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Mafia Indebted

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Chapter 1




Leaning against the dirty wall, he tried to catch his breath. His hand firmly gripping the side of his stomach where the bullet had shot through. He was bleeding profusely for a long time now, since when he couldn’t recall. Groaning, he looked around, his senses hyper alert. But the continuous blood loss wasn’t helping. It was slowly beginning to dampen his senses. The grip of his other hand tightened on the handle of the gun he held and aimed it to nothing in particular. All that could be heard was the deafening silence of the night and the light trickle of the rain against the metal bins and the concrete ground.

His head began to feel light and his leg shook from carrying him for too long. Giving up, he leaned against the wall and slid down to the ground. He had dealt with far worse but this was the first time he didn’t have any backup.

So, this is how I end? He thought scornfully. I never thought I would meet my make this way. And for what? What do I have to show for it? Nothing.

His thoughts held all the emotions that he never allowed himself to ever feel but since he was so close to dying, he didn’t feel the need to stop the unwanted thoughts from invading his mind. Resting his head back, he gazed at the dark sky.

So Your calling me now? I know I’ll go straight to hell. I guess the irony lies in the fact that You chose to make my death painful and meaningless. Maybe I deserve it. He scoffed and chuckled darkly to himself.

Of course, it was easy for him to give up. He had nothing to live for. All he did till now was survive. The only reason he continued to live his life the way that he wanted was because it held pleasure but not happiness. He was almost alien to that feeling. He knew now that fighting against was useless. Soon, his enemies would find him and end him but he’d be damned before he allowed himself to die at the hands of such bastard.

A slow cryptic smile twitched on his lips. The blood loss was sure to finish the job at any moment now.

As his vision blurred, his grip on the gun loss ended as well as on his side. Lying down, he relaxed, waiting for the angel of death to approach him. His hearing lost, his mind hazy. He tried to close his eyes and his mind went numb. All of a sudden, a strange feeling crept up his heart. He was actually afraid of death. Although he wanted to give up, but a nagging voice at the back of his head told him to fight it and live.

What for? I’ve got nothing to live for? What’s my life’s purpose anyway?

He argued with himself but he didn’t want to fight. Fear was slowly creeping in his heart for fear of the unknown realm- Death. But it was inevitable.

Maybe if I had done something good in my life, then I could bargain it for a second chance. But alas, good was always against the very core of my being. I can’t even beg YOU to be merciful towards me when I myself have been merciless all my life.

His pacing heart was slowly giving up as the blood continued to flow out of his body. The pain was getting unbearable.

Just take me already. Why do you have to make me suffer? Don’t be a sadist! He mentally screamed.

Of course, he knew all too well what it was like to bestow death in sadism. He had done it in times that he could barely even Remember. It was classic poetic justice as they say. Him dying in pain and by the very means in which he prided himself on.

All of a sudden, his body began to feel numb, his hands and feet felt cold. His breathing slowed to an abnormal rate. In one last effort, his body fought and his mouth opened to draw as much air as it could but it was all useless.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps approach him. Although his senses were down, he tried to grip the gun but failed. I guess this is it. I’m ready.

But the footsteps weren’t as heavy as he has thought. They were soft and came running towards his directions.

“Oh no,”

The sound of a soft angelic voice graced his hears. Upon opening his eyes, he fought through the blur and came across the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes he had ever seen. the dim light from a far away post lamp didnt help him to make out much of her features but her eyes held him captive.

Is this an angel? If I get to be taken by her then I don’t mind dying anymore. He internally smiled as he saw the beautiful angel and closed his eyes.

“Hey can you hear me?” She asked in a hurry, her fingers making way to his neck on his carotid. “Your pulse is faint but it’s still there.” She told, the feel of her soft fingers was like silk to his rough skin. He felt tingles were she touch and he liked her touch. It was angelic just like her.

Is this how hell feels like? Or have I actually landed in heaven with this angel? Mentally scoffing at himself, he knew better. Instead he tried to focus on the angel.

“Asalam alaikum, I need an ambulance right away,” she spoke on what he guessed to be a phone as she continued to tell the address. “Please make it here quickly. This man has slipped into shock from bleeding profusely.” She spoke, her voice held so much worry and anxiety.

Is it for me? Is this angel worried for me? Just that thought made his slowly beating heart feel like it was about to race. But why isn’t she taking me already? Wasn’t she hear to take my soul? If I even have one that is.

“Please, you have to stay conscious. Help is on the way.” She said.
I’m going to live? So this angel isn’t here to take me. She saving me? Is she my guardian angel?

He wanted to laugh at the absurd things he was thinking about but his mind was barely functioning as he processed everything that she was saying and tried to do. He never believed In angels or demons for that matter. Maybe the blood loss was messing with his head. But didn’t care. He felt a warm feeling creep in his heart when he saw the care and delicacy the pretty angel displayed towards him. He never knew that something like this could ever exist in this world. Kindness. And this angel showed him so much of it. She was trying to save him when he has given up on his life. He felt a strong feeling of something he had never felt before in his life towards this angel- gratitude.

He wanted to touch this angel and feel her more. If he had known that death would make him meet with an angel like her, he would’ve approached death much sooner.

Maybe I actually did something good in my life for me to be saved by this angel.

“You’re going to be alright. Please hang in there.” He heard her say, her tone sounded so assuring, it was almost music to his ears. He wanted to hear more of her voice. He wanted to have this angel. He wanted her all to himself.

