Crave Me

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Chapter 24

Ignus, did you hear any of that? I asked but I received no response. The ringing in my ears increased in volume and I rushed out of the room. Lucien turned to look at me with a smile but I couldn’t hear a thing. I opened my voice and felt the vibrations come out of my mouth. I kept trying to say He’s here but I couldn’t hear myself. Lucien’s face immediately turned serious and I knew he was mind-linking people. I felt a wetness drop from my nose and wiped it immediately, only to find that I’d smeared blood everywhere. I felt a heat race through my body and I tried to fight the ringing to my ears. I sat myself on the bed and held my head in my hands, attempting to gain some sense of sanity.

I felt a hand on my arm and saw Hera looking into my eyes. She was mouthing something to me- though I couldn’t make it out. I felt like I was going insane. Hera took something out of her pocket – a thin silver tool like that of Ignus’ – I barely even saw as she flicked her wrist and pressed it against my neck. I felt the heat leave my body and she squinted her eyes at me.

“How long will it take you to get her out of here?” Hera asked, her head turning towards Lucien.

“Not long,” he replied simply.

“Then get going. Dalton will guide you to a safe house.”

“What about Umbra?” I asked.

“They’ll be fine. Ignus and I will be here. They won’t bother with werewolves – not if we can do anything about it. We don’t hunt anymore and it’s more trouble than it’s worth to shed blood. Your hunter isn’t stupid.”

“Hunter?” I asked, I was clueless about everything.

“Well, there’s no better word for it. Get dressed and get going. We’ll keep you updated,” Hera said and I nodded as I got up to change. She suddenly cleared her throat and turned to me, handing me a silver case. “This is full of that stuff I used on you a while ago. Lucien will get one from me too. Just in case. Use it when you feel anything… weird.” I nodded as I took the case into my hands and rushed into the bathroom to change.

I climbed onto Lucien’s back and savored the wave of relief that ran over me as I felt the warmth radiate off of his body. His wolf seemed to relax under my touch too and I embraced him as he moved forward. A bark behind me showed that Lana and Xander were also both with us. Another wolf stayed behind and I stared at it and smiled as Katherine came out to pat it. It was Desmond. She looked at me and nodded as Lucien reared back and ran forward.

Good luck. I mind-linked.

Thanks. Stay safe, Luna. Katherine replied.

Lucien, Lana, Xander, and I all spotted Dalton quite quickly. He was simply standing by the lake in a calm fashion. He turned to face us and nodded before he took off. It honestly still surprised me how quickly bloodhounds could move. It was like they barely even had to step forward before they traveled several meters. We continued following him until he came to a stop. He turned to face us and pressed a finger to his lips.

He was about to step forward when something crashed into him from his left. Lucien released a loud growl before rearing back and pushing forward. Lana and Xander moved alongside us.

Dalton are you okay? I asked.

I’ll be fine. Go here. He replied and a series of images flashed in my head. I could see the paths he took in the forest and the images appeared as if they were my own memories. I swallowed a lump in my throat.

Keep going forward, I’ll tell you when to move otherwise. I mind-linked Lucien, Lana, and Xander. They barked in response before rushing forward even faster than before.

You know this would be easier if you didn’t run… A deep voice whispered in my head and I shivered from the sheer sound of it. I closed my eyes and gripped onto Lucien tighter as I closed him off of my mind.

Turn right over here. I mind-linked and everyone followed. I felt my fingers turn cold and my breathing slow as we pushed on, weaving through trees and hidden pathways in the forest. A distinct smell filled my nose and I felt a sick feeling run in my gut. Something was wrong.

They know you aren’t here. Ignus said.

We have a problem. Katherine’s voice quickly followed.

Fuck! They’re all heading in your direction! Hera said in a panicked voice.

“Keep moving!” I yelled and Lucien let out a loud bark as I re-adjusted myself on his back. I caught a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye.

Watch out! I mind-linked. Lucien barely even turned his head when something, or more likely, someone, crashed into us. I lost my grip on Lucien and a sharp pain raised from my back, the air was knocked out of my lungs before I slumped down and hit cold damp ground. I blinked my eyes several times, a ringing noise filled my head, I could hear nothing but growling as my vision came to me. A feral roar brought me back to my senses, my head still rung and I could hardly get up before I felt a warm bundle of fur in front of me – Lana.

We gotta go… She said weakly and it took me a moment to realize that Lucien and Xander were both handling enemies – I could barely even keep track of their figures. I got up and climbed onto Lana’s back, wincing as I heard my bones shift and click into position – I had definitely broken something but it must’ve healed but I had no time to be in awe.

