Trapping Quincy

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Chapter 42 - Freaky Oliver

The air changes a minute later. More charged.

I lift my gaze and watch him approaches with languid but elegant and graceful steps. “I’m here to pick up an errant mate,” he says.

It’s not even five yet, but it’s winter, so the sun is already low on the horizon. The bright orange color of the sunset plays across his flawless skin and sets his golden hair aflame.

He’s wearing a dark grey pinstripe suit. It’s not what he was wearing this morning. He must have changed sometime today.

The jacket isn’t buttoned up, showing the same colored waistcoat and a dark red silk tie underneath.

He always looks great dressed casually, but Caspian in a suit and tie should be illegal.

It’s like he’s pulling a string to my limbs, I immediately rise up from the tub to meet him. Only when he stops on his track and his eyes heat up, do I remember that I’m in nothing but my new, very revealing purple and white polka dot bikini.

His eyes slowly rake over me from top to bottom then up again before he resumes his slow advance. There’s something else in his eyes apart from hunger and possessiveness as he stares at me. Something feral. It makes me pause before I step out of the tub to meet him halfway.

A slow wolfish smile curls his lips up as he gets closer. His slow but purposeful stride reminds me of a big cat stalking its prey.

I think I hear Genesis or Serena saying goodbye to us or something but I can’t be sure. All I can see is him. It’s like we’re in our own little world. A tense little world where the air is thick and very charged.

My body is heating up just from the look in his eyes and his wicked little smile. I barely feel it when the cold wind sweeps over my barely covered body, but he grabs a robe from a table and holds it up for me so that I can slip my arms up into it.

My heart is pounding almost painfully in my chest when he deliberately lets his fingers lightly graze my skin.

“I heard something very interesting from a little birdie...or rather your cousin today,” he murmurs casually in my ear as he brings the robe up over my arms. He drops a kiss on my shoulder before he covers it with the robe.

“Oh, yeah?” Something in his voice warns me to tread carefully. He’s making me nervous. “Ummm...uh, I’m going to take my shower now,” I tell him. I’ve learned my lesson: when in doubt, run! “Bye Genesis! Bye Serena! I’ll see you at dinner time.” I give Genesis and Serena a little wave and scurry ahead of him into the house.

I can hear his footsteps following me as I race up the grand staircase to our suite on the third floor.

I head straight to our room as soon as I reach our level. I hear him discarding his jacket on the floor behind me as we cross the room. I never knew that you can feel both excited and nervous just from hearing an item of clothing hitting the floor.

“Quincy,” he calls out when I’m about to reach our ensuite bathroom. He’s already standing at the foot of the bed, loosening his tie, while keeping his eyes on me. “Come here,” he says, as he casually undoes the cufflinks and folds the sleeves of his pristine white shirt up to his elbows.

Am I in trouble? I watch him warily, chewing my bottom lip and shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I’m considering my options and the course of my next action. It’s so hard to think and decide when he’s looking so delicious and not letting me in his feelings. Should I run? Now?

“I said, come here, Quincy.” His voice is stern.

I’m not sure of my chances of getting away if I ran. I don’t even know what it is that I did to land me in trouble in the first place. Maybe it’s time for the second option then. “What is it, baby?” I ask, smiling innocently at him.

His eyes narrow but lips quirk up at one corner as if he can’t help himself. If anything, that smile makes him look more dangerous.

He sits on the edge of the bed and pats a spot next to him.

I loosen the sash of my robe and let the fluffy material pools at my feet. His eyes glitter underneath his eyelids as he watches me. He extends his hand up for me to take. I take one tentative step toward him but then I start to rethink my strategy. Clearly, my seduction isn’t working that well. I think I might still be in trouble.

“ know what? I think I’m going to hit the shower first,” I tell him.

“No. Get your pretty ass over here, my love. Don’t make me go there and get you,” he warns me.

I decided not to listen and whirl around, determine to lock myself inside the bathroom. I figure, once I’m safe on the other side of the door, we can negotiate my term of getting out of trouble....for whatever it is that I might have done.

Ack! feet are off the ground in seconds and before I know what’s happening, I’m bent across his knees, facing the thick carpet in front of our bed.

One of his hands is pressing on my back, effectively preventing me from getting up. Another one is resting firmly on my ass. “You continue to defy me, my love. You should’ve come to me when I asked you to. I think it’s high time for your punishment, don’t you think so?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I answer him. “I really, really don’t think so.”

“First thing first,” he says as if I didn’t say anything. “Who is Oliver?”

What? “Uh...he..uh...Jorden is a traitor,” I blurt out.

“Don’t go blaming your cousin,” he says. “You know just how to torture me, don’t you? You could’ve told me that he’s a teddy bear, but no, you just had to torture me.” Well, I wanted to torture him. A bit.

“You were jealous,” I say.

“Damn right I was! You said you couldn’t live without him and it was driving me out of my mind,” he growls. “The only person you shouldn’t be able to live without is me.”

