Trapping Quincy

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Chapter 37 - A Brotherly Love

The sun is already up in the sky but I don’t feel like getting up yet. One large hand is on my breast, possessively cupping it, while another one is spread over my stomach, underneath my top. Long masculine legs tangled with mine and a big muscular body against my back, shielding me from the wind. Strong and protective.

The sound of the waves and seagulls lull me back to the edge of sleep.

I burrow deeper into his warmth and cover my eyes to keep the sun out. I draw in a sharp breath when I feel the hand on my stomach glides lower while another one curls tighter around my breast.

“You’re awake.” My voice sounds husky and accusing.

I squirm when I feel something hard poking against my lower back. Even through our clothing, I can feel him.

“In more ways than one.” I hear him mutter before his lips find the curve of my jaw. “How could I stay asleep when you keep wiggling and rubbing against me?” His hand kneads me through my lacy bra. His mouth trails kisses, nibbles, and licks down my neck like he’s tasting me, bringing a zing of electricity running through me right to my core. I sigh and tilt my head back to give his talented mouth more access to my neck. His mouth latches onto the spot where my shoulder meets my neck, sucking. I feel his teeth and canines pressing against my skin. My heart is hammering like crazy in my chest. He’s going to mark me. I am so ready for this.

A savage growl rumbles through his chest, then in less than a blink of an eye, he’s gone, taking his warm body, wandering hands, and his skilled mouth from me, leaving me cold. His sudden movement almost tips me off the lounger, face planting myself on the sand.

I groggily twist my body to look at him standing behind me. I’m dazed and confused. His eyes are dark and savage while his body is taut like a coiled spring.

“I’m going for a swim in the ocean, care to join me?” He’s breathing like he just ran a marathon. His canines are still very visible.

“What?” I smooth my hair back from my face, trying to think. What had just happened?

“Do you want to go for a swim with me?” he repeats his question slowly.

What the hell? What’s happening? Really? I jump up to my feet. “What now? Like right now?” I ask him. My brain is suffering from a whiplash.

“No, next year,” he deadpans.

I’m suddenly pissed off. He stopped making out with me and possibly marking me to go for a swim? Who does that?

“Smart *ss!” I scowl and punch his arm.

“Your smart*ss,” he says cheekily, rubbing his arm. I am so confused right now. “Come on, I’m giving you the chance to ogle at all of this.” He motions toward his body. His annoying good mood is obviously back.

“No, I don’t want to ogle you, you cocky *ss!” Do you have someone in this world who makes you feel like hitting them on the head then hit them some more? Over and over again? Well, I’m staring at him right now.

“Aaahhh...the sweet names you call me and it’s not even seven in the morning yet. You are so loving, my love.” He’s grinning now. A stupid sexy grin that makes you want to smile back even when you’re pissed off. “I can tell that you’re obsessed with my *ss too. I don’t blame you. I do have a great *ss.” He makes a twisting motion around to look at his own butt. “It’s one of my best assets.”

“Oh, my god! Shut up! Just shut up already!” I wail. How could he joke like that when he just rejected me? I mean, it feels like a rejection. One minute he was all over me and I thought he was going to mark me. Now, he’s standing here making stupid jokes, like nothing happened. “I want to clock you in the face!”

He grabs my wrist to stop me when I try to stomp back toward the house.

“Moya Printsessa.” No hint of that impish smile or teasing glint in his eyes as he stares at me now. “I was close to losing control just now. You have no idea how much my lycan wants to claim you, forever,” he explains.

He comes to stand behind me and places his hands on my shoulders. “Look,” he whispers in my ear. We are both standing, facing the house now.

From where we are standing, I can see part of the upper level of the house. Anybody looking out from one of the windows there or one of the balconies would be able to see us out here.

“I don’t want an audience when I take you, my love. You’re mine. There are parts of your body that I don’t want anybody else to touch, even with their eyes.” He kisses the top of my head before he turns me around to face him.

He leans down so that we’re eye to eye. God, the green of his eyes is so vivid. So bright. Almost electric green. He takes my breath away. “I love you,” he says.

“I love you too.”

“You’re blushing.”

“Am not!” I am blushing. I don’t know why my heart stuttered when I said it and I feel shy so suddenly. “I’m going in for breakfast. I can smell it from here.” I can, but I’m just saying that to deflect his attention away from my blushing.

“I can’t believe I just got rejected for food.” He shakes his head ruefully.

He sits back on the lounger to take off his shoes and socks. “Oh, we’re going out on a date today,” he says. “Be ready by 10.”

