Crave Me

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Chapter 3

I was awkwardly standing with my back against the wall as a tall werewolf that smelled a little too delectable for my liking stepped into the room.

“Lucien-"A girl’s voice - Lana’s - started and I immediately reached for the door to my balcony in the hopes that I would be able to at least escape to my living room.

But before I could even touch the knob, he had already used the classic werewolf move of running at the speed of fucking light and appearing right in front of me. I bit my bottom lip, earning a very low growl from the man in front of me and I tried to resist him but my body tends to have a mind of his own… His right hand reached up and tucked a loose hair behind my ear, sending goosebumps down my arms and he traced his thumb against the side of my jaw, eventually ending his touch on my lips. My body felt like it had been put into an oven- my cheeks felt warm and I felt my legs go a little wobbly. I breathed air through my teeth and turned my head, avoiding his eyes - because one look into them would verify what I was feeling

But werewolves weren’t known to be patient people. Or respectful ones apparently - because he placed his thumb beneath my chin and lifted it, my eyes immediately meeting his pair of hazel eyes - a mixture of green and brown that had darkened with lust and possessiveness that whatever werewolf blood I had in me wanted to succumb to. I decided then and there to shamelessly stare at him. He had hair the same color as Lana’s, a kind of dark brown styled to the side and slightly curled, thick brows framed a defined face of high cheekbones, a tall nose, and deep-set eyes… His lips were slightly open and he looked like he was in the latter stage of growing a beard - though it still wasn’t nearly as thick or burly as a ‘beard’ I guess would look. I should know, my dad had a huge beard that engulfed the lower half of his face.

I cleared my throat but the Alpha just stared into my eyes and now both of his hands were cradling my face, forcing me to look into his eyes. When I attempted to look away, he growled and I was made to stare into his eyes.

“Alpha Lucien we have to-“ I heard Xander begin the Alpha turned around and I saw Xander bow his head.

I stepped aside but as soon as I did, the Alpha had his hand block my way.

“You’re coming with me,” he said pursed my lips, biting into my bottom lip and earning a growl from him. I took a deep breath.

“Okay…” I said as I looked into his eyes and challenged him, mustering as much strength as I could to resist his damned Alpha commanding voice. I stepped forward. “I have a job to do Alpha.” I bowed my head.

“And… as a result of your sister’s incident-“ I said glancing over at Lana and then back at him, “I am going to be late for work, so if you would please move-“ I froze.

He was way too close. Too fucking close I could feel his breath against my skin. I heard a gasp from Lana’s direction and my hands basically became immobile. For a brief moment, my eyes wanted to fall shut - they really did - and my body had already leaned forward expecting some kind of magic to happen… I could almost feel him against my lips and I had to fight back.

There was only one thing I could do.

I took a quick breath and then I lifted my limp arm and slapped him and his stupid kiss-attempting face. Trying not to think or use any of my instincts, I stepped forward. In the mere moments that I had, I grabbed my handbag and strode past Lana by the door who was gawking at me and also past Xander who was doing the same. Needless to say, I ended up forcefully bumping into his shoulder as I made an escape from my own apartment and I made a run for the elevator.

I sighed in relief as it opened - probably because Alpha Kiss-Face had just stepped off of it. I jumped in and pressed the close button multiple times. And because technology sucks and we have a stupid regulation on these stupid buttons, the Alpha, his sister, and his Delta made it outside just as it closed. And because I’m even more of an idiot, the Alpha pressed the open button and the elevator doors opened up for him.

“I think you forgot something,” the Alpha said in his deep and albeit sultry-sounding voice, I reluctantly turned my head as he lifted a set of keys in front of my face. I ignored him and turned my head, he was still standing in front of the elevator as I kept pressing the close button.

He chuckled.

“You do know these things won’t close on a person entering, right?” He asked rhetorically.

“A girl can dream,” I countered and he laughed as he stepped in, Lana stepped in silently behind him and Xander followed. Thus, the most awkward elevator trip of my life began, with an Alpha sniffing my hair as two other wolves stared at us.

“Lucien, is she your-“

“Yes. If it wasn’t obvious by your brother’s incessant need to sniff my hair from right behind me, yes, he seems to be my-“

“Mate.” He gladly finished and I stood stiffly behind him as I felt his hand graze my back, the warmth from his hand seeping through my turtleneck. I immediately turned and swatted it away.

“You know, there are cameras in this elevator and what you’re doing is basically harassment,” I said turning around. “What are you? A horny teenager? Hands off.” I said as the elevator doors opened and I stepped off into the parking lot. I heard something jingle from behind me and mentally groaned as I turned and found him holding my keys up.

“You’re not leaving me,” he said with a confident smile and I shook my head for a moment.

“Excuse me?”

“As my mate and as an Alpha… I have the right to take you with me.”

“…I’m sorry did you just say you had a right to kidnap me or did my hearing just fail me?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest, my bag slightly hitting me a bit too hard. The Alpha smirked at me.

“Do I look like I’m gonna just let you take me wherever the hell you’re going?” I asked, tilting my head and giving him a look of concern.

“Well, I’m not an idiot and I did bring back-up… So you either come with me willingly or…” I heard footsteps echo in the parking lot.

