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It's an emergency

“True realization of love comes when the threat to lose it looms.”

Without wasting a single minute Emma and Dave took Sam to the hospital. In about 20 mins they reached there, hospital staff laid him on the stretcher and were taking him to the emergency section.

Emma pov
When I saw him on the ground, I was so afraid, what if something happens to him? These thoughts were killing me.
As soon we reached there, I ran to the emergency section to assist his treatment. Finally he was fine now, actually his blood pressure dropped way to low due the medication given to him as a result of which he fainted. Thank God he was fine I sighed as I made my way out of the emergency section.

While walking towards the reception something caught my eye. People were staring at me awkardly I realized that I was still dressed up in that knee length dress and smokey make up, which were not appropriate for a senior doctor to wear around the hosptal. Damn embarassing!

I immideatly called Ria to drop me some clothes so that I can change as I had to stay at the hospital tonight. She got me pair of black jeans and a shirt.

In the morning at about 9 am she went to his room. He was sitting on the bed and Dave sitting beside him on the couch looking at me with regretful expression. I did not say anything and started examining him then Dave broke the silence.

“Emma we are sorry” he said.
Emma did not say a word.
“Emma” Sam called her.
Emma continued with Sam’s examination while ignoring them especially Sam and left the room without even replying a single word to them as soon as she was done with the examination.

Sam pov
She didn’t utter a single word, this was hurting me so bad. I wanted to hear her voice. Her voice was now my addiction, it made me alive.

Days passed and once again everything turned back to normal.
Emma was busy with her hospital routine and had completely forgotten about Sam. On the other side Sam was also busy in his life .

Sam’s life was pretty different from Emma’s. He was someone born with a golden spoon in mouth.
As he belonged from a wealthy background and his father was a self made bussiness man of the city. He went to best school and best college and was a software engineer by profession with a nice job.

Though his father wanted him to assist him in his bussiness but from childhood he was never interested in it.
Sam did looked like one but he was not a rich spoiled brat but a gentlemen who does not drink too much, who doesn’t like to hook up with different women or to extravagantly spend his dad’s money. He was different, a loving and obedient son, a caring brother, a real friend and maybe the best lover.

Emma pov
Its 25th nov, my mom’s birthday so I got her a perfume ‘eternity by ck’, a bouquet of flowers and a dark chocolate cake, I knew it was her favourite! I was dressed up in black jeans and a black cardinal, it was turning cold by now.

I rang the doorbell of her place, handed the things to the maid and left. Yes I didn’t went inside, I know she hates and I don’t want her to feel bad on her birthday.

She loved dad so much, it was difficult for her to move on, she needs some more time and I am happily willing to give her as much time she requires.
I love you mom, happy birthday.

Then I went to meet my dad, yes he’s dead, I went to his grave! It was about to dusk and weather also turned chilly. I usually go to meet him when I miss him. I had tears in my eyes which were rolling down my cheeks.
I stayed there for about few minutes, until my phone rang, it was Eric.

“Hello” he said on phone.
I stayed silent but he heard my sobs.
“Emma, you are crying? Emma say something.” He asked worridly.
Finally I spoke
“I am good, I came to see dad so.., I’ll reach there in 20 min”.
“Ok take care, see you in 20 mins ” he replied laughing, to enlighten my mood.

Tonight me, Eric and Ria were planning to dine out in a Japanese cuisine restaurant. It was Ria’s idea, she loves trying new things.

From there I drove to the restaurant where Ria and Eric were waiting for me. Ria was wearing a red sweater with a black jeans with her blonde hair open and a red lipstick. Eric was dressed in brown coat and blue jeans.

It was nice having dinner with them plus the food was also great far from my expectations.
“You remember Sam?” Eric questioned me.
“My patient, yeah “I replied trying to avoid this topic.
“How is he?” I asked preventing eye contact with him.
“He is doing great for himself, he did made a fast recovery” he added with proud smile.

I was not comfortable talking about him because it was like riding a rollercoaster of emotions for me, firstly I hated him because his dad killed my father, second I wanted to see him. It was like a fight going on between my ID and superego and eventually every time ego won.!

“At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.”

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