I roll my eyes. Of course, he has to tell me instead of asking me.

“My offer still stands. You’re welcome to join me for a swim, or we can go surfing,” he says, standing up again.

The water looks cold. “Nah, I’m good,” I tell him.

He grabs his shirt from the back and yanks it off over his head to expose all that magnificent sculptured body. The way he took off his shirt is just so...sexylike. The muscles bunch and flex when he moves. A trail of dark blond hair arrows down from his belly button to disappear under his low hanging jeans.

Then his hands creep up to undo the buttons of his jeans.

“Are you sure you don’t want to ogle my body, babe?” I can tell from his voice that he’s smirking.

“No, thanks.”

“Okay.” He pulls the jeans down his legs. Such beautiful legs...and tight sexy ass.

“It’s okay for you to ogle me, you know. I’m all yours.”

I can see the outline of his bulging manhood through his tight boxers. “I’ll pass,” I tell him, running my tongue over my lower lip.

He growls. “Moya Printsessa...” His voice sounds husky and rumbles deep from his chest. “The way you’re looking at me is...” Then he’s gone. I look up just in time to see his powerful figure breaking the surf before he dives in. The inhuman speed that he’s moving is telling me how close he was at losing control. Again.

My mouth stretches into a big grin. Oh, he’s not going to last too long. It’ll drive him crazy not to mark me soon.

Is it too wrong that I’m enjoying his struggle to be a gentleman? Waiting is overrated. I make my way back, humming underneath my breath.

I walk in through the open glass back door where Lady Celeste is having breakfast. She’s wearing a white, low plunging v-neck jumpsuit. Her light brown hair is twisted in a bun with a few curly strands fall around her face and her neck. Her eyes narrow as she takes in my appearance.

I know, just getting up after spending the whole night on the beach doesn’t make me look gorgeous and well put together like she does this morning. But I spent my morning in the arms of the man I love and I’m feeling great. I can’t stop smiling.

Her nose wrinkled when I take my seat at the table. I know I smell like I’ve spent a night in Caspian’s arms.

A motherly looking woman with an apron quietly pours coffee into a mug in front of me. I can tell from her scent that she’s a werewolf.

I thank her and she smiles before she goes away to come back with a glass-covered tray of continental breakfast that consists of delicious looking bread and pastries. On the table, there are butter, jars of jams, marmalades, and preserves.

A while later, she comes back with a glass of orange juice for me and I think I’m in love. Umm..not more than I love Caspian, but close.

I’m aware that Lady Celeste is watching me broodingly. I decide to ignore her as I pick up a still warm croissant and break it into pieces. Then I take my time, smothering each piece with butter.

Almost a full minute goes by before she sighs, leans in and says, “You know he’s only toying with you, right?”

I dunk a piece of the croissant into my coffee and stuff it into my mouth. good! I look up and smile innocently when she wrinkles her nose in disgust.

“You’re just a temporary entertainment,” she declares, then she sits back to wait for my response. I pick another piece and do the same thing. Oh, this is heavenly!

I’m a pro at dunking cookies, bread, and pastries into my coffee. I got the habit from my Nana. Nana blamed it on her French ancestry.

After a while, she grows irritated by my lack of reaction...or me dunking croissant into my coffee. I see her huffing and scowling but trying hard not to scream or something. It’s really quite amusing. Finally, she leans in and says quietly, “He’ll get bored with you in no time and comes back to me. He always does. Besides, he knows that Queen Sophia will only accept me as his mate. I’m his betrothed. I’ve been groomed to be his mate for decades.”

I grip my butter knife. I almost feel the stab of the knife in my heart from that statement. Well, to be completely honest, I want to stab her with the butter knife.

It’s not her statement about Caspian getting bored with me that bothers me, but about Queen Sophia not accepting me, and her being his betrothed.

I think back to his question in the wee hour this morning. What will happen if he took me as his mate? Would he really lose everything? Is that his mother’s ultimatum?

I quickly pick a danish and dunk it into my coffee. Nothing is bothering me. Nothing is bothering me.

Lady Celeste makes a face, looking disturbed by my action. “What are you, anyway?”

I pretend not to hear her question and keep eating. Then I hear her talking again, almost to herself. “You can’t be a werewolf or a human because a lycan can’t fool around with them.”

She’s silent for a while, thinking. It’s nice when she’s silent. Then she takes a deep breath and scowls. “Right now you only smell like him.”

This woman really doesn’t know when to stop talking. Oh well, at least I’m annoying her as much as she’s annoying me.

