Crave Me

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Chapter 28

As it turns out, keeping everyone out of my head, wasn’t as complicated as it seemed. What was, complicated I mean, was trying to figure out how to get the hell out of this place. It isn’t easy when I couldn’t reach out to Ignus, even though I had a feeling I could definitely pull it off- if it didn’t mean letting Celia’s weird brother into my head. She’d warned me enough and Ignus had acted all scary when I’d told him I was hearing things from him – so, fair enough.

The guy that brought me my food everyday – Bo – was actually really nice. He didn’t usually make much conversation, but when he did, it made me smile. He’d comment on how much I’d been eating, ask if I needed anything, and so on and so forth. Celia, on the other hand, seemed to be desperately trying to keep her mouth shut. Which was a surprise to me, since we were talking earlier and she saw me at least twice every day to administer the BloodVac.

“Do you think it’s gonna rain today?” I asked, looking over at Bo who had just started to pour me a cup of coffee from the press he’d brought into the room.

“Most probably. Spring isn’t really the brightest of seasons. It’ll be a while before the gardens bloom,” he said, adding that small comment of his. I sighed as I looked back out the window. Over the past few days, I had at least learned more about the layout of this place. Ezra had given Celia permission to walk me around – but never outside. The closest to outside I could get was a glass room on the ground floor that looked out the greenhouse.

Ezra wasn’t an idiot, that was for sure. To his credit, he used every up he had against me to make sure I stayed put, knowing as little to nothing as he could possibly give me. Not even my newly developed senses could help me get out of this mess. I couldn’t make any progress into finding that room I’d seen either. Every step I took, every sound I made, and if I’d let it happen – every thought I had, was pretty much tracked down to a T. There wasn’t a single place in here that was empty. There was always someone and they didn’t have to even breathe for me to know they were there. I guess that was how bloodhounds worked so well. I could sense them throughout the building, which made me wonder how the hell Ignus and his group ever escaped in the first place.

I sighed as Bo placed the coffee on the table in front of me. I had been standing outside the windows all day and no matter what, I just knew that the trees in front of me were just as riddled with bloodhounds as this damned building was. I needed to find a way out of here. But at this rate, it seemed damn right impossible. I might as well be chained to the ground.

“Is there any way to spend time productively in this place?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest, and Bo smiled to himself.

“I don’t think Sir Ezra would like you to do anything in particular,” he replied and I rolled my eyes.

“Well, there has to be something I can do,” I replied and Bo paused for a moment.

“There’s a library on the ground floor,” he said and I raised my brows.


“I’m sure Sir Ezra wouldn’t mind you in there and there should be enough books to your liking.”

“I’m guessing computers are out of the question,” I said and Bo chuckled.

“Need I respond?” I smiled at him this time. “You should drink it while it’s hot.” He said simply as he nudged the cup of coffee towards me.

“Right…” I trailed off just as Bo nodded his head and stepped back. I lifted the cup and just as I was about to take a sip, I noticed a slim piece of paper. Bo seemed to be deliberately avoiding me then. I took the paper into my hand and knowing I had to hide it somewhere, I tucked it underneath the long-sleeved dress I was wearing and into my bra. Better safe than sorry.

“When you see Sir Ezra again, you should ask him about the library,” Bo said suddenly and I nodded but the sound of footsteps made me roll my eyes.

“Looks like he’s here,” I said as the doors swung open and the two siblings, Ezra and Celia made their way inside. Celia closed the doors behind them, while Ezra walked up to me, making me put my coffee down. I rolled the right sleeve of my dress up and Ezra grinned as Celia came forward and tapped the vaccine into my arm. Recently, they’d begun to send a numbness through my body that made my head hurt.

“Any headaches today?” Celia asked as I pulled down my sleeve.

“Not yet,” I replied.

“It’s a reaction to the increased doses we’ve been giving,” Ezra explained and I knew he was trying to read my face since my mind was about as locked up as it could be. Not that I couldn’t feel him poking around me to see if he could get in – he was always there. It was uncanny and sometimes it made me shiver at night.

“You’ll get used to it soon. We’re almost at a full dose,” Celia said with a soft smile. I sighed before turning to look over at Ezra.

“Bo says there’s a library here,” I said and Ezra raised an eyebrow.

“Did he?” He responded, before looking over at Bo. The air suddenly felt heavy, almost suffocating, and though he did well to hide it, Bo had shivered.

“If I may…” Bo responded, his voice weak. Ezra nodded and the air lifted, if only slightly. “Miss Auden has had nothing to do. The library is the least entertainment to offer.” Ezra sighed and the air became clear as he looked over at me before he seemed to have gotten an idea. He smiled at me, which honestly filled me with dread.

“Fine. I’ll pick you up in the morning and escort you to the library. You’ll pick out a book and then I’ll bring you to my office.”

“Ezra-“ Celia began but Ezra simply glared in her direction, sending her into silence.

“Great,” I said plainly. Ezra grinned before he turned on his heel. Celia gave me a nervous glance before she scurried away behind him while Bo fixed his tie, offered me a smile, and left me alone as well.

As soon as the door was shut, I made my way to the bathroom, locked the door, and ran the shower. I took the paper out, unfolded it, and read.

Ezra hears everything so even Bo can’t have a clear idea. My dear child, there are only two minds he cannot enter. Mine and yours. Stay sharp and wait your time. I’ve showed you the way. -Aurelia

I clutched the piece of paper close to my chest. I had only one ally I could trust and even then, it seemed the world was against us. But if she could contact me this way or show me images in my head… then maybe… just maybe, I could learn a thing or two. I took a deep breath. One thing’s for certain, I wasn’t getting out of here any time soon.

I stripped down and stared at my reflection in the mirror. I’d tried hard not to think of Lucien especially when Ezra was so close by. It seemed to me that he could not only go through your head, but he had a keen sense of emotions – and something told me he’d use anything to his advantage. A pang in my heart throbbed as I remembered Lucien’s embrace. I looked over at the mark he’d given me, the welts in my skin of his fangs had faded much faster than I’d ever seen before. Even my mother- well, step-mother, had a darker mark to her skin. But mine seemed lighter as if they were simply stretches of pale skin. Bloodhounds healed well indeed.

I sighed as I threw the paper into the toilet and flushed it down. Lucien would have to wait as I do. But the moment I get the chance, I’ll run right towards him.

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