I feel him stroking my ass with his warm hand. “You deserve a good spanking.“

“No, I don’t,” I say quickly. “Owww....” I yelp when I feel a sting of his hand on my behind. “I wasn’t ready,” I protest. Oh, god...this is kinda embarrassing and a turn on.

“That’s for letting me think that Oliver is a man...for three days!” I feel his hand rubbing over the stinging flesh soothingly before it lands on my flesh on another cheek. “That’s for constantly defying me.”

Okay, not going to lie, the slap stings, but I’m more turned on than in pain.

Another sound of skin smacking against skin echoes and my behind burns. “And that’s for a future offense you’re undoubtedly going to commit very soon,” he says.

“Hey! It doesn’t work that way!” I frown at him over my shoulder.

“It works the way I want it to work, baby.” Oh, that smirk on his arrogant face...“Besides, I know you like it.” Yup, arrogant and cocky. His hand moves from my ass cheek, going lower.

I push up quickly before he discovers my damp bikini bottom. Surprisingly, he lets me up. That growing smirk on his face and the wicked flash in his eyes tell me that he already knows.

“Do I get to spank you too when you misbehave?” I ask him.

His eyebrow rises and that sexy smirk stays on his lips. “Now introduce me to Oliver,” he demands, ignoring my question.

I grab my old backpack from behind a bookcase next to his little reading nook by the window. I pull Oliver out and bring his head up so that he’s looking at Caspian.

I make my voice sound low and say, “Hello, I’m Oliver.” I hold him out. “Now shake his hand,” I tell Caspian.

My golden prince just folds his arms over his chest and stare at my battered teddybear with a strange, funny look on his face before he looks back at me. I know Oliver looks really bad and the spoiled prince might have never seen anything as hideous.

“You’re hurting his feelings,” I tell him.

To his credit, he reaches out and holds Oliver’s dirty, worn out little paw between his index finger and thumb and moves it up and down. “I think Oliver needs a bath,” he announces.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I ask him when he takes Oliver and places it on top of the many pillows near the headboard.

“I’m making him watch.”

“Watch what?”

“This,” he says as he throws me face down on the bed. He takes both my hands in his and pulls them up above my head. I hear the rustling sound of fabric and soon, his dark red, silk tie is wrapped around my wrists, binding my hands together. So, my Prince is a bit kinky and bossy in bed...just the way I like it.

His warm body covers mine immediately after. I feel his mouth on the nape of my neck, licking and sucking as if it’s the most delicious thing he’s ever tasted. “I’ve been thinking of you the whole day, today. Missing you.” He says between licks and kisses. “Then I hear about Oliver...then I see you in that sexy ass bikini...rising from the steamy, foggy a nymph.” He drops a trail of kisses up to my jaw. “Makes me think of a thousand things I would like to do to you.” Oh, god...this man. “Baby, you’re driving me crazy,” he groans, grinding his hard length against my ass. He bites the back of my neck as if he’s trying to leave a mark on me again.

He kisses and touches every inch of the back of my body like he’s worshipping me before he flips me on my back. He pulls the string of my bikini top and tosses the tiny fabric over his shoulder. “So beautiful,” he says. The look of arrogance and possessiveness on his face look so hot. “And all mine to touch and play with any time I want. Tell me, baby.”

“I’m not a toy.” I’m panting and my voice comes out breathy and shaky. He’s still fully dressed except for his suit jacket and tie. “You’re not---” He swoops down and covers my mouth with his, cutting my words and I lose all coherent thoughts. His tongue finds its way inside my mouth right away. Demanding and possessive. His hand grips my bound wrists, keeping them above my head while his other hand roams freely over my body. His mouth soon follows the blazing trail of his hand.

When his mouth reaches my hip, he pulls my bikini bottom down my legs. His lips followed the tiny fabric on its downward journey. Every inch of me feels like it's on fire. That fabric is then tossed over his shoulder before he spreads my thighs apart. He slowly runs a finger down my core, stops, and looks up at me with a wicked grin on his lips. “Now, say it, baby.”

Oh back arches. My brain is hazy. “Say what?”

“Tell me that this body is all mine to touch and play with any time I want.”

What? I thrash about, trying to clench my thighs together.

“Say it,” he demands, retaining a tight grip of my legs, holding me down, keeping them apart. It’s obvious that he’s not letting me go...not that I really want to, anyway. Nor will he do anything else to me until I do as he asked.

“My body...yours to play with...unh, anytime you want.” I feel his fingers moving in, swirling around and I raise my head to see him watching where his fingers are gliding with rapt and intense attention.

“You’re all mine. Your heart, body, and soul. Mine. Nobody else gets to see this, touch this. Say it.” I hear him say.

“Oh, for god’s sake!” I snap. “Yes! Yes! Now just do it, or I swear..”

“Do what, my love?” He peeks up again with that naughty grin.

Darn it! I growl and he chuckles before his golden head dives down between my thighs. That naughty mouth and wicked wicked tongue.

