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The photograph


“Good morning Mr Athens.” She greeted him as she walked through the door.
“Morning Miss Simon.” He replied.
She walked herself to a chair around the conference table, pulled out her notebook and started taking notes of the meeting. The meeting was finished and everyone had left the room except her. She ran fingers through her hair letting out a deep breaths, staring at the notes she just made. While reading those, she lost herself into those alphabets.

Simon had been doing her majors in business studies along with that she was doing an internship of bussiness management in her father’s company.
It’s been three months since she joined him. It was yesterday when Sam told her about Emma’s alligations on Albert. So they decided that Simon will look for evidence, if there are any at his workplace.

Simon pov
Three months, ninty days or one fourth of a year, I have been here working with dad but today I felt a huge burden on my shoulders. I love him a lot, it is difficult for me to even imagine him doing fraud like that but if it’s true, I really don’t know how will I react? And what will I do then?

During lunch time I sneaked into dad’s personal cabin to look for any verification regarding the issue. I checked each and every file placed there but I could not find anything about dad’s inheritance documents. Then something clicked my mind, his locker.
He once told us that he prefers to keep some of his important documents in there.

It was another routine day for Sam. He came back from work by five pm. He was tired not physically but mentally. The whole night he kept thinking about his dad. He knew he wouldn’t get peace of mind until he finds out the truth.

He entered his room with his face hanging down, took off his coat and threw it on the bed unconsciously. He laid down on the bed, rubbing his temples and his face pointing towards the white ceiling of his room. He kept looking like that for few minutes.

After few minutes he stood up as he managed to gather some energy out of nowhere and opened up his laptop bag to unveil a photograph.

It was a graduation photograph apparently of Albert. It had names of all students in the picture printed at the back of it.
“1st row Nicola Miler....Eden Roy...Johnathan....Albert Athens...James Athens.” Sam read with his eyes scanning their faces.
He had found that photograph in his father’s photo albums.

It was James’s and Albert’s graduation picture. He wondered why his parents always told them that Albert was the only child of his parents, who died when he was in college. He took out his phone.

It was almost dusk and was getting chilly by now and Emma was seated by her kitchen counter sipping a cup of hot chocolate and playing with a lock of her brown hair.
She took a long sip when she was taken by beep of her phone.

She stood up, walked to the coffee table and picked up her phone. A smile swept across her face when she saw sender’s name but as she opened the message, her smile disappeared.

Sam had sent her that picture of graduation. Sam believed Emma deserves to see that photo though he knew it would hurt her just like it had hurt him.


Sam was standing by the window looking at the darkness of night when Simon entered Sam’s bedroom. She looked disheavelled as if she came running all the way. She ran herself to Sam and immediately hid herself into his chest sobbing immensely.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”


Hi readers. I am extremely sorry for such a late update. Now I'll make sure to update the story regularly. I hope you people like my story. I'd love it if you drop in your suggestions on my story.


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