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The Summer I Grew Up

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Chapter 2

I followed Mark out our front door and down the sidewalk to his house two doors down. Aftershocks from what we’d just done still rolled through my limbs. I tried to ignore the slippery feeling between my legs as I followed him. He’d set a fast pace, so I had to jog to keep up with him after I shut our front door.

He gave me a heavy sigh and worried glance when I reached his side. His discomfort did nothing to reassure me. Whatever madness that had taken over my body while we were in my room was gone. I’d never even kissed anyone before and now I’d begged Mark to do more than kiss me. To touch me. Everywhere.

I was scared he would change his mind now, and even more that he wouldn’t. The reality of what we’d done hit me as hard as the bright summer sun. I hadn’t had time to process what it all meant. What had been a crush was now crushing me. Did he really like me or was this some kind of game to him. Did I even have the right to ask, given that I’d basically forced him to do what we’d done?

I knew he had an off and on girlfriend. Sophie. She laughed too hard at things that weren’t really funny. And the way she ordered Mark around, like he was her personal slave, had always pissed me off. He had put up with her for a long time. Too long.

But now he’d kissed me and taught me about orgasms. Holy hell, I was still trembling from that lesson. I felt like a puppy looking for another scratch as I paced along with him.

When we walked up his driveway, he glanced up and down the street. No one else was out, not even kids playing. I noted that his hand shook when he punched in the code on his front door.

I almost turned around and left right then, but his shorts were still tented and my reservations immediately gave way to curiosity. He gave me a nervous smile when I followed him inside. Biting my thumbnail, I watched him lock the door behind us, my stomach doing flips.

Mark kicked off his running shoes and went into the dark house. “Come on.”

I followed him through the familiar living room and out the sliding glass door that opened into the covered pool area. We came over to swim all the time. Usually just me and Joe, and Mark with his little brother Mason. Sometimes Bethany swam with us or Mason’s best friend, Trevor.

Mason was cute like Mark, but he was so immature. Instead of hanging out or being cool like everyone else, he always tried to dunk me or feel me up. Every time I tried to talk to him, he clammed up or ignored me. That was a shame because he was my age and had a nice body like his older brother.

I stood in the middle of the patio while my heart pounded in my ears. This was the moment of truth. Do I really want to do this? My body trembled its response. Yes!

Mark ignored me and just pushed down his shorts and underwear. His sudden nudity did funny things to me. I noticed he didn’t have tan lines. His muscles looked so hot, defining his back and legs. I’d never seen a guy’s naked butt before in person, but the skin looked so soft I wanted to walk over and rub it.

When he turned, his cock still jutted and bounced up and down as he moved. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was thick and veiny, with a pink head swollen wider than his shaft. I knew from my internet inventory of cocks that he was circumcised. It was big, but not freakish like some I’d seen online. The heat returning to my belly drained away the last of my fear.

Without a word, Mark dove into the pool. I considered for about two seconds before I stripped off my shirt, shorts, and panties to jump in after him. What the hell? He’d seen most of me already and had felt up my vee. When I was little, I had played outside with nothing on but shorts, but I’d never been naked like this before under the sun. The water felt wonderful against my skin as I pushed off from the bottom of the pool towards Mark.

He was much taller than me, but being in the water made it like we were the same height. There was a wary look in his eyes when I popped up and slicked my long hair back. I swam over and slipped my arms around his neck since I couldn’t reach the bottom where he was.

Before he could stop me, I kissed him again. When he kissed me back, I wrapped my legs around his waist. His hard cock pressed against my belly. It felt good to rub on it, so I kept doing it while we kissed.

Mark slipped his hands down and cupped my ass to hold me up. Then he squeezed me a little and that made rubbing on him feel even better. He broke the kiss for a moment and studied my face. I could tell he was wavering again.

“You said I could help,” I said before my fear returned.

“This is so wrong,” he whispered, as if to himself.

I rubbed harder as I tightened my legs around his waist. That made my vee open up along his hard shaft so my clitty was actually touching him. I shivered and bit my lip. “But it feels so good.”

His eyes glazed over and he kissed me again, only rougher than before. He even held the back of my head to keep our mouths together.

As we kissed, he walked us over to the cement steps. I used my tongue to tickle his lips like he showed me before. That made him growl and he sucked my tongue into his mouth kinda hard. When it scraped over my bottom teeth it hurt a little, but kissing him felt so good I didn’t care.

