Crave Me

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Chapter 15

I woke up early the next morning and crept out of the room before sunrise. When I made it out, Xander was still asleep on the couch with Lana holding onto his hand as she slept beside him. I smiled before I crept upstairs. I walked up to the top of the cabin and shoved on my boots before making my way outside. I hadn’t spotted Lucien anywhere, which made me feel a little nervous. He could be anywhere. But it’s not like I was going to sit still when I had the opportunity to learn more about… I guess, myself. I took a deep breath before I threw my hair into a ponytail and headed outdoors. I jogged my way out of the forest, feeling relief as the cold wind hit my face.

The sun was barely even up as I got to the nearest town. I walked quickly, occasionally switching to a run as I moved through the town. I eventually reached the beach side, after my cheeks had felt like they were made of ice and I had to run into a small, and thankfully open, store for some warmth.

You up? I asked, as I served myself a cup of coffee, quickly paying for it at the counter.

The beach front, huh? Ignus asked and I rolled my eyes as I walked back outside.

Was it that easy to guess where I was going? I asked.

I could practically feel you run in the direction. I will be there soon.

Good. I said before as I quietly sipped my coffee. I walked down and sighed as I saw my breath scatter in a thick mist before my eyes. I continued my walk until I found myself right in front of the beach. I took a seat on one of the benches and watched as the sky turned into a brighter shade of blue as the sun began to rise, giving enough light to at least color the sky.

I heard a car park nearby and turned my head. Sure enough, Ignus walked out of the car, making his way over to me and taking a seat beside me.

“Things didn’t go down well with your Alpha friend, I suppose,” he said with a chuckle.

“Someone was in Umbra territory after that conversation. I’d say having permission to meet you is off the table… But I have questions I need answers to.”

“Then ask away,” he said and I turned to face him. “Dalton and Hera scolded me for not taking our first meeting all too seriously.”

“Right…” I muttered. “Anyways, I want you to tell me as much as possible- and I mean it. If you want to, you can tell me what I can and cannot share with Umbra or Lucien for that matter.”

“Some things are better seen than explained,” Ignus commented. “But I’ll tell you everything you want to know and more.”

In silence, of course. Ignus said and I nodded.

Of course.

Ignus walked away just as the sun had risen to a fair peak. It was much later in the morning now. People were beginning to appear, cars were driving by, and it became clear that our conversation was no longer safely private. But I learned enough for today. I turned just as Ignus started the car. He nodded and waved and I did the same as he disappeared. I tapped my empty coffee cup against the bench before standing up. I threw my cup away and sighed as I shoved my hands into my pocket and walked off.

It was only then that I acknowledged as certain someone’s gaze and turned around. If I could’ve growled, I seriously would’ve. I sniffed the air and walked in the direction it led me. Sure enough, I found myself face to face with Lucien, who was growling at me.

“I thought I told you-“

“You did. But what choice did I have?” I hissed.

“Xander was attacked yesterday, my sister was in-“ I rolled my eyes and Lucien growled even louder.

“Growl at me again and I swear to the goddess I will-“

“You’ll what? You have nowhere else to go,” Lucien said and I felt my jaw clench.

“What is your problem? I’m trying to get information, trying to learn why I’m being looked for, trying to understand what the fuck has happened to my life- and you threaten me?” I asked, exasperated. “Are you for real Lucien? Do you want me to sit down and be content with living my entire life as a little toy in a werewolf’s home?”

“I want you to wait until I decide what’s best for you, for my pack, for everyone,” he explained and I sighed.

“Everyone has already told you that everything they know about the bloodhounds is based off of rumors. But I can speak to them, I can get you the facts you need!” I said, my voice growing louder.

“And how do you know they aren’t lying to you?!” Lucien yelled and I grit my teeth.

“I… I know they aren’t,” I said.

“And how could you know that? Can you read their minds? You’re-“

“Fine,” I said, interrupting him. My mind was already getting exhausted over fighting about this and Lucien was determined to not listen to me.