“I know you couldn’t resist him, his charm, his looks, his title. It’s not really your fault. I don't blame you. You didn’t stand a chance, but now that he’s had you, he’s done with you.” Oh, is she still talking to me? She shakes her head and her eyes are full of pity for me. “His friends are no better. They’re not very nice - stuck up and cruel to outsiders. You should leave before they throw you out. Save whatever dignity you have left. I can get my driver to send you back to wherever you came from.”

I know she traveled here with a Royal bodyguard who’s also her personal driver. That’s how she managed to get in through Lazarus’s security.

“How very nice of you,” I remark with a nod while stuffing my mouth with more food. “But I live here.”

She draws in a sharp breath at my answer. Her eyes widen and her nostrils flare. She seems to be at a lost for words, so I flash her another sweet smile before I bite into the warm flaky pastry.

She opens her mouth to say something but closes it quickly when Serena and Lazarus walk in. “Good morning,” says Serena cheerfully.

Lazarus looks at me and nods his head. “Had a restful night?” he asks me. His voice sounds serious but there’s a teasing glint in his eyes.

“Very,” I answer before I quickly raise the orange juice to my lips to hide my smirk.

The lady comes back with more food. She also places a carafe of coffee and more mugs on the table. By now I start to see a halo around her head and beautiful wings sprouting on her back. I could marry this woman. “Where have you been all my life?” I blurt out, staring at her in awe.

Jorden strolls in through the opened glass backdoor. He smiles as soon as he sees me. “Good morning, everybody,” he says, taking a seat beside me. He earns a cheerful “good morning” from Serena and a friendly nod from Lazarus.

“Hey, Q.” He bumps my shoulder. “What’s new?”

“She has a crush on the cook,” deadpans Lazarus.

Jorden frowns and gives me a funny look while Serena laughs.

“Where’d you come from?” I ask Jorden.

“Pool house,” he answers.

“We thought he’d like the privacy of the pool house,” Serena explains to me, then she turns to Jorden and asks, “How’d you like it?”

“It’s great! I love it,” says Jorden with a wide grin, showing off his dimples. I haven’t seen those dimples in a long while.

Looking at him now, I realize how unhappy he was in Loup Noir Pack. There’s excitement in his eyes now. He looks relaxed in his white shirt and board shorts. A few top buttons of his white shirt are undone, showing off a bit of his muscled chest.

Jorden isn’t as big muscled as Lazarus or Darius. He’s lankier than Caspian and Constantine but he has enough muscles to impress. He looks like a surfer dude with his long unruly curls. All he needs now is a surfboard and a bit of suntan. This is good for him.

“Where’s Prince Caspian?” he asks me.

“Swimming...or surfing,” I reply, sliding my gaze toward Lady Celeste who remains quiet so far. She’s watching us with curiosity.

“I can’t wait to go swimming in the ocean,” he says.

I’m glad that Jorden and Caspian get along very well right from the very beginning because Caspian could be very standoffish and rude to people he just met. But then again, who doesn’t like Jorden? He’s truly a good guy. Whoever ends up being his mate really hits a jackpot.

Everybody else staggers in soon after that, starting with Penny and Darius, then Genesis and Constantine.

The cook quickly pours some coffee for Genesis who obviously is not a morning person. Penny scowls as soon as she sees Lady Celeste at the table. She moodily sits cradling a cow mug in her hands as soon as the lady fills it up with coffee.

Caspian’s closet is huge! It’s about the size of Jonah’s house. Everything is neatly organized. Color-coded, even. Lights turned on as soon as you step in. Each cubicle, shelf and drawer light up. Then there are his shoes. Oh, my god, his shoes! Just how many pairs of shoes does one man need?

I find my own clothes and a few new clothes my size already hanging and folded nicely on one side of the closet. There are a few pairs of shoes next to my old converse. I have a feeling I should thank Penny, Genesis, and Serena for this. They’ve also offered to take me shopping tomorrow.

After the shower, I explore the closet. I have no idea where Caspian is taking me. It’s already 9:50 am, so finally, I put on a new pair of blue wash designer jeans, a cute fitted white v neck top, and a pair of black converse. Jeans never look or feel better on me.

I spend the next minute brushing my hair while debating whether my outfit is too casual to wear for a date. I should have asked him where we’re going.

I feel his presence before I see or hear him.

“You look perfect, Moya Printsessa,” he says. Our eyes meet in the mirror. It's kinda creepy but also very fascinating how similar our eye color is. He lifts my hair up before placing his lips on the side of my neck, never taking his eyes off of me.