Mark spun around and backed up to sit on the top stair. I was still stuck to him like glue, but eased off a little so I could take a look at what I’d been rubbing against.

We both looked down. He was huge compared to me. Now that we were together I couldn’t imagine how something that big would ever fit. Just sitting like this made it obvious he’d go inside me as high as my belly button. Pushing back into the pool, I floated down a step until I was kneeling between his thighs.

His cock was sticking up out of the water most of the way, but his sack dangled below the water looking soft and hairy. He wasn’t very hairy anywhere else, just that sparse trail down from his belly button and his dark pubes.

He didn’t say anything to me, just watched me for a moment. I reached out and cupped his sack. I knew better than to be rough with them. One time I had accidentally kicked Joe there when we were wrestling and he’d actually cried. Mark didn’t cry when I touched him, but his face did screw up tight as I gently moved them around.

“There really are balls in there,” I whispered to myself and Mark chuckled.

I don’t know why it was such a shock to find them, but it was. They were about the size of big olives and felt heavy even underwater.

While I explored, Mark leaned back against the edge of the pool on his elbows and spread his knees open even wider. I took it as an invitation to touch him all over. I know how good he made me feel and I wanted to do the same for him. The videos on the internet all showed people jacking up and down on it really fast, but I didn’t want it to be over too soon.

I was surprised my fingers couldn’t go all the way around the firm, tan-colored shaft. The top looked like a mushroom. It had been pink, but now was closer to red. The pee hole on top opened like a little mouth as I stroked him. Using two hands, I began to slide up and down. Mark sighed and tilted his head backwards.

“Is this okay?” I asked in a whisper.

“Hold it a little tighter,” he replied. “Move the skin more than just sliding your hand over it. Like this.” He put his fingers over mine and showed me how tight and how fast he liked it.

It was so exciting I felt my stomach clench like when he rubbed me. That made doing this for him even better. Before long, a few clear drops came out his pee hole. I thought they might be pee, but when they dripped down the sides it made him slippery like I got inside.

“Oh, damn,” he moaned. “So good. Just keep doing that.”

I made sure to slide my hands to the top every time a drop came up. He shivered when I did that, so I knew he liked it. Soon he began to push his cock into my hands like he wanted me to hurry up. I noticed his face was getting red and he was holding his breath.

“Keep going,” he begged.

His eyes were squinted as he looked at me. First my boobs, then lower where my vee was just out of the water. He licked his lips, then bit down the lower one while he stared at my body. I might have been inexperienced, but I knew a look of lust when I saw it.

That made me feel powerful. I was doing something I’d dreamed of doing all year. Mark wanted me to keep going so there was no way I was stopping now. I was dying to see the explosion like on the internet. To cause the explosion.

He closed his eyes and let out a straining groan. Then he shot off right up in the air like a flesh fountain. The first blast went up and splashed on his chest. I kept aiming it at him because I wasn’t sure I wanted any on me. The pulses slowed down. First hitting his chest, then his stomach, then finally dripping over my hands.

It was hot and very slippery. The first splashes were mostly white, but the last bit that dribbled over my fingers was more milky. I couldn’t tell what it smelled like over the chlorine of the pool, so I lifted one hand to my nose. Before he opened his eyes, I stuck my tongue out for a quick taste. It wasn’t that bad, kinda tasteless and slimy. The slickness stayed in my mouth far longer than the flavor.

Mark started breathing again, shivering like he was cold. Right away he shrank and softened in my hands, but I kept rubbing him anyway because he was smiling at me with an expression of utter satisfaction.

“Did I do it right?” I asked. I knew I had because of the way he exploded, but I wanted to hear him say it.

“Just right,” he whispered and pulled me in to kiss me.

I let him, even though his spunk got all over my chest. He kissed me the way I liked, with his lips soft and his tongue teasing mine open.

I knew I should have felt scared or something, but Mark had never been mean to me like Mason. Sometimes he would bring me a soda if we were over in his pool. And if we watched a movie and I didn’t understand something, he would explain it to me quietly even if Joe yelled at me to shut up and keep watching.

I couldn’t believe how great it felt to make him shoot off like that. The power in that look of lust he’d given me was intoxicating. I’d always dreamed that someone would look at me that way someday. Now I knew why he had liked getting me off in my room. And just that fast I wanted to feel him touching me again.

“Can you do that rubbing thing to me again?” I asked.

