Crave Me

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Chapter 21

I stepped out, shivering as the cold held me in its embrace. It was still dark, but I had to try. Just as I made it to the kitchen, I heard a glass clink and found myself staring into Lana’s eyes. She was drinking a glass of milk.

“Where are you-“ I held a finger to my lips and she stopped. I need help. I told her.

But my brother-

I just need to get off territory. Please. I begged and Lana nodded.

Follow me.

It didn’t take long for me to get to the highway with Lana carrying me. I climbed off her and embraced her neck.

I’ll be back soon. If… I’m not back in an hour, call Lucien. I told her and she whined.

Please be safe. She said and I nodded before she nuzzled me.

I’ll be fine, I promise. Now go. I said and she nodded before she turned around and ran back into Umbra territory. I tugged on my jacket sleeves.

“I can do this…” I muttered under my breath as I stepped off and made my way towards the nearest village.

I sniffed the air. I wasn’t hoping for a miracle – it wasn’t like I was trained or anything… But the fact that I was a bloodhound and a werewolf had to mean something didn’t it? The town was silent, the frigid winter air bit at the skin of my face, and I felt my ungloved fingers start to lock up. I clambered into the nearest pharmacy and sighed in relief at the warmth. No one inside - save for a sleepy-looking cashier sat at the counter watching something on his phone. He glanced up at me and I smiled as a greeting as he returned to his viewing pleasure. I walked around the aisles and sighed.

What am I doing here… I thought to myself. I should’ve told Lucien – maybe even Ignus… Either way, Lana would call Lucien to bring me back in about half an hour – and even then I would’ve caused trouble for the two of us. I sighed as I pulled out my phone – there was no point in calling. Dad had probably taken the precaution to call a-

A phone booth.

How many of those were still up around here? I checked my phone. The nearest working one was miles away. There was no way I’d be able to convince anyone to drive me out there – and hitchhiking wasn’t exactly my forte.

I’d have to make a run for it… and hope that Lucien was going to try and find me on foot.

My lungs felt like they were gonna explode. My heart pounded against my chest as the phone booth finally came to view. I was beginning to get light-headed. I definitely wasn’t built to run like a wolf… and even if I was, I was way out of shape for it. But I made it. Without much time to spare. Lucien could find me at any moment. But I could smell him- my dad- he was here and with how much I could still smell- he had to still be here somewhere. I panted as I rested my hand against a brick wall.

A sudden weight fell over my shoulders and my legs shook with weakness. My vision hazed. I could feel my blood boil.

Auden. Where are you? Ignus asked but I couldn’t even respond.

I felt warm, my clothes clung to my body uncomfortably, and I could feel the heat travel all over my body. I could smell my dad’s shampoo wafting through the air – clearer than ever. I struggled to move forward, a pain constricted around my chest, and I bit into my lip. Oh my sweet, sweet darling… Come find us… A voice said clearly in my head. I grunted as I staggered forward. Your body’s barely able to control itself now, isn’t it?

I finally made it to the phone booth, my hands tracing its metal ridges and the glass that encased it. Suddenly, a sweet scent filled my nose. It was different from my dad’s… it didn’t belong to him- couldn’t. It wasn’t something I recognized- but it intrigued me all the same. Come to me, my darling… The weight on my shoulders lifted, my vision cleared, and I could feel a strong urge to chase that sweet smell. But my hand refused to leave the phone booth- my hand pressed softly against its side.

What was I doing here again? I ran a hand through my hair and paused. I stood on both feet and felt a warmth, hot and fiery, surge throughout my body. I turned around. A shadow hid behind the corner alley- the smell radiated from there, I just knew it. I stepped forward.

We’re so close to each other- I can almost reach out and touch you… The voice said as I took another step. But we have to do this properly… so come to me-

Auden! A powerful voice rang in my head and then- warmth. I felt someone at my side embrace me and I turned to find myself face-to-face with Lucien. He smelled funny… like some kind of soft dessert. He placed his hands around my face and I found myself staring at his neck…

“Come back to me, please,” he said… I could hear his pulse, throbbing and racing against his chest...

“Dalton,” Ignus’ voice rang from behind Lucien and I saw him exit the large car. How had I not heard that coming?

“We barely missed him,” Dalton said before seemingly gritting his teeth. Lucien pulled me into his embrace and then I felt someone else hug me from behind. I turned to find Lana burying her face into my coat. I looked to Ignus and found him glaring at me, he began to walk menacingly towards me.