“What?” Lucien asked, confused.

“I met him once. You’ve seen it. I’m done.” Lucien paused and I folded my arms over my chest. “I’m done. I won’t see him anymore. Not unless you want me to. Happy?” I asked and Lucien paused.

“Is that all?”

“Take me back to the pack house,” I said simply and Lucien looked at me. He raised his hand and I turned my face away from his touch. “Take me back, Alpha.”

He stared at me first, his eyes searching my face for any kind of clue to my thoughts. But I stared back at him plainly.

“Your mate is here,” Ignus said.

“I know.”

“You know you’ll have to make a choice…”

“Then I’ll make it when I have to. I’ll contact you if I need anything else.”

“Alright.” Ignus said before he stood up. “Stay… sane.” He joked, smirking at me.

“I’ll try.”

I walked into the pack house and sighed as I found Lana and Xander still on the couch. This time, Lana seemed to be bearing with the fact that she had to watch some kind of TV show that she didn’t seem to enjoy. Xander, however, was laughing along to the show as Lana sat by him. She turned around almost as soon as I got to the last step.

“Hey Auden!”

“Hey, enjoying your Saturday?” I asked and Lana nodded.

“…Yeah,” Lana said, making me laugh at her hesitation. “Xander won’t change the channel.”

“Well, I think he deserves it. You’ve been taking care of him, though, right?” I asked and Lana looked at Xander.

“Have you?” He asked and Lana stuck her tongue out before Xander moved his hands to tickle her, causing Lana to hop off the couch, laughing.

“Glad to see you two are doing fine,” Lucien said from behind me.

“At least someone knows how to handle his mate correctly,” I said, earning a raised eyebrow from Xander and Lana’s own sideways glance. I smiled at them. “Anyways, I’m gonna go get changed.” I said and Lana nodded as she hopped back onto the couch and I made my way to the room.

I opened the door and sighed as I took out my ponytail and unzipped my jacket. I hung it up and watched Lucien through the mirror as he closed the door and leaned against it.

“Lunch?” He asked as I stripped out of the outer layers of my clothing.

“No thanks,” I said as I got down to my tank top and a pair of thick leggings. My back felt disgustingly damp from all the sweat this morning- which unsurprisingly didn’t go away while I spoke to Ignus. But the bruise on my shoulder from last night’s… ‘quarrel’ with Lucien had almost completely disappeared, save for some pink and pale purple skin. Werewolves were fast healers… and according to Ignus, bloodhounds were too.

“How about a-“

“You don’t have to be nice to me, I think we both established that from all the growling that’s been going on,” I said as I folded all my clothes away. Lucien folded his arms over his chest before he walked over to me. Not wanting any contact whatsoever, I quickly moved away from him and went into the walk-in closet. He watched me as I moved about, picking clothes for the day.

“Are you going to stare at me all day?” I asked.

“I could.” I rolled my eyes at his response. I made my way into the bathroom and sighed as I moved to close the door, but Lucien stopped me. I stared into his eyes and he did the same to me.

“Fine, be my fucking guest, Alpha,” I said as I ran the shower and placed the clothes I’d picked onto the counter.

I took my top off, standing with my back to Lucien as I undid my underwear and fully stripped down. I heard a growl from behind me and I glanced at him through the mirror. His eyes immediately met mine as I tore my gaze from his and went in. Thankful for the steam that shielded me from his gaze, I was able to at least shower in peace. But Lucien literally didn’t leave me alone, I could just constantly see his shape through the steamed glass.

Once I finished my shower, I took hold of the towel that was right outside the glass door. Lucien now had his back facing me and he made sure to look away from the mirrors. I smiled at that, only remembering that I was supposed to be pissed at him as I ran the towel through my hair and wrapped myself in it afterwards.

“Am I being puppy guarded as my punishment?” I asked, deciding it’d be better to be sarcastic than awkwardly tense… There was no point when his eyes screamed lust and I was practically bared to him.

“Yes,” Lucien replied and I rolled my eyes.