Mark released me and grinned. His eyes darted to my lightly haired vee. It didn’t look like I had much pubic hair because it was almost as pale as the hair on my head. Only the patch right above my vee was a deeper gold, but the rest was mostly invisible.

“Will you let me do something else?” he asked with a smirk. My heart jumped in my chest at what he might mean.

“It won’t fit,” I said with a look down at the softening mess between us.

“No, not that. Something else, but you might think it’s gross at first.”

“What?” I thought I knew since he licked his fingers after touching me in my room. It was gross to think of him kissing me where I peed, but the girls on the internet videos all rolled around making noises like what’s-her-name when someone did it to them.

“I wanna lick you,” he said as he watched me closely.

“Why?” I asked, my tone betraying my disgust at the idea.

“Because I like to do it and because you’ll really like it when I do.”

Part of me was excited by the idea, I had to admit. And I’d enjoyed everything he’d done to me so far. I bit my lip for a second, then shrugged.

“What do I do?” I asked.

He lifted me up under my arms and sat me on the edge of the pool with my butt hanging over the water. Then he swam under my legs and put my knees over his shoulders. I leaned back on my arms so I could watch what he did.

Letting him get between my legs like that made me feel exposed and vulnerable. My stomach fought between being grossed out and being excited as he smiled at my vee.

He kissed the insides of my legs first. It tickled and I laughed, but I didn’t want him to stop. He kissed my belly button next, taking his time to get where he was going. I had to admit the anticipation was helping me get excited about the idea. Then he placed a kiss right on the top of my clitty and I thought I was gonna die because it felt so good.

When he stuck his tongue out the first time, he looked up and stared in my eyes. One long lick, from bottom to top, and I had to bite my lips to keep from screaming. My legs opened wider all on their own, welcoming his mouth to visit and stay awhile.

He kept his eyes up on me while his rough cheeks tickled my thighs. Kisses and licks turned to deeper things. His tongue went between my lips and that made my knees rise on their own so I could rest my toes on his shoulder. Watching him eat me was almost as good as feeling it. Every few licks he’d slip his tongue over my clitty and make me whimper.

Like before, the pleasure was pushing me somewhere, but now I knew what to expect and tried to help myself get there again. I tried holding my breath like he’d done, straining against his mouth for more. That helped a bunch. When he saw how much I liked it, he reached his hands around my thighs and pulled my skin until I opened up even wider for his mouth. The sensation had me digging my toes into the skin of his shoulders.

He shut his eyes then, licking up and down like I was his favorite ice cream cone. My head rolled back as I lost myself in the feeling of his hot mouth. The pool disappeared. The sun disappeared. Everything was gone, but my vee and his tongue. I shivered and shook. Goose bumps rose up all over. He put his lips right around my clitty and sucked in a little.

Then the explosion happened again, ten times better than it had before.

“Oh God,” I cried, just like what’s-her-name. I couldn’t help it. I had to say something when the pleasure came and those words jumped out without thought. I finally understood why they said it all the time. It fit.

I felt him licking in time with the squeezing in my vee. It felt like every bit of worry and tension just blew away like dandelion seeds. He stopped before it got to be too much and then lifted me into the water. I was limp as a wet washcloth, but he held me against his chest and swirled us around the pool until I recovered.

“I wanna do that every single day,” I whispered into his wet neck.

“And I told you we can’t. If your dad found out I was messing around with you, they’d never find my body. You need to find someone your age to do this with.”

“But I like you,” I begged as I clung harder. I’d never felt weak or needy before, but now the idea of never kissing him again had me nearly crying.

“I like you, too,” he sighed. “Maybe you should see if Mason is interested in foolin’ around. Just don’t tell him we did anything. Don’t tell anyone. Please.”

“I’d never hurt you,” I said as I pulled back. “But it wouldn’t be the same. Mason is always mean to me.”

“It’s because he likes you and doesn’t know what to do about it,” Mark chuckled. “I’ll have a talk to him about how to treat a girl.”

Tears spilled over my cheeks, but part of me knew Mark was right. He had already taken a huge risk and I needed to be grateful for the little he could give me. At least he wouldn’t tell everyone at school like Mason would.

I gave him my best kiss and whispered, “Thank you anyway.”

“My pleasure,” he whispered back. “Seriously. It means a lot that you’d trust me like this. Let’s get you home before your brother comes looking for you.”

I tried not to pout like a kid, but I don’t think I fooled Mark.

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