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Her past

“Don’t let the dark past, ruin a bright future”

Emma pov
I can’t believe this, I did this.
What a stupid person I am, an idiot, a psycho etc. I should have read his history in his file and noticed his surname or atleast I would have not conducted his surgery it would have been better if he died.

My mom Anna and dad James met eachother during university years, dad was studying law and mom was doing majors in sociology. They met through a common friend of theirs and fell in love. My grand parents had died when my dad and his younger brother Albert were in college, leaving behind some property and sum of money.

My dad’s brother, Albert married his love and had his eyes on my dad’s share. When dad married mom he tricked dad into signing some papers which made him the owner of entire property and money.

After 2 years I was born, Dad loved me so much, he used to call me his princess! I was quite young when he departed but still I do remember him a little bit, when he used to braid my hair, when he used to play dolls with me and when he used to cuddle me.

He wanted to give me a good life so he decided to file a case against his brother to claim his share but after few hearings of the case my dad was murdered. It never came up who murdered him though it was clear that Albert did it but due to lack of evidence we couldn’t do anything.

Mom had a nice job as a lecturer she moved on with life and took care of me but when I turned 18 my mom confessed to me that she hates me because according to her my dad died because of me. He died because he fought for my life, my future...

She asked me to move out on my own, she refined that she only took care of me because I was too young to do it myself not because she loved me, so now its time we part ways. I miss my dad, I wish he was here with me to wipe my tears to hug me and to hold me tight.

Emma pov
I was crying badly even it took my breath. I couldn’t stop those tears from flowing. When I first saw them it felt like someone tore me apart, I rushed out of the cabin so that I don’t break in there because I don’t want them to see me struggling. I didn’t wanted my sinners to enjoy my condition. It’s been years I have been struggling like this, every freaking day of my life, I go through this.

They destroyed my happy family just in a moment. They took away my father from me, then they took my mother away from me and then took away from me, myself!

After that day Emma Athens was no longer the older Emma, cheerful and happy but now alone and depressing.

I took a deep breath, stood up, wiped my tears in a chilish way, made my way to the desk and informed the nurse to contact Dr Adam to inform him that I was not well so I could not conduct the meeting and left.

I sat inside my car, with my eyes tightly closed as my shivering hands clutching the steering wheel. I opened my eyes and opened the dash board to reveal plenty of beer cans. I started the car and started driving, taking a can from the dash board and started drinking it until I felt numb and painless.

‘There are wounds that never show on your body, that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds’

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