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Albert Athens

................ He saw Ria, Dr Adam, Dr Eric and EMMA!

They were seated on the table opposite theirs and were toasting to something. They all looked happy.
Sam’s eyes were once again focused on her who was laughing and her brown curls were dancing with her smile. He kept looking at them from few minutes but none of them noted him. After 2 mins, Emma stood up and walked herself to the terrace with her phone in hand.

Sam pov
Well I considered this a second chance for me to try my luck once again. I excused everyone and followed her to the terrace where she was busy on a call. I waited for her to finish and as she turned back, she looked at me surprisingly.

“Hey.” I broke the silence.
“I should leave.” she replied while turning back, when I spoke
“We need to talk.”
“I guess there is no such need.” she replied with her eyes focused on the wooden flooring.
“Come on, what’s wrong with you? Why are you doing this?” I spitted out in one breath.
“It’s just we can’t be together.” She answered.
“Why?” I asked her.
“I believe it’s better for us not to talk about that.” she replied in a cold tone with wet eyes while barging towards the door but I blocked her path.
“What is it?” I asked her once again.
“I hate you, you ruined my family...” she said and tears started flowing from her eyes.
“What do you mean?” I asked confused.
“Your father is a murderer, he killed my dad.” She shouted this time with her maximum stamina pushing me out of her way and left.

Her words took me by a huge shock, why would dad do something like this, he is a good man. I was going through these thoughts when Ria came and stood across me. I know where I could get my answers from.

Ria pov
I was standing in front of him and he was looking at me with eyes craving for truth.

I told him the entire scenario , everything that happened in the past and present. He was now aware of everything.

Fate had once again played it’s part by crossing their paths. That day at Eric’s place when Ria announced her promotion, they decided to celebrate but they were out of drinks so every one proposed to go out for a toast.

And they approached the very same restaurant for the toast as the one Sam was dining in. They collided like two radioactive substances which exploded on encounter.

After talking with Ria, Sam didn’t uttered a single word.
“Simon, I am leaving for home, feeling a little down. You take the car.” Sam talked to Simon on phone and hung up without waiting for her reply.

He exited the restaurant and started walking towards the darkness of the night with Emma’s words echoing in his mind.

He reached home by 3 am , once in a blue moon in his life he came this much late. Today he was broken from deep inside. He had always idealised his father, his honesty, his love, each and every fragment of his personality. But today his inner self was forced to question Albert Athens’s reality.

He entered his mansion and took drastic steps across the corridor towards a room situated aside the sitting room. It was a huge room with caramel walls complimented with hand scraped hardcore wooden floor and grey leather sofas. It was encircled by two big book cases and a black desk in one side of the room.

He stayed up the entire night going through the files, pendrives etc in the study in order to find appropriate answers to questions in his mind. What so ever he still didn’t get a clue to his answers.


Emma pov
After what happened last night at the restaurant, I felt exceptionally painless. For the very first time , I didn’t had to drink to suppress my pain. It was weird.


“Good evening dr Emma.” Maria, the head nurse of the district hospital greeted.
“Evening miss Maria” She replied.
“Dr Adam has been asking for you. “she informed her.
“Ok I’ll see him” she replied with a smile and started to move towards the elevator.

Emma was trying to appear normal and think normal but was not able feel normal. Something was hurting her deep in her heart though she couldn’t figure it out what prevented herself to do so. Her day was going on fine, she got busy with a case of Meningitis, routine of the hospital and the lectures on neurology to medical students.


“Sam” Simon spoke placing her hand on his shoulder while he was asleep in Albert’s study with a file in his hand.

“What time is it?” he asked while rubbing his eyes.
“10 o clock” she told him.
“What are doing over here and these files...?” She asked .

He narrarated her everything.
Simon was quite surprised because none of them had expected their father to be involved in such a thing.
“I don’t know if this is true or not , but I just wanted to find out the truth” Sam said.
“And what if it’s true?” Simon asked.
“Haven’t thought of that yet. ” he replied diverting his gaze from her’s.
“How will we get to know the truth?” She asked him.
“I have something in mind” He said.


It was a new day. Albert Athens was busy discussing a bussiness strategy with his employs when a lady dressed in black dress pants complemented with grey lining shirt, holding a tablet in hand entered. She had a fair complextion with black shoulder length frizzy hair and wore red lipstick with black heels.

“Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons: We act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting“.

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