“Ignus don’t-“ Hera’s voice began but he made his way towards me and immediately grabbed me out of Lucien’s arms. He pulled me away with force as Lucien growled loudly. Ignus moved as if meaning to hurl me towards a wall- my feet skidded to a stop as my back bumped against the wall I’d rested on earlier.

“What the hell was that?!” Lucien growled out and Ignus clicked his tongue.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Ignus cursed. “You’re turning.” He cursed out.

“Turning?” Lucien asked, hissing the question.

“Look at her, she’s barely even able to speak,” Ignus hissed, “and it isn’t because she can’t.”

“Auden-“ Lucien began but before he could speak, I found myself in front of him again. His eyes seemed to look at me funny.

“What?” I asked as I trailed my fingers on his neck.

“Lucien… step away from her,” Ignus warned.

“The hell do you mean-“ Lucien began. He felt so warm, his body was radiating it and it was like my fingers would burn by just a single touch. It sent shivers down my spine…

“I’m sorry,” Hera’s voice said and I felt a small pain on my neck. I was about to turn when-


My eyes blinked awake and I found my head throbbing. My body felt heavy and weighted, I could hardly turn my head without feeling like my brain was going to explode. It was too hot. Everything was too hot… I needed water. I felt around and realized I was in bed- I blinked my eyes several times until finally my vision cleared. It was day. I pulled myself up and groaned as I sat up, my head felt like it suffered from an extreme concussion. My eyes still felt a little slow and hazed and I needed to force myself up. I grabbed onto the table, the wall, just to maintain my balance. My legs felt weak and I was dying for a drink.

Lucien? I called in my head.

Auden- you’re up, give me a second- Lucien began as I limped towards the living area where I knew a pitcher of water was sitting. The door opened and Lucien immediately came towards me and hugged me. I have no idea what came over me but I froze in his grasp before a ringing pain entered my head. I pulled away from him and groaned as I felt my legs give way. Lucien caught me in his arms and I began to breathe heavily.

“What’s happening?!” Lucien growled.

“As I explained before, she’s being hit by multiple things-“ Ignus’ voice interrupted as I shivered.

“L-let go of me… I just need to rest…” I said and Lucien swallowed a lump in his throat before he rested me on the couch. I looked over at the water pitcher and Lucien followed my gaze. He poured me a glass before handing it to me and I struggled to lift my hand to even hold it.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Lucien said and Ignus sighed but stayed by the door. I took a sip of the water with a bit of Lucien’s help.

“For starters, she’s in heat and it looks to me like her bloodhound line is fighting hard to suppress it,” Ignus explained. “Also- you might want her to stay away from everyone else for a while. Bloodhounds are… territorial.”


“Well, depending on which side of her wins on the time of day- she might be strong enough to rip someone’s arm off or even kill someone.”

“What?” I snapped and Ignus chuckled.

“Don’t worry. Both werewolf and bloodhound instincts will fight to keep Lucien alive- so that’s not a problem. He’s just gonna have to wait on you hand and foot.”

“How do I fix this?” Lucien asked and Ignus paused.

“You’re not seriously asking me how to fix a bitch in heat right?” Ignus paused, “Okay, I didn’t mean to make a pun or be offensive. But hounds and wolves alike- there’s only one way to fix her- and if you don’t want it to be temporary- you’re gonna have to-“

“If I’m… in heat… why is he able to… resist me?” I asked and Ignus laughed.

“Well, he’s not going to be able to for long. You’re the one in charge here, Auden. Bloodhounds are a little better off in that sense… You choose your target and in fact, most of the time- well… bloodhounds feed better in heat. Though please don’t bite him. I don’t know what’ll happen when that time comes.”

“So what the hell do we do, she looks like she’s in pain each time I hold her!” Lucien exclaimed and Ignus grinned as he stepped back.

“It’s cause she’s resisting. She’ll get the hang of it eventually. Though please don’t bite him, Auden. I’m actually begging you.”

“Then what do I do?” Lucien asked, looking a little frazzled.

“Well if she shouldn’t bite you, which one of you should?” Ignus asked and I gawked at him, earning a chuckle. “Try not to overwhelm him, Auden. When a bloodhound gets a little too thirsty… well, she can be a little more demanding than a wolf. Things can get intense fast.” Ignus laughed before he stepped back once more and closed the door. Lucien looked at me and I bit my bottom lip.

You aren’t seriously leaving me here to-

Oh please, you guys have already fucked haven’t you? Why not finish the process?

That’s different and you know it-

Then deal with your problems Auden. You’re the one in charge- it’s your body, your mate, your instincts… Now don’t mind me muting your little voice for once- I’d rather not hear either one of you. I’ll see you in a few days.

