Mafia Indebted

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A dark Romance between a twisted Mafia boss and an innocent Doctor. DARK ROMANCE Meet Anissa Ghalib, a young doctor, possessing a strong, kind and confident character. She's a known beauty and has a very high moral sense and regard. For her, family is everything and she would do anything to protect her family. Shehryaar Ghulari, the cold and ruthless leader of the country's most dangerous Mafia; He's a powerful man who gets anything he wants. He's cold, brutal and absolutely inhuman, a borderline psychopath. For him, morals and ethics hold no meaning, Family is nothing. He rules with tyranny and loves every bit of it. What will happen when the country's most powerful and dangerous man becomes indebted to a certain doctor? It starts with a twisted malice, hatred, murder,politics, darkness, sacrifice and love.

Romance / Thriller
Beenish Shaheen
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Carefully sitting on the edge of the bed, his eyes trailing on her restless face. Making sure that she wasn’t disturbed from her slumber, he forwarded a hand and lightly brushed his fingers on her plump lips that were dry and open as she drew her breaths, her pale soft skin looking clammy and nothing like the delicious creamy texture that he adored so much. Her long eyelashes caressed her cheeks while dark bags had grown under her eyes, indicating her weariness and stress while her flushed cheeks retained the stains of her tears. A pang of guilt clutched at his heart, something he thought he wasn’t capable of feeling yet he felt it and only for her. Because he knew that he was the cause of her current state but he couldn’t help it, ever since she entered his life, he was besides himself and acted on pure unadulterated male impulses.

He sighed to himself. He was glad that she was asleep because he didn’t want her to listen to what he wanted to confess, not only to her but also to himself.

“I know that I forced this life on you,” He started in a soft whisper, his fingers gently tucking a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. “But I cant help it. When it comes to you, I’m selfish beyond compare. You don’t realise what you mean to me and even though I have to force everything upon you, I know that one day you will forgive me and accept me for what I am and what I did to you,” he murmured lightly, continuing to caress his hand on her cheek carefully.

“You’re like a breath of fresh air in my dark and desolated world. I find peace with you around me. My sleeping humanity wakes and I have this urge to make my life better. I know that with the way things have gone in my life, even if I die, I’ll go straight to hell but I’ll have no regrets because I got a taste of heaven in this life, with you.” He confessed and leaned in, planting a feathery kiss on her forehead. She began to stir in her sleep so he quickly made his way out of the bedroom before she woke up and found him in a vulnerable state.

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