The Nerd and I: Book One

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I wish I didn’t met him.

I was just walking down the corridor, books in my arms and not caring for the world.

I could hear the cruel chatters of the students in every direction.

They must have been laughing behind my back again.

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I’m already over it since when I first came this school, I was treated like a nobody.

I didn’t mind, really but then the bullying happened.

They usually locked me inside the bathroom stall, putting garbage in my locker, sticking notes behind my back saying I’m a loser and a nerd.

For almost two years, I had been enduring their bullying.

The teachers couldn’t do anything about it.

Why would they anyway? It’s not like they were interested in helping me so why bother?

My step-father and step-brother? They just didn’t care and I guess I kind of stopped hoping that they would.

I stopped in front of my locker, staring at the writing on the door painted in black.


Such a simple word that made my heart cringe in pain. I opened the door, ignoring it but as soon as I did, piles of trashes were inside my locker.

I pulled out a plastic bag inside my pocket and slowly picked up the trash.

I wonder when they would stop doing these kind of things.

At some point in their life, they would probably get tired and just stop.

But no.

I silently sighed after finishing cleaning my locker.

I put my books inside and pulled out the ones I had to use for my next class.

I closed the locker door with a silent ‘bang’ before locking it.

I’m starting to feel tired even though the day just started.

I carried the books with my two hands. Yes, I’m that weak. I looked so skinny and it made me look like I’m not eating.

I trotted towards my next class. I was about to open the door when it suddenly flew right in my face, making me stumbling down on the floor.

My glasses flew out of my face, landing on the ground.

“Aaaaw,” I hissed in pain while rubbing my throbbing butt.

I heard laughter above me and saw some of the sophomores pointing at me, laughing their hearts out.

I blindly searched for my glasses. My inner instinct was telling me to get away from this place as soon as possible.

“You okay?” a rough voice asked, liked he cares or something but knowing that person better, I knew it’s just a blank question.

Still searching for my glasses on the ground, I shook my head to answer him.

“Geez, he looks so pathetic,” a girl’s voice said with a taint of disgust.

They laughed in unison, making my existence more pointless than it already was.

“Hey! Don’t be like that. He can hear you!” someone mocked and it caused another roar of laughter.

“Yeah, obviously!”

I ignored them and smiled when I finally found my glasses. I pushed myself to stand up before walking past their group.

Just ignore them Earl. Ignore them like you always do.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

I cringed when I heard his voice.

Matthias Damian Blaise.

The one person that could make my whole body tremble in fear, literally.

“G-going to class...?” I honestly answered.

I tried to walk inside the room but he suddenly jerked my shoulders to make me face him.

I shut my eyes so that I couldn’t see his face. Please, just leave me alone!

I hated him. I hated this guy. I hated this guy so much.

What should I do to make him stop treating me like this?

“What? You’re not going to apologize to us?” Matthias asked in a very sarcastic voice.

“I’m s-sorry,” I apologized even though they were the one who bumped into me.

“Good boy,” he said, smirking.

They left me standing there, in the middle of the corridor with no one but myself.

I stared at Matthias’ back as he walked away from me. He was always surrounded by people who loved him, adored him and worshiped him.

I clenched my hands into a fist.

Yeah, I really hate him.

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