Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 10

I said yes. I can’t believe I actually said yes to being Ronan’s sugar baby.

It’s been two days and I still can’t believe it. After leaving his office, I felt like I wanted to go talk to Blaire about this, but I couldn’t. I can only imagine how she’s going to feel when she finally finds out. She’s going to be so disappointed. However, at this point, I’m taking enough risks so what’s one more.

Ronan and I didn’t really negotiate much, but he did give me a small packet of forms to feel out. He says that he just wants to know a few personal things about me before we start. Before opening the packet, I was prepared to see uber personal questions, but instead, it was pretty normal. Most of the questions asked about allergies, clothing sizes, likes and dislikes as far as food and pet peeves. One the last page, there was a nondisclosure contract stating that if the arrangement were to go wrong that neither of us would slander each other or a lawsuit could be the result. I’m glad Ronan is responsible enough to want to know all of this before getting started. I would’ve never guessed this is how it went.

While at work, Ronan texts me on and off throughout the day. We still haven’t talked about how much he’s going to be giving me as far as an allowance, but halfway through my shift, he asks if I can meet him for an early breakfast tomorrow. I want to say no because if it happens before noon then I don’t do it, but I’m starting to find it hard to say not to Ronan. Whenever I’m around with his older sensual gentleman ways, I just cave. So I agree. Then I immediately regret it when he texts back asking if 7am is okay. Holy crap, that’s so early. What human wakes up that early? l think about reconsidering, but another text comes in. When Ronan texts that it’s important, I just sigh and reply with “Okay.”

“Lina, off the phone. There are people here.”

I turn to Phil and he’s looking at me like a father looks at their kid when they’ve done something wrong. I nod, slipping my phone into my back pocket before returning to the bar. It’s okay 7 something and there aren’t many people in here. There are 3 guys sitting at the bar when I approach and one is looking at me strangely.

“What can I get you?” I ask him, wanting to get him over with so I can move on to the others.

“Vodka Tonic would be nice. What’s your name?”

I point to my bar shirt with my name on the front.

“Lina is a nice name. I’m Cory.”

“Nice to meet you.” I fake smile as I’m fixing his drink.

“That’ll be $5.” I slide the drink across the bar.

The guy reaches into his wallet and as he’s grabbing his money, he continues to look at me with this perverted smirk. He pulls out a ten dollar bill and when I reach out to take it, I have to actually pull it because he’s holding it tighter than he should. Frowning, I put the money in the register and get his change. Extending my hand, I hold out the money and instead of grabbing the bill, he takes my hand in his. I snatch it back and he laughs.

“Do I make you nervous? I come in here all the time and I see your beautiful face every day. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten the courage to actually come up to the bar.”

“No, you don’t make me nervous.” I sit the money in front of him and he takes it.

“When do you get off of work?”


“I could stay and make sure you get home safely.”

“I can take care of myself.”

I glance up and he’s licking his lips as his eyes flicker down to my boobs.

“I’m sure you can.”

I don’t know why, but his tone sends a bad chill through me. Closing the register, I turn and tell the other two guys that I’ll be right back. I quickly find Jake, the other bartender.

“Hey, Jake can you run the bar for a bit? There’s this creepy guy out there and he makes me uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, I got you, Lina. If he sticks around tonight, I’ll keep an eye out and walk you out when you get off.”

“Thank you.”

This isn’t the first time Jake has had to watch over me. A few months ago, this drunk guy approached me at my car and tried to attack me for cutting him off. Jake came out to leave and saw. He beat the crap out the guy and waited with me until Blaire came. I know he irritates me with his erratic work schedule, but he’s a good guy.

While Jake heads out to the bar, I grab an apron and notepad so I can waitress. A part of me wants to tell Ronan about the guy, but I don’t need him coming up here to check on me because even though I haven’t known him long, I know he’s come if I needed. Grabbing a pen, I head out onto the floor and out the corner of my eye, I see the creepy guy turn to look at me. I completely ignore him and focus on taking orders. An hour or two passes and he continues to sit there until about 30 minutes before I get off at 10. I want to breathe a sigh of relief, but the whole time he just rubbed me the wrong way. His eyes were undressing me against my will and made me feel gross.

