Crave Me

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Chapter 23

“Stay by the door… just in case,” I said and Ignus nodded before he moved quickly to retrieve the small thing stuck to my leg.

“You sure?” Lucien asked, his amber eyes searching mine, trying to ascertain whether or not I was really really certain that I would let him mark me. I nodded my head and watched as everyone turned to leave. Ignus closed the door behind him, but I knew he was there.

I looked back into Lucien’s eyes and sighed. I pulled away from him slightly and smiled as I traced my fingers across his face.

“Please,” I said, my voice sounding breathless as I felt that burning sensation fill my stomach slowly... I bit my lip and Lucien stared as he let out a growl, he pressed a kiss against my lips and I sighed into his kiss. He kissed down along my jawline and he held me in his arms as he tugged on the shirt I had on.

“Hold still,” he said, his voice low and dangerous as he pressed kisses against my skin, sucking and teasing me as he went closer to the crook of my neck where my mark would be. I could feel his fangs graze my skin as he reached that spot. He kissed it sweetly, my lips quivered and I loosely placed my arms around him, trying to encourage him. He lifted his head suddenly and let out a soft breath against my ear.

“I love you,” he whispered and before I could speak, Lucien dove in and I felt a pain surge from my neck. I let out a whimper as I felt tears sting my eyes, I closed them tight as Lucien released me but I hugged him close… I felt a burning sensation rile up inside me, my cheeks felt warm and my body seemed to jump awake. A sudden pain in my head made my close my eyes and I felt myself grab onto Lucien’s shoulders, my nails digging into his skin.

Lucien grunted and held me closer to him. I felt my fingers dig into his flesh until they touched a warm liquid - blood. I felt something build inside my chest and it became hard to breathe.

“Auden? Auden, hey-“ Lucien said and I found myself looking into his eyes. He gave me a surprised look before he held me in his arms even tighter. I moved my arms and placed them against his chest and pushed him down. Arms and legs around him, he stared into my eyes as my hair cascaded over his face.

“Hey,” Lucien said as he reached up to touch my face with his left hand, I kissed it and smiled before I reached for his shirt and pulled it apart, it tore between my fingers and Lucien release a shaky breath. I paused and listened to his heart beat and I could see the goosebumps along Lucien’s skin as I trailed my fingers across his chest, bits of crimson tracing themselves across his chest.

Don’t hurt him too bad. Ignus’ voice rang in my head and I felt a build up inside of me before I released a growl. Lucien looked surprised and I watched him swallow what seemed to be a lump in his throat.

“Is this normal?” Lucien yelled and I heard the door open. I growled at Ignus as he stepped in and he folded his arms over his chest.

“Calm down, I’m just watching to make sure you don’t kill him,” he said and I stared at him, a wave of anger and some kind of ego washed over me… I found Ignus slightly shaking, he was better at hiding it than Lucien for sure. I smirked as I bowed my head and for some reason I knew I was making an order.

Ignus bit into his bottom lip.

“Auden… you need to stop,” Ignus said but I refused to listen. I stared at him until he finally knelt down on one knee. “Auden-“ I glared at him and he shut up.

“Watch,” I said, not even recognizing my own voice. Lucien looked at Ignus and I could sense the worry in him, I gently caressed his face before I lifted my right hand and I felt my bones shift and change in my fingertips. I heard a gasp escape Lucien’s lips and I could see the surprise in Ignus’ eyes. I looked at my hands and though I should’ve felt surprised, I wasn’t. Something about it made me want to smile in some twisted way. My nails were long and claw-like, black as night, and my fingers had elongated, and though they weren’t beautiful- just strange… they weren’t anything like a werewolf’s paw… But then again whose hands shifted into a paw?

“Does she have to do this?!” Lucien asked, bringing me out of my thoughts as he looked to Ignus. A few tense moments passed between them and I could sense a kind of doubt in Lucien’s mind. I didn’t like that. I didn’t like that I could feel that. It wasn’t fair… he had me- why shouldn’t I go ahead and bite-

“No,” Ignus said loudly. “You can’t do that, Auden.” I stared at him blankly and tilted my head. Ignus fell silent and I turned to Lucien who was still looking to Ignus for advice.

“…You don’t trust me,” I said almost breathlessly and Lucien looked into my eyes. I felt like I had been rejected, the power I had thought was building up suddenly lost momentum and got caught short.

“No, no, no, Auden- I was just…” he began to say as he pulled himself up but I wasn’t listening, I felt the bones in my fingers shift and change back. Lucien cupped my face in his hands and I felt a sudden urge to cry as I sat up. I felt the tears well-up in my eyes before I looked to Ignus who still knelt before me.