The sound of cloth tearing prices through the air. He felt a light tug on his abdomen. He felt her hands around his wound. And just as she applied pressure, a small gasp escaped her mouth. He opened his eyes to see her look at the gun clenched into his hand. Those hazel orbs shone with fear as they looked at him but nonetheless, he saw her finishing up; tying a piece of cloth on his wound.

He didn’t approve of the fear that took place in those eyes. He felt a sudden urge to get up and take her in his arms.

Soon enough, the sounds of an ambulance sirens began to draw near where they were.

A look of relief flashed in those hazel orbs. “You’re going be alright. Just hang in there.” She said and quickly stood to her feet and got away from him.

No, don’t go pretty angel.

He wanted to stop her. But the strain on his body was too much and slowly, he felt the darkness take him in.

No, I want to be with my angel!

He tried to fight against the darkness but it was no use. He drifted off.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Slowly, his mind began to function and register. Opening his eyes, he breathed in only to feel a pain throb from the side of stomach. Groaning, he tried it and felt something coarse and gauzy come into contact. His head was also aching and his throat felt dry as the Sahara desert. Touching his chin, from the undergrowth of his stubble, he inferred that he hadn’t seen unconscious for long. Maybe a day at most.

I’m alive? I survived?

Immediately, those pair of striking hazel orbs crossed his mind.

That angel. My angel. She saved me.

He looked around to search for her.

He tried to get up. Scanning the room; he realised that he was in a sterile white room that appeared to be a hall. There were other beds near his one but mostly empty. Except for the sounds of a monitors beeping and the distant coughing of an individual, he knew that he was in a public hospital. The familiar smell of the disinfectants made his nauseous. He tried to get up and stand but a big middle aged woman dressed in a white uniform came up to him and started to rant. “You can’t get up sir. You need to lie down.” She said in a professional tone. He glared at the woman that caused her to visibly wince from the intensity of his glare.

“I need a phone.” He demanded, his voice low yet authoritative.

“We don’t have any public phones here sir. Now please lie down or you’ll end up tearing apart your stitches.” She tried to get his arm but he flicked away from her as if he was repulsed by the mere touch of this strange woman.

“Do you have a phone?” He inquired harshly. He knew that if he used this tone then fear was immediate in the receiver.

“Y-yes,” she muttered, clearly intimidated by the man. He resisted the urge to smile maliciously upon seeing her squirm under his scrutinising glare.

“Give it to me!” He demanded and immediately the the nurse pulled out her phone from her pocket. Unlocking it, she handed it to him and quickly left. Sighing with relief, he dialed the number of the only person he knew he could rely on.

“Who is this?” Responded a gruff voice after the second ring.

“It’s me. Track this number down and come here immediately. You have an hour.” He ordered and hung up. Throwing the phone on the bed next to him, he lied back down and tries to relax. He knew that it was a public hospital and there wasn’t any immediate threat. If he was able to stay unconscious and no one was able to track him down then he knew that no one knew about his whereabouts.

Another person approached his bed. It was a middle aged man wearing a white lab coat. “How are you feeling now? I was told that you were awake.” He started.

“Who brought me here?” He asked instead. The doctor flinched upon the harshness of the man but remained composed; clearly he was used to ride patients by now.

“One of our students found you almost passed out. You were shot in the left side of your abdomen. Luckily, we were able to treat you in time before any serious damage could take place.” He explained in a calm voice.

“I want to know where she is?” He demanded. The old man took his head in disapproval, his brows furrowed in confusion. “I’m sorry but unless she appears to check up on you herself, I can’t tell you about her.” He spoke rather strictly, almost like a father figure protecting the girl from a big bad boy.

He grimaced as the the doctor continued to tell him about his condition. He was well aware of his condition since it wasn’t the first time he had come across a shot wound. But it was the first time that he almost died.

That girl saved me. I need to know about her. Clearly I’m in her debt now. A slow yet sinister smile crept on his lips as he thought about the pretty angel who helped him escape his impending doom.

Oh my lovely angel. You helped me and now I’m in your debt. And I always pay back my debts. He chuckled to himself. He knew that he would leave before the girl got to meet with him but he wasn’t going to let her go.

You should’ve taken me that night. But you spared me and that to in the hands of an angel. Now I’ll have her. She mine now. Oh my angel, you sealed your fate the moment you saved me. Now I’m never going to leave you. I will have you in every way that I can, even if I have to force it on you.

Soon enough, the person he was waiting for arrived and he made his way back to his place. But not before promising to come back for his angel.

His eyes followed the dainty looking woman as she made her way out of the entrance of the hospital while adjusting the scarf on her head.

There you are my angel. At last I’ve come to claim you. He smiled to himself as he got out of the car and followed behind her stealthily. Her back back provoked him as he examined it shamelessly, her curves hidden under her baggy white coat. Her height was small and he could clearly take that to his advantage.

He felt excitement course through his veins as she continued to walk so defenceless. He was going to enjoy her immensely. He was going to make sure that his debt to her was paid in full. His twisted mind revelled in the feelings of carnal desire take hold of him. He felt a hardening in his groin as he imagined her underneath him, begging and writhing. Moaning his name and screaming. It almost made him groan on pleasure when he thought about fucking her raw. He never felt as strongly about anything as he did about claiming her.

Oh my angel, I’m about to have fun with you. He thought and quickened his pace towards her, his hand reaching the scarf she wore around her.

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