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The reunion

“Hello Dave, there is a problem, the doctors are not letting me out”. I said on phone.
“What? So you are not coming to the reunion? Please you can’t do this”.
Dave said in angry tone.
“Why don’t you request any of your doctors to let you out for one day?” Dave suggested.
“I have tried it already on everyone except Dr Emma” I replied in a low tone.
“So do it” he said
“What should I do” I asked.
“Listen bro if this is important to you ask her before its too late” he replied in a serious tone.
Flashback over

Emma pov
“WHAT” I almost screamed.
“Umm actually its my college reunion and I really have to go, so I need you to allow me to attend the event” he added.
“I am sorry, but you are not fit to attend it” I replied
“Oh come on miss, just few hours please” he said giving me that pleading look.
“You can do this, I mean if you accompany me to the event so you can take care of me and I will be able to attend it” I said .
“Are u kidding me?” She replied.
“Ok fine if you don’t help me I’ll run from the hospital” he said angrily.
“You won’t” I said laughing.

In a moment he stood up from the bed, he pulled out the drips attached to him and began moving out of the room.

“Wait” I stopped him.
“Ok I’ll go with you, just three hours”I told him.
“Great” he replied smiling.
“Tonight at 8 pm I’ll see you outside the hospital, I will tell them you are a friend of mine” he added.

Emma pov
I don’t know what happened to me, I agreed to acompany him. I know I hate him but being a doctor I can’t ignore my patients but why me. I could have allowed him to go alone but I don’t know why I didn’t.

It was 5 pm when I reached my apartment, I told Ria about the reunion and she came over to help me dress up though I was least the interested. She picked out dress , jewellery, and shoes for me. This whole time I was busy munching cookies.

It was 7 30 pm and I was ready to leave so that I meet Sam at 8 outside hospital. I was wearing a navy blue off shoulder knee length dress with golden beads around the knees. I wore golden earings with bronze heels, smokey eyes and brown lips.

Ria drove me to the hospital as I could not drive in those pencil heels which were hurting like hell. I saw him in the parking of the hospital. He was dressed in dark blue jeans, blue dress shirt and a black blazer. He looked stunning .

“Is he really not well, he looks perfectly healthy to me” Ria said while winking at me
“See you” I replied while laughing.

Sam pov
Oh my god, she looks gorgeous . Her look was so mesmerising. I couldn’t stop staring at her just then someone hit me on my elbow.
“What” I said harshly.
“Stop staring bro “Dave said while smiling.

“Hi” I greeted her.
“Hi” she replied .
“This is my friend Dave” I introduced her to my friend.
“Good evening, you look beautiful” Dave said.
“Why in the world you have to flirt with the only girl I like. Dave, you are dead” I whispered to Dave and he gave me naughty smile .
He always do things that annoy me still he’s my buddy.
“Thankyou, lets leave” she said.

Emma pov
We sat in the car Dave and Sam in the front and I took the back seat. None of us spoke during the journey apparently listening to the radio.

After few minutes they reached their destination, it was a night club where the reunion was arranged for the students. The three of them entered the club, it was a big one with dim lights and well polished dance floor. Some people were already hitting the dance floor, some were busy drinking and some of them were engaged in enlivening the essence of friendship.

They went to a group of people, Dave and Sam greeted them and introduced Emma to them as their friend. Those were their college friends.

Emma pov
Everyone including me were having a good time, chatting with eachother. I was quite comfortable because his friends did welcomed me wholeheartedly. Sam was sitting by the bar having shots with his friends. I was trying to catch a glance of him as he looked so stunning with his sleeves folded till his elbows showing his strong arms and rough fists and a playful smile on his lips making him look mysterious, when I noticed an unusual expression on his face.

I gestured him to ask him if he’s ok, he told me that he’s fine. He moved towards the lawn behind the club with his few friends. I was busy chatting with a friend of him, Evan when I heard some noise coming from the lawn with people gathered around the lawn.
I rushed myself to the lawn and saw Sam lying on ground, he fainted.

“Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a life time...” Becky Aligada.

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