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................ Sam pov
I saw her when she entered the park, she looked so adorable dressed in casual clothes nothing fancy, which made me loose my breath. I was engrossed in staring her when suddenly she slapped me!

“Sam, don’t even try to play any games with me. I won’t let you toy me” she said in an angry tone almost shouting.
“Emma?” I questioned her in a baffeled way.
“Shut the hell up, I never want to see you again in my life” she replied raging like a bull.
She turned to leave just then I took her by hand” Emma what’s wrong? Can’t we just be friends? ” I asked her with hope that she might agree.
“NO, we can never be friends” she said and left shoving her hand from mine.

................ Emma pov
“Ria, I slapped him.” I told Ria on phone.
“Why?” She asked.
“You know why! I can’t bare him around, he makes me remember my past and above all he killed my dad”I shouted.
“No it was not him obviously his father murdered him!” Ria shouted back. Ria cut the call.

................ As Ria hunged up, Emma placed her phone back into her pocket while switching the engine on.
Emma drove herself back home. It was almost 9 pm when she entered her apartment.
She took off her sweater and scarf, threw it on the floor and broke up crying with her fingers intertwined together.

Tears kept on flowing down her bronze cheeks spreading the blush unevenly on her cheeks. And her eye liner was smudged making her eyes look more blackier and tears dark grey. She lost her breath while struggling badly to calm down.

It was extremely difficult for her to face him, he broke her everytime they met because some where in the bottom of her heart there were some feelings for that person that made her crazy and shattered her when she tried to hate him.

Sam tried really hard to calm her down and convince her to stay or at least talk to him but she did not listened to him. She slapped him and when he tried to argue, she left. As she left from there he kept on staring her making her way back to her car with a heavy heart.
He turned back as now both of them were moving in opposite directions, walking into the park.

He already knew that he loves Emma and how difficult it would be for him to survive without her. His heart was bleeding when he was going through all moments he spent with her with his eyes closed.

It was new year eve when the whole world was rejoicing and welcoming the next year, but Emma and Sam were not happy. Deep inside they had already fallen in love but they could not still embrace their love, their soul.

“The course of true love
never did run smooth.”

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