We’re catching our breaths and I’m feeling euphoric and sleepy but I lift my head up from Caspian’s chest. He’s lying on his back, gazing at the ceiling. His golden hair tousled. A few strands stick to his damp skin. His finger is tracing a lazy circle on my arm.

When his eyes slide to me, I say, “That was...”

“Amazing?” he supplies. “Phenomenal? Awe-inspiring? So incredible that it should be recorded as one of the seven wonders of the world? So incredibly sensational that the world leaders should all announce--- ”

I grab a pillow and smother him with it so he’d stop talking. He laughs and wrenches it away.

Our legs are tangled together and my body is comfortably draped over his, so both our bodies quake when either of us laughs.

“You’re nuts,” I announce.

“I’m your nuts,” he declares and I can’t hold in my laugh and my body shakes on top of him. He tightens his hold on my shoulder.

We’re being silly. We’ve been doing this for hours now: making love, then talk about ourselves or about nothing at all, then we’re back to doing it all over again. The more we’re together, the more I want him. I’m well and truly addicted...and sore.

“Now I’m hungry,” I tell him, glancing at the clock on the bedside table. It’s almost eleven at night. We missed dinner.

“Time to feed my mate,” he says, lifting me up. He pauses before he winks at me and says, “With food, this time.”

“Oh my god! You did not just say that!”

“Oh, yes I did,” he announces proudly.

“God! You’re nuts!”

“I’m your nuts,” he says. “And stop calling me god.”

“Shut up!”


He pulls his pajama bottom on while I steal one of his t-shirts. I know, it’s cliché to wear your mate’s shirt, but I love them. They’re so soft and comfortable and smell like him.

The whole house is in the darkness except for the chandelier hanging on top of the grand staircase and the light from the pool in the backyard.

Together, we sneak into the kitchen and ransack the fully stocked fridge and pantry.

He found a jar of home-made Russian dressing and decided to make us a couple of pastrami sandwiches.

“You know Anya has a crush on you, don’t you?” I ask him as I fill a plate with several types of cheese I found in the fridge.

“Anya who?” he asks me, licking the spoon before he drops it in the sink.

“Our younger cook, Anya!” How could he not know this?

“Oh, okay,” he says, tightening the lid of the dressing jar.

I sigh as I add a bunch of grapes to the plate. There, a cheese plate. Done.

“Why? Do you want me to fire her?”

“Nope!” I answer him, popping a grape into my mouth. The grape is sweet. Nice! Nana used to try grapes at the store before she bought them even though she’s not supposed to. That’s why our grapes were always sweet. “You can’t fire people just for having a crush on you.”

“Sure you can,” he says, pouring milk into two glasses. “I’ll fire her ass tomorrow morning if you want me to.”

“Nope. No firing the cook.” I grab a bag of Oreos from the pantry.

We bring our food upstairs and eat them in bed.

“What are your plans for tomorrow?” he asks me before he bites into his sandwich.

“I’m going to class in the morning,” I tell him. “Then I’m going to the cafe. I don’t know if I still have a job after not showing up for work for a few days without as much as a text.” I hope our manager, Adam won’t kill me for that. I mean, what excuse could I possibly give him? Sorry, I couldn’t make it to work for the last five days or so because I was kidnapped. Oh, and I’ve killed someone too, like for real, and got mated to a know, the usual. Yeah, sounds ridiculous, right? Even I know that’s not going to fly. I might have to grovel to get the job back.

Caspian doesn’t look pleased when I mention my job. He doesn’t say anything but he’s brooding.

I actually like working. I might be making minimum wage, but it’s my money. I’m hopeless at a lot of things but I’m getting pretty good at making smoothies. I suspect that I might be turning pro soon.

“I’m going to visit Jonah, Layla, and Isaac later during the day,” I tell him, trying to get his mind off the topic of my job and stop sulking. I talked to Layla on the phone once since I got back a couple of days ago. She sounded happy that I’m safe. She’s now back in her pack territory, visiting her family for the weekend.

“Who’s Isaac?”

I try not to roll my eyes. “A housemate.”

He doesn’t look too happy with my answer. “A housemate, huh? I’m going with you,” he says. “Oh, we’re going to the campus together. We’re in the same class remember?” How can I forget? It’s Resource Economics by Professor Harrison in auditorium E 132, the lecture hall that I first saw him in.

I make sure that he finishes his milk and places his glass on the bedside table before I say, “Tell me what’s going on, baby. What’s really bothering you?” He turns back to face me slowly. His eyes are watching me warily. “I know you’re not telling me something and it has something to do with Lady Celeste.”

*2880 words

I’m sorry if this chapter is too risqué (or not enough). I was close to deleting it several times, but it shows a different side of Caspian’s and Quincy’s relationship, so I thought I’d keep it. Let me know if you think I should get rid of it. Have a wonderful week everybody! Oh, yeah, my next update is Tuesday evening (est)

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