Crave Me

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Chapter 32

Ezra sat on a steel chair across me. My feet had been chained with large clamps that made sure it was difficult to move around and my arms were restrained with tight metal cuffs that had been chained together so that my wrists were never more than six inches apart. A single light bulb hung above, making sure I had enough to still see his stupid figure.

“What did she show you?” Ezra asked and I chose not to respond. It seemed to anger him as he immediately tried to empower me with that stupid bloodhound aura of his.

“You’ll never figure out how to use it. Not here, not with me around,” Ezra said and I smirked.

“Is that why you put me in here?” I asked and he chose not to respond. “What do you even want from me? Why not kill me and get it over with-”

“Only you can pass that trait,” Ezra walked over to me and put a finger to my head, “Only your bloodline.” His grey eyes were cold and terrifying.

“And you want me to pass it over to you?” I asked and he smiled, a twisted smile that filled me with disgust.

“Not me… My bloodline,” he replied and I laughed in his face.

“Fuck you.”

“We will… I just need you docile,” he said and I suddenly felt nauseous as he trailed his hand down my face, I snapped my teeth at him in response, but he merely pulled his hand away. “I will get what I want from you... You will give in. With time.”

“Go to hell.”

“And you’ll join me.” He said with a triumphant grin. “I always get what I want, Auden. This time will be no different.”

I took a deep breath. I needed a Bloodvac, I could feel the hunger for it course through my body. As Aurelia had advised… I would have to give into that desperation. It was now or never.

I hated playing the waiting game. It felt like I had been practically playing it the entire time I was here... and now I had to wait in a cellar as my hunger gnawed at me. Aurelia hadn’t contacted me for the past few days, which was a given, considering what we were going to do. Ezra hadn’t showed up and I was a little grateful. I was way too weak to deal with that shit-bag and my body was showing it. I could barely lift my arms to move, my lips had chapped, and the cold concrete floor didn’t help the shivers that constantly ran throughout my body.

I knew I had to wait for Aurelia and that it would be a struggle... but plans always did sound better before they actually took place. There wasn’t even much to do to keep my entertained, which I guessed was the point. Chained to the wall, I had nothing but a single light bulb for light, a heavy metal door across me, and luckily enough, a working toilet just within my reach.

I didn’t have to even sniff the air to know I was filthy, but that was the least of my concerns. The hunger had started to cause... certain changes to my body. I’m pretty sure bloodhounds didn’t normally have heat sensing vision... and that I shouldn’t be able to tell the heart rate of a living being standing three feet behind a heavy metal door in front of me. I also shouldn’t probably be drooling at the sound of their heart beating... probably.

The sound of footsteps approaching snapped me out of my trance. Whoever was guarding me had stepped aside to make way for a visitor – and I knew by the scent that it wasn’t Ezra. I heard something heavy get lifted from the door before it slowly swung open, creaking and settling with a loud thud as it hit the back wall. I closed my eyes.

I couldn’t even see them as people if I tried. I just saw blood-bags and their smell was way too enticing…

“How are you doing?” Celia’s voice asked, I couldn’t help but let out a weak laugh.

“What are you doing here?” I countered, refusing to open my eyes. Aurelia had told me what the symptoms would be and I had a vague idea what my poor bloodhound instincts wanted me to do…

“I… I couldn’t let him just starve you-“

“You should,” I replied.

“Why won’t you look at me? Is there something wrong with your eyes?” I heard her heel click as she took a step forward and an involuntary growl escaped my lips.

“You’re a scientist, right?” I asked and I heard her release a shaky breath. “It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that dangling a steak in front of a dead-hungry wolf is a bad fucking idea.”

“I just-“ I opened my eyes and stared straight into her eyes. Celia froze up in front of me and I breathed a sigh.

“The amount of self-control it takes for me not to try and pounce at you… is astounding,” I said as I began to grind my teeth against each other. Celia grabbed hold of her arm, seemingly steadying herself before she reached into her pockets and pulled out a small cloth bag. She put it down on the ground, right before her feet before she kicked it forward. It landed with a soft clink in front of my knees.

“These are for you… They’re pure bloodvac’s… Synthetics won’t do you any good, you need real ones if you want to survive…” she trailed off.

“He’ll kill you if he finds out,” I said and Celia shook her head, avoiding my gaze and I shook my head. “Unless he already knows.”


“Get out,” I said and when she didn’t move, I let out a fierce growl that had been building inside me. She practically wobbled as she stepped away… and I took a breath.

I’ll call you when I need you. I linked and she froze. Don’t worry. You won’t wait long. I didn’t need a response. Instead, I watched her leave, and smiled as I managed to watch the heat of her body lead the way to my escape…

I looked at the bag she’d left for me and picked it up. Bloodvacs, six of them. More than enough to satiate the bloodhound inside me… I took them in my hands.

It’s time. Aurelia’s voice called and I just knew this was all a part of her plan.

“Let’s hope this fucking works,” I said, my voice barely even a whisper as I took the vaccines in my hands, pulled my arms back behind my head, bones clicking at the sudden movements I’d decided to make, and with as much strength as I could muster, I hurled them towards the concrete wall. All six shattered at once and I felt my hunger build inside me. A feral growl escaped my lips as I smelt the blood from the vaccines… I felt my teeth elongate and I bit down on my lips until blood escaped them to stop myself from screaming.

My bones ached and pierced my being. I felt like I was being cut up and spread as I slowly felt the shift come through. I remembered Aurelia’s explanation.

As a half-blood, you’re two halves will always oppose each other… but they won’t when they have a common goal… To feed. I… would never recommend using that as a learning method. But under these circumstances, we have no other choice. Your instincts will tell you how to use all of your powers, bloodhound or werewolf. And with a little help from me and my allies, I will get you out.

I fell to the floor and the smell of blood embraced me. My vision began to come and go… Blood. Meat. Hunger. Blood. I reached out towards the area where the bloody scent was coming from… and when I looked, I no longer had any restraints… or hands.

Pure black paws sheathing claws that I had no idea had been digging into the ground had formed. Blood. I sniffed the air and grimaced before standing up on all fours.


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