Trapping Quincy

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Chapter 38 - Perverted Bugs and Bunnies

We’re back in acres of private land surrounded by trees, up the little hill again. Sitting at the exact same spot we were before with a checkered blanket on the ground. We feast on pizza, mozzarella sticks, eclairs, and pops like the last time. The only difference is, it’s daytime today so I can see better. The view is as wonderful from up here. I can see the roofs of the houses below. I can see their swimming pools and their yards.

“This is a great place to spy on your neighbors,” I tell him as I get up and walk to the edge of the little drop off to see better. Somebody’s having a pool party down there while there are a couple of women sunbathing a few houses away. I’m kinda glad that we can’t see our house from up here. “Is there anyone famous living down there?”

He shrugs his shoulders and says, “No idea.” He wipes his hands with a napkin before he gracefully gets up to stand next to me. Sometimes I can’t get over how elegantly and beautifully he moves.

“I’m not a celebrity stalker or anything but wouldn’t it be cool to know if Henry Cavill or Chris Pine or Chris Evans or Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth lives nearby?”

“Why are they all male actors?” He frowns. “And why are they all Chris?”

“I did say Henry Cavill,” I reply. “Do you want them to be Ryans instead? Because Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling are Canadians, though they might...”

“Sweetheart,” he says warningly.

“Okay, sorry. No Chris or Ryans.” I grin.

He lets out a low threatening growl.

“Okay, fine, you got me. No Henry Cavill either.” Gee...I guess that’s the end of mine and Henry Cavill’s love affair. He doesn’t even get to know about it. “I only want Prince Caspian Romanov.”

“That’s the right thing to say,” he says approvingly. A small grin curves his lips upward. His hands grab the belt loops of my jeans to playfully tug me against him. “Despite what you think, I’m not a total pervert. I don’t come up here to spy on my neighbors.”

He sighs and his grin disappears. “When I’m stressed, I exercise and I train. I always find myself end up here. It helps me clear my head a bit.”

That reminds me of what Constantine said to me last night. He carries a load on his shoulders and he worries. It must not be easy to be a Crown Prince. It must be lonely for him to be carrying all that weight around while pretending to be happy and carefree all the time.

“This place is special to you,” I say. “Thank you for bringing me up here. Twice now.”

“This place is special to me because I brought you here that night. This is where you saw me as a lycan but you didn’t run.

“Quincy,” he says, going down on his knees in front of me.

“Oh, my god...what are you doing?” I shriek. One hand comes up to cover my mouth, while another clutches where my heart is threatening to jump out of my chest. “Caspian?”

There’s a blue velvet ring box in his hand. A glittering purplish pink stone catches the light, winking from inside it.

“Moya Printsessa, Moya Dusha (my soul), my love. You saw me that night, the true me, an ugly, terrifying monster that I am yet you stayed. You accepted me as I am right here, at this very spot. So I wonder if you would make me the happiest man by taking me just as I am. Right here.”

Oh my God! My heart is going crazy, it’s hard to breathe.

He continues, “I’ve been dreaming and searching for you for centuries. The day that I finally found you was the best day of my life. The more I get to know you, the deeper I fall for you. You are my dream girl and more. Now that I know how it feels like to have my soul complete, I can’t go back to living without my other half. I’d give up everything in this world for you. Nothing matters without you. Not my crown, not my life. Nothing.

“Quincy St Martin, will you be mine? Will you be my friend, my lover, my wife, my mate, and my partner in crime for life?”

Oh, my god! He’s staring up at me with a beautiful smile on his lips and that hopeful look in his eyes. I should say something. Say something.

I want to answer him but something is lodged in my throat.

He lifts an eyebrow up, still waiting patiently. “My love?”

Stupid me. I burst into tears. Not a delicate, dainty, and pretty kind of crying either. Massive sobs burst out of my chest and big fat tears flow out of my eyes like a torrent of rain.

He immediately stands up with an alarmed look on his face. “How much did I mess that up?” he asks. His question brings out another big loud sob and he visibly winces.

I shake my head and bury my face into his chest. “You didn’t mess it up,” I choke out. My voice is muffled into his shirt.

“Okaay...” he says, sounding confused but his hands come up to stroke my back soothingly. “Uh...what are the chances of you saying yes?”

I lift my face up. “Yes! Yes! Yes, I’ll be your friend, your lover, your wife, your mate, the Harley to your Joker... your everything you want me to be. I’d be your pretend sister, even-”

He cuts my rambling by planting a kiss on my mouth. The kiss is brief, yet so possessive and demanding.

“Why are you crying then?” he asks.

“I’m just so happy,” I croak.

