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The Summer I Grew Up

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Chapter 3

After I got home, I went into my bathroom to shower off the pool water and wash my hair. All the rubbing Mark had done earlier had left my panties a crusty wreck, so I rinsed them out in the shower. I knew Mom would ask me how they got that way if she saw them in my hamper. She was already nosy about personal stuff like that and was entirely too willing to bring up embarrassing subjects at the dinner table.

Turning around in the hot water, I finally let myself cry. Mark had always been a kind of impossible dream. Being with him had been amazing, but I knew it was over. He was right about Dad killing him if he found out what we’d done. Plus, I didn’t want to come between him and Joe. I knew how devastated I’d be if anyone came between Bethany and me.

Then an awful thought struck me. What if I could never feel that wonderful explosion again without him? I wrapped my arms around myself and sobbed.

“You okay in there, Steph?”

I jumped at the question coming through the shower curtain, then realized it was Bethany. Shit. I’d forgotten she was coming to stay over tonight. We usually hung out on Friday nights, either at her house or mine. I tried to sound normal.

“Yeah, I just got soap in my eyes.” Lame, but better than admitting the truth. I’m feeling sorry for myself because life’s not fair. I shook off the stupid fantasy while I soaped myself up.

“Is it okay if I pee in here? Your brother stank up the downstairs bathroom.” She made a gagging noise for effect.

“You know I don’t care.”

Bethany was the greatest. We’d been friends since forever. Both of us started growing boobs at the same time. She had me beat on hair down there, but my puffies were puffier than hers. We’d both been trying to figure out what sex was all about and just then I realized I’d beaten her to it. That made the thought of never being with Mark again a little more bearable, in a way.

“So what’s up for tonight?” Bethany asked.

“Dunno. Mom said she’d order a pizza. Dad’s out of town. I hope Joe goes somewhere so we can watch what we want.”

“Cool.” I heard a flush. “Why are you showering anyway?”

“Went swimming.” I finished rinsing and turned off the water. When I opened the shower curtain Bethany handed me my towel. “Thanks.”

“I wish y’all had a pool. I’d love to swim for a while, but I didn’t bring my suit.” She glanced around the bathroom. “Wait, where’s your suit?”

Shit! I scrambled for a moment as I dried my legs. While I delayed giving an answer, I caught her looking at my wet panties hanging from the hot water knob.

“You went swimming in just your panties?” she giggled. “With Mark and Mason?”

“No one was home when I snuck in through the screen door,” I whispered and hoped she bought it. “You can’t tell anyone.”

“Let’s do that again tonight!” Bethany was grinning wide and bouncing a little at the idea.

“They’re probably home now. You wanna get caught skinny dippin’?”

“Maybe,” Bethany laughed. “I’d let Mark spank me for being naughty.”

I chuckled as I wrapped my hair up in a towel. Bethany could always get me out of my funk. I grabbed my clean panties off the counter and slipped them on, then pulled on a long t-shirt that came to my knees. We both usually wore that kind of thing around the house in the evenings.

“You sit. I’ll dry your hair,” Bethany said as she dropped the lid on the toilet.

I sat and removed the towel, then flipped my long blonde hair over my back. I usually kept it down between my shoulder blades. It was all the same length and mostly straight, but summer humidity could still wreck it. The hair dryer was loud enough to keep Bethany quiet while I relaxed under her long brush strokes.

When my hair was mostly dry, we headed out of the bathroom and skipped down the stairs. Mom was just coming through the garage door from work.

“Hey, girls, we still on for pizza and a movie tonight?” Mom asked. Her good mood was infectious and blew away the last bits of regret I was hanging on to.

“We sure are,” I answered for us both.

Bethany nodded her agreement. “I brought over the sequel to that beach movie we saw last time, if you want.” Her dad was the manager of a large store that sold electronics and movies, and she always had the latest stuff.

“Perfect,” Mom said as she dropped off her travel mug by the kitchen sink and headed towards her room. “I’ll make the call for the pizza. Give me a minute to shower and change.”

Bethany tossed me the disc to load in the player while she took her bag up to my room to change. I got the movie loaded and had pulled out my nail bag before she got back down.

“What color tonight?” I asked as she bounced into the room.

“Pink for me!”

“I’m leaning towards green sparkles myself.”

Bethany was now dressed in a long shirt like mine over her bare tan legs. She always got browner than me because her mother was half Spanish. I pulled the pink polish from the bag and the green sparkle polish I wanted. We sat on the floor between the coffee table and the couch to put the toe spacers on our feet.

