Crazy Little Love Story (Unedited Version)

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Aiming For The Gold

Oh. My. God.

“Oh my god!” Hayden cried as we stared at the enormous crowd of Alpha Centari fans gathered outside the hotel.

They cried, they screamed, they fainted, and they sang to some of their best selling hit singles like ‘Shooting Stars’ and ‘the Night is Ours’. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn’t believe that I was actually here. Hayden gripped my arm tightly and squealed happily. I didn’t blame her. Who wouldn’t when you could have the opportunity to meet the greatest boy band in the world? They couldn’t escape now. The building was completely surrounded. There were Police cruisers parked parallel to the streets and News vans among them, news reporters shouting into the cameras over the thunderous screams and cries of the fans. We could even see hotel security out here, pushing back the sobbing fans to clear a path from the hotel doors to the shiny black SUV parked at the curb with the engine running.

I looked around, dumbfounded and stunned. Why wasn’t I crying and screaming? I had a chance to take a picture and autograph from the three most wanted guys in the world and here I was uncharacteristically calm and clearheaded. Was this a dream? Was I really here? It was so hard to tell now. Hayden started jumping up and down.

“If we can make it to the front, then we’ll nab ’em for sure!” she shouted in my ear. I nodded in agreement and with difficulty and effort started to shove my way through the throng of emotional girls to the front. Hayden clung to my arm as tightly as she could, howling at people around us to get out of her way, occasionally swatting away hands that dared to attack her.

It was odd to me. How could you be right in the middle of a situation like this and feel like you’re moving in slow motion? As if you’re walking through quick sand. As if you’re watching yourself from a distance. Everything moved slowly to my eyes; some fans swaying back and forth with colorful ‘We love you!’ and ‘Will U father my child?’ posters in their hands and red, green, and purple glow sticks in their hands to represent each boys’ favorite color. Their lips moved slower that they should’ve, the all too familiar lyrics rolling off their tongues and spilling out of their mouths in lazy, elephantine movements.

And what was this thumping I could hear in my ears? Drums? Stomping?

I glanced over at Hayden, who just swatted another couple of dozen hands out of her face and hair. She was shouting something at me now, but for some reason, I couldn’t comprehend what she was saying. Then she pointed to something farther up ahead. I blinked at her in confusion. She rolled her eyes and twisted my head in the direction that she wanted.

And then I saw what she was looking at. Who she was looking at.

Instantaneously, all the noise quieted down, like someone hit mute on a universal remote to silence all the sound of the world. We all stood there, staring at the three godly forms gathered at the hotel double doors, smiling sheepishly and glancing around in nervous confusion. The thumping in my ear was suddenly louder now, loud enough to drown out the sound of my own breathing.

“Oh….my…god…” Hayden breathed slowly with her mouth hanging wide open and her eyes as wide as saucers.

“GET THEM!” someone yelled and instantaneously the crowd lunged forward, hands flying in the air like claws, anxious to claim what they thought was theirs. Everything sped up again. I fell forward and landed hard on the concrete beneath me. Where was Hayden?

“Hayden!” I cried and struggled to get up. Pain exploded on my back and shoulders like bombs being dropped on me. Their feet slammed on top of me like rocks being thrown at me, flattening me on the ground as they ran past me and toward the boys. Tears welled up in my eyes. So this was it? I was going to be crushed under the filthy snickers of hundreds of boy-crazy girls? And I didn’t even get so much as a hello from any of the guys? I grunted and rolled onto my stomach for breath. Big mistake. More shoes stomped down onto my stomach, knocking the breath right out of me and making me cry out. Where the heck was Hayden? Did she even notice my absence?

“Alex, I love you!”

“Can I have your autograph?!”

“Kai, will you marry me?!”

“Eden, will you be my boyfriend?!”

My head snapped up at the last comment. ‘Eden, will you be my boyfriend?’ Excuse me? There was going to be only one Mrs. Eden Sioux in the near future and that was going to be me. I wasn’t going to let some crazed, dreaming, crying, Eden-obsessed fan steal my husband away from me. I’d walk barefoot through a carpet of prickly needles just to have him hug me. I bet that girl wouldn’t. With a pained grunt, I managed to pull myself into a sitting position.

“I’m…I’m coming Eden!” I cried and stood up and sore legs. I turned around and rammed my shoulders into the backs of my fellow fans, eager and driven to get to my soul mate. My breath caught in my throat. I could see him now, along with Kai and Alex. He didn’t look happy though. More like he was in pain or upset about something. I felt a sharp, painful pang in my chest where my heart was. It hurt seeing him like that and not being able to do anything about it.