“I think it’d be worse if you actually watched me the whole time,” I said, smirking and really testing to see if he’d turn around.

“I wouldn’t want to amuse you,” he said and I frowned. Instead of dressing up, I moved my clothes aside and took my seat on the countertop and rested my head between my hands. I took a towel nearby and continued to dry my hair.

“Did I hurt you?” Lucien asked, making me pause.

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s start by physically. Did I physically-“

“Yeah, you did. But it’s nothing but a bruise now,” I said and I watched as Lucien’s shoulders seem to relax and settle with relief.

“I’m… sorry.”


“I’m not saying it again.” Lucien said quickly before pausing. “But I didn’t mean to-“

“To?” I asked as I got off the counter.

“I haven’t gotten into any real trouble for years, Auden,” Lucien said quietly and I nodded, even though I knew he couldn’t see me.

“Uh huh,” I muttered as I stepped closer to him, dropping the spare towel in my hands.

“I don’t want to make any rash decisions-“ Lucien began but I had pressed my fingers against the back of his shirt.

“Mmhmm…” I trailed off.

“Are you still listening to me?” Lucien asked as I just lifted myself a bit off the ground.

“I am,” I whispered into his ear and I could practically feel the goosebumps on his skin. Lucien took a deep breath and his body tensed beneath my touch.

“You’re barely clothed,” Lucien said.

“I know,” I whispered again.

“And we haven’t exactly talked about everything…” He trailed off.

“So what do you wanna talk about?” I asked as my fingers ran up and down his back.

“Are you still angry?” I didn’t answer that, instead I kissed his neck, earning a low lustful growl. “I guess not.” Lucien muttered.

“A little…” I said in a hushed voice before Lucien turned around and cornered me against the counter. He stared into my eyes before one of his hands raised and caressed my cheek.

“What did he tell you?” He asked and I turned and kissed his palm.

“Do you want me to tell you now?” I asked before I gently sucked the skin on his wrist. “Or later?” Lucien watched me with dark eyes before he bit into his bottom lip, I grinned before he moved forward and kissed me. I felt my stomach flutter as a heat ran down my body and my hands wrapped themselves around his neck. His hands wrapped around my waist, feeling me through the damp towel wrapped carelessly around my body.

“Do you trust him?” He asked me as he pulled away and I pressed a soft kiss onto his lips.

“Do you trust me?” I asked and Lucien’s hand came up behind me, touching my neck and rubbing the spot where he would mark me. I shivered as he pressed a kiss there, sucking and grazing his teeth before he made his way to my shoulders. He hesitated and I knew he was staring at the faint bruises that had tainted my skin. He brushed his thumb against them before lifting his head and looking into my eyes. He then pressed his forehead against mine.

“I’m sorry,” He said in a hushed voice and I closed my eyes as I relaxed and took deep breaths. “I trust you, but I don’t know how to trust-“

“I know,” I said, opening my eyes and staring into his. “But I have to help you somehow… and I can’t do it by sitting around.” Lucien sighed as I raised my hand and caressed his cheek this time. He leaned into my touch and sighed once more.

“Then we’ll talk. If we’re doing this- if you’re doing this for us – then we have to let everyone know. You’re one of us now-“ I placed a finger on his lips before I raised my right foot, rubbing it against his inner thigh and earning a groan from Lucien.

“I think we’ve got something else to take care of before we talk…” I trailed off, my inner switch obviously flipped by how Lucien had been touching and looking at me.

“You know this teasing thing has to end at some point, right?” He asked in a hoarse voice. I smirked.

“And where exactly would that point be?” I asked with a smirk. Lucien growled before he took off his shirt and immediately kissed my lips.

Lucien lifted me up and my legs instinctively wrapped around him and my hands found their way around his neck, the actions earning a growl from him as the towel began to loosen up, revealing even more of my skin.

“So I’m guessing… we’ll talk… later…” Lucien said, his words breaking apart as he began pressing kisses against my neck. He walked us out of the bathroom like that, kissing and holding onto another. I gently bit on his lower lip, pulling it away as Lucien lay me down on the bed.