He smiles and presses our forehead together while his thumbs wipe my wet cheeks. “I thought I messed it up.

“Genesis suggested that I hire clowns and lots of food to help me propose while Penny suggested fireworks and hot air balloons, Serena said candles, lots of candles and rose petals but I know that you prefer something simple rather than anything elaborate so...was that okay for you?”

“Okay?” I ask him. He did this to make me happy. He’s right, I don’t want anything fancy. How does he know me so well?

I’ve always dreamed of something like this; just the man I love, asking for my hand in the sincerest and simplest way. I couldn’t ask for anything sweeter. “This is what I always dreamed of. Only better!” I fling my arms around his neck after he slips the ring into my finger. “I can’t believe it. I’m engaged! We’re engaged! I have a fiancé!”

He wraps his arms around my waist and swings me around. His head is thrown back as he laughs. The sound of his laughter is beautiful. Carefree and joyful. Blissfully happy.

He looks so sexy when he laughs like that. His mouth, his chin...the way his Adam apple bobs, the curve of his throat. If I wasn’t already in love with him, I would’ve fallen in love with him now. Right at this moment.

When his laughter subsides, I say, “You proposed like humans.”

“Since you consider yourself a “normal” human, I thought you’d like it if I propose to you like the way most “normal” humans do,” he replies. His brilliant green eyes are bright and his lips curl up sexily.

The air around us suddenly feels heavy. “I always fancied the idea of being somebody’s fiancée,” I tell him, unable to take my eyes off of him.

“Now you’re my fiancée,” he says. The air around us has definitely changed. A fire blazes in his eyes. His Adam apple moves again when he swallows like he’s nervous. I want to put my mouth on his throat and have a taste.

Before I lose control and lick his throat or something, I look down to study the ring that he slipped into the fourth finger on my left hand.

“It’s a purple-pink diamond because I know you love purple,” he says. His voice sounds husky.

It’s absolutely gorgeous! The big Princess cut center stone is brilliant purplish pink in color. It is surrounded by two rounds of smaller sparkly white diamonds. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” I breathe.

“Not as beautiful as you.”

“Cheesy,” I say, trying to lighten up the tension. But it doesn’t go away. The crackles of energy between us cling in the air.

I look up again and we stare at each other for what seems like an eternity.

Something flickers in his eyes as if he comes to a decision. His hands come up to span my waist to slowly pull me closer to him.

He leans down to press a kiss just below my ear. I shiver at the feeling of his lips against my skin.

“This place is private,” he whispers. “How do you feel like being mated here, under the sky, among the trees. In nature.”

“I’m shy of bunnies and bugs,” I tell him.

“Is that so?” He raises his face. His voice is light and playful but eyes are heated. His lips are hovering just a few inches from mine. The air around us is thick and charged.

“Yes, they might be peeping and I’m a shy girl,” I whisper. Our breaths mingle together. He leans in closer still and my lips tingle just from the feel of his breath on me and the anticipation.

“Those pesky, pervy bunnies and bugs,” he whispers back. His warm breath fans against my lips. “How dare them cockblocking me.”

My lips quirk. He says the damnedest things. “Yeah, how dare them,” I whisper against his lips just before they cover mine.

As soon as our lips touch, heat explodes through me. His arms circle my waist, pulling me flush against him. My arms go around his neck. My fingers tangle in his silky golden hair and tug, trying to get closer. My heart feels like it’s about to explode it my chest.

He groans and his lips grow more urgent. His tongue traces the seam of my lips before it finds entrance into my mouth. Our tongues tangle and dances together. Teasing, tasting each other. Oh God, he tastes so good.

He nips and sucks on my lower lip, making me moan softly into his mouth. Caspian...

He draws back, ripping his mouth off me and I let out a sound of protest. We’re both breathing hard. I can hear the rapid beating of his heart along with my own. His eyes are intense, smoldering, focused only on me.

Then he bends down just to grasp my butt and lifts me up. My hands automatically cling tighter to his shoulders and my legs wrap themselves around his hips.

He carries me to the blanket and I’m too mesmerized by the fire in his eyes to look at anything else.

He slides me down on my feet and says. “There’s no going back. This is going to be forever. Tell me you’re ready to be mine, Moya Printsessa. Mine and only mine.”

“I’m ready to be yours. Only yours,” I tell him. “Forever.”

His eyes glitter, his jaw tightens, and his nostrils flare at my words.

He takes a step back. “Take off your clothes,” he growls in a way that allows no disobedience. Very much like a king delivering a command. It reminds me that he’s not a regular man. He’s a powerful lycan. A future king. I find his bossiness to be such a turn on.

