Crave Me

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Chapter 29

When you’re in the library, Bo will recommend you a book. Don’t be afraid to read it in front of Ezra.

I sighed as I looked through the books. Bo told me to read a history book in the furthest corner. I found it with ease, though I highly doubted it would’ve been of interest to me. Considering I couldn’t converse with Aurelia herself, it’s hard to tell her that I would’ve been more interested in medical books. Despite being my mother, we knew little to nothing about each other.

“And what’s today’s selection?” Ezra’s voice asked from behind me. I turned and showed him the book.

“Volume one of Bloodhound History, huh,” he said, seemingly unimpressed. “They’re mainly just myths and legends.”

“Considering I don’t know anything about bloodhounds, I thought it’d be a good start,” I said, thankful that there was an excuse I could use. I guess that was one reason she’d chosen it.

I followed Ezra to his office, which was further away from where I needed to be. I sighed as he took a seat at his desk and he motioned for me to sit at the chair right across it.

“Bo will come bring snacks in a bit,” Ezra said and I nodded as I took my seat.

“Don’t you think this is a little awkward?” I asked and Ezra raised an eyebrow as he brought out a computer. So there’s gotta be WiFi. I thought to myself.

“Not at all. In fact, I’d appreciate it if you developed some kind of Stockholm Syndrome,” he said without a single bit of amusement in his tone.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“Because I want you,” he answered directly before pausing for a moment and looking at me with those piercing grey eyes. “Rather, I need you for something.” It was my turn to raise a brow.

“For what?”

“Validation.” He answered simply and that was it. He simply began typing away as I looked through the book in front of me.

To be fair, the book wasn’t as boring as it seemed. Then again, myths and legends were always interesting. Werewolf legends were great too. Finding out about mate bonds and such… Not that I ever thought I had one, all things considered back then. I flipped a page and suddenly found myself pausing. A wave of drowsiness came over me as I read and soon enough, I found my mind drifting…

“Auden,” a voice called to me. I found myself waking up and saw a woman in front of me, propped up in a bed. She had long brown hair, soft brown eyes, and pale almost snow-like skin. But it wasn’t the healthy kind of look, it was a paleness that meant illness… Like she was a flower about to wilt. She smiled as I looked at her.

“Looks like Dante raised you well,” she said simply. I opened my mouth to speak, but she placed a finger to her lips.

“Until I teach you how to ‘speak’, it’s best not to try,” she said with a soft smile. “For most bloodhounds, you either hear everyone’s thoughts like a hive-mind… or you block everyone out. Some people are better at it than others, like Ezra. But even he isn’t an exception – you, however,” she said looking at me kindly.

“As my daughter, you are capable of far more… and I’ve a feeling you’ll learn fast. It won’t be long until you’ll be able to talk to me…” She trailed off. “I thought we’d be able to meet in person, but with Ezra’s methods, that’ll be close to impossible...” She then looked into my eyes.

“Our world mimics that of werewolves sometimes. Our blood and our strength, base our place. But unlike werewolves, our familial powers are more important. Ignus’ family has had great connections with dogs and will always do, Ezra manifested the power to go through minds and as a result of his own… experimentation, he’s figured out that he can go much further by changing them to his advantage.” I pointed to myself and she smiled.

“You, half-werewolf and half-bloodhound, will outrank us in physical strength. But as you already show signs of my power… I’m hopeful,” she said just as she reached out to me. “I’ll see you again soon.”

I suppressed a yawn as I blinked my eyes, only to find myself sitting right across Ezra, the history book still sat in my lap and it was as if time had barely moved. I flipped through the book and glanced up, only to find that Ezra had met my gaze.

"What?" I asked.

"You were dozing off earlier."

"And you should get back to work," I said, refusing to make even more conversation with him.

I would definitely get out of here. No matter how long it took.

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