Crave Me

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Chapter 22

Ignus whistled loudly, his hands shoved deep into his pockets as he waited patiently for his dog. You can’t hide her from me for long. The man said and Ignus rolled his eyes.

I can try. He responded before he whistled again before he finally heard, to his relief, the sound of a panting dog. Kneeling down, the husky immediately pounced on his knees licking at his face. Ignus chuckled as he ruffled its hair.

“Got anything for me?” He asked and the husky barked at him. Ignus placed his hand on the husky’s forehead, his thumb caressing the space between its eyes.

Quick images flashed in Ignus’ mind. A forest, a home, some food, water… Finally, a view of Auden as she made her way to the phone booth. Ignus sighed as he watched the scene unfold. Auden had begun to stumble towards the booth and in the distance, he could barely make out a figure in an alleyway. Ignus let go of the dog and pet him furiously, scratching the side of his belly.

“Good boy, Quietus, good boy,” he said and the dog wagged its tail. “Let’s go grab you some food.”

Ignus sighed as he let the dog run free once again. He had made sure that it was completely uninjured and unnoticed. So far, it seemed that he hadn’t noticed how his own specialities worked. Although Ignus was beginning to wonder what it was that Auden would be good at as a bloodhound – especially as a half-blood.

Her time’s running out. Hera said and Ignus grunted.

I bet she’s starting to realize the real reason she’s so hungry for her mate. Ignus responded and he could feel the disgust in Hera’s mind.

Yeah well… let’s just hope she doesn’t mix up which hunger is for what.

Have a little faith. Ignus said as he walked off in the direction of the pack house.

He hardly had to sniff the place to know just how intensely Auden was seducing her mate. Unlike werewolves, female scents didn’t entice just anyone, they were specifically for their prey – or in this case, their mate. Ignus chuckled to himself, it was amusing to see just how much a blissfully ignorant pup was using her bloodhound talents to satisfy herself. Bloodhounds loved to monopolize their mates – which only made him admire Auden’s mother even more. Aurelia had always chosen others over herself… And though it usually ended well- the fact that Auden was here today would undoubtedly lead to one heck of a mess. Ignus shook his head.

“What the heck is that smell?” Desmond said and Ignus chuckled as he poured himself a glass of whiskey.

“Auden’s in heat,” Ignus said, “Want some?” Desmond nodded as he massaged his neck. Ignus slid a glass towards him.

“Well, that’s different,” Desmond said and Ignus nodded.

“For you, for Lucien- well… he’s probably caught up in all that,” Ignus said as he sipped his whiskey, savoring a bit of its flavor before it traveled down his body, sending warmth to his stomach. Ignus raised a hand and the scent faded from his nose and he heard Desmond breathe a sigh of relief.

“What’d you do?”

“Just toned it down a little, if you can’t tell, we bloodhounds operate a lot better on smell. So it makes sense for us to be able to tone down fellow hounds’ scents. Otherwise it’d be a lot easier to hunt us down.”

“I see…” Desmond trailed off. “How is… well everything?”


“Well, have you gotten any luck at finding whoever it is that’s hunting her down?” Desmond asked and Ignus sighed.

“I know who it is, but capturing him isn’t easy considering we’re four against his… group,” Ignus explained. The two of them paused for a moment as they quietly drank from their glasses.

“Listen, I know we didn’t exactly come up to a great start… but the pack’s with you guys now.” Ignus looked at Desmond in surprise before catching himself.


A door down the hallway opened and Desmond chuckled as Lucien came into view. Ignus did as well, after all, Lucien looked like an absolute mess, his shirt was rumpled and his hair all over the place and he smelled so much of Auden it was almost nauseating to Ignus.

“You doing okay in there?” Desmond asked jokingly as the two shared a brief handshake of some sort.

“I’m trying to,” Lucien muttered before he opened one of the cupboards and fetched himself a glass. Ignus pushed the whiskey towards him and Lucien nodded his thanks as he poured himself a glass. “Are you all usually like that?” He asked and Ignus scoffed.