“Auden, hey, hey, listen,” Lucien said as he brought my face back to his. He took my hand and placed it on his chest before he turned to look at Ignus. After a few moments, Lucien spoke again, this time in a clear voice. “You can leave us.” Ignus paused for a moment before he breathed a short sigh and smiled at me.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. But I’ll explain later.” Ignus stood from his position and crept out of the room, closing the door behind him. “But I’ll still be by the door!” After the door shut, Lucien turned to look at me.

“Are you okay?” Lucien asked.

I’m fine, I said with a smile and Lucien grinned.

“It’s healing already,” Lucien said and my eyes widened.

“Really?” Lucien nodded as he moved his head towards my mark and he pressed a soft kiss against it. I flinched thinking it would hurt, but felt pleasure and warmth take over as I mewled. Lucien chuckled and I felt my cheeks warm up as he turned and looked at my eyes.

“You okay?” He asked and I nodded before I pressed a kiss on his lips. But even though I was feeling content I still had an aching feeling in my stomach. My mind knew not to mark him- but I wanted to- I needed to have something that said he was mine and mine alone. Lucien seemed to notice my shaking hands and to my surprise, he tore off the remains of his shirt and lay back down on the floor.

“All yours,” Lucien said and I looked at him in surprise. “To be fair, though, I did not think you could shift any part of your body…” It was only then that it hit me that I had partially shifted. Lucien noticed my surprise and smiled as he took my hand in his and placed it on his chest. A heat bloomed in my chest and travelled throughout my body, this time, my touch left goosebumps on Lucien’s skin that I knew wasn’t just fear- it might’ve even been excitement.

“This’ll hurt,” I said as I lifted my right hand and it clicked and shifted into its form. I thought Lucien would look, I thought I would- seeing as it was the second time this had ever happened in my life. But his eyes captured mine and refused to let them go. A sweet scent wafted into my nose and Lucien seemed to smell it to as he breathed it in deeply and groaned beneath me. I extended my fingers far apart and curled them in a scratching position. I pressed a brief kiss against Lucien’s lips and he sighed into it before biting down onto his lower lip and I quickly pulled away and my hand swept down.




My head was throbbing and I groaned as I turned around. I knew I was in the bed but I could barely recall how I’d gotten there, I felt a sudden touch- faint and gentle- trace my wrist up to my shoulder and I smiled as I felt butterflies in my stomach and opened my eyes. Lucien pressed his nose against mine and chuckled, his breath smelled of peppermint – he had gotten up earlier for sure. It was only then that I could feel our connection- my lips quivered as I looked into Lucien’s eyes and smiled.

“You okay?” He asked and I nodded, feeling a sudden soreness on my neck. I suddenly looked over at Lucien’s body – he wasn’t wearing a shirt, just a pair of loose black jeans, and his hair was damp… My eyes immediately stared at his chest and I knew Lucien could sense my stare. I could feel a small sense of embarrassment as well as pride and it made me feel giddy.

I didn’t think my claws were that big- or would cause such welts… I felt a bit bad and Lucien immediately tilted my chin up. But I glanced down and bit my bottom lip. The scars weren’t perfectly healed, in fact they looked fairly tender and still healing.

“Did it hurt?” I asked and Lucien smirked.

“Yes… but I’m willing to bet that hurt too,” he said, glancing at my mark. I felt my cheeks warm up.

“I’m hungry,” I said, feeling that gnawing sensation in my stomach and Lucien chuckled.

“Breakfast is ready, though you might wanna clean up a bit,” he said as he kissed my lips and I grumbled. Not fair, I haven’t brushed yet. I thought as I ‘attempted’ to lick my teeth clean. Lucien chuckled and I felt my cheeks warm up.

“Don’t listen in!” I said as I chucked a pillow towards him. Lucien laughed as he took me in his arms and pressed a kiss against my mark. I let out a shaky breath and he released a playful growl.

“Breakfast first,” he said with a wink.

I freshened up with a quick shower, relieved to wash off the tiny bits of dried blood around my neck. Wrapped in my towel, I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Lucien’s mark was large and though he said it had already healed, I didn’t believe him until I saw how much of a faint scar the mark turned out to be. It was so light- lighter than even most-

That’s because you’re a hound. We heal quicker and our marks are more smell than sight. Hera said.


Well, you might not notice it now but since half the marking ceremony has been fulfilled every hound will know you’re marked… and you’ll probably compensate with your own scent over Lucien’s…


Well, you haven’t completely marked Lucien yet so when your instincts kick in and you get possessive you’ll literally overwhelm everyone in the room – not just in scent but-

But I gave him a scar-

She’ll get it sooner or later. Ignus interrupted.

“You okay in there?” Lucien asked and I immediately snapped out of it.

“Yeah! I’ll be out in a sec!” I yelled and just as I stepped forward I heard a loud ringing noise run through my ears.

I saw images flash in my head of someone standing at the edge of a forest. I could feel the cold and I watched as their gaze shifted around the forest until it spotted something – a house… I felt a shiver run down my spine and my stomach sank. I wanted to scream but I couldn't.

Found you.

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