Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 11

Ronan leads me upstairs and though I’m upset, I’m also in awe of how beautiful his home is. The off-white marble leads all through the house. Down the halls, he has all kinds of antiques that I would be terrified to touch. However, it still has a very laid back feel to it. Like Ronan enjoys old things, but not to the point where his house looks like a museum.

He takes me past several doors until we’re at the end of the hall. I assume this is his bedroom because when he opens the door, the room looks currently lived in. Ronan’s bedroom is very comfortable. His kind size bed is covered in blue and white sheets with a blue comforter. His floor has soft dark blue carpet and a few chairs in the room. Across from the room is a fireplace and over the mantle is a large flat screen tv. I only can look around briefly because Ronan opens his master bathroom door and I’m again in complete awe.

His bathroom is white marble with gold trimmings everywhere. There’s a large bathtub with spray jets along the inside. There’s a separate shower that almost bigger than my bedroom. I can definitely get used to being here.

Ronan walks me over to the sink counter and without a warning, he lifts me up to sit on the counter. Turning around he turns on the faucets in the bathtub. He doesn’t say anything as he grabs some bubble liquid and salts, pouring them both in. As the water is running, he comes to me.

“How are you feeling?” He asks as he pinches my chin between his fingers.


“I bet. I’m glad you called me. I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Me too. Thank you for letting me come. I didn’t really want to bother my roommate with it. She overreacts to everything and would have made me feel worse.”

“That just means she cares a lot. You can tell her tomorrow.”

“I actually need to call her tonight before she thinks I’ve been kidnapped.” I roll my eyes.

“Does she know about this?”

I shake my head.

“I tried to tell her about you, but she told me that I shouldn’t talk to you.”


“Because you’re older and she thinks it’s creepy that you’re interested in me. She’s very overprotective.”

“I can understand her apprehensions. You had some of your own.”

I nod.

“Well, let’s get you in the bath and then after you can call her. Okay?

I nod again. Sliding off the counter, I begin pulling my shirt off when Ronan grabs my hands. I look up at him and he smiles, softly.

“Let me. You’ve had a long night.”

I hesitate for a moment, feeling a little nervous that he wants to undress me. This is a big step into something totally new. However, Ronan has been nothing but kind and understanding with me. He’s never given me a reason not to trust him and part of me wants this.

Letting my hands down, Ronan grips my shirt and pulls it over my head. I know he knows I’m nervous because instead of going for my bra, he decides to underdo my shorts next. I slowly step out of them and Ronan remains a gentleman the whole time. Even though he wants me, he isn’t letting that interfere with him taking care of me with any sexual innuendos or gestures.

“You can do the rest if you like.” He says, referring to my bra and underwear.

I think about it for a second and make my choice.

“You can do it.”

He nods and I lean forward, resting against his chest as he undoes my bra. He pulls it off and doesn’t look at my breasts once. I don’t know about Ronan, but this is turning me on a little bit. There’s something sensual about letting someone undress you for a bath. I’m still in control, but I’m letting Ronan take the reigns. Bending over, Ronan hooks his fingers on the edge of my panties and pulls them down. As he does, his fingertips trail down my thighs and I get a chill down my spine. I take a deep breath and look down to see him looking up at me. I know he’s feeling it too. There’s a sexual cloud looming over our heads mixed with the steam of the bath.

When he comes back up, he stands over me with his hands on my naked hips. Without saying a word, I rise up on the tips of my toes. My face is so close to his, I can smell whiskey on his breath, most like what he was drinking before I came. Wanting to taste it, I press my mouth against his. I kiss him softly, almost as a thank you gesture. On his lips, I take the alcohol and I almost moan. Ronan kisses me back, reaching up to cup my face, gently. Between my legs, I feel my pulse thumping as blood rushes to the area and arousal washes over me. Pull back, I realize that I’m barely breathing. Letting out a breath, I lower back onto my heels.

“You’re the sweetest, Malina,” Ronan whispers before pressing his lips against my forehead.

Ronan takes my hand and pulls me over to the bathtub, Helping me step in, I sink down into the incredibly deep tub, surrounding myself with bubbles. The water is extremely hot yet so soothing.

“Want me to give you some time to soak?”

I nod.

“Yes, please. With a bathtub like this, I’ll be here for a while.”

Ronan chuckles and kisses my forehead again before leaving. Now alone, I sink further into the water, sighing. I’ve had a long night and I didn’t even work my usual late shift. I thought since I was getting off early that the night would be great, but no. Some crazed main tried to attack me. Just great.

Wanting to just forget about it all, I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. I decide to think about Ronan and how everything I was worried about wasn’t even close to who he is. I can’t completely let my guard down though. Technically, the arrangement hasn’t even fully started. Maybe sugar daddy Ronan is a monster. I want to really believe that, but I can’t.

After what seems like forever, Ronan returns with some towels. He sits down on the edge of the tub.

“Ready to get out?”

I nod, now wet from head to toe from washing my hair while in here. Ronan grabs one big towel and I carefully stand. When he wraps it around me, I realize it’s heated.

“Oh, that’s nice.” I giggle a little.

“I know right.”

With the towel snug around me, I step out and he grabs the other towel. He squeezes water from my hair before towel drying it for me. Standing in the middle of his bathroom being pampered like this is going to make me spoiled. When I go home, I’m going to want heated towels and someone to dry my hair.

“I made a little late dinner for you if you’re hungry.”

“What is it?”


“That’s nice. Um, I need to call my roommate.”

“Yeah, sure. Your things are on my bed. There are some t-shirts in the top drawer in the closet. They may be a little big on you. You are free to find some pajama pants too.”

“Thank you.” I smile as Ronan leaves.

Sitting on the bed, I stare down at my phone, wondering how I’m going to tell Blaire that I’m at Ronan’s house when she told me not to see him. She’s going to hate me, but she’s going to want to come get me also. I don’t want that though.

Taking a deep breath, I hit Blaire’s number and the phone rings. On the third ring she answers.

“Hey girly, what’s up?”

“Um hey.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I had a rough day at work and I just wanted to tell you that I won’t be home tonight.”

“Where the hell will you be then? What happened at work? Are you okay? Where are you?”

“I’m fine. I’m fine. Just some crazy customer. I’m okay. I’m staying with a friend.”


I roll my eyes, dreading this conversation.

“I’m at Ronan’s house.”

“Ronan? You mean the old guy’s house. Why are you there? I told you not to talk to that creep anymore, Lina. What’s wrong with you? I’m coming to get you. Give me the address.”


“No? What the fuck, Lina? You don’t even know him.”

“I’m fine, Blaire. I promise. Ronan is okay.”

“You’ve been seeing him haven’t you?”

I don’t say anything.

“You know what, fuck it. Do whatever you want.”

Blaire hangs up and I throw the phone across the bed. Getting up, I search Ronan’s drawers until I find something that sort of fits me. I pull on a pair of Ronan’s boxer, rolling them up until they stay on my hips before pulling a black shirt on. Dressed, I find my way downstairs. It takes a few minutes to locate Ronan’s kitchen and when I do, he’s sitting at the counter.

He hears me behind him and turns.

“Did you talk to your roommate?”


“How’d it go?”

“Badly. I don’t want to talk about it.” I mumble, taking a seat next to him.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

Ronan slides a plate of spaghetti over to me and we sit in silence eating. It’s funny how someone I just met is comforting more than my own best friend because she doesn’t trust my own judgment.

“I’m glad you’re here, Malina.”

“Me too.”

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