“Well, Auden’s probably more intense than the rest of us – she’s got werewolf in her too, you know?”

“Yeah, well, she’s getting pretty strong,” Lucien said as he rubbed his wrists. Ignus laughed at the red marks on his wrists.

“As long as she hasn’t fed yet, it’s fine,” Ignus commented and Lucien nodded.

“Now that we’re all together, could someone please explain to me what that means?” Desmond asked, “I mean I can gather, but I also want some specifics.” Ignus gestured for Lucien to hand over the whiskey and he poured himself some more. After taking a drink, he released a large breath before looking to Desmond.

“If Auden was a pure werewolf she would’ve shifted like six years ago right?” Ignus asked and the men nodded. “But she didn’t which means there’s something blocking that part of her and because she’s half bloodhound you can tell it’s that part of her that’s stopping it from happening.”

“Why?” Lucien asked and Ignus shrugged.

“We’ve never had hybrids before. There’s… usually some inherent hatred for you guys in our instincts – it takes a while before we get used to it, think about it like cats and dogs. But because Auden was raised amongst you and has half your blood, she can take it. Also, don’t worry about the three of us hounds, we aren’t like the others of our kind.”

“Meaning?” Desmond asked this time.

“We can control our thirst and even then quenching it isn’t a problem,” Ignus explained as he fetched something out of his pocket that looked like a silver case. He opened it up and revealed a velvet interior that held several tiny glass vials of some kind of deep violet liquid. Desmond and Lucien looked at the case with interest as Ignus took one of the vials out and slipped it into the top of a thin silver tool.

“We used this earlier with Auden and since it isn’t real blood, it’s enough to stave off any kind of hunger she’ll have without fully triggering a turn,” Ignus said. “It’s like a vaccine, except you just slip this little thing into the top of this and press the top. Barely takes any pressure, one tap and boom.”

“How long do the effects last?” Lucien asked and Ignus shrugged as he put the vial and the tool back into the case.

“Depends on the bloodhound. For us it lasts a week, but since Auden’s in heat… that hunger might come back in a matter of minutes,” Ignus said and Lucien pressed his lips into a thin line.

“Is there any way to treat it permanently?” Lucien asked.

“Well… there’s only one real way to heal both of our kind when we’re in heat,” Ignus said, winking at Lucien, “But if you bite her at the wrong moment, she might just rip your head off.” Desmond and Lucien looked at Ignus with dumbfounded faces, earning a loud laugh from the man himself.

“This mating business isn’t a joke to us hounds. If you think werewolf bonds are hard, try fighting the urge to kill your mate for doing what they’re supposed to do,” Ignus muttered.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Desmond said, laughing nervously as he nudged Lucien. Ignus smirked as he unbuttoned the top of his shirt and revealed his neck. Sure enough, he had a mark on his neck, but also several long welted scars that marked him down from his collarbone to his chest.

“Shit man.” Desmond grimaced as he drank up all his whiskey. “The hell kind of mark is that?”

“A painful one,” Ignus said with a shrug.

“She worth it?” Desmond asked and Ignus simply smiled.

Suddenly a loud crashing noise came from the room and Ignus sensed an intense wave of pain rush over the back of his mind. Auden, calm down. Ignus said. Lucien had already rushed into the room and Desmond froze.

“Come,” Ignus said as he took the silver case back out from his pocket. He turned to look at Desmond, “He’s gonna need some help for the first part of this.” Desmond shivered before he gave himself a small pep-talk and followed behind Ignus who now had the strange tool in his hand.

“Are you good at darts?” Ignus asked.

“What?” Desmond responded and Ignus shook his head.

“You’ll get why I asked in a little bit.”

He barely even had to step into the room to know that Auden was beginning to get desperate. Her body needed more than physical reassurance – and the bloodhound inside her wanted two things: to mark and to be marked… The first being the riskier option – and the second… Lucien stood close to the door as Auden stood dressed in nothing but in one of Lucien’s shirts and had her eyes aglow with a deep crimson. At the sight of Ignus her eyes immediately went to his and he felt a cold shiver go down his spine. His instincts told him to bow, but while he could still resist, he handed Desmond the tool. Desmond had a disconcerted look on his face before he took it into his hands.

