulder before his silky tongue laps at it. His hands are tracing the curves of my breasts, my waist, and my thighs, then back up again to slip underneath my sweater. I can only hear the thundering of our heartbeats together and our labored breathing.

“Caspian..” I moan as I wrap my arms and legs around him. I want him. I want him in me.

Suddenly he’s tensed above me. I stop moving under him to listen to footsteps coming from another room. He lifts his face up to sniff the air and suddenly he jumps up. His eyes darken. Rage and fury coming out of him in waves.

I scramble to my feet when I see a woman coming out of another room...probably a bedroom. Her hair is tousled from sleep. Her eyes are big with shock as she stares at us. Her tiny slip of a lingerie is see-through.

I can smell her now. Sweet and flowery. A lycan. I could’ve smelled her before if I wasn’t so preoccupied with Caspian.

*Okay, sorry, I’m not feeling very well. No wilderness or anything like that. Just been sick since Monday. I wouldn’t be surprised if this chapter didn’t make much sense. Will write more when I’m feeling better. Stay healthy everybody!

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