I pull shoes and my socks off. Then I take my shirt off. I look up at him before I undo the button of my jeans. I pull the zipper down while watching his eyes following my every movement. His eyes flare and his jaw clenches as I wiggle my pants down my legs. I decided that I like watching him watching me.

I am now in my matching cream silk lacy underwear, standing there staring at him.

“I said take off all of your clothes. All of it,” he commands. So bossy. I like it.

It might seem like he’s in control, giving me instructions, but I feel powerful. His body is taut. His nostrils flare as he can smell how wet I am for him already. Holding back is a torture for him.

I unclasp my bra and slowly let it falls to the ground. I can see his chest rising and falling fast. His eyes are now dark and wild with hunger as they roam my figure.

I slip my fingers into the waistband of my panties before sliding it slowly down my legs. I kick it off to the side and stand in front of him.

He stares at me for the longest time. Hungrily devouring me with his eyes.

“Now lie down on the blanket,” he says, finally. His voice sounds gruff and his hands are in tight fists.

I quietly lie down and he comes over, nudging my legs apart to sit on his knees between them.

His eyes are heavy-lidded. They glitter underneath his golden eyelashes. Watching me contemplatively.

His face assumes that imperious quality. Arrogant and possessive.

“So beautiful, and all mine,” he murmurs.

He watches me like a predator who finally has his prey in his grasp, ready to feast but every part looks delectable that he doesn’t know where to start.

His hand trembles as he skims it down between my breast, over my ribcage, my taut stomach, and rubbing softly over my heat. I moan and arch my body upward to get closer to his teasing hand.

I think my moan breaks his control. In a heartbeat, he’s on top of me. His lips are devouring mine, hot and demanding. His hands move to stroke my bare skin. His groin is grinding into me. “I want to take my time,” he growls into my mouth. “But I can’t do slow. Not now. I need you.” His voice is raw with hunger.

“Next time,” I tell him as I help pull his jacket off. I don’t want slow now. I’m desperate for him. I’ve never wanted anything more than I want him right now. Together, we frantically pull his boots, pants, and shirt off. I think we ripped his shirt right in the middle.

“Mine...” he mouths against my skin as he moves his mouth over my breast hungrily, kissing, nipping, licking, and sucking. His breathing is ragged.

His warm powerful hands are all over me. His masculine smell is so addictive.

We attack each other with our hands, lips, tongue, and teeth.

In the end, I’m so slick and ready for him. He braces his hand on each side of me and watches me when he finally enters me. His expression is fierce and his eyes are completely black. Dark veins are visible across his face. His canines are out. He’s only half human and completely sexy.

I realize then that my canines are also extended. That slumbering part of me is now fully awake and ready. I feel every inch of him inside. I only manage to cling to his broad shoulders as he rocks us both. The fire explodes into an inferno.

I hear his growl before his teeth and canines sink into my shoulder. I scream and sink my own teeth and sharp canines into his. Pain and raw pleasure. Our bond seeps deep into my blood and my bones. My world erupts in a colorful explosion where nothing else exists. Just him and me. I hear nothing but our hearts beating in tandem with each other. I feel nothing but his presence, inside and around me. He’s in my consciousness. In every breath that I take. He’s in my soul. It feels like coming home.

My eyelids feel heavy. This is more than intimacy, it’s...I yawn. Maybe if I just close my eyes. Just for a minute.

I wake up gentle kisses along my collarbone, going lower. He crawls up to grin wickedly into my eyes when he knows I’m awake. I can’t help but grin back. The feeling of happiness and love coming from him make me feel euphoric.

We make love again. This time a lot slower. He works his way slowly down my body. His hands blazing a trail for his mouth and tongue to follow. We take our time to worship every inch of each other’s body. I’ve never felt closer to anyone. Our souls are so tightly winded together, ripping us apart would destroy us both.

It’s after 5 pm by the time we arrive back. Serena, Genesis, Constantine, Darius, and Lazarus are there. Serena, Penny, and Genesis attack us with hugs as soon as we open the front door. I wonder if they’ve been waiting to ambush us with those hugs all day.

The men give Caspian manly hugs along with congratulatory pats on his back. Lazarus breaks open a bottle of Château Cheval Blanc from their cellar, while the girls continue to admire my engagement ring.

“Hey, since you’re engaged, why don’t you guys get married?” suggests Genesis.

“It’s not like you need to since you’re fully mated and marked but it’ll be so much fun to plan a wedding,” agrees Serena.

“Why plan a wedding? Let us all go to Vegas,” says Penny. “You can get married in one of those little chapels by a fake Elvis.”