We’re dressed almost the same. He’s wearing a pair of blue wash jeans with a white t-shirt that hugs his body, black biker boots, and a black leather jacket.

“All you’re missing is this,” he says, draping a black leather jacket on my shoulders. "We look good together."

Surprisingly, we do. I always thought he's way too good looking for me. A god among men. Looking at our reflection in the mirror now, we look like we belong together. How is that possible?

Maybe it's just my wishful thinking because he still looks inhumanly gorgeous.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” he replies with a wink. He grabs my hand and we both make our way downstairs.

“Have fun kids!” I hear Constantine yells before we enter the garage.

“Don’t do what we wouldn’t do!” adds his mate, Genesis, cheekily.

“They’re not going painting, that’s for sure,” mutters Penny. Darius, Lazarus, and Serena burst out laughing.

“Owwww...Genesis! What the...? What did I do?” I hear Penny yell a second later.

Caspian chuckles but he doesn’t say a word as he leads me to a row of motorcycles on one side of the garage.

“Wait! Are we going on one of those?” I ask him, pointing at the motorbikes.

“Yes,” he says, looking at me with a raised eyebrow. “Problem?”

“Hell no! No problem at all.” I’m practically jumping up and down like a kid hopped up on a sugar rush. “Let’s go!”

He laughs as he ushers me toward a chrome olive green Harley. “Harley-Davidson Road King Special,” he says, stroking the handlebars and touching the leather seat lovingly. “1747 cc engine, 4 valves. It’s not the fastest bike but---”

“Excuse me,” I interrupt him. “Are you going to start making love to it, or are you going to take me for a ride on it?”

“I can’t believe you’re jealous of a motorbike,” he says three hours later when we stop to grab our lunch. He’s grinning mischievously as he takes off my helmet.

“I can’t believe you name your motorbike, Monique,” I return. It’s not that I’m jealous of Monique, it’s just that he won’t stop talking about how great she is. I’m thinking about my teddy bear, Oliver.

It’s been so much fun so far. We’ve been cruising around on the bike for a while. We even stopped by the Santa Monica Pier. I wanted to eat there but Caspian said we have another plan, so here we are.

The sign above the restaurant says Jon’s Pizzeria.

“Wait! This is the place where you got our pizza when you took me up that hill,” I say, gripping his hand.

“Yes, the very same one,” he replies, kissing the back of my hand before he ushers me through the door.

It’s a very small restaurant with very limited seating. The smell of pizza makes my mouth water.

“Good afternoon! Nice to see you again,” says a girl behind the counter, smiling widely at Caspian. She’s about my age, I think. Her eyes shine brightly when she looks at him. Right now she doesn’t even seem to notice me.

“Yeah, we’re here to take our order,” replies Caspian, pulling me to his side.

Her big smile falls as she spots me. “Oh...right,” she says. “I’ll be right back.” She disappears to the back. Not a minute later, she’s back with a bag that looks similar to the one Caspian brought to our outing, up that hill.

Her eyes are going back and forth between Caspian and me while he is paying the bill. “Is she your sister?” she blurts out suddenly.

Caspian raises his head from the credit card machine at her question. He stares at her blankly for a while before a slow mischievous smile takes over his face. “Why, yes. Yes, she’s my little sister,” he says, wrapping his arm lightly around my shoulders.

“Yep, this is my brother,” I say, placing my hand on his chest, raising myself up on my tiptoes. He turns and meets my lips with his halfway. He tilts my head and I let him takes over the kiss, devouring my lips like he’s starving. I open my mouth for his onslaught, meeting his tongue with mine.

By the time we pull back, we’re both breathing hard, grinning at each other. We both turn at the same time to look at the girl who is now staring at us with big shocked eyes and a wide open mouth.

“I just love my brother so much, you know,” I explain to her, as I lean my head on his chest and wrap my arms tighter around his waist.

Poor girl.

We’re both laughing hard once the door of Jon’s Pizzeria closes behind us.

“You’re a little devil.” He grins as he installs the food into one of the panniers.

“So are you...though you’re not so little,” I tell him. “Admit it. You enjoyed it.”

“Oh, you know I did.”

“Where to, big brother?” I ask him as he secures the helmet back on my head.

“Up the hill and into the woods,” he answers, giving me a swift kiss on the lips.

*I'll be doing a bit of changes and editing later. My next update will be next Tuesday again. Have a wonderful week, dear readers!

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