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The meeting

At night at about 11 pm she drove herself to her apartment located in a posh area of Kansas city. She, wearing the same clothes but they were crumpled, her hair was still tied but disorderly and her eyes still the same just as in the morning, yesrerday and every day of her life, step her foot inside the building.

Emma pov
I am so tired today, I’ll just go take a nice warm shower and hit the sack. I need to wake up early tomorrow as I am supposed to assist Dr Adam in the surgery.
I made my way to the elavator and pressed “2nd floor”. My head is hurting like hell. Finally I reached my floor and was successfully able to find the keys of apartment in my bag. As I entered my place I threw my bag on floor, tied my hair in a bun and made my way to the fridge...I need it now, right now.
I picked up a can of chilled beer, drinked it in one go and dozed off on my living room couch.

It was a lavish, fully equipped one bedroom flat with a balcony, a big living room with blue sofas, a brown coffee table surrounded with white chiffon curtains on the balcony, loads of sceneries on the walls and a clock with needles pointing on six and 12, 6 am.

She was asleep on her living room couch, cuddling her cushion innocently when she woke up after the alarm in her phone rang for the third time, as she opened her eyes she kept on staring the table in front of her for about 10 mins expressionless.

She stood up and gazed at her reflection in the mirror on the wall. Disordered hair,smuged black eyes, creased shirt and a beer can in her hand ...she let out shy smile
“What on earth will my interns think of me if they see me like this” she said to herself and dispersed towards her bedroom.

It was 7 45 am when she entered the hospital building dressed in a purple top with light blue jeans and hair tied in a high pony tail. She was busy scrolling newsfeed on her phone when she banged into a guy wearing a blue shirt.

“Watch out young lady” that guy said.
“I am really sorr....argh its you Eric “she said laughing.
“Good morning Emma” he replied with a laugh
“To you to” she said
“I heard that you are assisting Dr Adam in that surgery, good luck ” he added giving her a thumbs up.
“Thankyou” she said with a big smile.

Eric was another doctor from the hospital specialised in cardiology and a very good friend of Emma.

Dr Emma made her way to the cabin of Dr Adam to discuss the final details of the case.

“Hey” she greeted as she moved in the cabin.
“Hi, I was just expecting you” he replied plainly
“Hmm” she said
“In about 3 hours we will start the surgery I want you to personally keep check on the patient and report me in the room by 10” he told in a row
“Ok” she nodded.

Emma pov
I took an elavator to reach the room where the patient, Sam was staying. It was the first room on the left. I knocked softly at the door and entered.

As I scanned the room I saw him. He was sleeping while in the sitting position. He had an oval shaped face with light brown color complextion and jet black hair that fell on his forehead making him look playfully handsome.

I made slow steps to his bed so that it won’t wake him up and picked up his file to read. There was pin drop silence in the room when my phone vibrated, I got kind of scared, the file slipped from my hand and my hand fell on his hand.

To my surprise as soon as my hand touched his, he opened his eyes staring at me awkardly. His brown intense eyes were staring me. As his gaze followed me I could feel myself warming up. Immideatly I moved my hand and introduced myself to him, took his file and left the room because I was so embarrassed and my face had turned scarlet red.

Sam pov
I was in deep sleep due to the drugs given to me but something woke me, it was a touch that made my heart skip a beat. After a really long time something made me alive. When I opened my eyes to see, I saw a girl wearing white coat, I don’t know if she was my Dr or not, but she was cute with a round face flushed with redness maybe because of embarrassment and her deep black eyes were mesmerising. I miss her already.

Soon after that the surgery was conducted by Dr Emma and Dr Adam, it lasted about 2 hours now Sam was fine but we had to wait for few hours to assure that he is going to survive or not.

Emma pov
“Well done Dr Emma, you were briliant throughout the surgery” Dr Adam said while presenting his hand for a handshake to me.
“Thankyou Dr” I replied while shaking hand.
“I need a favour from you” he said in a soft tone
“Sure” I replied
“I have to get some where very urgently, I need you to discuss his case with his parents” he told me
“Okay I’ll do it” I said while nodding
“They are waiting for you in my cabin” he told me while taking his car keys from his pocket.
“I’ll get to it” I replied patiently. I gathered up all the Sam’s reports and sealed them in the file. Then I picked up the file and moved towards the door exiting the room.

“Good morning” I said loudly and clearly while entering the Dr Adam’s cabin.
There were two people seated, facing the table the man looked aged about 50 years and the women looked around 45 years. The man had a grey bearded face with moderate complextion and was dressed in dress pants, a brown coat and woman had grey shoulder length curly hair, nicely clipped with a wrinkled face of morderate complextion, she wore a creme long dress.

I turned my face towards them to talk. The moment I looked at them, I noticed something. I could feel my heart beating twice as fast and blood in my veins boiling with anger, I held my fists tight with aggression and left the room banging the door barging towards the locker room.

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