I study their excited faces. I’ve never been to Vegas. “I don’t know about being married by Elvis, but Vegas actually sounds like fun.”

The girls squeal excitedly then they start chattering about the wedding dress and the fun stuff that we could do while we’re there.

“Sweetheart, we’d better go upstairs and get cleaned up before dinner,” says Caspian. The fire in his eyes when he locks eyes with me and the hunger that I sense coming from him tells me clearly that we’d be doing more than cleaning up when we get upstairs.

“Ooohh...look at you, being romantic and stuff,” teases Genesis, grinning mischievously at him. “Besides, dinner is not for another hour.”

“Shut up, Red,” he says. His answering grin is equally mischievous. “Don’t you have a painting session or something to do with my cousin?”

That earns snickers from the others, while Genesis’s cheeks turn a shade red.

“Your commitment to art is very admirable,” I tell Genesis earnestly. At her raise of an eyebrow, I elaborate, “Your passion for art, you know, to be constantly painting. Night and day. Tirelessly.”

Penny lets out a loud snort and Constantine starts coughing while the others burst out laughing. Genesis gives me a wide-eyed stare. Her cheeks turn even a brighter red.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” I look at Caspian for help. He’s biting his lower lip but his shoulders are shaking. He steers me toward the stairs while the others are still laughing. “Honestly, I support great artwork. I’d love to see her painting one day.”

He lets out a funny noise. For a second there, I thought he was chocking. When he recovers, he hollers, “Oh, Red, we’d like to see your painting one day!” I watch Penny rolling on the floor. “Come on my love, let’s go upstairs.”

“Actually, you go right up first. I need to see my cousin about something,” I tell him, still baffled by the whole situation.

“Okay, don’t be long.” He drops a kiss on my lips. That little kiss heats up my blood all the way down to my toes. The husky intimate sound of his voice promises all sorts of naughty. I almost cancel my plan to see Jorden. I am addicted to him. I’m so in trouble.

I walk around the pool to get to the pool house. It’s a small white building facing a giant in-ground hot tub. I’ve never set foot in the pool house before.

There are two doors. One is a storage area where they store the equipment for the pool while another is a living space and changing area. I rap on door number two until I hear movement inside.

“Hey J, watcha up to?” I ask Jorden as I shoulder my way in as soon as he opens the door. His eyes are dazed and his hair all mused up. It looks like I just woke him up from a nap.

“I fell asleep while watching a movie,” he says, yawning.

“This place is sweet,” I comment, looking around.

It’s a nice space with a living area, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The deco is almost like a replicate of the main house on a much smaller scale. There’s a cluster of chairs and a sofa facing a big screen tv in the living room. The closing credit of a movie is rolling on the giant screen.

I lift my nose up and take a deep breath as I walk further inside. I sniff again. I smell Jorden and another faint scent that I come to recognize and dislike. Sweet and flowery.

My eyes snap to Jorden’s. “What was she doing here?”

Jorden looks surprised. I guess he’s not used to me being able to smell even the faintest of scent. As soon as he recovers, he answers, “Q...nobody else talks to her and she was feeling bored.”

“So, you have to entertain her?” I don’t know why, but it feels like Jorden is betraying me just by talking to her. He’s my cousin. My family. He’s not supposed to talk to my enemy.

“Come on, Q. We were just watching a movie together.”

How cozy. “Okay, I’m here to get my backpack and Oliver,” I tell him and snap my mouth shut.

“Quincy,” he says. He’s being serious when he says my name like that but I’m not in a mood to talk.

I’d say things I might regret later if I open my big mouth right now. Things like, Lady Celeste is Satan incarnate and I want to stab her with the pointy end of her own tail and stick her on the pitchfork and roast her like a marshmallow over an open fire until she’s a charred, unrecognizable chunk.

After a long silence, he sighs and leaves me to get my backpack from his room. When he comes back. he silently hands it to me. Then he stands there, still waiting for me to say something.

“Thanks.” My voice is curt. He shakes his head like he’s disappointed in me. Whatever. It’s just so typical of Jorden to be nice to everybody.

I walk out without another word. Maybe when I’m not feeling as pissed, I could see him being nice to everybody as a positive trait. Right now it sucks.

Her scent fills my nostrils again when I ascend the stairs to our suite. I slow my steps as I approach the top stairs when I hear voices in our room. Lady Celeste’s voice carries through the air.

*3667 words. Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger...and my smut scene...sheesh, my smut scene. Me= red face.

I’m going to be in NYC, so I’m not sure if I can update next week. I’ll try my best to update if I’m not stuck all week there. Anybody else is going to be at Wattcon next weekend?

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