Days? I didn’t get a response. Ignus shut me out of his mind and I looked to Lucien.

“Where- where does it hurt?” Lucien asked and I bit my lip.

“Everywhere,” I said with a sigh.

“But you pushed me away when I held you so-“ Lucien said, pausing before he decidedly sat beside me. He didn’t touch me and I felt my migraine worsen.

“How the heck am I supposed to deal with this?” I asked aloud and Lucien gave me a worried look.

“Why did you go yesterday?” Lucien asked and I paused.

“I thought I’d be able to find dad… and that you’d find me before I got into any trouble,” I said, surprised that I was able to manage. I reached out for his hand and Lucien watched me carefully as I traced his skin. My breath staggered from my weakness but I did my best to focus on him and I placed my hand on his… To my surprise, relief rushed to my head like a drug and I fell limp towards his body.

“So Ignus wasn’t kidding about it being under your control,” Lucien muttered and I lazily nodded my head, burying myself further into Lucien’s chest. “Mind if I lift you back into the bed?” He asked and I nodded once more. I felt his arms around my body and though a few times it sent a prickly feeling down my spine, Lucien managed to bring me into his lap where I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. He stood up and carried me to the bed.

He lay me down and I sighed contently as he released me. My vision was getting a little better and my breathing had turned into small quick breaths. Lucien lay by my side and I waited as I took deeper breaths, trying to calm down, before I turned to face him. Just relax… I told myself as I moved closer to him. Lucien smiled as I snuggled into his body and I felt the pain subside.

“Better?” He asked and I nodded.

“Just let me… pace myself…” I said and he nodded in response as I guided his hand around my body. He rested it on my waist as I turned to him, allowing my body to adjust.

“You know this is starting to test my strength,” Lucien said and I raised an eyebrow before I realized how tense he was. I had the urge to touch his skin and he grunted as I gently traced it like it was the first time I was exploring his body. “Auden-“

“Sshh…” I hushed as I put my hand under his shirt, his warmth feeding a sudden growing hunger inside me that felt unusually powerful.

“I’m guessing you aren’t in pain anymore?” He asked and I nodded as I climbed on top of him, straddling his hips, my core turning warm and bubbly.

“I’m feeling light-headed… and hot… very… hot” I admitted as my hands pulled Lucien’s shirt up.

“I don’t know if I’m enjoying how slow we’re going or if you’re torturing me,” he said and I smiled as he lifted his arms so that I could move the shirt off him as I kissed his toned chest. He groaned as I slowly nipped and sucked on his skin… I couldn’t think of anything else anymore but his pleasure and mine… Whatever it was that was blocking our bond before had begun to fade and I could hardly contain myself.

“Shit, Auden your scent-“ I smiled as I let the shirt sit just above his nose, hiding his eyes from mine.

“Close your eyes,” I said and Lucien swallowed a lump in his throat. I kissed his throat and grazed my teeth along his collarbone, earning an animalistic growl from his mouth. He moved against me and I pushed his arms down. Lucien gasped in response.

“Auden your strength- it’s-“

“Stay still…” I said as I let go of him and took off my shirt.

“Can I at least… free my arms-“ I chuckled.

“Sure… But keep your eyes covered,” I said and he pulled his arms away from the shirt and I took his hand and kissed his palm.

“Fuck, Auden-“ I put his hands down before I moved lower. My hands moved to his belt and Lucien’s hands immediately came around my shoulders. I traced the waistband of his jeans, kissing the left side of that V leading down to his crotch as I unbuckled his belt. I looked to Lucien and found him biting his lip though I could see his eyes try their best to peek through the small sliver of a view the shirt was giving him.

“No cheating…” I muttered as I caressed his groin.

I took him into my mouth and Lucien gasped as I sucked on the tip of his cock. His right hand reached for my hair as I used my hands to pump the rest of him. He gasped and groaned, squirming beneath my touch as I tried to take him as deep as I could, sucking and kissing using his movements, his groans, and his hands as my guide. With every groan my stomach welled with pride and shivers ran down my back. He was flipping my switch, big-time.

“Auden… Fuck…” Lucien curled his fingers through my hair and I released him from my mouth as I kissed his side, climbing up to his abdomen, his breathing hitched and caught as I did so.

“Auden… Let me…” Lucien began, trying to speak in-between gasps and moans, I continued to pump him with my right hand as I made my way up and his hand fell to the curve of my waist.

“What?” I asked, my voice low and breathy as I kissed up his chest and back to his collarbone. I kissed his neck and used my left hand to lift the shirt a bit off his eye. He immediately rushed to pull it off him and shivered as I tightened my grip on his cock just enough for a moan to pass his lips.

