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New year

Sam pov
“Give me that phone” my sister Simon screamed as she took my phone from my hand and ran while I was seated on the bed with my phone in my hand.
“What the hell, simon” I shouted.
She opened my phone, “wait a minute, who is she?” She asked me pointing at Emma’s photograph.

It was from the reunion, I took it without her knowledge when she chatting with Dave. She was looking gorgeous in that dress and her Smokey eyes made her shine like a pearl. I couldn’t resist not to take her picture, she was so beautiful. Sam had just woken up and missed her so he started to gaze at her photograph on his phone.

“It’s none of your bussiness” I replied and snatched my phone from her, walking towards my bed.
Just then Dave came in smiling.
“She is kind of cute” she said while smiling and left.

“Hi bro, you are still in bed!,” Dave said.
“So you are still into her.“he added with a grin on his face and laughed out.
“I really want to meet her” I said with my head cupped in between my hands and my legs crossed.

“What about you injure your self and then we go to the hospital, there you can meet her” he said while winking at me.
“Shut up” I shouted at him and threw the pillow at him.
“Okay okay, what if I get you her number and address” he said in low voice with a mysterious smile on his face.
“How is that possible?” I asked him.

He took out his phone, scrolled something on facebook and opened her facebook account which had all her details. He showed it to while waving his phone at me!

She was a known surgeon of the city so her fb account was kind of public which meant it would certainly have all her details. I can’t believe it didn’t struck my mind, its 21st century! I hugged Dave trying to control my excitement and thanking him.
“It’s fine man, now go get her.” he replied.

It was the morning of 31st dec, when Emma wearing a red apron around her waist and hair tied in a messy bun was busy cooking pancakes for breakfast, it was her favourite breakfast nowadays. Though she and Ria had planned to spend the day together but Ria had to rush off to work. She was a journalist by profession, these days she was busy with her presentation on criminal activities for a daily magazaine.

Emma was busy buttering the pancakes while humming a song when sound of door bell woke her from her world of imagination. She took off her apron and tidied up herself making steps towards the door. She was pretty surprised to know that someone had send her a bouquet of lavender roses. It was quite weird, who would send her flowers on new year? With these thoughts roaming around her mind she searched the bouquet to look for the identity of the sender. Finally she found it. It was Sam Athens.

It had a note in it
" I would like the honour of your company tonight at Berkley riverfront park at 6pm”
I decided to show up!

She reached the riverfront park by 6: 05 pm, it was quite cold that evening as it was snowing very hard. She was dressed in navy blue skinny jeans, topped with grey knitted long sweator with a black scarf around her neck. She had left her hair open with her curls bouncing off her shoulders. along with this she wore short leather boots.

As she entered the park, she started walking around looking for Sam and feeling the cold breeze around her. She saw Sam who was standing facing the bridge dressed in black jeans and blazer and dress shoes. She gestured him through eye contact after which Sam spotted her and waved at her as she made her way towards Sam.

She walked upto him with a blank expression and he greeted her with a warm smile. He was expecting her to say hi but to his surprise she slapped him!

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

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