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Time passed gradually, it was now exactly 3 months after Emma met Sam at the new year eve. Things changed from weather to year, it was now early summers in kansas. Sam was doing well in his job, now his injury was better aswell except he had to follow some precautions. On the other hand Emma was also emgrossed in her practice. Patients, surgeries, and her addiction!

Date :10th march
Time: 1 pm.

Sam pov
“Yes Dave?” I said as I recieved his call on bluetooth.
“You coming tonight ?” He asked me.
“Yeah, hopefully I will be done by the meeting by 4 pm” I told him keeping my eyes on the road while driving .
“Meeting?” He questioned.
“Actually dad was supposed to be here but he was not well so I had to attend on his behalf, though his employs will be there aswell”. I replied.
“Fine see you buddy” he said.

I disconnected the call. Usually I don’t work with dad in his bussiness, I am not interested at all though Simon is persueing her education in bussiness studies so hopefully she will join him soon. The meeting was arranged in the conference room of a five star hotel.

I parked my car in the hotel parking, took my coat out and wore it. I entered the hotel my eyes were fixed on the watch and hands were busy fixing my tie around my neck when my father’s employs greeted me and ushered me to the conference hall.

It was a long tiring meeting, thank God I didn’t joined dad’s bussiness. I found it really boring to stare at a presentation or pretend you are concentrating on each and every word of the speaker. Honestly it’s not my temperament.

As I came out of the conference hall, I was roaming around in the huge lobby of the hotel as I found the interior of the hotel quite fascinating.The walls of the hotel were light brown with chocolate brown furniture, glass chandeliers surrounding a giant crystal chandelier that was sparkling like ice.

I was gazing the giant chandelier as the yellow light from the lamp reflected from it’s crysyal clear glass which was looking great. I suddenly moved my gaze from the chandelier downwards, I saw a women wearing a shiny black knee length dress with full sleeves and black silliotes. That lady had just came out of the elevator and was wandering around while talking on her phone. Just then I witnessed that the chandelier above that lady is shaking and would probaly crash on that lady who was busy on phone and had no freaking idea of it.

I immediately ran to save that lady. I got hold of her, and grabbed her tightly and making fast steps towards the opposite lobby. Both of us fell on the ground with that lady in my arms. I turned to look at her green eyes and my eyes shoved wide open when I saw her. It was her.

“Nothing is a coincidence. Everything you’re experiencing is meant to happen exactly how it’s happening . Embrace the lessons. Be grateful.”

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