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I love yoy

Sam hugged her back trying to calm her down. Her appearance was entirely disordered, her hair were scattered all over her face, her eyes were red as if she had been crying and her face paler than ever. He cupped her wet face in his palms making a sharp eye contact with her.

“What happened?” Sam asked her with a panicked expression on his face.
She did not speak anything but kept crying.
“Listen to me, you are freaking me out, please tell me.” This time he almost shouted with fear.
She moved few steps away from him trembling and took out a blue file from her purse and handed him.

Sam pov
No! When she handed me the file, I knew what was coming. Though I still hoped that the reality would vanish. I did managed to gather some strength to face the bitter truth, with shaking hands I opened it and started reading it.

These were the documents of inheritance. Inheritance of Albert and James Athens by their parents after their accidental demise. It revealed that James Athens had by his own will widrawed from his share of inheritance and transfered it to Albert.

I turned to next page, the next document was about the case filed by James against Albert regarding illegal possession of his inheritance share. It consisted of legal evidences against Albert and lastly, report of James’s murder apparently, a suicide. It said he had poisoned himself few days before the third hearing.
The worst part of it was that, those papers clearly proved that Albert Athens was absolutely guilty.

He closed the file and sat down on the floor with his head clustered in his hands. Silence was dancing all around the room. The only sound heard was the sound of their own breathing. They were lost in some deep thoughts.
“Where did you find this?” He broke the silence in that room almost after an hour.
“In the locker in his cabin.” She replied calmly.

Sam was sitting on ground, with his right arm resting on his right knee while Simon was sitting on the bed with her head lowered towards her hands laging downwards.

Bedroom door knocked and they turned their heads up to look. They were staring the door waiting for it to open and reveal the identity of the person behind it. A figure dressed in royal blue dress entered.

It was Nina. She was quite surprised to see them like this extremely stressed out.
“Is everything alright?” She asked.

Sam was about to speak when Simon cut him and spoke “we were playing a game with Dave online and we lost badly...and we had a little disagreement so..”

“You still fight like babies.” Nina said laughing and caressing Sam’s hair.
“I came here to inform you, me and Albert won’t be here for dinner tonight, we need to be at an official dinner.” She continued and left the room with a soft smile.

“Why didn’t you let me tell her?“Sam asked her.
“It was not the right time.” She told him softly.

Emma pov
He sent me dad’s picture from his graduation. He looked handsome. Aside him was standing the person I hate the most, his brother his murderer. That person who broke my happy family.

Tone beeping.
“Hello.” Sam picked up.
“Hello, it’s me Emma.” I added.
“How are you?” He asked me.
“I am good.” I replied
“I am sorry for being rude last time.” She added on.
“No need to be, you were hurt and please accept my apologies on behalf of my dad,“he said.
“From the first time I saw you till last time we met I have loved you.” He continued.

Her breath rate increased and a smile crept on her dry lips but she still remain silent.
“I love you so much and I know you also do but I understand how difficult it is for you.” He said.

He left me astonished, how come he knew about my feelings. He was right, he had actually made me fall for him! From the very first time I saw him in the hospital, a person sleeping peacefully, at the reunion, a dashing guy, on new year a guy who sent me my favourite flowers and in the restaurant, a person who vowed to fight for truth. I had fallen in love with him.

“How can you say that?” I asked him smiling playfully.
He chuckled.” The way you kept staring into my eyes for a whole ten minutes this says it all.” He replied laughing a bit.
Emma also laughed remembering how embarrassed she was when Sam snapped his fingers at her.
“You need time, take it.” He said softly.

“Maybe you are right.” I said playing with the spoon in my cup.
“Got you.” He added.
“Bye.” I said.
“Bye take care.” He hung up.
“I love it when I catch you looking at me” he whispered to himself.

He typed a message in his phone and entered Emma’s name as recipient and pressed the send icon waiting impatiently for her reply.

Sam had hung up but Emma kept looking at the screen until once again his name appeared on the screen and her lips curved into a beautiful smile.

“Our love is like wind I can’t see it, but I can feel it”
A walk to remember.

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