“Shit, let me just- oh shit…”

“Can’t think straight?” I asked, earning a growl as I kissed the side of his cheeks. He lifted his right hand to caress my cheek and I turned and took his index finger into my mouth. Lucien’s eyes had gone aglow. “What am I doing right, Alpha?” I asked as I kissed each fingertip on his right hand before moving onto his knuckles.

“Everything… ha…. Your hands… Your scent… Auden if you could just smell how fucking amazing-“ Lucien buried his face into the crook of my neck. The sound of his gasps were so dangerously close to my ear that I could practically feel how wet I was.

“Let go Lucien…” I said as I pumped him and he kissed my neck, his moans sending vibrations through my skin. He placed his hands behind me and unhooked my bra before latching onto my chest. I gasped as he used a hand to hold me still and I released him from my grip. Lucien watched as I licked my fingers, savoring his taste on my fingertips and I suddenly found my pants way too uncomfortable to stay on. Lucien grinned before he reached around me and flipped us over.

I giggled as Lucien unbuttoned my pants and tried to gently yet impatiently tug them off. They were barely off my thighs when he lowered himself and growled as he sniffed my core. I could sense his patience run thin as my pants feel to my ankles and stayed there as he simply pulled my underwear aside.

“So wet,” Lucien said, a devilish grin gracing his face as he pulled his face down and I felt his tongue.

I gasped and my back arched, pushing myself against him. He paused, met my eyes with his gaze and smiled before he put a finger inside me. My hips bucked as he moved and watched me. Don’t look away, Auden, he linked and I gasped as I felt his finger curl inside me. He pumped in and out slowly until he finally eased another finger in and I bit hard into my bottom lip. Lucien growled as I felt my insides wrap around him and he looked to me. He pulled his fingers out and tugged at the thin fabric gently pulling it down my legs. He stepped out of his pants that barely clung onto his body and I wrapped my arms around his neck before bringing him down to me. I kissed him, savoring the taste of his tongue, the hum of his voice vibrating against my lips as I pulled him closer, our bodies melting together as I felt the hardness of his cock against my abdomen. We looked knowingly at each other before he reached towards the nightstand. I spread my legs apart and Lucien growled as I reached down to touch myself as he took care of the condom in his hands.

Lucien returned to me and picked up my hands, licking my fingers before placing himself at my entrance. I wrapped my legs around his hips and smirked as I pushed forward, the tip pushing into my core as Lucien let out a shaky moan before he caressed my face with one hand and pushed into me. My jaw went slack and I gripped at the sheets beneath us.

“Lucien…” I moaned as pushed into me, I grabbed at his neck and he reached for my ass lifting me up and pumping into me. I could see stars as I gasped and held onto him. This was different from before- I could feel his pleasure feed into me and it made me hungry for more.

Lucien lay me back down and I could barely register a grip around his head before he pumped into me hard and fast. My breaths came in hitches and my voice could barely muster a word. My head fell into states of pure ecstasy and I yearned for more of Lucien’s touch as I reached around him. My fingers dug into his skin and Lucien growled even louder as my legs tightened around his lower half, forcing him to go deeper. All I could hear was his moans and our heaving breaths as Lucien’s thrusts pushed me up against the headboard of the bed. He lifted me up again and I whimpered sadly as he chuckled and I struggled to keep my balance.

“Hang on,” he said as I lazily put my hands on his shoulders, my legs spread wide and lazily curled around his waist too. In one full thrust, Lucien filled my core and I gasped, struggling to breathe as he hit my sweet spot. I clung onto him again, fingernails digging into his skin, and I felt tears prick my eyes though I felt no pain or sadness. I was out of words, panting and gasping as I let Lucien fill me inside.

Our noses touched and we stared into each other’s eyes, feeding our lust for each other as I moved closer and our lips touched. Our mouths trying to cling onto each other as we moved against one another. I felt my body tense up and Lucien growled as he hastened his pace.

“Are you coming?” He asked and I could only bite my lip in response and I moaned as he lay me on my back and continued his sweet assault. I swear I could only see stars as I felt my back arch, my body churning and finally- finally… Lucien thrust into me one final time and I gasped as he clung onto me, kissing my neck. It was only then that my body felt loose and tired, my breath still ragged as I looked at him and kissed his lips.

Our eyes stared into one another’s and I found myself feeling the hunger in my stomach grow. I smiled and kissed him before I turned us over.

“Shit-“ Lucien began as I lifted my hips off of him, his eyes staring at my body…

I reached over at the nightstand and Lucien chuckled.

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