Crave Me

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Chapter 38 - R

I pressed a kiss against Lucien’s neck and I heard his breath hitch in his throat. I nipped and sucked on his throat and pulled at his shirt to mark his collarbone.

“Auden,” he said. His voice vibrating against his chest.


I lifted his shirt, feeling his abdomen and making my way up to his chest. He lay on his back and I moved on top of him as I continued to mark him with my mouth. His skin glistened with every kiss, puckering up from my touch. I relished in the pleasure he received, listened to the moans that escaped his lips as I slipped out of my shirt. His eyes were glued on mine as I lay back down and took his hands in mine, kissing each knuckle on his right hand before taking his index finger into my mouth.

“I want you,” I whispered. Lucien’s brows were furrowed as I kissed his palm, running the edge of my teeth against them as I felt him harden beneath my groin. I laughed and he reached up, cupping the back of my neck gently with his right hand as he pulled me down for a kiss.

The hunger I had long suppressed for him welled up inside of me as we melded our mouths and tongues together. I felt his arm snake around my waist as he flipped us over. He lifted my shirt over my head, unfastened my bra, and pressed kisses against my chest. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed my groin against his hardness and he growled low and deep into my body.

I giggled as he tugged on my pants and I allowed him to undress me. I reveled in the look he gave me as his eyes drank in my skin. He tossed his shirt aside and was about to unbutton his jeans when I reached for his hands. I was on my knees as I kissed his abdomen, kissing lower and lower as I pulled them and kissed him through his briefs. Lucien growled louder and pushed me down and I spread my legs apart for him.

I wanted him. All of him.

“Lucien please,” I begged. He smiled at my request and he went to the edge of the bed, gently tugged my legs to position me right at its edge before he knelt and I felt his breath against my core.

I felt his tongue and immediately found my back arching against the bed. I moaned as his mouth explored my wetness. I squirmed beneath his touch and his hands gently continued to spread my legs apart as I moaned his name between my lips. His right hand left my inner thigh and I gasped as I felt him place a finger inside me.

“Ah…” I swallowed air as I savored his touch. I had my legs dangling over his shoulders now. I could feel his fingers part me open as his tongue lapped up my clit and his right hand entered me.

“Lucien… Please…” I gasped.

“Not yet… it’s been too long,” he replied, his low voice resonating on my flesh. My hips bucked and I looked down to watch him. His eyes never left mine as he worked my body, teasing and pleasuring every inch of my core. And then he picked up the pace.

I gasped as he placed another finger inside me. I could feel how much I wanted to cling onto him, could feel how my body sucked him in as my eyes gathered tears.

“Lucien I swear to go–” I gasped. I tried to contain myself but my body quivered as I felt him curl his fingers that pumped in and out of me.

I gripped the sheets hard. I moaned his name. My vision faded and my body curled around him. I breathed hard as I started to come to. I barely registered Lucien’s movements as he reached for the nightstand. He positioned himself between my languid legs and I lazily lifted myself on my elbows to watch as he plunged into me.

“Fuck…” My voice was barely audible against Lucien’s groans. My legs sprung to life as they wrapped around him, my arms reached out to him as he pumped in and out. He spread me apart and I welcomed him. Lucien obliged me and lowered himself down, refusing to let up as he thrust inside my flesh. My body could barely keep up as it clamped down on him.

I mewled as he hit my soft spot and he kissed me. I parted my lips and he devoured them. The sound of our flesh hitting against one another, our heavy gasps and moans, filled the room. My skin felt damp with sweat and we struggled to keep our distance from one another. Lucien grabbed me from the back and moved into the bed. He lay down and wrapped his hands over my ass as he pulled me down, allowing me to feel all of him. My body sank into deeper pleasure, mixed with the slight discomfort of his cock exploring a deeper part of me.

I could feel the wetness that pooled between us. The heat that we shared. It brought me happiness and relief that I couldn’t control as I squeezed him inside me.

“Auden…” My name passed through his lips and I fell against him as he pummeled into me. I felt tears in my eyes as I felt it again. It built and welled up inside me like never before. My name repeated itself on his tongue and I sucked messily on his lips as I moved against him, trying to get all of him further and further into me.

He ran his fingers through my hair, pulling me into him.

“Shit… you’re really…” he murmured as he grabbed me from behind and continued to move inside me. I was a mess of moans. I kissed his mark, whispered his name against his ear, and I savored the grunts that escaped his lips that rippled over his body.

“I missed you… God I fucking missed you,” he said and I mewled my response. He groaned as he pulled out of me, flipped us over again, and plunged himself into me once again.

I didn’t even have the time to think as my body let itself go in slow rolling waves that devoured my thoughts. I gasped and hitched, my voice choked as I felt my release and my legs quivered against him. Lucien groaned as he pumped into me hard while his moans continued to rage against my ear until he stilled himself, his manhood buried deep inside my body as I rode my climax.

“I love you…” I whispered as my body slowly regained control of itself. My fingers were on his shoulders, his body was pressed close to me as he looked at me and smiled.

“I love you too,” he said as he kissed me. I felt him stiffen up inside me again and I let out a high-pitched moan between our kisses. “We’re not stopping.” Lucien managed to say and I laughed.

He lifted me so that I was sitting on his lap and I sighed as I lifted myself off of him. I moaned as I slowly unsheathed him from my grasp and he watched me as I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a new condom. He grinned as I placed my hand on his cock, carefully removing the used condom with my hands. Lucien’s eyes glowed their amber hue as I carefully handled him before discarding the condom. I pumped him in my hands a few times and he groaned impatiently before taking the new packet from me and hastily unrolled it onto himself.

I positioned myself over him again as his cock stood at attention. I bit my lip as I placed my arms over his shoulders and steadied myself, placing him at my entrance.

“I love you,” he repeated into my ear.

And that was all I needed to hear as I took all of him inside me again.

We lay down in the bed, our hair just slightly damp from the brief shower we’d taken. Lucien wrapped his arms around me and sighed into my neck.

“You feeling okay?” he asked and I turned and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“I’m fine,” I said, as I ran my fingers over his chest.

“It’s okay if you aren’t,” he said. I pressed myself closer to him. He pulled me in and as I nuzzled into him, I felt the tears well up in my eyes again.

“I met her… my mother,” I said and Lucien rested his head atop mine. “She looked so sick Lucien. She’d never seen me before and yet she- she took care of me.”

I wrapped my arms around him and felt my lips quiver.

“Sh-she’ll never see him again…” My voice broke into sobs and Lucien continued to embrace me, whispering my name over and over again as I let my emotions overflow.

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