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"love, it's not an emotion, love is a promise." she was a doctor, he was her patient who lost his heart when he first saw her. she turned red as a beetroot............ but she hates him so much! She walked up to him with a blank expression and he greeted her with a warm smile. He was expecting her to say hi but to his shock she slapped him......!

Romance / Mystery
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Dr Emma

“Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.”

As the sun rose, rays of sunlight played hide an seek with her, shining on her dark brown hair as she made her way through the entrance of the district hospital. She was a young and confident lady with light bronze complextion and dark brown hair with big curls over the ends. She was dressed in dark blue jeans and navy blue off shoulder top with black platform heels, and a cute smile on her lips, she perfectly defined the meaning of charm. Head held high with a tinge of confidence and hope, she took strings in her steps.

She entered the place and was moving towards the desk, greeting every one around her with a warm smile.
“Good morning interns “she said facing a group of medical interns just out of college.
“I am Senior doctor Emma,”
She observed each of them sharply “and apperently you are the interns joining us” she continued.
The interns nodded and greeted her. “Nice to meet you maam.” one of them said.

She turned around walking towards the corridor expecting the interns to follow her obediently.

“As you all are aware of punctuality in this profession so lets not waste any time and start for today,” she said and turned towards them.

“Doctor Anna will give you tour of the hospital and everyday you will be assigned duties in different departments at this desk at sharp 8 o clock, not even a min late. Is that clear?” she added with serious face.
“Yes maam”all of them said nodding.

After few seconds her cellphone vibrated, she took it out of her bag, it was a text from Dr Adam. She typed a reply and sent it to him. After few minutes she walked to the cabin, zipping up her purse on the left of waiting area.

“I am sorry to keep you waiting Dr, I got busy with the interns” she said with embarrassed smile facing the back of a man wearing a black coat, he had black hair with little beard was around the age of 30 and was busy reading a file.

“No problem doc “he said looking at her face.

“Actually I called you to discuss this case” he said passing a file to her.
“I’ll see you in an hour until then go through this case because we don’t have much time to wait, his treatment should start by maximum 2 days” he said seriously while leaving the room.

Emma pov
As the Dr left the room, I picked up the file and sat on the blue sofa infront of the desk. I started reading it from the very first page.
Name Sam Athens ....age 28....“quite young ” I murmered to myself.. ..suffering from brain injury..

So he was suffering from traumatic brain injury, very common in young adults. It was written he had a motorbike accident due to speeding without helmet. He had a severe injury in brain which required immidiate surgery though the surgery only had 50% chances of saving him.

Me and Dr Adam were among known neuro surgeons of the city so his family brought him here last night after few hours of treatment in another hospital.

As I finished reading the file and I reached out for a blue gel pen placed on the desk. I wrote my comments on the file so that as soon as possible we would finalise the schedule for his surgery. Then I looked at my silver watch straped on my right wrist and left the cabin moving towards my duty in the children ward.

The whole day passed as usual and Dr Emma was busy at the hospital. She was a kind of a workaholic who could possibly work for more than fifteen hours happily maybe because she was damn ambitious or maybe she couldn’t bare to stay free of work.

What if she had no one waiting for her at home or she was tired of people in her life. Long story short she wanted to keep herself busy to stop her thinking about her past.

She pretended to look sound but from deep inside she was like a shattered piece of glass. She did wore a mask, a mask that presented her as a strong and complete person in front of the world.

But some how, her melanchnic feeling when she gazed the sunset or when she tried to keep herself away from socialising. It showed the other side of her story.

“I want someone to be afraid of losing me. No one has and I don’t think anyone ever will.”

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