“This is fucking ridiculous.” I cursed as I looked around, spotting at least six men and women around me. I sniffed the air and groaned, they were very much a part of his pack.

I laughed at my misfortune.

“I save a werewolf, feed them in the morning, and here I am…” Why do you hate me so much? I cursed in my head as I held the back of my head with my arms, my bag hitting the back of my head.

I released a huge breath.

“What time is it?” I asked out loud, before releasing my head and looking at the Alpha in front of me. He smiled and stepped forward.

“Half past eight,” he said and I closed my eyes, trying to calm down.

“I need to go somewhere and then I’ll go with you,” I said looking straight into the Alpha’s eyes.

“You say you that like I gave you a choice,” he said and I mentally groaned. I thought of an idea - a disgusting one but an idea.

I lifted my free hand and traced his jaw this time, his eyes widened and I saw the goosebumps that formed on his arms.

“I need to go. If you let me go there, and you can escort me if you want, I’ll give you a kiss,” I said, batting my eyelashes at him. He chuckled.

“What makes you think I can’t make you kiss me whenever I want-“ He began but I had grabbed him and pulled him down slightly. Thankful that our heights weren’t that different, I planted a kiss on the corner on the farthest side of his jaw.

“You can make me…” I said as I trailed my lips along his stubble, I wanted to half-vomit, half-continue but I needed to play a game with this Alpha if I wanted to win the human way because I can’t for the love of me win the werewolf-fighting-way even if I wanted to.

“But let’s both admit…” I continued as I kissed closer to his lips, I dropped my handbag and wrapped my free arm around his neck as I finally kissed the left corner of his lip, my lips were tingling themselves and my stomach was feeling like a rollercoaster had done six loops inside it. “It feels a lot better when a mate kisses willingly, doesn’t it?” I asked as I pulled away for a moment, just far enough so that our noses barely touched. He smiled confidently at me, making me a little weak as I held my ground.

“Well I wouldn’t know since my mate hasn’t kissed-“ he began and I decided to cut him off again. I kissed him.

But to hell with it if I opened my mouth, there was no way that was going to happen. I simply kissed him and maybe… maybe licked my lips in the process, causing him to part his own lips in response. I smirked as I pulled back.

“Now you know,” I said as I took the keys from his hand, bent to grab my bag, and made my way to my car. I heard him release a breath and laugh to himself as the wolves around me made room, suggesting that he had already made his command.

He followed behind me and just as I thought I would’ve been able to get into my car, I was hoisted over his shoulder.

“We made a deal-“

“I think you should know to hold up the final part of your deal until I say yes,” he answered and I groaned as I kicked and struggled against him.

“Stupid fucking Alphas and their stupid fucking egos-“ I groaned as I kicked and squirmed in his grasp.

“Alpha Lucien, our flight for Vancouver is scheduled for this afternoon - would you like us to-“

“We’re heading straight for the airport,” Alpha Assface said as he carried me off. I felt around for my bag, before then having moved it to my left hand to reach for my phone.

I quickly looked for my sister’s name and called her.

“Auden? What’s up? You never followed up on last night’s call-”

“Yeah, I’m in a bit of a situation… Do you think you can handle everything for a bit? I’ve got a surprise trip to hell-“

“What are you talking about?” Zaina asked and I rolled my eyes. I felt myself slip down onto the ground and I resisted the urge to sniff the fuck out of the Alpha in front of me as I slid down his body until my feet touched the ground.

I watched as the Alpha smirked and took my phone from my hands.

“This is Alpha Lucien of the Umbra Pack and Auden’s mate.” Zaina went silent on that and I groaned as I reached for my phone. But Alpha Lucien decided to dodge me and I swear if I could’ve growled I would’ve. I looked around and sighed in relief as the rest of the werewolves began to drive off.

Alpha Lucien had already started conversing with my sister and since I didn’t want to bother talking to him, I took it upon myself to slowly walk away. Lana, who was about to enter her car in a very unhappy manner, caught my eye and smiled. I placed a finger on my lips before she nodded and I watched as she pulled her arm back and punched Xander in the face, effectively knocking him out. I heard some bones cracking and Lucien put my phone down before he began to yell an Alpha command.

Lana!” He shouted and I stepped back until I got to the emergency exit, I heard something tear and I groaned - Lana had just shifted. I opened the door to the emergency exit and made a run for it.

Happy that Lucien would have to chase after Lana as well, I ran up to the lobby of my apartment building and sprinted to the front where I knew a line of taxis would be waiting. I immediately went into one of them.

“Good morning little missy! Where are we off to-“

“Port Authority Station, thanks,” I said, looking through my bag - relieved that it was even with me. “Sorry.” I added, smiling at the driver who simply shook his head and smiled back as he drove off.

“No problem missy, I know a girl when she got a problem. Wouldn’t wanna make you talk about it if you don’t wanna so I’m gonna go ahead and put on the radio - any requests?” He asks and I shake my head.

“Play anything you like,” I replied before I began staring out the window. Considering I didn’t have my phone on me… I’d have to make it either back to Carmine territory directly or I’d have to try and contact my sister through other means…

I rested my head against the cab window. There were only so many ways I could outrun a werewolf especially an Alpha - but I was willing to try.

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