“Out…of…my…way!” I bellowed at the top of my lungs and plowed through the fan crowd like an airplane in the sky.

I swung my fists as hard as I could, crying out when the hits were returns accompanied with hair pulls and lethal bite marks to my arms and neck. He was closer now and staring at me like he’d seen a ghost. Did he recognize me? Did he remember my face? I was about to find out. I ran forward with my arms wide open, releasing my fiercest battle cry yet.

Chaos. That would be the exact word I’d use in a situation like this. Manager was hastily shoving us out into the hallway of the hotel with security forming a small circle around us. Alex was speaking to Kelsey in low, anxious whispers and Kai was himself; he was engulfed in the heavy metal band he was listening to through his iPod. I mentally rolled my eyes. I didn’t know what exactly it was about me that bugged him, but I could name about million things about him that bugged me off the top of my head. His inability to care about anyone or anything but himself was high on my list. We hustled into the third floor elevator in a tight squeeze, wired and nervously twittering among ourselves. Even Grams looked more then a little uncomfortable, clinging to my arm like a monkey to a tree.

Only Manager was the one speaking, nodding his head and yelling at whomever he was arguing with. Even from the elevator we could the hear muffled voices of our fans echoing through the corridor of the hotel. What time was it anyway? Five thirty? Six? It was way too early to be making such a big fuss about us. What would the rest of the people staying here think? Could they hear the big commotion outside? How did they find out where we were staying? I doubt the media knew since we hadn’t heard anything on the E!News or The Insider in the last couple of days. So who found out? We were careful not to let anyone see us in town.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The girl I ran into a couple of days ago. What was her name? Kelly? Candy? Carly? I stretched my head in thought. It had to be her. Who else could it have been? Somehow that answer didn’t seem to satisfy me. Maybe someone saw the security guards? Maybe some people followed Kai and me to the hotel the night Manager kicked us out of the car and made us walk home? Could that be it?

“Hey! You coming or not?” Kai barked and I jumped.

The elevator had stopped and he was impatiently holding the elevator doors open. He sighed loudly and rolled his eyes. I slipped past him and moved along to catch up with the others. Like hell I was going to stay behind and make conversation with the devil’s son. Only God knew what kind of thing he had planned for me in that evil agenda of his. The noise was louder then ever now. I could hear them clearly though the doors were closed; some cried, some were singing in off-key tones, some were holding on to one another and chanting ‘we want the boys! Bring out Alpha!’ over the squeals and screams. A chorus of phones ringing behind the front desk joined them and the hotel staff behind the polished marble desk looked weary and nervous. Probably people calling to complain about the noise.

“Alright!” Manager called over the outcries going on outside. “The car is waiting outside! You guys know the drill. Stay together and stay away from those girls. We don’t need any of you getting attacked or mobbed. Understand?”

We all nodded in unison. Security formed its ring around us as the doors opened and all of us stepped outside.

It was like something out of a movie. Suddenly the noise had stopped as if everyone found their mute button and pressed it. Even Manager seemed baffled, not that I blamed him. Kai chuckled under his breath and shook his head. I blinked up at him in confusion.

And then the sound had returned.

They all lunged forward, hands reaching out their claw-like hands at us, trying to grab at us from whatever angle. Security shoved them back with grunts of pain and annoyance as we walked down the path that was made for us toward the SUV parked a few feet away. Cameras snapped pictures and E!News reporters thrust their microphones in our faces while shouting retarded questions at us as both police and security tried to push them back and away from us. I suddenly felt nervous, even though this wasn’t the first time this has happened. I’d never seen a crowd so big in my life. Not like this. The authorities were having trouble keeping the fans under control. They almost looked like hungry zombies the way they looked and were acting.

I glanced around at Alex and Kai, who was to my left.

Alex looked slightly annoyed behind his dark sunglasses and his jaw twitched a couple of times to prove so. Kai, on the other hand, looked like always. Frowning with his iPod plugged in his ears with his hoodie pulled low over his face. I almost felt bad for not having contact with the fans, but then again, just watching them like this was reason enough not to get too close. Manager grabbed my arm and pulled me along with him. He looked happy because of the media and fan attention. Fame whore. Kelsey and Grams brought up the rear and they both looked uncomfortable.

“Get…out…of…my…way!” a familiar voice called out above all others.