“Auden,” Lucien cooed and she looked at him. Ignus could practically feel the hunger and the thirst in her throat as she scanned Lucien’s body for his weakest points. Ignus stepped forward and Auden’s head snapped towards his direction.

“Calm down, your highness,” Ignus said jokingly and he could swear he saw her eyes flicker back to their usual brown color.

“S-step away from m-me,” Auden said and Ignus sighed in relief. She was still in control and he was kind of amazed.

“No can do, you’ll do so much more damage if I leave you alone,” Ignus said and everyone felt a sudden chill in the air. Lucien moved and Auden looked to him too. Everyone barely blinked before Auden suddenly had Lucien pressed against the wall, her right hand pinned his neck against the wall.

“Auden, calm down,” Lucien said, in a surprisingly calm voice. Desmond shifted his weight between his feet.

“You smell… so… sweet,” Auden said as she tilted her head and Ignus grunted as he stepped forward and barely even registering a sound, he had Auden pinned against the wall with Ignus holding her hands above her head with both his hands.

“Desmond!” Ignus yelled. Auden’s eyes snapped towards Desmond and he froze on the spot, her eyes freezing him there. A smirk graced her face before she lifted her legs and kicked Ignus off of her. With a single step, she was in front of Lucien again and this time he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Ignus cursed. “Get here this time.” Desmond let out a shaky breath as Ignus got up and stepped forward, he put a hand on Auden’s shoulder and she let out a hiss before she turned on him.

“You’re getting… in… my… way…” She said between sharp breaths as she gripped his shoulder and Ignus groaned at her strength. Auden was giving in.

“The ‘dart’ Desmond!”

“But how do I-“

“Oh for the love of,” Katherine’s voice said as she grabbed the tool from Desmond’s hand and threw it towards Auden’s leg. Ignus groaned loudly as he pushed Auden away with all of his strength, propelling her backwards until she hit a wall. But it was enough, the tool had managed to press against the smallest bit of pressure and Auden’s leg went limp.

She let out a shaky breath as she slowly fell to the floor.

“Nice shot,” Ignus said as he looked at Katherine, “Next time though, aim for the neck. Effects last longer that way.” Katherine rolled her eyes.

“You’re lucky I even came to help out.”

“How did you-“ Desmond began but Katherine hushed him.

“It was hard not to listen to you idiots. I was working in our living room and you left the door open,” Katherine said and Desmond sighed. Lucien held Auden in his arms and Ignus placed a hand on his shoulder as Auden’s eyes returned to normal. Her breathing fell into deep slow breaths.

“Auden, I think you know what has to happen.” She looked at him and then at her mate. “You don’t have a lot of time.”

“Stay by the door… just in case,” she said, pleading everyone with her eyes. Ignus nodded before he took out the case from his pocket and retrieved the tool from Auden’s leg.

“You sure?” Lucien asked as Katherine and Desmond left the room. Ignus stepped slowly away and saw Auden nod her head weakly.

She should’ve dropped by now even if it did hit her in the leg. She’s only had one shot before this. Hera said ominously.

Yeah, well let’s hope Lucien’s mark will do enough.

It won’t for long. Dalton replied and Ignus wanted to groan as he closed the door behind him and stayed there.

It will have to do.We have no choice. Ignus replied.

…She’ll feed soon enough. And then we’ll have no choice. Hera warned.

Shut up. Ignus said before closing himself off. He grunted as he took out his case and the tool. He retrieved the glass vial and placed it on the other side of the case before tucking it away. He leaned against the door and stared at the ceiling.

When will you be back? That sweet sweet voice said to him. Ignus’ eyes widened before he shook his head and regained his composure.

Get out of my head, Celia.

Please… Ignus… I just want you to-

Get out!

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