“Talk. Later. Right,” I blurted as pulled him back down for another kiss. His kisses turned from soft pecks into deeper kisses as he reached behind my neck and gently tilted my head, sucking and licking ever so slightly. Tantalizing me as his free hand moved and I felt it slip beneath the towel that was barely clinging onto my skin.

“Pants. Off,” I said as we briefly parted, earning a chuckle as Lucien unbuttoned his jeans, parting from me as he did away with them. He returned to me, still wearing his boxers. “So I’m guessing all the way isn’t a part of this- ‘not talking’ thing,” I muttered and Lucien chuckled. Before he slipped his hand beneath the towel…

“Oh… Oh…

Lucien growled against my neck as I felt his fingers brush against my core. I bucked my hips against his touch and my fingers roamed his back. I moaned as he nipped my skin, his fingers circling my clit.

“Shit… Lucien-“

“Sshh…” His fingers sped up and I felt my breath catch. My hips shaking as I tried to guide him to the right… spot. Lucien’s free hand tugged on the towel as he lowered himself, latching onto my breasts, kissing my chest.

My eyes looked down and found Lucien kissing his way down my body until he made it to my abdomen. His eyes looked up, the green in them glowing against the dim light of the room as he shot a devious grin my way. I gasped as his tongue came into contact with my slit. Fuck… I moaned, praying that no one else could goddamn hear that. I shut out everything in my head in that moment.

Lucien groaned against me as spread my legs further, my knees raised as Lucien grabbed hold of my thighs. The heat spread from my legs to my stomach as I swallowed and my neck arched back. I swear I could see stars as Lucien nuzzled my core and latched onto my clit. His tongue making sure to pleasure me where I was weakest. I gasped and one of my hands reached up against the headboard of the bed. Lucien took hold of my free hand and I looked down to find him placing my hand over his head. I bit my bottom lip and moaned at the sight of him, my fingers tangling themselves in his hair as I pushed him down.

Lucien smiled and I blanked as he sped up.

“Lucien… Oh… Shit… Fuck-“ I felt my body tense up, my core building up in pleasure as my mouth froze and my back shot up and curled around Lucien who desperately held me in place. He groaned as I shivered and felt my eyes roll back. My hands scrambled to grab something and I found myself gripping the sheets as I fought the urge to scream in pleasure, my mouth agape as I felt my body come to a release. My body fell back and I watched as Lucien pulled away from my slit and went up to my face. I bit my bottom lip as he went for my neck and then I felt it.

“I want to watch you,” he whispered against my ear sending shivers down my spine as he eased a finger into me. I gasped. I looked into his eyes and he growled as I pulled him down for a kiss. The two of us groaned as he eased another finger… My legs instinctively curled and tried to close but Lucien gently nudged them open.

I gasped as he looked down and smiled.

“So wet for me…” He said, his voice deep and filled with lust. I let out a shaky breath before I looked at him, my right hand reaching around his body, pulling him up to me. Lucien pulled his fingers away before he sucked them clean in front of me. I felt my heart race as I climbed over him, pushing him down.

“My turn,” I muttered as my left hand took hold of his neck. I kissed the corner of his mouth down to his jaw as my right hand made its way down to his crotch. I smiled as I felt his body tense against my touch, my fingers tracing its path as I slipped my hand down his boxers. Lucien jerked as I wrapped my hand around him. I smiled before I kissed Lucien briefly and moved down to his crotch. I kissed his cock against his boxers, earning a satisfying groan from Lucien.

I hooked my fingers around the waistband of his boxers and Lucien raised his hips for me as I tugged them down. I laughed as he raised his body to speed up the process, his cock springing up and making me giggle even more. He was getting his boxers off his right leg when I wrapped my hand around his shaft and placed a kiss on the tip. Lucien groaned softly as I took him into my mouth. My tongue swirling around the tip before I took him even further, my hands beating down what I couldn’t fit into my mouth. My chest welled with pride at the sound of Lucien’s groans increasing the more I moved. I would release him and watch as his hips bucked in anticipation before taking him as far as I could. I moaned when he moaned. Enjoying the very pleasure I was giving him. I’d never been so thankful for having a bond as I felt his pleasure consume me.