I stopped short and glanced around, looking for a face to put with that agitated voice. At first, I didn’t recognize her, what with the clothing she was wearing, but then something clicked in the back of my head. It was that girl from a few days ago. Psycho Lady’s daughter. Kelly, was it? She looked terrible, with her hair flying in all directions and her clothes wrinkles from whatever it was she was doing. Was she fighting? Dancing? It was hard to say by the way she moved. She leaped forward then with her arms and mouth wide open. She leaped at me. I blinked and staggered backward to avoid the tackle I knew I was going to get.

You know when you leap at a hot teenage boy and feel that he’ll caught you as you’re flying through midair the way I was? Don’t you just hate it when you turn out to be wrong and instead of landing in the arms of Eden Sioux, you fly face first into the bulky, rock hard chest of one of their bodyguards? I should’ve known it would have to end like this. Partly because the cops were acting as security too to keep us fans under control to help the boys escape to their car. Partly because Eden backed up when he saw me leap at him. Maybe he got scared? Or maybe he just wasn’t up to catching a lunatic fan in his arms today. He almost looked like he regretted it. The bodyguard pushed me back into the crowd of girls and positioned himself in front of us like a warden.

Who did he think he was anyway acting all high and mighty with his stupid black security T-shirt? I could sue him from unlawful roughness with a crazed teenage girl if I wanted to. We weren’t here for his ugly face.

“On three!” Hayden’s voice cried out from somewhere behind me. The fans nodded in agreement. On three what? What was she up to?

“One!” she cried and waved some more fans over to her.

“Two!” the fans were looking like they were ready to jump out and nab the boys. I smiled to myself and joined them.

“And…three!” Hayden screamed and we all leaped at the same time.

The bodyguards all cried out as we poured over them and charged at the boys like a hoard of mad cows. Eden looked stupefied, along with his band mates and Manager, who was now shoving them hastily toward the SUV. We all piled in on top of them, grabbing onto them like leaches and wrapping our limps around them tightly, never to let go. I clung to his jacket of course because ten other girls’ arms already had his arms and legs. He fell backward, crying out and struggling to get free. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Hayden jump out at Kai with a shrill battle cry and wrap herself around his lean body with twenty other girls doing the same with Alex. They both disappeared under the crush of skirts and lip-gloss in seconds. Eden gasped in surprise and managed to untangle two or three girls from him.

“Get…off!” he panted. He looked panicked.

I closed my eyes and hung on as tightly as I could. My hands hurt from the effort and the crushing weight of fifty other girls on top of me. I needed to get to his face. Only then would I be satisfied. I clawed my way through the pile, kicking and punching and pulling hair when necessary. You had to do what you had to do. To a fan, an opportunity was gold and you always aimed for the gold. No matter what. I reached out and grabbed what I assumed to be his neck. Oh god it was so…smooth and long and great-looking. Oh god. I touched Eden’s neck, I think.

And then pain exploded in my right arm.

“Get away from my boyfriend, bitch!” a nasty voice snapped and bit down on my arm.

I rolled over on my back and kicked out with my left foot, catching someone in the chest. Served them right. Eden was my husband, not some crazed bimbo’s prize. Another chomp came down on my ear and I screamed and jutted my elbow out into someone’s gut. Ha! I rolled over again on my hands and knees and pulled myself forward from underneath the pile…

….and found myself face-to-face with Eden himself.

I couldn’t help it. I screamed as loud as I could. I screamed until I felt needles of hot pain stab at my throat. I reached out and without thinking pressed my lips against his jaw since he turned his face away from me. Part of me felt hurt and rejected because of that, but I managed to kiss his face! Hundred points for me!

“Don’t you remember me?” I blurted out and grabbed his shoulders.

“Huh?” he shouted and pulled away. “Yeah, but you have-”

And then he was gone. I blinked in surprise and patted the concrete where he was just laying down a couple of seconds ago. Huh? The fan pile dispersed and a bald security guard picked me up by the shirt and handed me over to a cop. He took my arm, along with another girls and hauled us over to his car. My chest tightened up and my breaths were suddenly rapid and short. I was getting arrested? Me? But I was just fifteen! The girl cried out and struggled against the cop, swinging her other fist and attempting numerous times to bite into his hand.

The opportunity of escape was here.

I bellowed a loud battle cry and struck out at the cop’s knee with my foot as hard as I could. He sucked in his breath and stumbled a bit. The girl socked him in the face and I thrust my elbow into his stomach. He crumpled to the ground in pain, but didn’t stay there for long. I turned on my heel and ran away in the direction of Hayden’s car. I couldn’t get arrested. Mom didn’t even know I was here. Or did she? I glanced over my shoulder at the cop now handcuffing the girl and sticking her into his cop cruiser. Thank god that wasn’t me.

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