“I still have that purple from last week,” she said. “Got any remover?”

“Here,” I said and passed over the bottle and cotton balls. My nails were a blank canvas but were kinda raggedy. I grabbed the scissors and file to trim them. Considering what I wanted to try with my fingers later, I decided to make them really short.

“Okay, the pizza will be here in thirty,” Mom said as she plopped down with the same kind of long t-shirt we both had on. She had her damp hair pulled back in a ponytail and her makeup was gone, but she looked even better without it to me. After she pressed the button on the remote, she grabbed a file and started working on her nails as well. “Let’s see what this movie looks like.”

It was a typical musical with lots of catchy songs, funny dancing parts, and the cute guy always got the girl he wanted in the end. When our nails were dry and the pizza was gone, we danced around the living room like idiots for the ending song, Mom included.

And as luck would have it, Joe and Mark came in right in the middle of us all acting like idiots. Mom just laughed, but Bethany and I were mortified and clutched each other while moaning our embarrassment.

“Looks like y’all are having more fun than we are,” Joe said with a smirk.

Mark was staring at me with an odd look on his face, but I ignored him completely.

“I told you we were having a girls night in tonight. Enter at your own peril,” Mom said with a menacing grin and wiggled her fingers like she was casting a spell. “If you sit down too long we’ll paint your toenails.”

“No thanks, I’m good,” Joe laughed then turned to Mark. “Let me grab my swimsuit and we’ll head over.”

“I wanna go, too!” Bethany called out.

“No way, we’re gonna chill out tonight. Maybe tomorrow.” Joe headed upstairs leaving Mark staring at me.

I continued to ignore him and dragged Bethany down to the couch while Mom backed up the movie to the part we missed. I leaned against her and stretched out on the couch with my legs towards the stairs. Once Mom and Bethany were watching the movie I pretended I had an itch and exposed the gusset of my white panties.

I never turned to look at him, but I could see Mark move closer to the couch from the corner of my eye. When he was right behind the couch I had another itch that required I slip one finger under the edge of my panties and ran it down between my legs. Knowing he was watching, I pulled my finger out and stuck the tip in my mouth. There was nothing on my finger, but he didn’t know that.

Mark made a sound like a strangled cough and backed away. Mom looked up and said, “You okay? Go get a glass of water.”

“Uh… Just tell Joe to meet me at my house.” Mark beat a hasty retreat out the front door and I felt so much better than I had earlier.

When I glanced at Bethany, I saw she was giving me a look that meant she’d seen what I’d done. My face heated, but I didn’t care. Mark was a dick head, but I still wouldn’t trade him for Mason

After the movie was over, Bethany and I helped Mom clean and then we headed up the stairs to bed. We went to the bathroom and I brushed my teeth first while Bethany peed.

“Why did you show Mark your panties?” she asked.

It wasn’t a playful question. She must have figured out something was going on from what I did and his reaction. I kept brushing my teeth. She wiped and flushed, then stood looking at me in the mirror with her arms crossed until I spit.

“I can’t tell you,” I said. Mark had begged me not to tell and, as much as I loved my bestie, she was a blabbermouth.

“You tell me everything,” she insisted, then waited for me to break. I said nothing. “He was acting funny tonight. Staring at you.”

“I didn’t notice,” I said as I moved to sit on the toilet and pushed down my panties.

“Yes, you did.” Bethany brushed her teeth, but I wiped and left the bathroom before she did.

We slept together in my queen sized bed. I was still pulling down the covers when she came in and hopped on her side. I had the lights out and was laying on my back when Bethany rolled into my side.

“Something happened when you went swimming today, didn’t it?” she whispered.

“I can’t tell you,” I repeated. The secret was burning my lips.

“You tell me everything, why not this?” After a moment she pushed me and rolled back. “Totally not fair.”

I rolled over to face her and sighed. “Changing the subject now. I figured out what sex is about.”

She gasped. “With Mark?”

“It had nothing to do with Mark,” I lied. “I just kept rubbing this afternoon and something finally happened.”

“Tell me,” she demanded.

“Okay, you remember how we kept buggin’ Mrs. Donaldson about orgasms until she told us to stop, right?”


“They’re amazing! I thought I was having a stroke or something.”

“How did you do it?”

I had no idea if I could make it work without Mark, but at least I’d gotten her to stop asking questions. I was pretty sure I could do it myself. It was gonna be weird with Bethany right there, but I made the decision to just do it and wiggled out of my panties.