Run. Lucien said and Lana reared back but just as she was doing so she released a loud whimper and I fell off of her. She continued to whimper as she limped, her right hind leg had gotten hit by something – a small tranquilizer-like item. I crawled towards her and yanked it off.

I felt a sharp pain on my left arm and I groaned as my eyes snapped towards Lucien’s direction. His left leg was bathed crimson in his own blood but he had his mouth wrapped around someone and Xander tackled the attacker. I felt cold rush run through my system and I heard a series of clicks and snaps in my body. I took the tranquilizer and sniffed it briefly before turning my head in the direction I could smell it in. I gripped it tightly and walked towards the smell’s direction.

Where are you going? Lucien asked as he flung a body away from him and pounced towards me only to get hurled off to the side.

Can you hear me? I asked and I heard everything stop around me. Figures, men and women, stood around us, wearing a uniform of sleek black outfits and each carrying a weapon of some sort. Each one looked to me wide-eyed and I turned to where the smell took me. A woman stood there with her firing gun in her hand, she lifted it and aimed in my direction. I felt a fiery strength build in me and when I opened my mouth, I released a sound I could’ve never recognized as my own – I let out a loud growl. I stepped forward and found myself standing right in front of her with the gun pressed against my chest. I could hear her heart beat and her shaky breath and I took hold of her hands and aimed the gun right underneath her jaw. I released her hands and tilted my head. She looked around at her but no other person moved as she held the tranquilizer in her hands, her finger resting on the trigger.

Probably figuring out that no one would help her, she looked into my eyes, swallowed a lump in her throat and just as she was about to press the trigger, I felt a sharp pain in my neck and hissed through my teeth. I yanked the gun from her hands and stepped back before running towards Lucien’s direction- my feet feeling almost weightless with every move I made. As soon as I got there, though, Lucien’s attacker turned his attention to me and I could barely even register Lucien’s limping form behind the man before he got to me. I fired the tranquilizer quickly but missed his face. The man was different from the others, the lower half of his face was masked by a thick crimson lining, his eyes the only thing peering out at me, were an intense grey almost silver shade.

I couldn’t reload the tranquilizer fast enough so I tried to use it to attack him but he merely stepped back, which to a bloodhound meant quite a leap. I grunted as I fumbled with the gun, ultimately throwing it down as I stepped towards him. He leapt sideways and I tried to follow, but I was always behind. I could sense the smile on his face and the frustration built up inside me. A few muffled voices started entering my head but I could only block them out. As I followed the man I was whipped backwards when someone grabbed onto my right arm, sending me recoiling around their body until another person grabbed my left arm.

They dragged me backwards, my heels digging into the ground to try and stop them. I heard Lucien and felt his anger course through me as well as his pain, I saw him as he was running towards the man. But he had picked up the tranquilizer I had dropped and he took out its contents replacing it with something else and I felt my stomach drop.

Lucien, please, don’t let him hit you. He’s not holding a tranquilizer. Please. I begged and I could sense a feeling of understanding from him. Lucien must’ve used all of his strength to gain that much speed as he clashed with the man before he could fire. I strained against the hold of my captors and I tried to gain strength as I saw Lucien engage in another battle. He took hold of the tranquilizer with his teeth and shook it, his wolf fighting hard to keep up. But just as Lucien got a grip on it, the man slipped one of his hands into his side and I could see the hilt of what I just knew was a knife. My bones shifted and clicked into place again and this time I could barely register any events as I felt myself ground my feet and yank my arms away.

I saw Lucien’s eyes glance at me in confusion before I pushed him away hurling him in the opposite direction and I felt a sharp stinging pain slash against my body. Lucien whimpered in response. I fell to the ground and gasped as I felt my body grow cold. My side immediately felt damp and wet, my breathing broke into pants. Someone turned me over and I found that it was the same man but I didn’t want to move. If I did, I probably risked making the wound hurt. A group of people suddenly surrounded me – they were in the same uniform and I felt my vision slowly fade.

“She’s going to-“ Someone began.

“She won’t,” the man in front of me said and he looked around. “Give me a vial.”

I heard Lucien whimper but his pain was no longer as strong as it was. The stinging sensation in my body wouldn’t stop – wouldn’t let anything else in. I couldn’t make a sound other than small hushed winces as I felt the ground beneath me turn soft and the smell of blood filled my nose. I could barely register the small noises, the fumbling, until the man pulled me up and pulled down his mask revealing his face.

“Make sure no one gets close,” he said and I heard a few people move, a light breeze signifying that they had left. He then took out a glass vial and yanked out its lid with his teeth, spitting it away before facing me, he took the vial and placed its edge around my lips.

“Take it, come on, you won’t heal otherwise,” he said and before I could even react, someone else parted my lips for me as he tipped the vial in.

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