When it’s time for me to get off, Jake offers to walk me out to my car so I agree. I’m about to grab my things when Phil asks me to take a bag of trash out to the bin since Jake is taking a drink order before walking me out. I agree and grab the bag. Pushing out the back door, I step out to the back alley and quickly walk to the large bin. As I’m lifting the gross top up, I hear someone behind me that makes my whole body jump. I drop the trash and the top before turning around to find the creepy guy standing there.

“Need some help?”

“No, I’m fine. You can’t be back here.” I start to walk back to the door when he steps into my path.

My heart begins to thud and I feel that whole fight or flight adrenaline running through me. The guy just smile when he sees how nervous I am.

“I just want to talk to you. I think you’re so beautiful.”

I don’t say anything. I don’t even know what to say. I don’t know what to do.

Suddenly, in my back pocket, my phone chimes and I know it’s Ronan. I don’t why, but the guys face completely falls when he hears it.

“Who’s that? Is it another man?”

“No.” I shake my head fast.

“You’re lying. Give me your phone.”

Panic runs over me and I start breathing hard.

“Give me your phone!” He yells, causing me to jump back.

When I don’t give him my phone, he steps to me and I decide that I need to do something. Turning on my heels, I take off running towards the parking lot. I hear him right behind me and I know he’s going to catching me.

“Stop running. I’m not going to hurt you.” He yells, but I don’t stop.

Rounding the corner to the parking lot, I see Jake looking around for me. When he spots me, he runs towards me. The guy behind me sees Jake and stops, but it doesn’t stop Jake from punching him to the ground. Jake pulls the guy up by the shirt and slams him into the brick wall. While Jake interrogates the guy a cop from across the street comes and takes over.

“I’m so sorry.” Jake apologizes and I shake my head.

“No, don’t. I didn’t know he’d be lurking around when I took the trash out.” I say still breathing hard from running.

“Want me to call, Blair?”

I shake my head.

“No. I have someone.”

Back inside, I sit down and a few patrons ask if I’m okay because apparently, it looks like I’ve seen a ghost. I reassure them and Jake comes back in to fix me some water whole I call the only person I really want to talk to.

“Malina,” Ronan says through the phone, his tone almost immediately calms me.

“Ronan.” My voice shakes.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was about to leave work and when I took out the trash this guy was there and I ran and he chased me.” Still feeling a rush, my eyes start to water a bit.

“Are you okay? Please, tell me he did hurt you.”

“I’m fine. Just a little shaken up.”

“What can I do? Tell me.” The soothing tone of the way he speaks to me could be just what I need, but I’d rather be with him considering I haven’t seen him in two days.

“I want to see you.”

“Done. I’ll send you my address.”

I hand up and two seconds later I get a text with an address that I know for a fact is in a richer area of town. I immediately clock out and Jake walks me to my car to leave. I cry a little in my car on the way to Ronan. I think I’m just still a little on edge. I know working in a place like a bar comes with a few risks but it never gets easier.

I drive for about 30 minutes before pulling into Ronan’s driveway and I’m quite anxious about seeing him at his house, but God his house is beautiful. It’s built with white bricks and trimmed in darkly stained wood paneling. In the driveway, there is a Porch sitting there and it makes my car look like scraps. Cutting my car off, I see his front door open and Ronan appears. He walks to the car and opens the door for when. Looking up, his expression is very critical.

“Come in, Sweetie.”

I nod and he takes my hand.

“I hope I’m not bothering you.”

“Not at all, baby. I’m here whenever you need me.”

I nod as we make our way to the front door. Inside, my eyes widen at the off-white marble surrounding the rooms as well as the double staircase. However, I’m just too tired and jumpy to marvel in it completely. I’m so tired that I find myself leaning against him.

“Let get you into a hot bubble bath, Malina,” Ronan says as he leads me upstairs.

I don’t know why, but I trust him more than I should. I trust him so much that I came to him before my own best friend. I assume this is what it’s like to have a sugar daddy. If so, then I can get used to this.

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