“What are you doing?” Bethany gasped as she sat up.

“Showing you how I did it,” I said as I pushed the sheets down and my shirt up so she could see.

The idea of her watching while I got myself off was making me hot and bothered. It was dim in the room, but the curtains were open and the streetlight reflected off the mirror above my dresser. I took a deep breath to calm myself and stroked along the sides of my vee. Bethany leaned closer to see better, but I closed my eyes so I could concentrate.

I imagined Mark was standing behind the couch while I was alone in the living room. As I kept rubbing along the outside, I imagined his reaction to seeing me doing it. Like he was watching me instead of Bethany. The tingling in my stomach started then and the heat melted down to my fingers.

I pushed between my tight lips to draw some of my slippery stuff up to my clitty. That made it easier to rub right above it, where Mark had spent most of his time winding me up. I’d dip down every few strokes to tease my clitty out from her hiding place. Before long, I was holding my breath, stroking two fingers up and down on either side of the swollen nubbin.

When I got close enough to feel the peak, my hips were rocking in time with my fingers. My other hand found puffy nipples under my shirt to squeeze. I had to bite my lips to keep from moaning. I arrived at the edge and jumped off with a guttural groan. It wasn’t as good as when Mark had done it, but when the last pulses slowed I felt the same sense of relaxation.

I opened my eyes to find Bethany sitting on her knees with her hand moving fast inside her panties. There was a frown of concentration on her face, but she finally stopped with a grunt of frustration.

“No fair! I’ve tried before until my hand cramped and can never get it to happen.”

“Lay down,” I commanded.

I knew she was trying to solve it like she did math problems. She had the same mental block when she tried to roller skate backwards. She didn’t trust herself enough to just let it happen.

Bethany laid back against the pillows and shot me a nervous glance. I moved closer to her and slipped my wet fingers into her panties before she could protest. Her nest of hair was wet enough to tell me she was as horny as I’d been.

“Wait!” She tried to push my hand away.

“No. Shut your eyes and imagine Collen kissing you.” I started with her the same way I started myself, tracing along the outside edges until she relaxed. I concentrated on her, but couldn’t help noticing how curly her nest of hair was compared to mine. The heat was like mine, but knowing it was her heat excited me. She finally shut her eyes after one last worried look, but her hands still gripped the edge of her nightshirt.

“After kissing for a while, imagine he uses his tongue to tickle your lips open,” I said as I tickled her lower lips open with one slick finger. The heat between us intensified and I felt myself warming in response.

“You open your mouth to his tongue and he slips it in to taste you.” Her mouth opened when I slipped a finger in to trace up to her clitty. She jumped and let out a low moan. “When you tease your tongue into his mouth, he sucks it gently.”

“Oh God,” Bethany moaned, her hands twisting her shirt. “Kiss me.”

I had to admit I wanted to. We’d done kissing practice before and had just laughed about it. But she wasn’t laughing when my lips touched hers. I ran my tongue along her lips while my fingers did the same down below.

I began to rub like Mark had rubbed me, steady and slow. My fingers were near her clitty but not right on top of it. Her tongue extended into my mouth and I sucked it while I kept the pace with my fingers. She began to roll her hips in time.

“Cum for me,” I whispered into her panting mouth. I figured out why Mark had said it to me now. It was a powerful feeling to bring someone all the way there. Bethany was making a low whine with each stroke now. “Let it happen. Cum for me, Bee.”

She grabbed my wrist and pressed it down so I would rub harder. I used the heel of my hand at the top of each stroke and began to rub directly on her clitty.

From the look on her face I knew she was about to scream, so I covered her mouth with my own. She did scream. And shake. And rocked her hips. Luckily, I was able to keep her quiet and still so we wouldn’t wake up Mom downstairs.

When she stilled and rolled back I let her breathe. She opened her eyes and looked at me with an expression I recognized from earlier that afternoon. She loosened her grip on my wrist and I withdrew my hand from her wet panties.

The familiar scent made my mouth water. Before I really considered the consequences, I sucked my fingers clean of our juices. It wasn’t that bad. Kinda tasteless and slimy.

“Did you really just do that,” Bethany gasped.

I used my finger to gather a drop of my juices, which was actually leaking out of me after getting Bethany off, and ran it along her lips. She recoiled at first, but then licked her lips. Her next move was to lean in and kiss me like a lover.

I’d never considered Bethany that way, but maybe we could play together until I could find a boy to play with.

“Whatcha think?” I asked when she broke the kiss.

“Holy. Shit.”

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