“Auden, I-“ He gasped as I pulled back slowly and sucked on the tip of his cock ever so gently. Lucien turned us over and pushed my legs apart, making me giggle as he looked down at me.

“Fuck…” He cursed as he looked at me. His eyes seemed to shamelessly devour every curve and crevice on my body. I spread my legs further apart for him my breathing slowed as Lucien reached towards the night stand. I giggled and Lucien growled as he fumbled with the condom – his fingers rushing as I used my right foot to trace his thigh with my toes. I bit my bottom lip as he returned to me, he positioned his cock right at my entrance and I felt my breath hitch.

“Don’t tease me, Alpha…” I said as Lucien climbed over me. I could feel the tip of his cock nudge my entrance and I moaned. Lucien then used his free hand and tilted my head up to meet his gaze. I was about to speak up when he pushed himself into me and I gasped. Lucien closed his eyes and moaned.

“Shit, Auden…” He cursed and I felt my body buck against him. My mouth fell open as I felt every inch of him. Lucien raised himself off me and looked down, he moaned as he thrust into me and I felt my voice catch.

My legs curled around him, my body was begging him to move… And when he did – my vision hazed.

“Perfect… So… fucking… perfect…” Lucien gasped between each thrust. My hands curled around his arms as he pushed himself closer to me and thrusted harder, deeper…. Faster.

I moaned his name, earning a growl and a satisfying groan. I couldn’t focus. I didn’t know where to look what to grab – I lost myself, drowning my thoughts in Lucien’s scent, his body, the pleasure…

“Good?” Lucien asked, breaking my trance as he thrust into me. I could only moan in response as I arched my back, my body yearning for more. He chuckled before he raised my legs, before he pulled out and thrust straight in. I gasped.

“Better?” He asked and if I wasn’t losing my head over his dick I would’ve smacked him. But I could only moan and half-scream my feelings as I bit my lip, trying to remind myself that we weren’t alone in this damned house.

“Let me hear you, Auden…” He said as he grunted and I yelped as he kissed my neck.

“Fuck, Lucien, will you shut up and let me enjoy-“ My voice died as he thrust into my sweet sweet spot. “Th-there… ri-right… th-there!” I practically squealed as Lucien kissed me, muffling my moans as he grunted.

“So… good…” He moaned and I wrapped my arm around his neck, my other hand gripping his back, digging into his hard toned skin. “So close…”

“Close… Yeah… Fuck…” I managed to say and Lucien chuckled as he sped up and my body jerked beneath him. My body was having a ride as I lost control of my movements. One minute I was moving to meet his thrusts and the next I was struggling to grab a hold of my senses.

“Gonna come…” Lucien said, half-yelping as he grunted and buried himself in the crook of my neck. I moaned as he kissed my neck and I felt myself lose all control as my feet curled in tension and my body waited for its release. I bit my lip and hugged Lucien closer as he raised his head and kissed me. We had to kiss in spurts as I struggled for breath and with one last thrust, Lucien groaned and I felt my hips buck. I couldn’t think of anything. I could feel my body go on pause as I shuddered and let out a muted yelp that just hummed as I came.

By the time I came to, Lucien had just lifted himself off of me and pulled out… My body recoiled at the sight of him and I felt absolutely exhausted. And I don’t even think we took that long. Lucien grunted as he took care of the condom, tossing it into a bin before returning to me. I sighed as he lay beside me and I instinctively nestled up to his chest, savoring the heat from his body as he covered us with a blanket.

“Are we still gonna talk?” He asked and I punched his chest only to earn a laugh from how weak the action was.

“Tomorrow,” I said as I felt my eyes flutter closed.

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